Exchanging Girlfriends

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“What are you doing?” My girlfriend said with surprise evident in her voice. I was unhooking my girlfriend Addison’s bra while Maya and Jacob were making out at the opposite side of the room.

Maya is Addison’s childhood friend. And Jacob is Maya’s long time boyfriend. Me and Addison have been dating for over a year now and I’ve become close to Maya and Jacob as well.

I won’t bore you with unwanted details but it was Jacob who suggested we should go on a double date. We agreed. Went to a nice fancy place. And it was my girlfriend Addison who suggested we should move the party to our place. She didn’t want the night to end.

By the time it was midnight we were clearly drunk. Me and Jacob were caressing our girls. Caressing turned to cuddling and soon we were kissing. As the kissing intensified, me and Jacob started cupping our respective girlfriends. Each couple was daring the other to stop or move to the bedroom and continue behind closed doors. But neither of us stopped.

Jacob started lifting Maya’s dress. Not wanting to be behind, I started doing the same. Neither of the girls complained. Addison started removing my shirt while Maya pulled Jacob’s t-shirt over his head.

I wanted to show off my girlfriend’s amazing 36D tits. And also I wanted to see what Maya hid behind her lacy black bra. So I started unhooking Addi’s bra much to her surprise. She didn’t believe things would come this far. But we were far from the end.

Maya and Jacob were just as surprised as my girlfriend seeing my action. Maya was still staring at me cupping Addi’s tit when Jacob reached behind and unhooked her bra. In one motion he pulled the straps over her shoulder revealing her tits to my eyes. Maya immediately tried to cover herself feeling a little embarrassed. She didn’t have to be. She had ripe round tits on a slender 34 frame. She was a cup smaller than my girlfriend. While my girlfriend has light ebony skin with dark chocolate nipples, Maya has fair skin with pinkish nipples.

I stared into Maya’s eyes and dived down taking Addi’s nipple in my mouth as if telling her that’s how I would suck her nipple given an opportunity. Jacob squeezed her tit hard looking at the show in front of him. Maybe he was thinking of squeezing Addi’s tits.

Both the girls were moaning with their eyes closed while we guys were looking at the other guy’s girlfriend and doing things to our girl etimesgut dansöz escortlar which we wanted to do to the other girlfriend.

I tried to remove Addi’s panty when she slapped my hand away. She got up and stopped near her bedroom’s door. She wasn’t angry. In fact, her eyes were filled with lust. She did nothing to hide her goodies from Jacob’s gawking eyes. Maya joined her and the two went inside her bedroom, closing the door behind.

Me and Jacob wanted more. Surely we couldn’t stop now. We pulled our pants down and threw our boxers away. Natural male ego never dies especially between friends right? We did compare our cocks. While my cock won in length his cock won in thickness.

We heard the girls giggling behind the door. As we opened the door we heard the girls say “close the door and don’t turn on the lights”

The girls were on all fours on the bed. They had a blanket covering them when we entered the room. Once we closed the door, they pulled the blanket up revealing just their asses.

“Guess which one is whose?” The girls said in unison.

It was a stupid question. Even though the lights weren’t on, we could clearly make out who is who. My girlfriend is 5’4 tall with a thick curvaceous body. She has a thick bubble butt. Maya, on the other hand is 5’7 tall with a slender body and now I know that she has a cute round butt. Addi’s butt was bigger than Maya’s and looked perfect for spanking. While Maya had a cute and firm butt cheeks which looked like it would fit perfectly in between a man’s crotch.

Me and Jacob were behind the other guy’s girlfriend. But just when I thought of switching, Jacob moved straight and stood behind Addison. A second later, I moved and stood behind Maya. Jacob took his cock and placed it above my girlfriend’s ass. I followed his actions.

“Guess which is which?” We both asked in unison. The girls giggled but didn’t answer.

“Maybe you need a little help to guess” I said as I slid my cock in between the crack of Maya’s ass. I heard her giggling stop.

“Maybe you need to feel the touch to guess,” Jacob said as he held his cock in one hand and very slowly moved it up and down the crack of my girlfriend’s ass. Now Addison stopped giggling. Neither girl spoke.

Maya was wet. And I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. Was Addison just as wet? Was she wet because of Jacob? elvankent saatlik veren escortlar Did she even know it was his cock?

We both rubbed our cocks up and down for a few seconds. We thought the girls would stop us. But the expected “no” never came.

On my next downward slide I stopped my cock right at Maya’s opening. Jacob aimed his cock against my Addi’s pussy as if challenging me “if you dare enter my gf, I’m gonna shove my cock into your girlfriend”.

I’m not one to back down from a challenge. I gave a slight push. There was a slight resistance but my cockhead slipped right inside Maya’s pussy. I didn’t go all the way in though. Not yet.

Jacob was looking at his girlfriend’s bottom with my cockhead sheathed in her pussy. He held Addi by the hips and pushed his cock. Unlike me, he plunged his entire cock into Addi eliciting a loud moan from my girlfriend. I pulled back and as a reply ploughed my cock further deep into Maya’s pussy.

Both girls tried to get up but we put our hand at the back of their neck and pushed their head down to the pillow. We started moving in and out. Maya’s pussy was wet and hot but too tight. With each stroke I started pushing an inch more of my cock inside her letting her get used to my length.

Addi’s pussy was soaking wet. I knew it because I could hear the squishing sound everytime Jacob pumped his cock inside her. Unlike Maya, my Addi didn’t have any trouble taking Jacob’s cock. His cock slid in and out easily and everytime he pulled back, Addi aggressively pushed her ass back, taking him right back in. It was as if she was telling him not to pull his cock out.

Maya had picked up the pace. She was now pushing her ass with more excitement wanting to know just how long my cock was. Even I was just as eager. She was still too tight but I had run out of my patience. I rammed the entire length of my cock into her, so hard that my force shoved her body to the front banging her head on the headboard of the bed. “Ahh” she moaned. I pulled her back to me.

Jacob looked me in the eye and slapped my girlfriend’s ass. It wasn’t a light tap. It was a proper spanking and anyone would know it was the sound of a hand landing on a thick ass. Feeling the sharp sting of spanking my girlfriend yelped and tried to cover her ass with her hand.

I moved my hand inside the blanket, finding Maya’s ankara azeri escortlar erect nipples. I pinched them in between my thumb and index finger “shittt” Maya put her hand on mine trying to stop me. But I had her tits firmly held in my hand.

Jacob held Addi’s hand that was covering her ass and started pounding her. My girlfriend was no more trying to keep her moan down. And I don’t blame her. Jacob had given up on long strokes for short, faster ones. Addi’s ass was shaking. “Ah..ahh . Jessuuus” Addi was gasping for air.

I didn’t go for short strokes on Maya though. I wanted her to feel every inch of my cock. My one hand was on her tit, squeezing. While the other was on her ass, spreading her cheeks wider. From her moans, it felt like Maya was urging me to do her more and it was okay.

While Jacob went hardcore on my Addi. I went for long strokes using my hands to explore every inch of Maya’s tall slender body.

Addi looked submissive to Jacob, bending her head down and letting him have her pussy however he wanted.

And Maya let me explore her body as if I was her lover trying to feel every inch of her body for the first time.

Jacob came first. And Addi came immediately next. I think it was the thought of another man’s cum in her pussy that did her. She slapped her ass back hard, taking Jacob’s cock inside her. She just didn’t want him to pull his cock out. At least not right away.

It was all too much for me as well. And it was my time to cum inside another man’s girlfriend. I went for short hard strokes, lost my balance and fell on Maya. I gripped her hands and kept pounding, not wanting to stop. She took it all like a good girl. She put her hand behind on my cheek and caressed it. She squeezed her pussy lips tight “please cum” she said. And I came. We came. Together. I shoved myself deep inside her and gave her all my cum.

By the time the girls recovered from the aftermath of their orgasm, me and Jacob pulled our cock out and switched our places. Addi turned the bedside lamp on and slapped me on my arm

“What are you doing? You can’t trade your girlfriend” she said, still breathing hard.

“Come on Addi. They were just messing with us. See, they ended up on the right side” Maya said blushing at me.

But Addi knew. Everyone knew. Addi was staring at Jacob’s cock. Measuring it mentally and connecting it to the cock that had just fucked her.

I found it funny that Maya was still shy to look at my cock even though I had just fucked her.

My cock stirred as another thought came to my mind.

What if Addi sucked my cock now with Maya’s cum still on it?

What if Maya sucks Jacob’s cock?

Will the two realise they are tasting other girl’s cum?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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