Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 47

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 47 – Mark Gets Angry at Elsa and Cindy


I realized that something was amiss when I heard a commotion in my outer offices. When I ended a phone call and went to see what was happening, there were Lucas, Elsa, Cindy, Marcia, Sheila, Melanie, KC, and even Izzy, all talking at once in excited and mostly happy voices.

“WHAT’S GOING ON?” I said loudly as I approached the group. I guess I sounded irritated, because for everyone to be together in my suite and talking in excited tones, something big was going on that I was not privy to. The last commotion in my office area only a couple of days earlier had been the anthrax scare.

Suddenly, everyone got quiet, and they all looked at Elsa. Consequently, I looked at Elsa. Any explanation was going to come from her.

Elsa blushed, “Errr, Cindy and I caught Tanner. He was going to shoot us, but we got him. He’s in jail … well, he might be in hospital right now, but he’ll be in jail shortly.”

Lucas jumped in, “Elsa and Cindy went off on their own, sir. We thought they’d gone inside the restaurant to settle their bill, but then we realized they’d gone after Tanner. At least, they let us know where they’d seen him before they took off. We were organizing, but then followed and found them after they’d subdued Tanner.”

“YOU WHAT?” I said in a scream, as I jerked back to look at the two women. “YOU WENT AFTER THAT MENACE? HE MIGHT HAVE KILLED YOU.”

Elsa calmly said, “That didn’t happen. We’d have shot him first. We didn’t want him to get away.”

Lucas said, “He was a pretty big man; probably two hundred forty pounds and about six-two. Cindy put a chokehold on him, and Elsa destroyed his testicles in a big way. He was down and out, sir. I’m afraid to say, all we did was clean up after them.”

I stomped around and then pointed at Elsa and Cindy, “You get out of harm’s way and you do NOT pursue. You both knew better. THIS is NOT the END of THIS SITUATION, ladies.”

The girls had seen me get angry at THINGS and other PEOPLE, but never at THEM. This was different. Their jaws were hanging open as they watched the color in my face turn to crimson in anger, my fists clenched in rage, and they heard the tone and volume of my voice as I stomped around. I was so mad I couldn’t even think straight. The other women backed away from the scene. Izzy ran back in her office and shut the door.

With my head down, eyebrows knitted, my fists clenched, and an unmistakable scowl, I strode angrily back into my office. I slammed the door so hard the entire forty-story building shook and the expression of my anger probably registered on the local Richter scales. I heard some muted voices behind me, but paid them no mind. I needed to think about this. Elsa and Cindy had been damned stupid and idiotic about what they’d done with Tanner.

Fifteen minutes later, I opened the door yelled out, “MELANIE.”

My pixie assistant and special projects girl came running into my office with a look of fear on her face. I guess I still sounded kind of abrupt. As she got near my desk I said, “Where did Elsa and Cindy go – back to work?”

Melanie almost bowed, “No, sir. They’re in your reception area sitting on the sofas.”

“Who’s with them?”

“No one, sir. Their bodyguards are just outside the door. Lucas went to his office. The others went back to work. Sheila had to go to HR and she wanted to tell Tanner’s old supervisor that he’d been taken into custody. Do you want them to come in, sir?”

“Melanie, I know I am mad. I am not mad at you, so please don’t call me ‘Sir.’ You know I hate that term.” Despite my words, the tone of my voice imparted my overall anger.

Mel nodded her head vigorously, “Yes, sir … errr, Mr. Worthington.”

“Damn! Melanie, that too. To you and the others I am Mark. My father is Mr. Worthington.”

“Yes … Mark.”

I waved dismissively.

Ten minutes later I took some folders out to Melanie. I glanced into the reception area, and there on the sofa sat Elsa and Cindy. They weren’t talking, just sitting. Elsa was doing something with her iPhone, and Cindy sat erect but with her eyes closed.

I walked over to them. I had at least one idea for how to get them into shape: humiliation.

Elsa saw me coming and poked Cindy in the ribs. They both stood immediately, dropping the things in their lap on the floor. They both looked suitably chagrined and humbled by my earlier outburst at them. escort ankara Neither said a word. They both look scared and on the verge of tears.

I glanced to my left and saw Sheila coming back to her office watching us with a worried expression. Melanie was in plain sight at her desk. Both of them looked ready to spring into action if I abused their sisters.

In an angry voice I growled at Elsa and Cindy, “Strip off your clothes from the waist down.” My voice left no room for argument, and from the tone and my demeanor they knew I was still royally pissed at them.

Both girls looked around at whom else might be in the large reception area, but they dutifully kicked off their shoes and removed their slacks. They were each commando.

I sat in a straight back chair and gestured to Elsa to come to me. I think she knew instantly what was about to happen. She looked worried. I said, “Lie across my lap; bottom up.” As she positioned herself, I added in an angry tone, “Please count off your punishment as I deliver it.”

I came down particularly hard on the fatty part of her butt. The sound resonated around the entire office area. I’m sure Sheila and Melanie jumped the same way Elsa and Cindy did. Izzy stood in her doorway, ready to run for the hills.

Elsa said in a small voice, “One.”

I came down equally hard on the other cheek, aiming for volume rather than pain. I practically shouted, “LOUDER.”


I said, “Still louder.”

The swats continued and I eased up a little on the intensity, but kept them coming. I stopped after I heard “FIFTY.”

I pushed Elsa off my lap. She was crying and her face was a mess from having been inverted and teary, her cheeks puffy, her hair a mess, and her ass a brilliant crimson.

“Cindy, please lie across my lap. It’s your turn.”

She protested, “And, if I don’t?”

“Then I will have to think up something REALLY severe … perhaps banishment from the realm for some period of time. I WILL think of something much worse for you.”

Cindy was across my lap instantly. I was as hard on her as her sister – and as easy. As I swatted I talked to them, “Don’t you ever [SWAT – FIVE] do an end-run [SWAT – SIX] around your bodyguards again.” [SWAT – SEVEN.]


“They are there for a reason [SWAT – NINE] – to protect YOU.” [SWAT – TEN.]


“If you put yourself in harms way, [SWAT – TWELVE] I might as well dismiss them.” [SWAT – THIRTEEN.]


I know you have all this training, [SWAT – FIFTEEN] but that is for the VERY RARE case [SWAT – SIXTEEN] when something highly unusual happens, [SWAT – SEVENTEEN] and that is very unlikely.” [SWAT – EIGHTEEN.]


I kept going until I got to fifty. I pushed Cindy up to a standing position. She stood half-naked next to Elsa; apparently neither of them could sit at the moment. Their butts were flaming red from the spanking.

Andy and a mid-level manager had come into the executive area on the way to his office. They’d stopped and surveyed the scene, watching as I finished with Cindy. Elsa and Cindy had their rears to the men and were rubbing their sore and very red butts.

Andy yelled over, “Spankings? Someone did something bad?”

I replied with a smile, “Yes, and this is just the starting point for the punishments.”

The two executives continued on to Andy’s office. I heard Andy say to the other exec, “You don’t want to get on Mark’s bad side.” The man looked worried and kept glancing over his shoulder at the two half-naked women. He probably thought they worked for the company somewhere and had messed up so badly that the CEO had decided to administer some kind of punishments. Andy did nothing to diffuse that erroneous conclusion.

I then spoke and realized I was still angry, “All right, for now. There will be more. Right now, I want you to go home and put on short skirts. You may also apply lotion to your gorgeous bright red asses. I then want you to go to the Starbucks a block from the condo and I want you to exhibit yourselves to as many men as you can. Do not reveal that your revelations are intentional, nor will you explain to anyone why you are humiliating yourselves. I will want a full report when I get home. I will call you when it is time to come home.”

Cindy and Elsa both slipped on their slacks and shoes, and gingerly left the reception area. Their bodyguards, ever mute, fell into formation behind them.

I called Elsa’s cellphone at six-thirty. “Where are you?”

“Starbucks, just as you told us.”

“And have you flashed many men?”

“I’m not sure what many is to you. About two-dozen men have seen Cindy and my privates. One is looking right now at me; another guy is watching Cindy as she sits here messing with her cellphone. Just so you know, we can barely sit.”

“Good. How does it feel to sit?”

“Very sore. We both brought pillows to sit on, but they don’t help.”

“Go home. I will see you there. Just make sure you remember the reason why your asses are so sore.”

Elsa ankara escortlar said sharply, “Oh, we do, sir.” I let the remark pass.


Cindy and I stood in the kitchen preparing some hors d’oeuvres for everyone when Mark came in the door. We’d put on skirts because they put less pressure on our rear ends and we’d needed the skirts to flash people at Starbucks.

I immediately rushed a glass of Chardonnay to him with several ice cubes in it, his preferred beverage. I hoped I’d prepared it perfectly for him. I then turned and flipped my shirt up over my ass so he could see it. Cindy came and stood beside me, also hiking her skirt up to reveal her bright pink ass. They had been bright red but the hue was softening with each hour.

My ass still glowed like a hot ember – bright red, and hot to the touch compared with the rest of me. I hurt despite several applications of Lanocaine ointment and aloe to dull the pain. Cindy was feeling the same pain I was. We’d rubbed the lotion into each other’s asses every fifteen minutes since we left Mark’s office. I thought that by bedtime things would have returned to normal and all pain would have ceased.

As he arrived home, Mark sternly said, “What have you learned today?”

I knew the answer he hoped to hear, and I gave that one first. “That I will not pursue nasty people when I might get hurt; and that I will rely on my bodyguards to handle any threat to me.”

Mark nodded and pointed at Cindy. She repeated a paraphrased version of what I’d said.

I added somewhat belligerently, “I also learned that Cindy and I could knock the shit out of man nearly twice either of our sizes, and that when push came to shove, we could come out winners.”

Mark winced, but nodded. “What are you fixing?” He looked at the food on the counter.

“Some cheese and crackers, and a little hummus. Do you want something else? We have other hors d’oeuvres, and I figured we’d go out to dinner.”

Mark nodded and said in a teasing tone, “Yeah, I’d like some pussy to eat, but I’ll pass for now and stick with some cheese.” He grabbed a slice from the plate I’d been assembling and strolled off.

He said over his shoulder, “How was Starbucks?” He turned back to hear the answer.

“After we found a way to sit without too much pain I think about twenty or so guys saw our pussies. Does that make you happy?”

“Yes, but the number is way too low. I was hoping for more like a hundred. Oh, well. We’ll just have to go somewhere interesting for dinner.”

An hour later, after two more applications of Lanocaine and aloe ointment to dull the pain on our asses from our spankings, Mark led Melanie, Sheila, KC, Cindy, and me to the limousine and then to a busy restaurant in the A Loft hotel. As we traveled, I noticed a marked reduction in the security; the bodyguards were still around, but there weren’t as many, and there was only one war wagon following the limousine. Also, almost no one spoke; the silence was deafening. We were all tiptoeing because of Mark’s outburst and anger earlier in the afternoon at Cindy and me.

Mark seated us at the table putting Cindy at one end of the table and me at the other, as he sat between us. We were both facing the tables in the remainder of the restaurant and per Mark’s instructions were to ‘spread’ and feel embarrassed and contrite. Just so we got the message, he again gave us all a lecture about our behavior, particularly about putting ourselves at risk in any way. He told us that his concern was out of love, and we believed him, but we were sore from his ‘tough love’.

The ratio of men to women in the restaurant was about ten to one. Our group was unique because it consisted of Mark and five women. We were noticed on that account alone. Further, we were noticed because according to Mark and often comments by our male buddies who we often played with, we rated as ‘hot’ or ‘tens’ on the female rating scale – the highest rating. Mark was no slouch either on the male rating scale.

Mark studied the menu but frequently looked past the women on the other side of the table into the restaurant at the other patrons. Cindy and I were flashing our bare pussies at various men, some even with their wives or girlfriends. One man’s eyes bugged out of his head and he nearly fell out of his chair. Another fumbled so rapidly for his distance glasses that he knocked his silverware and a bread dish onto the floor. A waiter carrying two plates stared at the blatant display of our womanhood as he walked into a busboy carrying a tray of dishes that went clattering to the floor.

Cindy and I tried to act attentive to our conversation, but in fact we were deciding our next victim. Cindy would lean over past Mark and say to me something like, “At your two o’clock position, the guy with the red sweater. Show him what you’ve got.” Seconds later, I could see the man’s eyes slowly scan his field of vision and then lock onto my spread thighs and visible pussy lips. Meanwhile, I’d be looking at the menu or my iPhone. I made a point of leaning back so I could talk to Cindy behind Mark’s ankara kaliteli escortlar back; the posture was excusably awkward and thus gave the justification for the southern exposure. Cindy duplicated my moves a moment later – the lucky guy was getting two pussies for the amazingly low price of one.

I prompted Cindy, “You’ve got a teenage boy almost dead ahead. He looks like he’s of legal age; do him; you’ll give him something to masturbate to for the rest of the month.” As I said that, I heard Mark guffaw with laughter. I gave him a tentative hug. I still wasn’t sure whether Mark would ban us from being his wives; he’d been so angry earlier. He did seem to be mellowing as time passed.

I watched Cindy’s legs spread apart as she turned slightly towards me, and obviously towards a direct line from the boy’s eyes to her bare cunt under the table. I glanced around just as his radar locked on the target – raw, sexy, hot, moist, lapable, fingerable, fuckable pussy. The teen held a morsel of food on his fork about halfway between his plate and his mouth, but he froze as his entire attention zeroed in on Cindy’s crotch. His father was sitting next to him and looked to see what had suddenly captured his son’s attention. I had to laugh aloud as he too suddenly succumbed to Cindy’s erotic charms. The boy had remained stoic trying to show no emotion lest he be discovered, however, his father had no qualms; he broke into a broad smile. I think he caught Cindy’s eye and gave her a big wink. Cindy slapped her legs together in response but smiled and even winked back. My sister was such a slut.

The rest of dinner went along in the same vein: pick a new target, decide who had the better line of sight – Cindy or me, appoint the flasher, adjust our position or posture to excuse our flash, and then do the deed. Between the two of us, we probably did about fifty guys.

Behind Cindy, Mark, and I sat a huge mirror. KC, Sheila, and Melanie could see the reaction of various patrons in the mirror. They were often egging us on, or daring us to do someone in particular, a challenge we always took. The more we did the more Mark seemed to relax and his anger at us waned.

Between our sore butts and our surreptitious attempts to expose our best features to the public, our skirts had ridden up to be slightly higher than our mons. This meant ‘all pussy, all the time’ if we did anything ‘normal’ with our legs. By the time dinner was over, I felt certain that half the men in the restaurant had seen what there was to see of us.

Mark led us into the bar – a separate room in the place, having Cindy and I sit on the low padded bench seat against the wall. At least by then our asses had stopped palpitating, and we could sit without pain. The lighting was dimmer, but because our bottoms were slightly lower than our knees, our pussies went on full display with just a slight separation of knees.

The bar was busy and there were a lot of people milling around, mostly men, and because it was a hotel, our guess was that a lot of them were there on business of some kind. Again, we were noticed due to our sexy style of dress plus all of us were showing a lot of leg. Cindy and I were especially showing a lot of leg that soon became ALL of our legs were visible right up to the ‘V’ where our legs joined the rest of our hot bodies and our pussy graced the evening. Cindy and I got into a theoretical discussion about how hot it would be to pick up some guys in the bar and fuck their lights out.

We were having the discussion mainly to tease Mark and to try to make him jealous. He was sitting between us again. The problem was that he could see right through what we were doing. He liked to be teased too providing there was some titillating feature to it – sex, and if we went off with some guy, he would expected to hear the details later.

The three-man combo in the place played some nice music, and it wasn’t long before Cindy and I got asked to dance by two handsome strangers who were nicely dressed and obviously young executives of some kind. We turned down the two guys and they went back to their seats at the bar. I thought they were nice. They were also about Mark’s age and looked buff.

After they were gone, Mark asked in a more serious tone, “Why didn’t you dance with them, or even go off with them?”

I said, “I’m feeling as though my sister and I need to be especially well-behaved right now. We don’t want to make you any angrier or further miffed at us. Yes, we’ll tease as we’ve been doing since we came in here, but we love you and want things to go back to the way they were before we caught Tanner. We thought dancing with a couple of nice looking strangers wouldn’t be a wise move.”

Mark poo-pooed what I said, “Oh, I’m fine. I like teasing you too. Yes, you pissed me off because you put yourselves in harm’s way, but I’m past it now. I believe you’ve learned your lessons, and I apologize for getting too physical with you. I worry about you because I love you. I’m actually sorry I disciplined you like I did, but humiliation seemed a good punishment at the time. Having you display yourselves also seemed like just the right ‘punishment’ for you two sexpots, only I know you have exhibitionist tendencies, so this hasn’t been much of a punishment. If you have lured in some males, then go do what you want with them?”

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