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She shivered as she lay on the bed, naked and completely exposed. Her mind was racing a mile a minute, not knowing what was about to happen. Feelings of fear and excitement battled for first position and it was anyone’s guess which would surge to the forefront next.

She kept telling herself to relax and just enjoy each moment as it came. The alcohol was helping. But the air still felt cold on her skin. Nothing to be done about that as her hands were tied to the bed frame. The blindfold only served to heighten her other senses. She couldn’t believe she had really agreed to this, but she trusted her husband and knew that he only wanted to please her. Just how he was going to do that was the question. From the sounds he made as he moved about the room, the answer was coming soon. Her nipples hardened as she thought about the possibilities and listening to the erotic stories he had played for her earlier had caused a rush of sensation in her lower belly and clit that was still there. She could feel her own juices start to drip and knew she’d be ready for whatever happened.

She heard a whisper in her ear. “Things are about to get interesting. Just lay there and enjoy,” her husband said.

The next thing she knew she heard him talking to someone. Dear god, she thought. He invited someone else into our sex play. Or maybe he just wants me to think he did, she thought. She wasn’t allowed to talk so she couldn’t ask. Suddenly she felt a hand on her thigh. She couldn’t tell if the touch was familiar or not. So many things were rushing through her head – how did he set this up if it really is another person? How does he know if it’s safe? What if it’s someone istanbul escort I know? But she realized if she let her thoughts take over then she wouldn’t enjoy whatever was coming.

The hand on her leg started moving higher. Soon, he was softly stroking her pussy and kissing her inner thighs. She opened her legs to let him know he could have his way with her. In no time it became obvious what he really wanted as he began to tongue her clit, slowly stroking it up and down. His fingers found their way into her pussy while his tongue worked its magic. She wondered if he would do one of her favorite things and was soon rewarded with the answer as his tongue replaced his fingers and reached as high as it could inside her warm slit. He pumped it in and out while he stroked her clit at the same time. This man had talents and it was obvious he enjoyed what he was doing. She could feel an orgasm start to build. It wouldn’t be long if he kept this up.

Suddenly, she felt two other hands start to massage her breasts and play with her nipples. She had always wondered how it would feel to have two people, or more, bringing her to orgasm. It was one of the fantasies she indulged in when she was masturbating. Now it was happening and the sensation was absolutely incredible as she gave in to the intense feelings building in her clit.

Her orgasm exploded and she felt her pussy tighten as the spasms made it clinch around his tongue. He softened the strokes on her clit but kept up the movements as she felt another one building. She loved it when a second orgasm hit right after its predecessor, with the avcılar escort feelings of pure bliss riding the first wave into the next, even bigger, wave of pleasure. She encouraged him to go harder as she pushed her hips into his face and hand. She could think of nothing but the sensation of being at the top of the orgasm and wishing it lasted longer than the minute or so it usually did. The hands on her breasts kept up their sensuous massage, helping extend the climax as long as possible. As her heart rate and breathing slowed, she tried to focus on those hands. Were they her husband’s? If not his, then… no, she couldn’t think about there being more than one other person. Or could she?

As she began gradually winding down from the orgasm, she sensed movement from the man who had buried his tongue inside her. He moved over to her left and she felt the bed give way to his weight as he climbed up. Hands turned her head towards him and she quickly realized he wanted reciprocation.

There was no way this was her husband. The head of his cock as he brushed it against her lips felt different – a little longer and maybe slightly thicker. She slid her tongue over the velvety skin, getting it slick and wet. He groaned in pleasure. She could smell the cologne he’d obviously sprayed on more than his neck. It was nice and a definite change from her husband who didn’t care for those kinds of strong artificial odors. The alcohol she’d consumer earlier was enhancing the experience as a pleasant buzz continued to envelop her. Soon she felt the hands that were on her breasts move down her belly and slide between her legs. She was still şirinevler escort wet from the orgasms she had just enjoyed. She wished she could see but maybe she needed to be more than just buzzed to handle that sight.

The lovely cock in her mouth started a rhythmic motion in and out as she kept pressure on it with her tongue. He moved slowly, obviously enjoying what was happening. She didn’t know how, but he seemed to get harder and harder with every stroke. She felt the hands on her pussy move her legs further apart and sensed someone coming closer. Suddenly another hard cock was pushing its way inside of her. She spread her legs and bent her knees to welcome the intrusion. This was without a doubt the most incredible sexual experience of her life; feeling a big, hard cock in her pussy while another one filled her eager mouth. Usually it took attention to her clit to make her climax, but she was pretty sure she was going to come again even without it.

The cock in her pussy was pumping harder and harder. She could couldn’t get enough. She gagged a little on the cock in her mouth, but she didn’t care. She felt two sets of hands start massaging her breasts, softly rolling her nipples with their fingers. That was just enough to push her over the edge. Her climactic cries had an obvious effect on the two cocks inside of her. The man in her mouth pulled his dick out and she could feel the streams of his warm cum hitting her chest as he groaned. The man in her pussy held her legs up with his hands and shot his load inside of her.

She couldn’t believe that had just happened. She spread the warm cum on her chest around on her breasts while the men showed their pleasure with their comments.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she heard her husband say. “Just like that.”

The other man in their bedroom told her he’d never seen anything so hot. She accepted their compliments with a thoughtful smile. Maybe one day she would see for herself, if only she were brave enough to take off the blindfold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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