An Exhibition, An Exploration

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— Background —

A short story on a descriptive series of events.

The plot has two fictional characters- the protagonist, represented in first person, is a young woman, about 27 years old, medium frame, fair, with medium hair length. The other, addressed as ‘the host’ is a man, around 34 years old, large frame, tall, possessing a demeanor that arouses the protagonist even in mere thought.

They share a unique bond which is based on mutual respect, freedom, choice, and control. Their relation is such that even when they wish to explore themselves in different sexual constructs, somewhere deep within, they are bound in pure rapture of each other.

— The Setting —

The host, after consulting me, invites at our private gathering, trusted 6-8 men and 2 women, all known to have a lustful history of and desire for sexual exploration, to an afternoon full of reverberating vibe.

No one knows who all are to attend this gathering and what are they to expect.

I, being the lead, the brain behind the gathering choose the rules. I’d rather have it my way, most of the times, unless except, he feels otherwise.

It was going to be a warm and fun party, unique in its own ways. I was very excited!

— The Scene —

Gates to our private space are left open. Open for the first guests to arrive. They’re in for a surprise!

Enter two guests, before time. Maybe in excitement or in anticipation of what might be the plans for the event, their punctuality gets them to be the privileged ones for the day.

I welcome them with a warm smile and greet them with a task.

They get the privilege of undressing me, right there, at that very moment.

They get to run their hands along my bare body, in the open hall. I smirk at their dumbstruck expressions. Greetings, after all should never be a drab.

I ask them to choose between the beam or the mantle piece so that they could gently tie me to it, standing. Though I had it all planned, their sheer interest in giving me a hand (well, I mean, with the party set up), made me want to give myself a break. Instead, I let them pick the best spot in the hall where I could be displayed in the most attractive manner.

By now, the two had assumed they got a hang of what to expect at this get-together. So, they doubled up their efforts to prepare the space before other guests arrived.

The host entered the hall, noticed the progress on the set up and smiled. He, too, was completely unaware of my plans, so chose to silently follow along. He, along with the other two, arranged for sufficient spotlights to ensure this beautiful display was well lit. He chose a combination of both natural and artificial light to enhance the overall view. Finally, they chose to tie me with soft ropes to this tall, stable storage drawer escort bayan and place it right at the centre of the hall, but closer to the main doors. After all, he knew me well, thus had figured my intention to make this first impression on the expected guests so effective that it made them boil inside.

I ask those kind helpers to shut the doors behind, but leave it unhinged. Let the guests themselves open the doors of our physical space Leave nothing for a suggestion”. A small note right beneath read: “Though keep them cocks away from my cunt for now. The party has just begun.”

The two fellows who helped around set it up are put in charge of my best Display. So when I desired a change of position, they did the needful, though this time, I chose to be pinned according to the requests of guests collected by the host.


The only other two ladies at this gathering, breathe in the lecherousness in the air and notice their growing desires. They spot the two exclusively lit stands, a small dedicated space at the corners of the hall, diametrically opposite to each other. There is a white board attached to these stands that reads, “Invited for ___”. They notice the blank space. Right underneath is another board that reads, ‘do nots’.

A marker concurrently, I violently stroke as many hard cocks as I can of the men in the audience enjoying the show. Right in front of their eyes, is the highly stimulating sight of two women trying to make my man cum, and on top of it, my expert hands make them shoot their cum into the air. For me, it is a race against time to have as many dicks grow powerless, all drained and tiny, before it is time for our final act for the evening. Of course, all this while, no one has given me my climax, and no one was allowed to. A smart move, I must say. No wonder, I have a thing for exclusivity!


All this needs a short break for food, drinks, and a change of clothes (for me).

I disappear from the chatty crowd, only to soon return, feeling all fresh, smelling great, wearing a kinky red mesh with matched red lipstick. That type of clothing you’d probably want to rip apart but somewhere also want it to be intact because that look enhances both her sensuality and sexuality.

Though in the midst of discussions with his fellows, he catches my eye looking for for his. His quick glance at this new dress which he had never seen me wear before, and I am already caught in his rapture. The volume of the chatty room slowly turns lower, and lower as I approach him. Maintaining my poise, hiding my carnal urges, walking right up to him, all this while, our gazes fixed on each other, I whisper into his ears, “let’s show them how it’s done”.

Immediately he grabs me by my hand and pulls me to the centre of the hall, sincan bayan escort surrounded by the crowd and rips open my dress apart, right from the middle.

Out of the blue, this was a totally unexpected move for the kind of passivity the gathering was in as of now.

Taking me down on the floor, right there, he enters my weeping cunt.

Gosh I missed him!

He penetrates at a rate slower than a snail, making all of me ache of him. Badly as fuck.

He runs his hand over all those places I was touched, but not felt. I knew I was never oblivious to him.

This, and the memory of those two women trying to make him climax, made me kiss him passionately, and within seconds, ferociously. I sucked his mouth, lips and tongue until dehydration, because I wanted all of him all to myself. Consume him entirely. (How could he cum for anybody else!!!)

I never said that loud, yet he understood. And he knew just what to do. So to calm me down, ease me up, he slid in his fingers down my hole. The moment it entered, though gently, I, in no mood to showing any leniency, tightly, with all my power contract my pelvic floor muscles and thighs to cage his fingers inside my cunt. My hands firmly wrapped around his body, almost chocking him; my fingers piecing into his skin. And my facial muscles expressing how stressed I am- Sexually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically. He too should know how it feels! Being caged. Being away. Being made to wait. Being desirous. Being exclusive. Being devoted. Being crazily aroused. Being myself.

He takes that extreme pressure, does not move an inch. He waits. Calmly. Until I let off my steam. Let go of all muscular and emotional tension. And lay there, under his body weight, covered by his body frame, completely lifeless. To his mercy. To his wise choices and towards mutual pleasure. That immersive pleasure- of me receiving, and him, dominating.

He now gently rubs my clit and cunt, and I stay there, unmoving, initially. He knows how to get me going. Kissing my nipples, kissing my lips, he slowly, uses his finger to prepare me for his big entry. I love that the most. The idea of being filled, infuses life in me.

And that is when, he suddenly RAMS it in. Slowly, but forcefully. As if his mighty cock will break through all sheaths, to fuck my brains out. That first thrust makes the external scene so very hot that all guests transfixed, just watch.

He does goes up all the way. Makes me quiver. Gives me all that i lobed for all this while. Ensures he doesn’t tire until I have cried, laughed, screamed, giggled and loved all together, throughout.

My consistent moans, cries of joy and excitement on nearing the end of my wait, and that of today’s show, inspires all guests, do as they desire.

The women get ready elvankent escort bayanlar to each take up to 4 men together.

And we just don’t bother! I’m simply enjoying him rocking me and my world.

The house party has turned into an orgy. Moans all around. Cries of Joy and Fulfillment. Of a day well spent!

Just when the air seems lighter, another gong automatically strikes and a voice recorded msg plays.. “Thankyou all for joining us today! Hope you enjoyed.”

The lights automatically dim, and everyone remembers they’ve to comply. That was one thing clearly mentioned in their individual invites.

They all slowly start to leave the place, happy n satisfied. The last ones to leave shut the house door behind.

Inside, in the dark, I continue to be slowly, romantically fucked;

losing all my energy and senses to him.

All now feels so bovine.

I, the cow- sensitive, submits; He, the ox- powerful, commits.

The night fades away to glory.

But this isn’t the end of my story.

—.. —.. —








—.. —.. —

His idea was always to fulfil all my desires and so he was, committed to making it happen.

That night, after cleaning the place together, I prepare to leave the host’s house heading to mine, when he holds me by the wrist n pulls me back; whispers in my ear, “please Stay”.

Now that’s a significant lure.

I wish not to visualize what happens next.

If the reader wishes to adorn the role of the host, he may take me through his version of what the host does now, in the comments below.

All I can visualize is our last act together that night.

He takes me to his bed, unties my flowy dress; slowly slips his hand in, to insert his tallest finger.

Places it there, unmoving and calm. He does not stimulate at all. Only wishes to fill me up, my hole which was left wide open, tired from the day.

Simultaneously he binds my lips into his, both unmoving again.

We lay still. I, nurtured, conserved by him.

I feel my two main orifices are now filled- my cunt and my mouth. They now feel full and satisfied, closed for the longest time ever today.

There is no urge to move.

I am sexually, mentally, emotionally supported yet consumed. And he has a major role to play! And That, my reader friend, is the end of the day.

We spoon. We Cuddle. We Smile. And rest into each other for the longest while.

——————– ——————————————————————————————–

Personal Note:

This, equal give and take,

pure lust can never offer.

Without passionate love, I can never be a true giver or an enjoyer.


I encourage the readers to follow healthy, hygienic and safe sex practices when you engage in it physically. At least once a year, getting tested for STIs and related infections. Being well informed about the most common ones is highly recommended, especially after such settings. (Which involve a new partner)

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