Modern Jane Meets Tarzan Ch. 05

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Tarzan and Jane spend more time together, bit at her campsite and a new spot Tarzan wants to show her.

Chapter Five

Jane kissed Tarzan’s neck and stretched, long shadows starting to pool around them after their rest in the late afternoon heat. Tarzan looked up, ran his fingers through her hair and watched as she stood to walk to the river. Her body felt electric, despite the nap. She felt energized in this wild land with time spent with this wild man, too.

She waded knee deep into the river, feeling the smooth stones under her feet. Tarzan’s cum oozed from her and she splashed water on her upper thighs to rinse, going deeper into the water and relishing the feel of the river and the lingering feel of Tarzan inside her. She’d camped here for several days, her journey stalling now, but it didn’t matter. This was the purpose of her trip, to explore, find adventures as they offered themselves and get away from city life. So far so good, she thought… check, check, check.

Would Tarzan follow her, would he fade into the jungle and disappear? She didn’t know and while it was getting easier to communicate basic things to him, it would be hard to ask him his intentions with her, she laughed.

A shadow fell over her as she rinsed a final time. Tarzan was behind her, still naked, holding a thin stick. He touched her shoulder.

“Fish?” he said, repeating one of the words they had practiced earlier.

Jane nodded enthusiastically, “Yes! Fish, fish would be delicious.”

The smile crept over his lips again, and he dove into the water, disappearing with hardly a splash into the deeper darkness of the river.

Jane watched, expecting to see him surface somewhere near, but saw nothing. Her eyes searched the water, upstream and down, then the far bank, but there was no sign of Tarzan. Had he disappeared again, she wondered? Maybe off to the local African market for some frozen fish and margaritas, she giggled?

After a couple minutes, Jane retreated to the bank near her camp and sat waiting on a rock for him to reappear. Moments later, she saw his familiar form emerge from near where she had bathed. The stick he had carried now held two fish, still squirming wildly after being impaled on it.

Jane shook her head, another thing I’ll never see back in the city. She smiled broadly and waved him over.

By the time they had built a fire and finished dinner, darkness was stretched across the campsite. This had been the longest time Tarzan had spent with her, and it had been a wonderful day. Jane wondered about the wild man etiquette, should she ask him to stay, call a cab back to his place, hard to know what worked out here?

Tarzan saw her smiling at her loopy thoughts and looked up from where he was burning the last of the meal leftovers in the fire.

“Staying the night?” she asked, not expecting an answer but trying to keep up some talk to help him learn the language. “I’ve got extra room in my tent.”

Tarzan’s gaze followed her pointing back to the tent. He stood and walked slowly to it, kneeling down and looking into it warily.

“It’s not five stars, but there is a nice leaf bed, and as you know the blanket is pretty soft.” She watched Tarzan circle the tent, look into the trees and finally, face her, “Tent, no.”

“Umm, ok… no tent… well, any thoughts for bedding down tonight?”

He walked past her, stooped eryaman anal yapan escort to pick up the leather loincloth and stepped into it, walking beyond the campfire. He slowed, motioning for her to follow him. She stood, realizing he was walking away and might disappear into the trees again, so she grabbed her oversized shirt, slipped it on and followed him along the dark river. The moon was a sliver behind fluffy pale clouds, but there was just enough light to see Tarzan tracing the bank for about one hundred yards before turning around and motioning to her once more. He waited on her to catch up and pointed across the river, making swimming motions.

Jane shook her head, “Oh no, it’s dark, and I’m not going in that river for a swim before bed, thanks but no thanks.” She stepped back a few feet.

Again, he motioned across and urged her to follow, stepping in up to his ankles.

She shook her head again, “No way, who knows what’s in there at night…no.”

In one quick motion, Tarzan scooped her up and placed her on his shoulder. She squealed at the sudden motion, and he turned to wade into the river. He held her tight, and she looked down to see the water was no deeper than his knees each step to the other side. He lowered her onto the smooth stones on the other side of the dark riverbank.

“Wow, um, good choice of where to cross…” she laughed nervously.

She stood barefooted on the stones, wearing only the cotton shirt and looked around for snakes. When she glanced up, Tarzan was gone, although she could hear faint rustling as he pressed ahead in the gray night. She scurried after him, only his silhouette visible ahead.

Tarzan paused, turning to implore her to follow, and he disappeared deeper into the thick brush, seeming to find paths unseen in the darkness. Jane stumbled, hardly seeing anything, and Tarzan reached back, taking her hand. It felt surreal, being pulled along into the darkness, unsure of her bearings and barely able to see beyond Tarzan’s shoulders.

They continued like this, Jane stumbling over branches and vines, feet sticking in oozy mud and a continual push deeper into the dark foliage. They had maybe walked for half an hour and Jane felt Tarzan slow, ducking under a rock cropping and stooping low to the ground to shimmy into what she thought might be a cave. They crawled on a sandy surface, then it opened into a wider area where they could stand.

Jane’s eyes had adjusted somewhat in the dark trek, and it did look like some sort of cave, only with a water filled pool in the center of it. It was slightly cool and moist, a far cry from the heat of the jungle, and it felt like an air conditioned room.

Jane caught brief glances of shimmering moonlight in the pool, looking up to see a small opening far above them with distant starks peppering the African sky.

She couldn’t properly judge sizes, but it looked like a substantial cave with an opening to the outside at the top. A rushing sound beyond her sight sounded like water, so maybe it was a spring fed pool. She looked around and did not see Tarzan.

She called out, spun to either side and then saw him walking from beyond with something in his hands. It looked like a blanket, and he spread it out on the sand several paces from the water. Tarzan called her name and motioned her over, sitting down on the blanket. She walked closer, stooped ankara escort down and could feel it was some sort of animal skin, almost a soft leathery feel. She stretched out beside him and smiled, “Nice place you have here, Tarzan.”

He could tell she approved, and seemed pleased. She rested her hand upon his thigh, patting him and smiling again in the little ways they had learned to communicate. She looked down and could see her feet were dirty, and she was sweaty from their tromp through the jungle in the dark. She brushed at her feet, and pointed toward the glassy pool in the center of the cave, “Can I wash off in there?”

Tarzan stood, understanding she was dirty and sweaty, as was he, and walked toward the water while slipping out of his loincloth. She followed and Tarzan turned, reaching for her oversized cotton shirt and tugged it over her head. Back to naked again, she smiled.

He waded in before her, sitting down in the water up to his chest. It circled him, but the closer she came, she could see the water was crystal clear. Jane followed, feeling the cool, but not cold, water on her feet. It felt wonderful slipping into the water after the warm walk through the jungle.

Tarzan leaned down, drinking from his hands, and Jane tried it as well. She was stunned at the taste, better than anything bottled she’d ever had. She washed her hair and rinsed the mud and dirt from herself, feeling cleaner than she had in a long time.

Tarzan left the water and stretched out on his back on the animal skin. Jane could see his form in the darkness, but continued squeezing water out of her hair before she joined him. She hadn’t felt this cool since arriving in Africa, a wonderful feeling.

She knelt down beside him, seeing just glints of water drops reflecting pale moonlight and ran her hands over his body, gently massaging his damp skin, sliding from his shoulders to his waist in the darkness. He let out small moans as she rubbed his muscles, stretched her hands over his body and let her damp hair tickle him.

Her hands circled his ankles, tracing down his muscular calves, and she kneaded his tense thighs. She finished on his legs, he felt more relaxed, his breathing slowing and the moans fading away.

Leaning down, tracing his thighs with gentle kisses and licks, Jane worked his skin with her mouth, a warm and wet combination making her long for him. Touching over his body, she drew closer to his penis, felt it against her jaw and then slid her mouth over his tip. He’d grown quickly, filling her mouth, and she bobbed slightly, his rim sliding in and out of her lips. Long strokes slid her tongue over his warm cock, tracing the veins and ridges.

In one quick motion, she crawled over him, further pressing him into her mouth while spreading her legs over his shoulders and lowering her pussy near his face. She had no idea if he knew what to do next, but it didn’t matter, her desires were taking over. Her hips rocked involuntarily over his face, his warm breath fluttering on her damp labia.

She stroked his balls while sliding over his penis with her wet lips, pressing him deeper into her mouth with each stroke. She gripped the base of his penis and slid up, catching his tip with her lips and flicking her tongue gently over his opening. He moaned again and whispered her name. Jane kept steady pressure on his swollen tip, etimesgut escort milking precum juices from him and circling his rim again.

Sudden bolts of fire shot through her body when she felt his tongue touch her wet pussy lips. “Oh my god,” she moaned, her voice echoing in the cave – “Yes, Tarzan, yesss.”

He was no expert, but all she needed now was his touch. He lapped at first, long strokes that covered her lips, like she was an ice cream cone for him, but it felt amazing. Her hips bucked involuntarily, then she pressed down again on his lips, grinding gently.

The more he reacted the faster she started to bob on his penis, gripping him and guiding him deeper in long thrusts into her mouth. She reached down between her legs, opening her lips and guiding his lapping tongue toward her clit. He found it, her grinding encouraging him as she whimpered around his swollen cock.

His beard tickled as she humped against his face, but his tongue battered her even more. He sped up, all the more reacting to her cries. She sucked on him with abandon, gasping as he lapped at her hard clit and suddenly screamed out as her orgasm took her by surprise, thrashing her with wave after wave of pleasures that bounced off her walls like her screams did in the cave.

Jane groaned a final time, pulling her wet pussy from his mouth and crawled down his body to bury his cock inside her. It was hot and wet, soaked in her saliva and made a squishing sound as she sat on him in one quick motion, her hands on his knees. She bounced on him, jabbing him deeper each time and moaning with him as they both thrust heavily at one another.

In moments, Jane was screaming again, another orgasm washing over her, and she leaned back on his chest, her hands resting on his shoulders while he thrust his hips upwards into her. His hands grasped at her, sliding across her chest, tweaking her nipples like she’d shown him before.

He swelled in her, even more and and his thick rim slid against her slick inner walls when he cried out in an animalistic howl. He lifted his hips from the ground, thrusting upwards, cumming inside her and sending his load deeper into her with every move. She rode him, feeling him slow, relax and lie back flat, her body collapsing back on his chest with him still buried inside her.

They both panted, echoes of their passion still in the cave… Moments passed with a gentle trickle of water from the pool, the only sound. She leaned up, sliding off him slowly and turned to face him in the darkness, “Oh, Tarzan that was amazing.”

They kissed, close, wet kisses, their hair splayed together on the leather mat.

Jane rolled to her knees straddling his abs, his cum oozing out of her and dripping onto his flat stomach. She felt swollen, stretched and full, all delicious feeling, then knelt down by him, stroking his chest and legs. She leaned forward, swirling their combined juices on his belly with her tongue and lapping at them, then spreading the wetness over his abs.

Tarzan caressed her back as she did this, running his fingers through her hair and then all the way over her smooth bottom. They spent several minutes just touching, with Jane playing with their juices, and letting her body relax. She finally lay down beside Tarzan, kissing him deeply and snuggling against him on his shoulder with her leg draped over his moist body.

She felt more content than ever in her life. She closed her eyes, the gentle beat of his heart in her ear, falling asleep to dreams of the sea once again. Only this time when the lions came, there was Tarzan to chase them into the jungle and return to make love in the warm sand.

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