Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Ready Set GO! Almost

I walked into the laundry room, slipping off my Chucks. I was about to pull off my socks but stopped, the voice of previous lectures delivered by Mom ringing in my head.

“James Spence. Take those socks off. I have a mop for cleaning my floors, not your gym socks.”

Oh god forbid, walking around the house in white socks. But I’ve got flowers, so this will hopefully buy me credits for a while, hopefully.

Walking into the family room, I came face to face with Steph and Dad having a heated discussion about me. Clearly, Stephanie had heard about Simon Kelsy and the shit he was trying to pull at work. She was throwing everything at Dad. He was just sitting at the kitchen counter, listening, showing little emotion. That was setting Steph off even more.

“Jesus, Dad, you were in the job for 20 years. You’ve got contacts up and down the chain of command there.”

Steph turned away from Dad, swiping her hand down her face. Then spinning around with a look on her face that would freeze the sun, “But you won’t lift a finger to help your youngest son out. Really, Robert Spence! I am sure that if it was Mason, you’d be right in Simons’ face.”

Well that did it. The expression on Dad’s face changed. For a second, I saw a flash of color in his face. Dad shifted in his chair a little, turning to focus on Steph.

Steph has always had a way of pissing dad off. Nine out of ten times she wins too. Guess that’s why she’s going so well in defence – my sister just doesn’t take any crap. Plus, she still thinks that her little brother needs looking after. I can blame Mom for that – she would always tell Steph when we were growing up that she had to keep an eye on her younger brothers and sister. Little did Mom know that Steph had put Mason on the wrong bus and train so many times the local bus driver just dropped him home. Those memories always gives me a laugh – she hates Mason more than all of us…

“Hi everyone.”

No response — it was like they couldn’t hear me. Well, they couldn’t, I guess. The open brawl going on between them now was… full on.

“Steph… STEPHANIE!” I said a little louder the second time.

I need to put the brakes on this now.


“Oh, hi, Jamie. You ok? I was just talking with Dad about Simon Kelsy and the crap he’s pulling with your career.”

“Um, yeah, Steph. The whole block knows, right. Where’s Mom?” I asked looking straight at dad. “Obviously not here?”

“No Son, she’s out with some of her friends,” Dad replied, “at the movies. Your mother needs cheering up because her youngest son is running away, apparently…”

Oh, Jeez, really, Dad.

“Ok, you two. I need to say this, so please let me get this out, ok?”

I gave them my steely-eyed look, the one reserved for work normally.

“Firstly, I am not running away. I’m taking a holiday. I haven’t had one for years and it’s long overdue.”

“That’s not–“

I cut Dad off with an ‘oh come on,’ glare. He relaxed and waved me on.

“Second, I’ve spoken to HR, and also to OO Raine Wilmer. It’s all sorted. Well, the wheels are turning at least. The bosses are looking at Simon. I’m going on holidays. They can duke it out and I won’t be around to get caught up in it.”

Dad rolled his eyes at me. Clearly, he didn’t have much faith in what was going on or what I’d arranged with HR, but, for fuck sake, this is my career, and I need to start to take ownership of this problem.

“What would you have me do, Dad? Just say nothing like always, or finally stand my ground?” With my fists clenched beside me, it was all I could do to stop hitting the wall, and solid brick, I’d lose that one…tried and failed as a kid.

“So, can we all please chill out? This is my circus, my monkeys, my fix.”

A smile wrapped across Steph’s face. She walked over and hugged me.

“Ah, who’s trying to be all grown up now?” she said proudly.

Her hug resembled a boa constrictor trying to squeeze the life out of me, which is funny, because I’ve got six inches and forty pounds on her.

“Steph,” I gasped for air, “you’re only five years older than me, right. I’m 30 years old.”

“Yes, Jamie, but you’re still my baby brother.”

We both laughed with that. I saw Dad was smirking too.

“Ok, everything is sorted here? I’m going out drinking.”

As I started to walk out of the kitchen, I remembered I had Mom’s flowers in my hand. Quickly I grabbed a vase from the cupboard, placed them in some water, and placed them on the countertop.

“Dad, you can take the credit for these, ok?” I said with a smile.

“Thanks, son. I might get lucky.” Yuck Dad.

After almost puking in the kitchen, I went to my room, grabbed my cell and placed a call to Dave. Oh shit! No drinking – forty-four hours to go. Damn! That stupid rule of mine!

An old instructor I had when I was in recruits warned us all about the challenging things we would see over our time in the service. A senior instructor illegal bahis had told him the same. When you’re involved in something that is troubling or involves loss of life, serious injury, stay off the booze for forty-eight hours. It will save you from years of pain, and your liver, kidneys and loved ones will thank you. So, I do. I follow that advice – it has been hard at times, but it’s good.

Hmm, no booze. Ok, I have another idea. I flicked thru my recent contacts. Ah, there we go.

“Oh, hey Sam, its Jamie…”

“Yeah, it all worked out on Sunday. I am sorry about that.”

“Got called out … sorry I had to run off.”

“Ty said he had explained everything. Hope it was ok?” I am so going to burn for that one.

God, Ty is good. Clearly, he had sold it well. Sam was cool about it.

“So, Sam. Can I make up for running out the other morning, please? Maybe a movie and late supper?”

The conversation flicked back and forth for the next few moments. I didn’t even realise that I’d stopped half way down the hallway from my bedroom outside Mason’s old room.

“Great! I’ll pick you up soon. Can you text me your address, please?”

Ding went my cell. One message received. That was fast.

“See you in twenty.”

Shoving my cell into my pocket, I realised that I was already changed and showered. I didn’t need to do anything.

“Ready to go,” I thought to myself.

Turning around, I headed back toward the kitchen and hopefully out the door.

When I walked thru the kitchen, Steph and Dad just looked up at me. It was as if nothing had been going on between those two not five minutes ago. They had sorted each other out now, sitting at the counter eating dinner, chatting happily.

Yum! Dad made Thai Green Curry – will have to snack on that a little later.

Steph piped up, “Hot date Jamie?”


Dad joined in, “Who with?”

“Sam,” I replied.

“Does she live nearby son?”

“No Dad, he, doesn’t. It’s only a short drive through.” No more questions please.

“Ok, then you boys have fun then,” Dad replied without even blinking.

Steph gave me a shit-eating grin.

“Dad, I’m sure they will,” she replied for me.

I just smiled and headed out the door. The warm air of the night washed over me. Nice night to be out I think – maybe the drive-in movies would be fun, haven’t done that for years.

I jumped into my truck and headed to Sam’s place. It was so nice outdoors, not a normal May evening at all. Might as well enjoy it while I can. So, windows down, I turned up my Spotify playlist.

“Hmmm, Vance Joy, nice.”

Pulling to the curb out front of Sam’s, I slipped the truck into park. Ahh, should I just text or go in? Unsure, I did a bit of both. I climbed out, fishing my cell out of my jeans, whilst walking towards Sam’s front door, calling him. By the time I’d covered half of the front lawn, he was coming out the front door.

“Oh hey, Sam.”

He was wearing a light blue tee, which accented his sexy swimmer’s body hiding under all those clothes, snug fitting jeans, and Nikes. “You look nice.”

“Aww, thanks, Jamie,” he said as he walked up giving me a peck on the lips. “That your truck? The one you want to marry, right?”

I blushed on the spot. Oh my God, did I tell him about that? Jeez, what else did it say that night?

“Yeah, this my F-truck,” I replied as we walked toward it.

I stepped forward, opening the passenger door for him, “Welcome…”

He smiled back at me, climbing in.

“Jamie, you are full of surprises.”

‘You only know the half,’ I thought to myself as I walked around the front and got in.

“Well, on that surprise thing…I was thinking that its’ such a nice night out, would you like to go to the drive-in? I’ve got a few blankets and pillows in the back here. We can get comfortable in the rear tub if you like.”

“Really…Drive-ins,” Sam said pensively, “Yeah, why not? I haven’t been for years. Sure!”

While I drove, we chatted about what music we liked, some interests he had. Sam explained that he is doing some postgraduate study to be a civil engineer. Also, he has been driving across the state looking at old grain towers that local artists have painted with significant local or historical events on them. I had heard about it. He opened an album on his phone and showed me a few photos he had when we stopped at the next traffic lights.

Wow, not just a pretty face, but smart too!! I was impressed. I was starting to become conscious that I had been an ass the other day to him. He didn’t deserve it. Ok, big boy pants time.

“Hey Sam, I’ve got to apologize again for the other morning. There was a lot happening, and I just got caught up. I’m sorry,” I said, feeling a bit of guilt creeping in.

“All good Jamie. The look on your and your Mom’s faces when she came into your bedroom was enough payback for me. Your boys hanging out in full view was a bonus,” he smiled.

I was so glad it illegal bahis siteleri was dark in the truck. My face felt like it was on fire with my neck not far behind.

Sam let out a chuckle. “I can see you face glowing from here in the dash lights, Jamie.”

I looked at him in shock, then both started to laugh, breaking up the tension.

We pulled in to the Drive-In and bought tickets for the double feature. The guy in the booth asked if I had heard about their new gold class service.

I said, “Ah nope. Haven’t been here for years.”

He smiled and gave me a flyer on the new gold class service they offered.

“It’s changed a lot since you were here last, I am guessing. If you have any questions, please just text me. I’ll be happy to help. The number is on the flyer.”

I looked the brochure over, handing it to Sam.

“You’ll love the Gold Class service,” the ticket guy offered. It’s like Uber Eats to your car – you just select your food and drinks on the app, pay, put your bay or car type in. It tracks the order to you as well. You can even select what time the food comes out.”

I was impressed, looking towards Sam. He nodded in agreement.

“As an idea, most people go for mains and drinks straight up, then a dessert 2/3rds the way thru.”

“Oh, thanks, Rob, reading his name tag. You’ve been very helpful – appreciate it.”

We drove over to the side and reversed up into a spot, while Sam was looking at the menu items. I jumped out of the truck, grabbed the pillows and blankets from the back seat, setting up the rear tub.


I came around to the passenger door, reaching past Sam, opening the glove box, grabbing my sound dock. Turning it on, pairing with the truck, then set the truck’s radio to the movie soundtrack. Done.

“Come on, Sam. Let’s go.”

We jumped into the tub, sitting half-resting against the cab, pillows all around us. Sam pulled the blanket up to our waists. Settling back, we both got all comfortable watching ‘Den of Thieves.’ Sam had snuggled up against me. I was getting into the movie when I heard his stomach rumble.

“Hey, you hungry?” I asked quietly.

Sam nodded, while cuddled up closer to me, still watching Gerard Butler beat the crap out of someone.

“Let’s order some food. It is a poor date if I don’t feed you,” I laughed, handing him my cell with the app loaded.

“You choose, Sam. Surprise me, ok?”

He flicked thru the menu, clicking away on a few items.

“You want a soda too, Jamie. I know you don’t drink when driving? Popcorn for midway thru, maybe some dessert later?”

“Hmm dessert,” I said in a sexy voice, “Yes, please.”

Rob, the guy from the front gate, was right. Ten minutes after placing our order, a young guy dressed in a black uniform with gold piping appeared.

“I have an order for Mr…”

The kid stopped and was unsure what to say. He stepped back, checking the bay number. I could feel Sam starting to laugh.

“Ah” he stumbled over his words, “Mr. Glow in the Dark.”

Before I could say anything, Sam, answered.

“Yep, that’s him,” pointing to me.

Sam was sitting up now and looking quite hungry too.

“Oh, very clever, Sam,” I said as I slapped his butt.

The young waiter, reached up, passing the food over. I stuck my hand into my jeans pocket, pulling out a tip for him.

“Here buddy,” handing over his tip. “Thanks.”

“Oh thanks, Mr … “

“Jamie,” I replied. “Just Jamie.”

“Thanks, Jamie. Love your truck, too,” the guy mumbled sheepishly.

I smiled at Sam. “See…who doesn’t love the F-truck.”

He was busy now, checking thru the food that had arrived. I should have ordered food sooner; poor guy was starved. I can be such an ass at times.

“I’m going to get you so bad for that Sam.”

He looked at me innocently, fluttering his eyelashes.

“Ok… I had it coming. Are we even now?”

“Maybe,” he grinned cheekily.

The movie rolled on. Jake, our waiter, came back a few times with some popcorn and soda. Then ice creams at the end. By the time the second movie started, I was feeling relaxed, and warm with Sam beside me. We both fell asleep during, ‘London Has Fallen.’ Jake must have returned while we were asleep and had taken all the plates and trash too. I woke with a clean truck. What a great guy.

The distant rumble of a V8 engine firing up woke me. Sam was laying with his head on my chest, arm draped across my waist, my tee had ridden up. I could feel his soft face and warm hand on me…it was nice. He seemed to fit me well.

I popped my head up and saw that there were only two other cars left, both on the other side. ‘Hmmm,’ I thought to myself. I slid back down, playing with Sam’s soft brown hair, brushing against his ear. He started to stir.

“Oh, hey”, he said thru sleepy eyes.

I slid down a bit more, kissing his cheek and neck.

“Hmmm…” he groaned. “I like the drive-in.”

“Me too, Sam, me too.”

I canlı bahis siteleri rolled him onto his back, realizing that he wasn’t wearing his tee. I must have had a look of surprise on my face.

“I wanted to feel your skin on mine.” Sam said.

“I thought my tee had just ridden up with moving around, but obviously not.”

“I think the connection of skin on skin, there’s not much better to make the world feel nice.”

“Well if you want the skin on skin, I can help with that.”

Slipping my shirt over my head. I pulled the blanket up over us both. His hard-lean body under me felt so good. I kissed his lips so softly at first. They felt like soft pillows to my mouth. The kiss got deeper. I swiped his lower lip with my tongue, probing along his lips, looking for a hint of an opening. I felt his lips part slightly. I speared my tongue thru the opening – his mouth was hot and sweet. Our tongues danced with each other. I could have been a thousand miles away and wouldn’t have known. This guy could kiss — wow!! His hands were running up and down my back, coming to rest tucked into my jeans, cupping my butt. I responded by grinding harder against him. I could feel his hardness against mine.

I pulled my mouth off his for a moment.

“Sam, we had, better slow down a bit. Or I am not… going to be able… to control myself.”

My words were coming out in short, soft, breathless bursts.

“Maybe I don’t want you to stop, Jamie.”

“I don’t want to either Sam, but…”

I stopped talking, pushing my lips against his. Oh god, that sweet, warm mouth.

We lay there, kissing and feeling each other’s body. At one point, Sam rolled me onto my back and straddled me. Riding me, his jeans rubbing against mine. I had a momentary flashback to the other night: he was naked, riding me and holding on to my pecs, with those beautiful brown eyes boring into me. He had a look of total pleasure on his face. Tonight, it was replaced with a cheeky grin.

“You sure you want to keep your pants on, Jamie?” he said in the sexiest tone yet.

I pulled him down to me, kissing and licking those beautiful lips.

“Let’s takes this indoors, Sam. Your place or mine?”

“Mine,” he said breathlessly. “We’ve got the place to ourselves. My flatmates are out for the night.”

“Ok,” I said, lifting him off me in one swift movement.

“Let’s go!”

I had the bedding back in the rear of the cab and us out the gates in record time. By the time we had arrived at Sam’s house, I was having trouble concentrating. He had decided that it would be fun to run his mouth along my hard cock trapped in my jeans on the trip back. The guy doesn’t play fair.

We both fell out of the truck, not drunk, but unsteady on our feet. Lust and desire had taken over. All thoughts were about sex. The walking thing was just required transport. Falling thru in his bedroom door, clothes were being tossed aside like they were burning our bodies by having them on us.

Within moments we were both naked. I wrapped an arm just under Sam’s butt, lifting him off the ground, with my other arm across his shoulder blades, pulling his body against mine. He wrapped his legs around my waist, locking his feet together over my butt crack.

Our tongues were duelling for control as I found the edge of the bed with my legs. Kneeling on the bed holding Sam against me. Feeling the movement, he gripped my neck with his arms. I held out one hand and lowered us to the bed for a soft landing. I was completely covering him. His sexy body was under me, around me. Sam pushed over to the side a little, indicating that he wanted to roll me over. We flipped positions without losing momentum or contact, resuming from where we had left off at the drive-in. Oh god, this guy is good! We are so good together in bed.


I woke with soft sunlight falling on my face. Sam’s head and hand were draped against my chest, his leg over mine. I could tell that at least this time I wasn’t wearing his pants. Both of us were naked. I could feel his cock laying against my crotch. I looked around for a clock or something. I finally found a cell phone on the bedside table. It was 6:15am. Oh 6:15, that’s ok…

“SHIT,” it’s not!

I start work in fifteen minutes, and I’ve got to get my uniform from home first.

“Sam… SAM!”

He groggily answered, “Where’s the fire, fireman?” with a sleepy smile on his face.

“On my ass if I don’t get going! Shit! I start on a shift in fifteen minutes.”

“Oops,” was his reply.

“I’m so sorry, Sam. I have got to do this again. I have to run.” I said as I was untangling myself from his sexy-ass body. I apologised, “Sam, really, I’m sorry, I really am.”

I was feeling like a total ass now. Twice I was running out on this guy. Really Jamie…

“It’s ok, I get it,” he said, the disappointment clear in his voice. “Mornings are not your thing are they, Jamie?”

Turning away from his face – if I looked at him any longer, well, I’d be super late. Scanning the room for my clothes, I spotted my boxer briefs. I bound off the bed, quickly snatched them up, and pulled them on. Then turned back around, jumping on the bed and kissing Sam.

“I’ll call you, ok? I want to ask you something, but…”

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