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(Editors note: While the previous five stories are pure works of fiction, this story is based on actual events. I fully plan to document and cherish the real events and this is my first attempt.)

It’s been awhile since our last escapade at the fair. Sarah and I were getting stir crazy with the stresses of work and our personal lives. One thing I haven’t told you is that Sarah and I are married, but not to each other.

I planned a trip for the two of us. One that Sarah wouldn’t soon forget. Since our last story, we have had had a few experiences that has shocked us both.

A few weeks ago, Sarah said she wanted to buy some personal things at the mall. We played hooky from work and drove up the hour to a mall with the appropriate stores. Wanting to find a new garter and new panties, she chose a mall with Fredericks of Hollywood.

We started playing a typical “lover” game of Dare. I dared her to model the new panties or garter just outside the dressing room door, and she dared me to follow her into the family restroom the mall had created. The dares do nothing more than to spark our libido.

The drive would take an hour or so, and we had a great conversation. Once we got to the mall, we got out and stretched our legs. We got there just after the mall opened so it was fairly empty. We made the customary lap through the mall before heading to our highlight store, Fredricks of Hollywood. Scanning the racks, we weren’t finding what we were looking for when the store manager asked if we needed assistance.

Sarah described the articles she was looking for and Linda graciously offered several items meeting Sarah’s taste and body style. She opted for a very classic garter and lace panties. After selecting the right size, she headed off to the dressing room with me in the middle of the lingerie shop with two sales ladies trying to make idle conversation.

After a few moments, Sarah called my name. Almost tripping over several racks, I made it to the dressing istanbul escort room. My heart was racing as I was hoping to see Sarah standing outside the dressing room to display herself. To my dismay, she opened the door and offered me entrance.

My God, she was gorgeous. The lace garter fit perfectly around her hips and accented her thigh perfectly. Not having seen her nude, I was very pleasantly surprised at her openness to model the garter. Realizing her shyness, I didn’t expect to see as much as I was. I wanted to kiss her then and there, but knew odds were very good that the sales ladies were just outside.

After complimenting her on her choice and how good she looked, I left so she could try on the panties. I was welcomed to hear her voice moments later. Grinning sheepishly to the sales ladies, I entered the dressing room again and was greeted by a vision I had only dreamed of. Sarah normally wears a thong or nothing. She had picked a pair of lace panties.

Facing me, I told her how incredibly awesome she looked. Then she turned around to display her true asset. Softly sloping down, the lace nicely highlighted her cheeks with a slight crease between them. A vision of loveliness and I just wanted to drop to my knees and pay homage to her ass.

It was a damn good thing I wore my sweatshirt as usual. Sarah has a way of making me hard just being near me, and the sight of her in both the garter and then the panties will cause many a wet dream to come.

I quickly left the room before we got ourselves into trouble. Making an immediate shot toward a sales rack, I had to conceal my obvious erection. I know I was flushed, but not nearly as flushed as Sarah. When she came out, you’d thought it was a sauna in there. Her cheeks were bright and rosy, and her eyes were all a glow. I could just imagine how wet she must be.

Making her purchase, we left and wandered the mall some more. Constantly flirting and avcılar escort teasing each other. I knew she wouldn’t totally display herself in public, I had to give her credit for the amount she did do. That meant my dare was next.

Not knowing where the family restrooms were, I had to play the game by ear.

Our next stop was Spencer’s Gifts. They always have risqué gifts and novelties, so I decided to play with her. Offering her and personal massager, glow in the dark condoms, body paints and foreplay games. Getting a good chuckle from all of this, we had a good time.

In one of the back corners, we were stopped by a couple blocking the exit. With me behind her, I took the opportunity to capitalize on the situation and gently slid my hand up the back of her skirt and caressed her smooth cheeks. I getting any resistance, I brought my other hand into the picture.

Pulling her thong to the side, I caressed the crack of her ass and made my way between her thighs. Not wanting to draw attention, Sarah stood still until I gently nudged her legs apart and gaining more access to her wet folds.

This lasted less than a minute, but long enough to thoroughly coat my finger before sucking on them in public. We then moved to another aisle where another young couple were standing and laughing at the many toys.

Sarah say a set of body paints that interested her and she bent to retrieve them. Seeing a clear shot, I drove my fingers between her unsuspecting thighs and hit my mark. Sinking my fingers between her soaking wet, swollen lips, I began finger fucking her right there in the store. Not lasting long, she quickly stood up with me still buried in her as she shuttered to an orgasm. After holding her up so she could catch her breath, we slowly made our way out of the store.

Our next stop was the food court where we quickly grabbed a bite to eat. Still having to fulfill my end of the dare, we were running out of time. Noticing the family şirinevler escort restroom next to the men’s and women’s, I knew I would have but one chance. After we finished eating, Sarah motioned for the restrooms saying she needed to wash her hands. I said I needed to do the same, so we headed off in the direction of my dare.

Sarah surprised me, she chose to by pass the family room and went to the women’s. I figured she had forgotten about my dare. So I went and washed up anyway.

I washed up and came out waiting for Sarah. She returned shortly and took my hand as we left the food court area. Glancing at our watches, we thought about our next venture. We realized that we couldn’t take in a movie, so we decided to head back to town.

Once back in the car, we sat and talked for a few minutes before I decided to apply some digital manipulation. Moving closure, I cup her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. I then dropped my right hand down and slid it up her skirt. Imagine my surprise when I found she had removed her soaked thong while in the mall.

I was greeted to a deep moan of pleasure and one very wet pussy. I had never seen her so wet, and ready. It only took a couple of strokes before she came. As she caught her breath, I looked out in to the parking lot as a bus drove by. Not letting her calm down completely, I began my piston action again, hitting her G Spot and massaging it sending her to the moon in very short order. I continued my onslaught making her cum four times in succession. All the while, traffic driving by, and me enjoying every minute and spasm.

Begging for me to stop, I reclined back into my seat as she gasped for air. Her thighs were visibly quivering and her face was a glow. Dreamy eyed, she looked over at me with pure satisfaction and bliss.

After resting, we decided to head for home. As we drove back to town, I told Sarah that I was proud of her for attempting her dare and that I thought she should receive credit for her attempt at public display.

She then confessed that she thought I deserved full credit as well. Stating the finger fuck in Spencer’s was way more than dared originally, she thought it surpassed her request. Not to mention the multiple orgasm fingering she got in the parking lot.

We called it a tie and headed home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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