Fun with Karen

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Karen undresses quickly, keeping her back to me as I do the same. Apart from that, she makes no effort to stop me from seeing anything. She sheds clothing efficiently, dropping her shirt and bra carelessly at her feet, unfastening her belt and letting her jeans slide down her taut legs, which are as long and slim as her arms. Her hips are narrow, but her buttocks surprisingly large and shapely. The dancing lessons, I think. Her body is milky-pale all over, just like her face, and her hair is like a stream of molten metal down her back. Her freckles go all over.

I can’t believe it’s only half an hour since I bumped into her in the college cafeteria, since she asked me to come back to her tiny, cluttered student flat. The flatmate Emma is out all afternoon, she says. We’ll have plenty of time to do what she proposed we do earlier.

As she stoops to push her knickers down to her ankles, her arse-crack parts and I get an uninterrupted view of both her holes, surrounded by bright pink, wrinkled flesh. As I drop my own pants, my penis jumps at the idea of filling one or both of them.

“First, the rules,” she tells me, over her shoulder, stepping out of the knickers. Her small, conical breasts jiggle as she half-turns. The nipples are the same vivid redhead’s shade of pink as her cunt-lips.


“You can’t put your cock in me,” she says, tossing the underwear down next to her bra, “or rub it on me, and I’m not going to suck it. But you can touch me, with your hands, just not on the tits or the cunt. And don’t try kissing me or licking me or fingering my arse or anything like that.”

“I won’t,” I assure her, trying to be as casual about my nakedness as she is, as if neither of are noticing my massive, throbbing hard-on.

“Anywhere else is fine,” she smiles. “We’re just going to snuggle up to each other and wank ourselves off, right?”

“Right.” I show willing by putting my hand on one of her bum-cheeks and pulling her crack open slightly, to acknowledge that I was checking out her arsehole — she can’t fail kurtköy escort to have noticed. Her skin is like silk, warm like fresh bread. I give her a squeeze before I let go.

“Mmm,” she goes. “Do you like the look of that, you perv?”

“I’d like to fuck it,” I tell her, frankly.


“Yeah.” My pulse is thumping, the blood singing in my ears. I can’t believe what I’m saying: “I’d love to shove my cock right up it.”

“Dirty twat,” she smiles as she kneels on the couch, still with her back to me, settling down on her haunches so that I’m standing over her. “Who knows, maybe one day, if you promise to use plenty of lube. But not today.” She half-turns again, giving me another nice look at her tits, leaning her head back. Her nipples, which I can’t touch or tongue, are sticking out like push-pins. “I want to feel your skin on mine,” she tells me. “It’s nice like that.”

“You’ve done this before?” I ask.

“Yeah, I love doing this,” she confirms. “I like it better than fucking. Well, sometimes. You can do it with your mates and stuff.”

“You can?” I ask, astonished. “With, like…?”

She grins: “With girls? Sure. I do it with Emma. She loves it.” I think of Emma, willowy and blonde with dark, dark eyes and my cock nearly explodes right there. “Naked cuddling and wanking, in front of the telly,” Karen fondly recounts. “We don’t wank each other, though; that’d be weird. I’ve slept with girls, but Emma’s a mate, you know?”

“Er, yeah,” I frown, which only makes her grin more.

“Come on,” she says, leaning back against me. “I want to come so hard…” Her bum presses against my thigh, soft and hot and slightly damp. I nearly shoot my load right down her back.

“What about when I come?” I ask, nervously. “What if it…?”

“If it goes on me?” She grins again. “I like that. You can jizz all over me if you like. On my bum, on my tits. In my mouth… I don’t mind that. Just don’t touch me with that smelly cock of yours.”

“Okay.” I look down at it. It’s absolutely rigid, flushed aydıntepe escort angry red, veins distended. “Is it smelly? Really?”

“All cocks are smelly,” she laughs. “That’s why I don’t suck them. But jizz is lovely.”

I grab my twitching member in my hand, as much to stop it from going off as anything: “I’ll bear that in mind.”

She giggles, her dimples showing. Her bum has dimples too, just as lovely as the ones on her face. “Good,” she says, sliding her right hand down between her thighs, as if by handling myself I’ve just given the signal for us to commence.

So, we wank. After some initial trial and error we end up with her kneeling up, chest pressed against the back of the couch and my chest pressed up against her back. I have my chin resting on her smooth white left shoulder, smelling her hair and her sweat, and I’m grinding my hip and belly against her soft arse as hard as I can — she doesn’t seem to mind. The heat coming off her is amazing. My right hand, resting on her right thigh, is burning. My cock is dangerously close to her left hip, but I use my other hand to keep it away from her as I stroke it as vigorously as I dare, which isn’t very vigorously at all.

Karen, on the other hand, could not be accused of lack of effort. She has her left hand gripping the back of the couch for dear life, her right working away down between her legs. She arches her back and sobs and moans and curses as she builds towards her climax:

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck yes. Yes. Oh, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuck…”

I think she has her fingers inside herself, ramming away mercilessly. I can smell her cunt. I wish my face was down there.

“I’m going to come,” I admit, through gritted teeth, right in her ear. “Christ, I’m coming!”

“On my tits!” She urges, desperately, pushing back against me. “On my tits! On my tits! Go on! On my fucking tits!”

I stand up and Karen leans right back, bum-cheeks clenching so that the dimples stand tuzla içmeler escort out, only staying on the couch thanks to her clawing left hand. I pull her back further with my hand on her shoulder. She looks up at me, grinning savagely, eyes shining and lips glistening in her flushed face. I can see down the length of her body, see the sheen of sweat glowing on her flat belly and splayed thighs, see the busy hand stabbing in and out of her sparsely-furred cunt. Her breasts bounce and wobble with her continued efforts.

“Right there!” she gasps. “Right there, right there!” I start spurting sticky milky-white droplets onto her freckled skin, spotting her tits and belly and thighs, finally disgorging a big slimy gob that slides right down the slick valley between her breasts and all the way down past her navel. “Rightthererightthererightthere…oh…oh…” The pleasure is overwhelming; I can feel my face tingling and my arse quivering. For a moment, as I let out an incoherent groan, I think I’m going to black out.

She takes her hand off the back of the couch and I hold her to stop her from falling as she rubs my spunk into her skin, smearing her whole chest and stomach with sticky wetness. Even as she does so, the hand between her legs is a blur. I can feel her body shuddering and clenching against me, muscles in spasm. Her voice is an animal moan:

“Ohhhh….ohhhh….oh Jesus fucking…OH!”

She hunches forward again, hands clenched between her legs, balled up almost in a foetal position for a moment, helpless in the grip of her orgasm. Then the tension goes out of her, and she can’t move, resting her head on the back of the couch in exhaustion. Weak-kneed and panting, I edge onto the cushion beyond her, putting my hands on her while trying to stick to her rules. My softening cock is throbbing with relief. I just want to hold her, to cradle her against me. She lets me, even if my sticky member brushes her leg, giving me another twinge of pleasure. She relaxes back into me with a hoarse laugh and then lets out a long, slow breath:

“That was fucking amazing!” Her laughter intensifies as she cuddles back against me. I put my hand on her wet belly, just above her genitals, seeing how much I can get away with. “Fucking amazing,” she repeats, almost wonderingly. “How was it for you?”

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