A New Slave Ch. 03

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I took a deep breath as I walked through the door of my apartment. Met by the similar smell of home, I was suddenly consumed with fatigue from the events that played out earlier today. Finally reaching the bed, I collapsed onto my hard mattress, slowly replaying what had just transpired not two hours ago. The pain in my ass, ache in my jaw, and burn in my chest was still very evident as was the tent growing in my pants as I thought about my beautiful, sultry Goddess. My cock strained hard against my pants, still encased in my black lace, aching to be freed.

No longer feeling lethargic, I got up from my bed, moving to my closet where my toy box was hidden. Laying it down on the desk beside my bed, I thought about which toys to use tonight. My Mistress did say a plug, but would She be pleased if I used my dildo instead? Definitely nipple clamps, Mistress would certainly enjoy seeing Her new slave wearing those. And what to wear? I didn’t have an extensive collection of panties or girlie clothes, just the panties ex-girlfriends had left behind or ones I had swiped from atop a laundry basket. The few garments I did buy online were a garter-belt, stockings, and two pair of panties. Honestly, I was fairly new with the idea of wearing women’s lingerie to begin with and only did it while jerking off. Venturing to Mistress’ this morning was the first time I had worn them outside.

I grabbed the bright pink sheer-mesh, bikini-cut panties with black ruffles on the sides; one of my favorites. Then I grabbed the black garter belt and black VS stockings one of my exes left bakırköy escort behind a while ago that luckily fit me. Taking off my clothes, I quickly admired my collection. My cock was now rock hard, standing up attentively, looking up at me eye-to eye, waiting for release.

I sat at the edge of the bed, slowly rolling the black sheer stockings up my legs. Standing up, I slowly slid the garter belt up my legs, savoring the feeling of lace against my stockinged legs. Very carefully, I clasped each strap to the edge of my stockings, snapping them in place. Leaving the panties for last, I scooped them up with the black plug – just to make sure to follow Goddess’ orders – and the half empty bottle of lube which I was quickly running out of with the new introduction to my alluring, Mistress.

I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I took a second to look at the cross dressed slut that stood in the reflection. Lubing the plug and my tight asshole, I fingered the rim for just a second, plunging my middle finger in up to the knuckle and moving it around. Knees slightly bent, I almost got carried away after shoving two fingers in my ass to lube it generously. Putting the plug up to my entrance, I began to slowly push it in, my ass giving way to its width. Getting wider and wider, I began to push against it, taking it out to the tip of the toy and pushing it back in. My other hand rubbing my cock with the panties I was about to adorn.

Pictures – Mistress Mandy said take pictures. Grabbing my phone, I quickly snapped a shot beşiktaş escort of my cock and the plug now three quarters in my ass. Giving it one final shove, it was now firmly lodged into my tight little asshole. Moving it around a bit, I savored the feeling of my ass full and my hand on my cock. I snapped another picture of the end of the plug in my ass.

Bending over, I slid the panties up one leg, then the other, feeling the lace slowly move up my lower half, coming to a rest around my cock. I sat down, shoving the plug even further into my ass as the pain from my cheeks sent a stinging jolt throughout my body. I then grabbed the chain of clamps. unscrewing each clamp and putting them on quickly, then tightening them until I felt that familiar sting in my nipples.


Letting out a soft moan, I took another picture from above my head, looking down at my chest and panty-encased cock. Unable to resist anymore, I laid back and began stroking my hard cock through my panties, moving them down to release my tumescence. I grabbed my cock and slowly moved up and down the shaft. Rubbing the head with my palm, I began to massage my balls with my other hand.

Snap, I took another picture of my hand on my cock, giving my balls a quick break, than going back to them immediately. I knew i couldn’t hold back very long, so i grabbed a string from the box as well. I tied the string around the base of my cock and under my balls to deny my release and prolong the pleasure even further.

I then bent over and took a picture of beylikdüzü escort my ass in the mirror. The dark black base of the butt-plug could be seen through the pink sheer-mesh of my lingerie. Snap, I took another with my panties down around my thighs. Snap, another picture of the plug being pulled out of my ass. Snap, another of the plug being shoved back in. Dammit, I wish I had another person to take these so I could stroke my hard cock while still having pictures being shot of my little show.

I ran back to my bed and laid back. Eyes closed. Head up. Cock hard. And ass full. I was in pure ecstasy. Picturing my new Mistress in my head, I stroked without abandon, thinking about how I would love for her to bend me over that sawhorse again, whip me, chain me, beat me, pour hot wax up and down my sore back, and then fuck the ever loving shit out of my tight little fuck-hole. Thinking of Her adorned with that 8 inch hard strap-on was enough. I had to cum.

Pulling the string with one tug released my cock from its prison. Pointing my cock directly at my open mouth, I took another picture before I came. A few strokes later and I blew the biggest load I’ve blown in my life, shooting stream after stream over my face and chest, a bit landing on my tongue.

Snap. Last picture taken.

After about a minute, I brought my fingers to my mouth, licking the spent cream off my thumb, and blading the cum off my chest and face down to my mouth. I sucked on my fingers for a second, making sure I got all the cum off my face.

After that, I just laid back for a second, closing my eyes and letting the feeling of that amazing orgasm coarse through my veins. Letting my hands fall down to the side, I took one more deep breath, wishing I was inhaling the scent of my Mistress. I let out three words before I fell into a deep sleep, “Thank-You, Mistress.”

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