I Wonder What His Name Was

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We had gone to the hotel to try to pick up a guy, it had been one of Deb’s fantasies for a long time. It wasn’t that hard, late at the hotel bar, a horny man, probably mid 30s good shape, and handsome enough. Deb has an amazing body, amazing tits and was showing off a lot of cleavage. She negotiated it, I don’t even know what she said. We decided to go up to our room and have a glass of wine. I was nervous, didn’t even get the guy’s name. I was imagining small talk and a drink and how this would possibly play out.

As we walk into our hotel room, Deb just starts kissing the guy, and pushes him into the chair. She kicks off her shoes and kneels on the floor in front of him. I look at her ass, the bottom of her feet. She kisses his pants, nibbles his cock through them. You can see he is already getting hard. She unbuttons his jeans and pulls his cock out. She looks at it, licks its shaft and sucks on it for a little while. When in Rome right? I take my pants off, my cock is rock hard. I stand there watching her sucking him, I masturbate for awhile, caressing my balls, feeling blood pulsate in my cock, I already know how hard I am going to come. I take off my shirt.

I come over to behind where Deb is sucking him off, and stand there naked with a rock hard cock; watching Deb suck another man off. I reach down and pull her shirt and bra over her head. I kneel behind her and rub my cock against the bottom of her feet, reach my arms around and cup her tits in my hands. I bite one of her shoulders, I am so hard, pressing my cock against the soles of her feet, squeezing her tits, watching her suck his cock. I raise myself up and lean over her shoulder and grab onto the shaft of his cock while she sucks on the tip. I lean over and take his cock in my mouth, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. I lick his shaft and suck on his balls for a minute, squeezing Deb’s tits with one hand, my cock pressed into her back. I stand up and pull her up with me. She slides up slowly leaning over, dragging her tits along his cock and then his face as she stands. Each of us grab one of his feet and pull his pants off.

Deb turns around and starts making out with me, pushing her tits into my chest, standing with one of her soles standing on one of my feet. I can feel her illegal bahis feet, how soft they are, I want them in my face, holding my cock, to lick them. We walk over to the bed and I pull her skirt off. She sees how crazy turned on I am and lies on the bed—on her back—and opens her legs, showing off her shaved pussy. She fingers herself, masturbating her clit and slipping a finger into her pussy. I lean over her and lick her pussy, stick my tongue inside of her, taste her saltiness. My cock is so hard I need to fuck her. I flip her over and we turn around so the man can watch us. He is stroking himself off. Deb is on her knees facing him, her tits moving back and forth. I am fucking her from behind, showing her off to him. We are both staring at his fucking rock hard dick, veins popping. I motion him over, he stands with his cock at her face. I reach forward and take his balls in my hand, squeezing gently. I am so turned on, want his cock in my mouth so badly, I put it in Deb’s mouth. She sucks on it, taking it deep in her mouth, licking his tip, really loving it.

I am so crazy jealous and crazy horny. I want my cock in your mouth so bad. I slowly pull out of your pussy, my dick is warm and hurts so hard, so good, hurts. I draw my hand over your ass cheeks, down your leg, along your soft sole; I draw it along your stomach, around your perfect tit, under your chin, and cup his balls again. I walk around the side of the bed, holding his balls, pull his cock out of your mouth, push my cock against his cock, the lengths pressed against each others, so hard. I guide your head over, and you take both of our cocks and jack them off together. You try to put both of them in your mouth at the same time. We’re both so hard, pressing against each other, fucking your mouth together. His tongue is in my mouth and i have never been so horny. I need to fuck again; so badly.

We flip you over on the bed walking to opposite ends of you. You open your legs for him. I watch your tits squeeze together as you reach down with both hands and caress his cock, guide it into your pussy. You lay back down, your knees up moaning as he fucks you. I am so turned on, I rub my cock all over your face, you turn and lick it, take it into your mouth sucking it lovingly. You are in heaven, illegal bahis siteleri experiencing a fantasy you have long wanted. I tell you to flip over, you get on your knees as he fucks you from behind. I stand in front of your face, fucking your mouth, reaching over and holding your tits in my hands, feeling the weight of them, letting them hang with your hard nipples tracing back and forth along my palms as your tits sway with the rhythm of his fucking you. I pull out of your mouth and walk around behind you.

I reach down and grab his balls squeezing them gently as he fucks you. My hand rubs against your pussy as he fucks you, I have never felt you so wet before. He and I start making out as he is fucking you; i don’t know if i can get any harder. I stand back, watch you fuck. He is getting so turned on, fucking you doggy style. I watch him lean over and start loving your tits. He is bent over you squeezing both of them, massaging them. I am getting so hard seeing him turned on by you. He starts pounding you hard, getting so turned on, fucking you, fucking you. He twists his body around you pulling one of your tits into his mouth. God I am so hard watching him.

I walk over next to him. I kiss his face, push my dick into his side, the side of his ass. I pull his cock out of you and throw him on the bed next to you, stick my cock in your pussy, reach out and start stroking his wet cock. You are making out with him as I fuck you from behind still on your knees. I turn you over, fucking you missionary, he flips around you, kneels over you, puts his dick is in your face. Starts licking your pussy as I fuck you. I take your feet and put them in my face. You know how I love your feet; you just got a pedicure. Your soles are so soft and wrinkly. I lick your arches up and down, hardening again. I wonder if you can feel the veins of my dick harden in your pussy? I lick my tongue between each of your toes, pound fuck you fuck your pussy. You moan and shake, you are coming so hard, sopping wet. I pull out of you, lean down and lick you with him. He and i make out for a while, your wet pussy next to our faces. God I am so turned on. I tell him to turn around, to fuck your pussy, and he complies without hesitating.

You turn over, are loving canlı bahis siteleri it, on top of him, fucking like crazy. You are bent over him, leaning just above him, letting the weight of your amazing tits just smoosh into him. I am behind you, slowly, gently start pushing my cock into your ass. You stop moving, holding his cock with your pussy, as I slowly penetrate your ass. I stand still, feeling the tightness of your ass, while he slowly starts fucking you again. I can feel his cock inside of you, moving in and out, his cock rubbing my cock up and down as he fucks you. I am cupping your breasts, fucking your ass as he fucks your pussy and makes out with you. I have never been so turned on. Are you coming again already?

God i am so hot right now. I slowly pull out of you, take your hips and pull you off of him, turn you over. You are both laying on your backs next to each other; I am staring at your bodies, your beautiful tits, wet pussy, his raging boner; I want all of it.

I do something I never dreamed of, lift his legs up exposing his ass hole, and slowly penetrate it. You look a little shocked and crazily turned on. You sit up, straddle his face and start making out with me. While he sucks on your pussy, I fuck his ass. Then you lean down and start sucking his cock again, 69ing him as I fuck him. You are ravenous, can’t get enough of his cock, are squeezing his head with your thighs while he licks you. I watch as you come again, your pussy in his face.

He starts thrusting into your mouth, fucking your face as I fuck him. I can tell he is going to come soon. He arches his back and freezes, his cock deep in your mouth. I feel his ass tighten, feel the pulsing of his cum into your mouth. You take it in; swallow it; raise yourself up. You take his cock in your hand and gently stroke it as his orgasm finishes.

You look up at me sheepishly, but why? He just came in your mouth, but I am still fucking his ass! Watching him come in your mouth, I am so turned on I need to cum. You lean in and start making out with me; I taste his cum in your mouth. I can’t hold it any longer; I pull out of his ass and barely touch my cock when it shoots the hardest orgasm I have ever felt. Cum streaks your face, your tits, and drips onto his cock.

I get a towel and wipe you off. We lay in a pile exhausted, you in the middle. I reach an arm across you, feel your tit against it, and hold onto his cock as we fall asleep. He is gone in the morning when we wake up.

I wonder what his name was?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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