Good Timing

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A single bead of sweat trickled down the length of Tess’ spine as she brought the lighter to her cigarette. August as warm in the city and she wiped her forehead as she exhaled a long puff of smoke toward the flickering lights. Even at midnight the heat was relentless, and she sighed in resignation as she fanned herself with her magazine.

She held the cigarette in her lips as she quickly loosened and retied her messy hair. She peered at the strands of her long ponytail and noted that she should touch up the hot pink dye that had begun to wash out. Tomorrow’s problem. She slipped her flip-flop sandals off and propped up her ankles on the balcony ledge, wiggling her toes decorated in black nail polish. The air outside felt way better than the air inside, and she sighed again at the thought of having to sleep in the sticky heat.

Waving a fly away from her long, tanned legs, she leaned over to inspect them, noting it was probably time to shave. Another tomorrow problem. She took another drag of the cigarette and tapped the end onto her ashtray as she idly wondered if she could get Miguel to come over tonight – that would be a reason to shave. A small smile formed around the cigarette as memories of the last time he’d visited wandered through her mind and she shivered despite the heat.

She switched her half-finished smoke to her left hand and idly ran a tongue over her lips as she picked up her phone from the small table next to her chair. The blue glow illuminated her dark-eyelinered eyes and eyebrow piercing as she pulled up his message thread and began to type.

“Hey, you up?” Miguel needed no pleasantries, just an invitation, and she liked it that way. She put her phone down in her lap and returned her gaze to the city skyline, praying for any kind of a breeze to pick up and provide relief.

She finished her cigarette and yawned, stretching her arms up over her head. Her small crop top raised almost high enough for her braless nipples to poke out the bottom as she arched her back, letting her head drop over the back of the chair. She looked up at the sky and frowned at the orange glow against it made by the lights from the city. She searched for the few brightest stars that shone through it and was startled when her phone rattled in her lap.

She unlocked the screen hopefully to find it was just an email notification. Sighing in disappointment she put it back down on the table next to her and pulled her legs down off the balcony rail. It was late enough to go to bed. She stood up and stretched again, fixing the slight wedgie made by her jean shorts and was about to go inside when she heard a small noise and froze.

It was soft and light, a human sound, just once. Like a small yelp. She looked around at her neighbours’ balconies above, below, and next to her, but didn’t hear the noise again. Shrugging and grabbing her phone, she took only two steps when a loud moan followed by a hissing, “Ssshhh!” took her full attention.

“I can’t help it, baby, it feels so good!” the soft voice floated to Tess’ ears and her eyebrows raised high as she quietly eased back into her chair. She smiled to herself as she tried to gauge where the voices were coming from.

“You’re gonna wake the whole apartment if you keep it up,” the deeper reply sounded amused.

“Please just keep licking my pussy!” the higher pitched voice sounded strained and Tess smiled as she pinpointed the sound as coming from her neighbours directly beside her. Their bedroom window was just a few feet away and they were not loud but clearly heard from her position. She had seen them before and talked to them but couldn’t remember their names. They were an attractive couple, and she was able to picture their faces perfectly. She wondered what they looked like naked.

Tess picked up her phone and pulled up Miguel’s message feed. “Omg, the neighbours are fucking and it sounds so hot. Too bad you aren’t here… he sounds like he’s licking her pussy as good as you can lick it.”

Soft tuzla escort tingles were running along her skin and she put the phone down on the table again before standing up to unbutton and drop her small shorts and take off her crop top. She was high enough up on her building to not be seen by anyone and confidently and comfortably leaned back in her chair and draped her legs over its arms. She lifted her pink ponytail up and over the back of the chair and licked her fingertips before touching them to her clit.

Tess cupped a breast with her other hand and squeezed a nipple as she listened. There were stretches of silence broken by sharp gasps and moans. She closed her eyes and let her fingers rub her clit slowly as she imagined Miguel’s tongue flicking it as they both listened to the erotic soundscape coming from the window next door.

The moaning drifting from the window got more urgent as it was joined by a loud wet noise. She turned her head to hear it better and tried to determine what was going on. She smiled as she was given the answer by the sexy deep voice: “Do you like my fingers in your wet pussy, baby? You’re such a fucking mess for me and you taste so good.”

Tess almost moaned along with the lucky woman as she shivered with a sharp pang of pleasure. She bit her lip to keep quiet and began to rub her clit more urgently. She grabbed her phone again. No Miguel. Fuck.

“You’re so good with your mouth and fingers, I love how good to my pussy you are,” Tess sighed with the level of pleasure that moved through her. The wet noises were becoming louder and more fervent along with the soft moaning that was obviously the sound of a woman about to cum.

Tess slid her other hand down to her dripping slit and eased two fingers into her wetness. She resisted moaning as she felt her greedy pussy clench down on the invasion and try to keep it inside as she drew her fingers out. Her jaw dropped in a silent gasp as suddenly there was a screech followed by “FUCKYESILOVEYOURTONGUEINTHERE!”

“Shhh, baby!” the deep voice was slightly muffled but Tess heard him laugh. “You’re seriously going to have someone knocking on our door to either get us to be quiet or take a turn,” he scolded. “Do I have to gag that sweet mouth of yours to keep you quiet?”

“No, no, no,” the softer voice was still desperate and high-strung but was much quieter. “I’ll be good, I promise, just please keep making me cummmmmmmmm…” the word was drawn out as he obviously returned to his task and Tess shook her head in disbelief at her luck.

“Attagirl,” the response was muffled and came amidst wet smacking noises as his lips and tongue moved against the wet pussy he was lovingly attending. “I love how wet you are and I love how you cum for me.”

Tess made a choking noise as she fought to keep quiet and leaned her head back and grabbed her phone again. “Miguel, I’m seriously so fucking horny for you. Please come over and give me that cock. The neighbours are driving me fucking crazy.” The quiet gasps and licking noises that floated to her ears taunted her as she typed.

The wet sounds stopped and were replaced by ruffling and shuffling sounds. Tess lit up another cigarette and leaned back to hear what would happen next. She froze solid when the next noise was the sexy, deep groan of a man who wanted to fuck. It made her nipples swell and tingles shoot along her back as she really did make a small whimper aloud before clapping a hand over her mouth.

There was a loud popping sound before Tess heard, “Shhh, remember, we have to be quiet.” The soft voice was light and giggled as she said it. There were a few more popping and suction sounds intermingled with some more soft, deep groans.

“I love it when you do that with your tongue,” the deep voice rumbled low and Tess squirmed in her chair. She could smell her juices on her fingers as she brought her cigarette to her lips. Why wasn’t Miguel awake?

“I like it when you get harder in my mouth,” Tess almost echoed pendik escort the groan that the lucky man made in response. She empathised – giving head to someone and giving them pleasure was always fun and she was jealous of everything happening in the room next door. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth, her tongue flicking along the underside as she took it as deep as she could. Her mouth watered and she ashed her cigarette, switching it to her left hand and returning her right to the hot humidity between her legs.

“Bring your ass up here, baby, let me touch you,” his voice was very quiet and Tess could barely hear him which was contrasted by a loud squeak of surprise and a long moan from his partner. Tess tried to guess what it could have been that had happened but lucky for her the couple was into dirty talk and it made it far easier for her to picture it. “You like it when I suck your clit while you suck on my cock?”

The loud “Uh-huh!” was shushed quickly with a hiss. “Put that cock back in your mouth so you’re quiet. Don’t forget the window’s open!”

“Should we close it? I’m bad at being quiet,” the soft voice seemed to get slightly shy.

Tess clenched. ‘Please don’t close the window,’ she whispered to herself, putting out her cigarette and waiting quietly.

“No, it’s too hot – you’re just going to have to learn how to stop alerting the entire building you’re getting fucked,” he laughed softly.

The soft giggle in response quickly changed into a moan as he must have begun working his mouth on her again. Tess smiled and closed her eyes, bringing both her hands to her pussy. One circled fingers on her clit and the other dipped into her wetness, curling into her soft walls. Her mouth dropped open slightly and her eyes screwed shut as she held her breath, trying not to make a sound. Moaning from both of her neighbours were floating gently to her ears – soft gasps, yes pleases, and mores all urging her on. Her pussy was dripping wet and she was expertly stroking up a strong orgasm.

“Please fuck me?” the abrupt change from pleasure sounds to words caused her to open her eyes and tilt her head to make sure she heard. “Your cock is so fucking hard in my mouth and I want you to fuck me with it and make me cum!”

“Fuck, Emma,” Tess smiled to herself as she thought, ‘That’s right, Emma and Tim, those were their names.’

“Fuck me please?” she asked again, and it was followed by a ruffling noise.

“How?” he asked, obviously referring to position. Tess was curious as to what Emma would choose.

“My legs on your shoulders. I love how deep you go,” the response was soft again, and Tess had to strain to listen. Her fingertips were wrinkled with her juices now and she was going to cum very soon. She wondered if she could get away with more than one before they finished.

The ruffling noises continued through a few long seconds of silence. It was broken suddenly by a long soft moan of delight from Emma and a sharp grunt from Tim.

“Fuck,” Emma squeaked.

“Uh-huh,” Tim agreed.

Tess’ pussy twitched with jealousy. Goddamnit, Miguel.

Wet slapping sounds in a slow rhythm began to pick up in volume. Tess sighed as her pussy began to tingle. She was so fucking close. Her fingers expertly applied pressure to the exact spots she liked on her clit and her pussy walls clenched around her wiggling fingers. She wanted one of her dildos, but she didn’t want to risk making noise getting it or missing out on anything from the hot neighbours.

“Yes, Tim, yes!” Emma cried out loudly.

“Shhh, babe,” the slapping sounds slowed and the next sound Emma made was muffled. Tess wondered what was in her mouth – his tongue, his fingers perhaps?

“You feel so good,” Emma whimpered softly.

“So do you,” Tim was barely audible. “So hot and wet. I love how you grip my cock when you cum,” his words were punctuated by a few especially wet slow slaps.

On the second slap, Tess was cumming. She bit her lip and aydınlı escort breathed through her nose heavily as she clenched her teeth and rocked back and forth in her chair. She was furiously moving both her hands and the smell of her cum wafted to her nostrils as she quivered. She put her feet firmly down on the balcony to prevent her moving around so much she rocked the chair and made a noise, praying the couple didn’t catch on to her.

She needn’t have worried. They were so engrossed in each other that they had no care as to anything else. The sounds of wet slapping, kissing noises, calling out to deities, the occasional spank, and all the delicious moaning fueled her orgasm and she held her breath at the very end to prevent a loud moan of her own.

“Fuck, are you cumming?” Tess’ eyes snapped open in shock but she was still alone. She went through temporary confusion before smiling when Emma whimpered an affirmative and started whispering “Yes, Tim,” over and over.

“Yes, Emma, cum for me,” Tim’s voice was low and sexy – Tess’ pussy twitched in jealousy again. “I love how you shake all over when you cum,” he accented this with a spank.

Emma squeaked and mumbled something Tess couldn’t make out. Tim laughed at whatever she’d said and began to pick up the pace again.

“I know, that’s the best part. If it wasn’t because of me it wouldn’t be as fun,” the wet noises of Emma’s pussy still accented his words.

Tess’ hands were covered in her juices and she was teetering on orgasm again. She was trying to remember everything she was hearing for use to masturbate to later – she wasn’t sure this would ever happen again. She finally broke when Emma shrieked Tim’s name out and he groaned loudly. Tess’ whimper that escaped was masked by the noise of the orgasm happening next door and it went unnoticed. She shivered in her chair as her fingers made her tight pussy a mess.

“You cum so sexy,” Tim muttered, followed by kissing noises. “I’m gonna cum soon, I can’t help it,” he groaned.

“Give it to me, Tim,” Emma encouraged him and he groaned in response.

“You’re getting it, don’t worry,” he grunted and the sounds of wet slapping picked up to a fervent pace.

Tess’ pussy twitched and her fingers went to work to try and squeeze in one last time before they finished. Tim’s moans were becoming more frantic and a little less controlled in volume as the slaps got louder and wetter.

“Yes, baby, more!” As Emma encouraged her lover, Tess added a third finger to her soaking pussy and moved her ass closer to the edge of the chair to spread her legs wider. She could imagine what the head of Miguel’s thick cock would feel like pressing into her and she frantically worked her clit as her back began to arch again. Her heels dug into the balcony concrete and her toes curled with pleasure as she stroked herself closer and closer.

“Emma,” Tim warned, and Emma replied, “Yes!” but was interrupted by a loud groan that was muffled halfway through from Tim. The slapping became a little more erratic and Emma moaned with him, also muffled. Tess assumed Tim had taken her mouth with his and teetered on the edge of her seat and the edge of her orgasm for a split second. One last flick of her finger set her off and she sucked in her breath and held it, shivering as she climaxed with her neighbours.

As Tess’ body calmed, she let out her breath and breathed heavily trying to clear her head as she listened carefully for any signs of having been discovered. Emma and Tim were still murmuring to each other, barely out of earshot for Tess to understand. After a few minutes the voices stopped altogether and Tess licked her fingers, figuring they were asleep.

Her pussy was still on fire and she decided to go inside to play with one of her toys when her phone went off.

She unlocked the screen and read, “Fuck sorry I was in the shower. You still up? They still fucking?”

“They’re done. Just get your cute ass over here, I need your cock so badly!”

“Yes mam. Don’t move. You’re in trouble when I get over there ;)”

Tess lit another cigarette and leaned back in her chair, naked. Her fingers idly wandered onto her groin again. She smiled and thought, ‘Don’t move? No promises.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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