Giving Up and Giving Into Innocence

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The zipper at the side of the gown gave easily; the teeth separated, leaving the fabric parted and only a hint of the flesh exposed to the air. Kara bit down on her lower lip, looked at her reflection in the mirror and took several calming breaths before sliding the bodice of the dress down. The material slowly gathered at her feet. Silk, satin, lace, beads, crystals, and other various glimmering fabrics and gems, lay in a clump as she stepped free of the thousand dollar ensemble.

Her shoes, had been discarded upon entering the spacious hotel bathroom and soon they along with the dress were taken up by trembling hands and placed in a small closet. Bird seed bounced along the cool vinyl floor, some becoming trapped in the crevices of the floral pattern. Her brow furrowed as she thought of how frustrating it would be when housekeeping had to come in the morning and clean up after her, but she knew they would understand, once they saw the dress and Brad’s tuxedo. Her cheeks turned three shades of red when she thought of what else the staff would think. The evidence of her youth would also proclaim what had transpired between her and her husband.

Kara heard the sound of Brad shuffling about just outside the door. She wondered if he were as nervous as she was; she doubted it. Men were never as nervous as women when it came to these things.

Brad sat on the edge of the bed. His stomach churned; his legs felt weak and his heart beat loud enough to signal a neighboring country that he was about to deflower a virgin. It had been awhile since he’d slept with someone as innocent to sex as Kara was. He hadn’t been with a score of women, but he had been with enough to know that she was special. Hell, he had married her.

He pulled the loosened tie even further from his neck allowing more room for him to breathe. A mental chastising soon followed as he told himself to act like an adult, not some lovesick pup. He was twenty-three for God’s sake and Kara, was twenty. Granted, she’d grown up home-schooled and pretty much cut off from what he would deem normal society, but she knew about sex, and how things were supposed to go together.

The sound of the television playing in the background, worked to interrupt his thoughts. Brad knew it had been foolish to turn on the flat screen, but he’d done it out of habit, something to ease the stress. They had talked back and forth about how to approach this first night. Should they go out for dinner, catch a movie, go for a walk? He’d been more than willing, almost insistent on choosing one, if not all three of the activities, but Kara had won the argument. Brad chuckled to himself; his friends would call him an idiot for trying to prolong this moment with his new wife and slap her on the back for forcing her hand. She was after all holding all the cards in this particular game of life.

A quiet whooshing sound filled the room. Brad looked up and saw Kara step out of the bathroom. He reached over to press the remote control for the TV, hoping to shut it off. Unbeknownst to him he only muted the sound. The chaos of the evening news still played as he stood up and took in the sight of the woman before him.

Kara blushed as her husband’s gaze drifted lazily over her body. She stood there, her knees trembling and her hands busily playing with the strings of the lace nightgown she now wore. The material was white; lace covered her chest; tiny straps held the thin fabric up, allowing her to keep her attributes to herself for just a bit longer. Her stomach, hips, and thighs were covered by a flimsy wisp of white, small beads littered the bottom in some sort of design that Brad could not distinguish from the beauty that was Kara.

He wished then that he had taken the time to dress for her. Yet, he had been weak, lost in thought and consumed with desire that he’d kept contained for months. Now he was covered in cotton and linen. A black tuxedo jacket had been removed when he walked in, but he’d not yet bothered to take off his shoes, pants, vest, or shirt. He stood there shielded from her, while she displayed so much. He reached up and finished removing his tie, and then took off his vest. It was after tossing it to the side of the bed, allowing it to fall in a disheveled clump that he realized he’d not yet spoken a word to her. Clearing his throat Brad turned back, faced the creature before him and whispered how beautiful she looked.

The distance between them was minimal, but it seemed to take a lifetime for Brad to close it. He touched her face, traced the line of her jaw, cupped her chin and pulled her toward him. Their lips touched and though they had kissed a thousand times before, for Kara it felt as if it were the first time. Her belly tightened and her pulse raced. While she opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to dance along side hers, she placed one hand on his hip and the other on his chest. The pounding of his heart was felt easily beneath her touch. She smiled against his lips, realizing that he too was nervous as she.

A warm puff of breath slipped from Brad’s lips escort izmit as he moved away to leave small kisses on her neck. One of his hands moved to glide to the back of her head; his fingers tangled in the curls that had been heavily coated with spray and styling products. He did his best to not pull on the tendrils as he turned her head and sucked softly on the smooth flesh. A small red mark would later color, proving to all that she was his. He moved his mouth further up; his teeth tugged her ear lope, while another hand moved to slide down her arm, then across to settle on her hip.

They moved slowly, each one taking a moment to relish the sounds the other made. Kara took note of the soft groans that came from Brad’s throat and the rumbling in his chest when she began to unbutton his shirt. Her fingers toyed with the undershirt that he’d wore. Curls of chest hair peeked out of the collar; those she teased with her nails.

Brad stepped back, pulled off his buttoned shirt, and then lifted the thin cotton one away, leaving himself shirtless. He watched Kara’s gaze move from his face to his chest. She reached out and touched his nipple. A shot of heat skated from the center point, down to his groin. His cock jerked in response; the desire to be free of the constraining formal wear was unnerving. After a long deep breath he reached down and released the button on his pants.

Kara bit down on her lower lip. “Let me,” she said.

His lips formed in a long “O” as he dropped his hands. Breath, held tight in his lungs, was expelled. She slipped one hand down the full length of his crotch; he saw the redness of her cheeks and knew she was embarrassed by her actions, but also that this was something she wanted to do. Kara had told him that she’d read books, looked at pictures, and had even gone to her older sister to learn about what was expected of her. Brad had told her that he didn’t expect anything and whatever she wanted to do for their first time was entirely up to her. He wouldn’t pressure her into anything, and if she wanted to back out, to wait until later, he was okay with that as well. Since Kara came into his life Brad had become a different man, more gentle and understanding, willing to change in order to ease his sheltered wife into a blissful life. His friends had called him “whipped” – he countered with “in love” and “grown up”.

As Kara slid her hand over her husband’s arousal, she blinked away the nervousness she felt; calming breaths were taken in as she eased the zipper down and opened the material of his slacks. Dark boxers barely kept the engorged flesh of his shaft contained. She felt the head, visualized it with the help of the photos she’d looked at with her sister. She licked her lips, imagining what his cock would look like. Timidly she reached into the slit of the fabric and wrapped her hand around the hard flesh. Instantly Brad’s body responded.

His chest grumbled. His stomach tightened and his cock throbbed and jerked toward her. Kara continued to torment her lower lip with her teeth as she ran her hand up and then down the thick rod. Her sister had told her to be firm, but not aggressive to move slowly at first, opening her hand slightly allowing a soft friction and then closing it more tightly to stroke the veins and tissue that were covered in soft skin.

Brad allowed himself to simply bask in the newness that assailed him – the virgin touch of a young woman, who had not ever experienced freedom with a man’s body. He felt a moment of guilt rush through him as he recalled some of his past relationships. He wished that he could erase his past and come to Kara with the innocence she was giving him. Her fingers rolled over the head of his cock and stilled when the pads of her digits came in contact with the pre cum that had beaded out of the tip. He watched her brow furrow; dawning quickly followed. His cock was eased out of the boxers and for the first time Kara looked at his dick.

She stared at it in wonder, almost like a child with a new toy. He wrapped his hand around hers and showed her what he liked. Kara was a quick study, allowing him the opportunity while at the same time growing more adventurous. She stepped up, and reached in with her other hand. Once again she heard her sister’s words and carefully began to caress the soft sack that kept his balls safe. She rolled the spheres between her fingers and kept them tucked away, until Brad asked her to let him go. Kara did so, curious as to what was going to happen next.

Her chest rose and fell in nervous excitement as Brad stepped back; his shoes, pants, socks, and boxers were soon discarded. The playing field was still not level. He stood there naked. His cock swollen and hungry for his wife. His chest pounding with need. His fingers were clenched into tight fists as he stood there waiting to see what Kara would do.

There was a moment of hesitation in her face, which he saw, but said nothing about. She knew she held the power; he had made sure she understood that from the beginning. Kara took a moment to calm her thoughts izmit darıca escort and focus on what she wanted to happen next. Her hands moved to her gown and she undid the strings at the bodice. Her breasts were tight and heavy; both nipples were hard and swollen. The skin was sensitive to the touch of the fabric as it moved across her skin. She pushed the panels of lace away, allowing Brad the opportunity to see what she’d been hiding under sweaters, blouses and jackets.

She cleared her throat when he whispered again words that told of her beauty. “I love you,” he added, as she licked her lips and began to lift the gossamer fabric away.

Time seemed to stop as each one of them looked upon the other. Brad saw the ivory skin of his wife; the pink nipples of her breasts, the trimmed hairs of her sex and the long lean legs that would soon be wrapped around him. It took a lifetime for him to breathe as she stood there, waiting for some sign that he was pleased. Words were spoken, but the sound of them were lost and would not be found – ever. Kara was deaf to whatever sounds were fluttering about the room; she moved closer and at the same time they reached out to one another.

“Wow,” Brad said before he kissed her. Her smile was lost in the touch of their mouths meeting. Their tongues again were dancing with each other. The muscles slid in and out, curling and rolling, as their naked bodies pressed together.

The curly hairs of Brad’s chest tickled and scratched at Kara’s breasts. Her nipples ached and unknowingly she rubbed herself harder into him. Brad’s hands moved up and down her back, cupped the back of her head, then moved to slide along the back of her ass. He pulled her up and gathered her into his arms. “Wrap your legs around my hips,” he told her. She did so and soon he was carrying her over to the bed.

When they reached the side, he lowered her to the soft coverings and pressed kisses to her forehead, before covering her lips again with his. The kiss was harder, filled with more pressure and hotter desire. Moans of want and arousal bubbled up from both of them as he guided her back to the mattress; soon Kara lay on her back, her hands moving to cover her chest and sex. Brad allowed her to hide what she wanted, but knew eventually she would forget about shielding herself from him.

The mattress sagged as she settled herself on the bed. She watched her husband move so he could position himself slightly above her. His mouth came down and she kissed him. It was a quick kiss; soon he was gone. His lips moved away from hers. Brad began to lick and touch her shoulders with his tongue and teeth. He then moved to her collar bone and down to the dip between her breasts. She felt his hands moving along her ribcage; her body shifted slightly at the touch that caused a quick tickle to dance up her spine. He apologized and she giggled, before she stilled. His mouth lay against the curve of her right breast.

Brad nuzzled her fingers; kissed the tips and slowly used his mouth and nose to coax away the palm of her hand. He licked around the edge of her nipple, teasing the ridged flesh that had grown tight. The hard nub, was soon encased between his lips; its tip bathed by the gentle swishing of his tongue. He heard her gasp. The sound was all the encouragement he needed. He opened his mouth and took a more knowing hold on the delicate flesh. The suckling motion was one that alternated between gentle and aggressive. He learned what she liked; listened to the sounds she made and felt the way her body responded.

Kara wasn’t sure what to say or do as her husband lavished her with attention. Her hands fell away; her arms felt like lead. She lay there trying to catch her breath as Brad moved from one tit to the other. He licked, bit, and kissed his way around both globes, until she was writhing. He told her how delicious her skin was and how much he loved her and wanted her. She took a deep breath and caught the musky scent of her sex. Another blush of pink covered her skin. Her body felt hot and yet she shivered at the touch of her husband’s hand moving down to the soft curls of her pussy.

She taken great care in trimming away the thick curls of her sex. Her sister had told her she could either keep the curls, trim them, or do away with them completely. She’d chosen to keep a small patch, not knowing what Brad would prefer. It was a topic she hadn’t covered with him. She promised to ask him later — much later, right now she had to focus on breathing.

Brad moved slowly down the length of Kara’s body. He took time exploring her skin, touching her with his fingertips, his nails, and the tip of his nose. When he reached her belly button he made sure to tease the center, making his wife giggle and push at him with her palms. She pushed downward, an unspoken need sending signals to her body to force his actions.

He looked up, caught her gaze and drifted down the final inches it took to reach the top of her sex. The look she sent him was mixed and he couldn’t truly read them; izmit rus escort he chose instead to look at the soft tendrils that curled against her skin. A sigh fell from her lips – relief perhaps – he wondered, but didn’t ask. Instead Brad began to kiss the top of her pussy, then the lips. He dipped his tongue against the hooded flesh, rolled it back and forth, then lapped slowly at the inner skin.

“Oh God,” Kara whispered. Her legs fell apart, giving him another inch or two of space. He told her again how wonderful she tasted. His tongue moved further down, toying with the hole and seeking some of the moisture that was pooling at the edge. He drank what she offered and dove in for more.

The initial invasion of Brad’s mouth on her pussy made goosebumps rise up and cover Kara’s skin. Instinctively her hips rolled forward and she offered her body to her husband. She felt one of Brad’s hands slide under her ass, while the other slipped over her pussy and opened her. Her body bucked upward as he pushed his tongue deeper into her sex. In and out the muscle moved, coaxing more fluids from her. She felt sloppy and overly aroused. Concern flooded her mind. Perhaps the moistness would be more than normal. She worried and fretted, but soon words of adoration spoken by him finally reached her brain and she calmed.

He slipped one finger into the tight entrance and began to slowly fuck her. Curling the tip of his digit, allowed him to scratch at the fleshy wall and tease the ridges of flesh that were blanketed with juice. Brad dined on the virgin mound, embracing the scent that coated him whenever he came up for air. She was slick, hot, delicious, and more than enough woman for him. He devoured her, gently at first, but soon her thrashing drove him to act more vigorously. Her name was ripped from his chest. His cock demanded attention and he knew she was begging for something more, something deeper that only he could provide.

Brad was not ignorant to the fact that he knew once he left the apex of her sex and covered her body with his, that Kara would become still and frozen with both apprehension and curiousness. He moved swiftly, but not so fast as to cause fear to rear its ugly head.

“Ready baby?” he asked. His cock was held firmly in his hand. His breath was lodged in his throat. Brad waited for her to grant him permission to take the one gift she had to offer him at that moment.

“Yes,” she told him; her voice was shaky and her face paled slightly. He smiled, covered her mouth with his and kissed her while pushing his dick into the tight channel of her sex.

Kara’s body stiffened at the penetration of her husband’s cock and the scent and taste of her pussy’s juices. The fullness of his member was lost as were the examinations her taste buds and senses wanted to dwell on. A small knowing prick of pain seemed to swell up inside her. He pushed deeper; she winced, and bit down on the inside of her mouth, but only nodded her head yes when he asked if she was okay. The length and girth of his rod seemed to complete her as he settled against her. She held him; her arms were wrapped around his back. Her legs tangled with his and she kept him still with the slightest touch of her hands on his shoulders.

Brad wanted to move. His whole being told him to pound away on the delicate woman that lay beneath him; he waited until he felt her shift and slowly relax. The tenderness was still there; he could see it on her face, but he also knew that with practice came perfection and the tenderness would subside until eventually it would disappear.

He eased a few inches out, then slipped back in, allowing her to adjust herself when she felt the need. In time his pace quickened. He heard her moan and grunt in approval. Brad felt his balls tightened and cursed that he would come too soon. He knew for her it would take more time to experience the same explosion of release that he was about to receive. As his cum shot out, coating his better half with slick hot cream, he promised he’d make sure she found heaven sometime that evening.

Kara wasn’t sure if Brad was finished or not. She lay there while his breathing pattern changed and his words became more intelligible. Her sister had told her that her first time would border between bliss and frustration, but the more she and Brad did “it” the more she would be able to experience joy and pleasure. She even promised that soon she’d be screaming his name and cursing him at the same time. Kara had doubted it, but now as she lay under her husband who was dragging in deep gulps of air, she wondered how true her words had been.

When Brad moved away, his cock fell against her thigh. She looked down and apologized for the mess. He shook his head and told her there was nothing wrong. As he disappeared into the bathroom, she quickly looked around for something to wipe herself off with. Blood and moisture from her sex, along with the semen from her husband slipped down her thigh. The sound of the tap water running in the sink made her smile. Brad soon appeared with a wet wash cloth and a towel in his hand. He wiped at the proof of her innocence, then left again to take care of himself. When he returned Kara had removed the top cover from the bed and laid back the remaining linens. She climbed in and welcomed him into her arms.

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