Do-it-Yourself Masturbation Ch 01

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My girlfriend travels a lot for business. So this leaves me to my own devices for a week and sometimes even two weeks at a time. One night I stumbled across this really hot porn while surfing the Internet and stroking my cock. With lust filled eyes, I watched this hot blond chick fucking another really hot blond chick with a dildo attached to a reciprocating saw. I thought to myself damn, the best sex toys are made for women.

Being alone and bored for the past week got my mind going. What if I took my reciprocating saw and fabricated my own masturbation tool to it so I could fuck myself with it?

I grabbed my favorite jackoff toy and studied it to see how I could fasten it to the end of my reciprocating saw. I figured I could take the plastic case and screw it to the working end of the saw. Once this was done, I merely had to take the sleeve, insert it into the plastic case and see how it worked.

I pulled the saw’s trigger and watched with horny fascination how my new masturbation tool responded. This was cool. Now how was I going to use it? I study the situation further and realized that using my new jackoff tool would not be very comfortable if I had to hold the heavy and bulky saw over my cock while it jacked me off.

So I figured I would disassemble the saw and remove the trigger device, which actuated the saw’s speed and movement. I then took the saw with my jackoff sleeve firmly mounted to it and assembled it to a truss that I fabricated. Now I could easily hold the small speed controller in one hand while the jackoff tool worked on my cock because it was held firmly in place by the truss system.

The kurtköy escort truss system I fabricated used a thin band of thin steel to connect both ends of truss so as to keep the whole system from bouncing around as the saw cycled up and down over my cock. Because my ass would be sitting on the band, it enabled the whole machine and truss system to stay in place while the saw went up and down on my cock.

Once I was finished, I was so excited I was practically on the verge of cuming just thinking about my first trial run.

I stripped out of my clothes. Applied lots of lube to my new masturbation toy and laid down on the floor under the jackoff tool. Then I grabbed the base of my cock and with nervous excitement, I shoved stuck it into the machine.

I looked down at my new jackoff tool with my swollen cock now planted inside. It looked pretty cool and I was more than ready to get the stroking started. As began to pull the trigger I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. So, I started the jackoff tool slowly at first. Even the first few strokes felt so amazing. Knowing that I was completely relaxed and comfortable while my cock was being stroked without any effort on my part.

Of course, my extreme horniness got the better of me and I gradually started increasing the speed on my new jackoff tool. Before long, the machine was stroking up and down on my cock at maximum speed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t withstand the extreme sensations and I came within a few seconds. The whole trial lasted only about a minute and a half.

But I do have to say, my orgasm was sensational. One of the best aydıntepe escort cums I’d ever had. As a matter of fact, I was so excited by the success of my new invention; I was ready to go again in about five minutes.

This time, I decided I would take it slower in hopes of enjoying the experience a little longer. I pushed my once again stiff cock into the jackoff toy and started the stroking action at the slowest speed it was capable of. I then took the speed controller and threw it out of reach so I wouldn’t be tempted to speed up the stroking. I really wanted to enjoy this stroking session and I wanted it to last.

My new masturbation tool was working perfect. I was really enjoying the sensations and let myself go as it gently stroked my cock. The stroke on a reciprocation saw is not very long and because I mounted it to the truss in such a ridged fashion, I couldn’t move very much without disturbing the whole set-up.

My limited movement was both good and bad. I wanted to writhe around while being stroked but I couldn’t because I risked my cock becoming dislodged from the sleeve. I was enjoying the gentle stroking so much that I didn’t dare risk upsetting the motion in fear that it would force me to stop and reset the whole scene.

So I just had to lie there almost motionless as the jackoff machine continued to methodically work its magic on my cock. It was so tantalizing really. The jackoff machine was moving ever so slowly up and down my cock and because I had just cum a few minutes ago, I wasn’t even close to another orgasm yet.

I remained there on the floor lying on my back in tuzla içmeler escort absolute heaven for about fifteen minutes until the onset of my second orgasm finally came sneaking up on me. By now I wanted to cum so bad but the stroking was so agonizingly slow. My orgasm was in sight but it was just creeping up on me inch by teasing inch.

It felt like forever but finally, my orgasm had reached the point of no return. You know, that sensation you get somewhere deep inside and once you feel it, nothing can stop you from cuming even if a meteor hit in the next room.

But this orgasm happened in a way I never experienced before. I came at such a slow rate. I swear that I felt the first dose of cum at the base of my cock and I could feel as it ever so slowly traveled up through my urethra toward the head. Like I was cuming in slow motion.

The slow stroking movement of the jackoff tool caused my load to almost hesitate at the tip of my cock before it finally came gushing out of me in one tremendous shotgun like blast. After that, the floodgates opened up and spurt after hot gooey spurt was gushing out of my cock as my orgasm continued on and on.

The machine kept up with the tantalizingly slow pace while I continued to cum. Stroking me as each convulsing spasm of orgasmic ecstasy kept on and on.

Stroke…stroke…stroke…stroke. The machine kept milking shot after shot of cum out of me until it managed to milk every last drop it possibly could from my balls. Finally my cock was limp and I managed to roll over and grab the controller to shut down the machine.

I was so spent, I just lay underneath my new machine while my cum slowly drained from the sleeve. Flowing down onto my stomach, onto my balls and down the crack of my ass. I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sight of my girlfriend standing over me with a smile on her face and shaking her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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