Black Cuckold Couple for White Bull

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Hey, there. How are you doing? I bet the title of this story alone is enough to make some people blink fast and wonder if they read right. Well, ladies and gentlemen you read right. My name is Monique Aziz Adewale, and I’m a Nigerian-born African-American gal living in the City of Boston, State of Massachusetts. I’m happily married to a tall, good-looking and successful Black man named Dalton Adewale. He was born in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, to immigrant parents originally from the Republic of Nigeria. I met my future husband while spending a semester at Carleton University in Ottawa, and it was love at first sight. We started a relationship, and ended up getting married. That was seven years ago. We now divide our time between the town of Ottawa and metropolitan Boston. I’m a U.S. citizen by naturalization and he’s now a permanent resident of America, albeit a Canadian citizen by birth. I work for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections as an officer in a jail and my husband works as an account manager for Bank of America. We do alright for ourselves.

I want to make it clear that my husband and I are a very normal, everyday Black couple. We truly love each other. Ours is a happy, passionate marriage. We go to church every Sunday, we pay our taxes, we live in a nice house in Avon, and we do alright for ourselves. A corrections officer married to a banker. Stranger things have happened, believe it or not. I love my husband. That’s why when he recently revealed to me that he was bisexual, although it surprised me I learned to adjust and adapt. I didn’t panic or get mad like most women would. Dalton told me that he had been aware of his bisexuality for quite some time but wasn’t sure what to do about it. Nigerians are very religious. Half of us are staunch Christians and the other half are Muslim. Either way, we’re a people with high religious convictions and moral character. We’re not freaks or weirdoes. We’re people just like you. In fact, if you saw us walking down the street, you wouldn’t give us a second look. That’s the kind of normal, everyday folks we are.

Dalton told me that he was bisexual, and fancied the idea of sharing a man with me. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of bringing another person into our bedroom. My Dalton was full of surprises. When he told me he liked both men and women, I automatically assumed he might fancy a brother but he ended up surprising me. You see, he found certain White guys attractive. Damn. I was really not expecting that. When I visited Dalton’s bedroom at the University of Ottawa, which isn’t too far from Carleton University where I studied briefly, I saw a lot of posters of guys in his room. Not gay-looking stuff, though. My Dalton is very masculine. He’s six-foot-one, lean and muscular, with dark brown skin and a smooth, handsome face. He’s got piercing light brown eyes and kind of resembles the Black actor from the StarGate SG-1 television series. The one on the heroes team. ankara sınırsız escortlar Action movie stars like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood and others. I never thought there was anything sexual going on. I mean, he had a pile of porn videos and DVDs featuring Black female porn stars like Jada Fire, Cherokee D’Ass and Kelly Starr, so I knew he liked Black women. Besides, he never had any problems making love to me.

I remember one particularly passionate session of lovemaking we had, early on in our relationship. We had gone walking through the Laval area of Ottawa together, and went into Soleil Des Iles, this cozy little Haitian restaurant, in order to grab a bite when it started to rain. After eating, Dalton and I remained seated, talking, kissing and flirting. The restaurant wasn’t terribly busy, and the bathrooms, which Canadians call washrooms for some reason, were located downstairs. We got the bright idea of going downstairs to fool around. The washrooms are located in a darkened basement, so we had plenty of privacy. In the dark, Dalton and I got frisky. I knelt before my sexy Nigerian-Canadian stud and unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick ebony cock. Gently I began sucking on him while he leaned against the wall, moaning and groaning. I sucked Dalton’s cock and balls, taking my sweet time as I pleasured the man I love. I got him hard in no time, and then asked him to do me.

Dalton stuck two fingers inside my wet pussy and kissed me full and deep. He parted my blouse and began sucking on my tits while fingering my pussy. I was ready for more, and he soon laid me on a table, and spread my thighs. My sexy Black man inhaled the scent of my pussy before sticking his tongue inside my cunt, pausing to tell me that I smelled really good. I grinned and licked my lips as Dalton began licking and fingering my pussy. He twisted his tongue inside my pussy and stabbed me with his fingers, sending little shockwaves of pleasure deep inside of me. Afterwards, Dalton put on a condom and worked his cock inside of me. I love how my sexy Black stud took his sweet time. A lot of guys like to stick it in but Dalton likes to take his time. He likes to feed my pussy his cock, and my womanhood engulfed him nicely. He held my legs in the air and slammed his cock into my cunt, pounding me oh so nicely. I loved it so much that I got a bit too loud with the screaming. One of the kitchen ladies, a matronly Haitian woman wearing a hairnet, came down to check on the noise. I think she almost had a heart attack when she caught Dalton and me, deeply connected to one another as we were. Yeah, we shocked her alright. I think we’re still banned from this restaurant.

So you see? My husband and I are passionately in love with each other. I was kind of surprised when he told me he met a guy from the printing agency across from his bank who would be right for us to explore some stuff with. Dalton wasn’t merely interested in having ankara suriyeli escortlar sex with another man while I watched, he also wanted me to participate. Wow. Okay. Thus, Dalton introduced me to Rupert Stephens, an affable-enough looking young White man. Rupert was around five-foot-eight, and slim, with light brown hair, pale White skin and icy blue eyes. He’s kind of short standing next to Dalton. Hell, he looks short standing next to me, because I’m five-foot-ten, short-haired, caramel-skinned, wide-hipped, big-bottomed and quite curvy. Rupert was quite friendly and charming as the three of us dined together inside the Copley Mall food court. For some reason, Copley Mall in Boston reminds me of Saint Laurent Mall in Ottawa. Another one of our make-out spots. Dalton proudly showed us his STI results, and he was negative for HIV and Hepatitis. I insisted on the tests because I didn’t want Dalton and I to have any regrets from this little erotic adventure. Dalton and Rupert were fine with that.

The three of us went home, and we had some fun together. As Dalton and Rupert sat on the couch together, naked as jay birds, I stood before them and stripped, making a performance out of it. I’m a tall, curvy sister and I’m proud of my 5’11, 220-pound body. I’m not ashamed of my big tits, curvy body, wide hips and big round ass. Believe it. Dalton and Rupert looked at me with appreciation in their eyes. I smiled and got naked, then the action began. Before anything started, we had discussed rules and regulations for this little tryst. I’m very open-minded but everyone has limits. I’m happily married to Dalton and I’d like to STILL be at the end of the evening. Rupert was very understanding. We began our fun, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with how the evening began.

First, we fulfilled my sexy Black husband’s reverse cuckold interracial fantasy. Rupert and I got busy while Dalton sat on the couch, watching while stroking his cock. I knelt before Rupert and sucked on his thick, veiny pink cock. His dick was short but thick, unlike my husband’s whose thickness was average, though the shaft was quite long. Nice change, I guess. I sucked Rupert’s cock with gusto, and we got into character. He berated Dalton while ramming his cock down my throat, calling him all kinds of names I won’t print here. Dalton masturbated furiously as Rupert berated him while thrusting his dick into my mouth. My husband was really turned on, for his big Black dick was throbbing in his hand. Afterwards, Rupert put on a condom and put me on all fours. Face down and ass up, that’s how our White Bull took me, the cheating Black wife, as my Black cuckold husband watched.

Rupert played his role really well, getting into character as the dominant White Bull having his way with a Black woman’s wife right in front of the Black male cuckold. He slammed his cock into my pussy, fucking me really hard while spanking my ass and tugging at my hair. Watch ankara türbanlı escortlar the weave, dude, I reminded him. Rupert apologized quietly, then continued pounding his dick into my pussy. He fucked me until he was about ready to cum, then pulled out of me and ordered Dalton to get his Black ass over here. My husband obeyed, magnificently playing the role of the Black male cuckold obedient to the White Bull. Side by side, Dalton and I knelt before Rupert and sucked on his thick White cock. I sucked on Rupert’s balls while Dalton sucked his dick with more gusto than I’ve ever seen him do just about anything, including licking my sweet chocolate pussy. Wow, he really wanted this!

The action continued, with Rupert putting on another condom and asking me to lubricate my husband’s asshole. Dalton was most eager for this. He got on all fours, sticking his ass in the air. As I lubricated Dalton’s asshole with Aloe cream, he sucked Rupert’s cock some more. Next, Rupert positioned himself behind Dalton and eased his thick White cock into my husband’s asshole. Not to be outdone this time, I was a most eager participant. I spread my husband’s ass cheeks wide open, getting his Black male ass ready to be violated by the White Bull’s cock. Dalton groaned as Rupert’s cock invaded his ass. I played my role to the limit, berating Dalton and encouraging Rupert to fuck his ass. Rupert laughed and slammed his dick up Dalton’s ass, pounding him mercilessly. While Rupert fucked Dalton’s ass, I ordered Dalton to lick my pussy and my husband obeyed, thrusting his tongue deep inside my cunt. Hey, I’m just a good wife. I’m doing what my husband told me to do.

The three of us did our thing, and I was really turned on by the hot White on Black, male on male action. Definitely not something you see every day. I went to the bedroom and grabbed my strap-on dildo, making Dalton suck on it to silence his screams as Rupert slammed his thick White cock up my husband’s sexy Black ass. Got my sexy caramel pussy nice and wet, I’ll tell you. Afterwards, the three of us showered and Dalton and I thanked Rupert for making my husband’s twisted fantasy come true. Rupert was all smiles, saying the pleasure was all his. He shook hands with us both, then left. We watched him walk to the driveway, as he got into his beat-up old Buick and left. He’s only twenty two, fresh out of Bay State College. Nice guy.

After Rupert left, Dalton swept me into his arms and kissed me passionately. He told me I was the best wife ever. I smiled lovingly at him. I love this man something fierce and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom, saying he was in the mood for more sex. I was all for it, and he started muttering something about inviting Rachel, the overly flirty, red-haired and tattooed Irish chick next door, over for a threesome sometime. My eyes flashed angrily and Dalton went silent, laughing nervously and telling me he was only kidding. I sure as hell hope he was kidding. I’m a very open-minded sister but I’ll be damned if I invite a White WOMAN to share MY husband. No way no how. If Dalton ever brings up that idea again, he’s going to need all the free health care they provide in Canada and then some after I’m through with him.

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