Meeting Lulu Ch. 01

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Part One: Anticipation

James sat down at his desk after a hard days work and pulled up his emails, junking the usual spam mail until only legitimate mail from friends and family remained. Scanning the few that were left, he grinned and felt his organ twitch as his eyes lingered on a familiar name: Lulu. James knew that wasn’t her real name but he preferred it to Ming-Na as he felt it gave their friendship a hidden quality that he found arousing.

He’d been exchanging emails with her for about two years now (had it really been that long?) after searching on his messenger for a like-minded woman he could chat about sex with. Although shy at first, they had both got on well and Lulu gained more confidence as the chat inevitably steered towards James’ favourite subject.

As they talked about their experiences and fantasies, the chat got hotter and hotter until they were exchanging dirty words culminating in full blown cybersex that left the two new acquaintances dripping. They agreed to exchange emails and keep in touch, agreeing that they had a common sexual connection that both he and Lulu were keen to explore together.

So it had been for two years, learning more about each other with each email and exploring each others fantasies in full erotic detail. Sadly for James he soon learned that Lulu was married and living in Singapore, practically the other side of the world from him. He also soon realised that Lulu’s sex drive was as high as his own and that she was getting very little sexual satisfaction from her husband.

Although he felt slightly guilty for instilling pleasure in another man’s wife and spending time with her online, he reasoned that if she was getting the amount of sexual excitement to keep her satisfied from her husband he wouldn’t have to fill in.

Their relationship had grown, both of them eagerly awaiting the next reply and telling the other how they had masturbated the night before. James was a keen writer and got turned on writing stories on each others fantasies, his past experiences and the sorts of sexual activities he and Lulu would get up to when they finally met.

Pulling himself back from his memories, his finger hovered over the mouse button as he tried to restrain himself from succumbing to passion and opening up Lulu’s latest response. bursa escort Without knowing it his hand had drifted down to his crotch and touching himself through his jeans. Controlling his urges and emotions James murmured to himself about returning later and left the room.

For the next few hours James busied himself with his usual evening routine; cooking his dinner, checking the mail and settling down to watch the local news. As he lay slumped in the chair quietly digesting his meal, James’ thoughts returned to Lulu and the tantalising email that remained unopened on his computer.

“What erotic pleasures have you been thinking up this time?” he mused as he pictured her scantily clad body from the one image file she had sent him months ago. Long black hair floated delicately down her back, the blue of her bikini against the soft hues of her exotic skin.

James was a patient man and since exchanging emails with Lulu he had played this game every night an email or message came through from her. His anticipation built, loins tightening until he could take it no more and then he would head quickly upstairs to his lover’s letter. This time however he had a surprise in store for her, one that would definitely get her juices flowing.

Finally, when the straining in his pants couldn’t take anymore he rose steadily in his chair and thoughts of the pleasures he was about to receive energised his body propelling him up the stairs. Quickly sitting down on the edge of his chair, James excitedly returned to his inbox and without hesitating clicked open Lulu’s message:

“My Dear, Thank you so much for sending the photo of you with the shaved chest…

I want to lick it so much, to kiss and lick you all over until I feel your throbbing cock against my boobs! Don’t shave your private area though, I want to shave myself 🙂

Your story… wow, that was amazing… it felt so real I could actually feel you and move together with you! We got to try that some day; I want to try everything with you, the need in my pussy… to feel you and be filled by you…

I want to hear more details of how I can please you in bed,

With love,


James smiled, glad that she had enjoyed his latest fantasy with her. Sounded like she really got into it too, he’d have to bursa escort bayan ask her if it made her cum. Just the thought of it sent another pulse through his cock, straining against his jeans.

Automatically he unzipped himself and pulled his heavy organ free, savouring the cool air that caressed his hot skin. Wrapping his hand around the thick shaft of his cock, James slowly began to pump. Sliding down to the base so he could feel his balls against the back of his knuckles before rising up, pulling his foreskin until he felt the smooth head in his fist.

Awkwardly using his left hand, he clicked through his picture files until he found Lulu. Such a sexy pose; he had thanked her so much for sharing it with him despite her reluctance throughout their conversations to share any personal photos. Now he roamed the picture, eyes hungrily eating up her bare skin. Like so many times before, his gaze settled on the tiny bow holding her bikini pants together and imagined pulling the cords…

As he fantasized about her naked body all thoughts of his surprise were lost from the carnal pounding he was giving to his stiff member. He shut his eyes as he increased the speed of his hand, fantasy images of their union filling his head…

Lulu stretched out before him on the bed; her legs slightly raised and open ready to welcome him. Her small mounds glistened with sweat, dark erect nipples standing proudly to attention as they waited for the pleasuring to begin.

Moving his head down and nestling between her thighs, James stretched out his tongue and touched the sopping lips of her pussy. Her hands grasped his head, forcing his face into her crotch as his nose bumped her clit and sending Lulu into moans of ecstasy. His tongue cleaned her lips and delved in further, eager to explore this new delight to its senses.

Thoughts drifting, he realised he was under the hot spray of a shower. Still naked, his dick was being attended to by a mysterious pair of tanned hands. His pubic hair was soaped up and the gently being caressed, fingers gliding up and down his hard erection.

James turned around; Lulu’s arms came up and wrapped themselves around his neck drawing him into her open mouth. Their tongue’s clashed heavily, fighting a battle that both would lose as the couple embraced escort bursa in a powerful kiss. The two lovers enveloped each other, arms snaking over bare flesh and slippery skin. His hands found the bow of her bikini top and deftly untied it allowing the material to sag against his chest.

Lulu had regained her hold on his penis and swirled the bubbles around his balls, lathering up his genitals.

“You need a shave…” she whispered, slightly parting her wet lips from his.

“Be my guest” James replied as they broke apart and he watched mesmerised as her bikini top fell away from her body.

He watched spellbound as Lulu knelt down and smiled mischievously, taking his swollen head into her mouth…

Hot, sticky cum burst from the end of his cock as he was forced back to reality and he rode out his orgasm. His whole body tingled, hand clutching his shaft as he unloaded himself onto the chair and floor. Slowly it subsided and his senses came back online, restoring order and calm as his brain adjusted to the situation at hand.

Unlike most nights, he didn’t immediately clean up but instead hit the reply button on the email:

“Lulu, glad you enjoyed that rare treat! I look forward to being licked; kissed and touched… we will make love long into the night until we are left breathless.

You can shave my cock if you want as long as I get the chance to free your mons of its fuzz. How thrilling it would be to feel clean fresh skin against each other as we make love under the spray. Don’t you agree?

A little surprise for you my little Asian lover; I’ve started looking up flights from Singapore to Athens for a little vacation under the sun. I will be joining you as we soak up the Mediterranean culture and enjoy two hot weeks intimately getting to know one another.

Let me know any thoughts you have,

Love James xoxoxoxo

PS Will tell you my pleasures next time! 😉

Happy that he had written a decent reply, James hauled his cargo back inside his pants and zipped up his jeans. He gave one last look at Lulu in her bikini before sending the email and shutting down his computer.

His dick stirred, restless in his pants as his thoughts remained on his lover’s sumptuous body. Getting up, James made his way across the hall to the bathroom and wondered how she would react when she read that they would be meeting soon…


Comments always welcome, only way I can improve my stories!

Part 2 coming soon…

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