Naughty When Alone

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‘What was her secret?’ she wondered as she wandered through the store. Something about pretty pink lace bras and panties and posters of hot Brazilian models made women feel comfortable about purchasing their underclothes. It was a secret.

She smirked at the Perfect 10 pouting down at her from above the rack of outfits. Running her fingers down the soft silk of a skimpy French maid outfit, she giggled as a naughty thought popped into her head.

Wouldn’t he love this?

Back home she pulled the tags off her new purchase and slowly started to layer her outfit on. She rolled white stockings with little pink bows up her legs and clasped a flirty garter belt around her waist. No panties. Next, she slid the maid outfit up her body and slipped her arms through the spaghetti straps, adjusting the outfit so her breasts fit into the bra top. The soft black material clung to her curves and the frilly, white lace trim made her feel feminine and sexy.

Inspecting herself in the mirror, she shook her hair out and slid into a pair of black heels. She glanced at the clock and smiled as she expected him home any minute now.

She did feel sexy. Victoria was right. Walking down the stairs, her hips moving in a sway with her steps, she started to think about him. Would he want to take off her outfit? Slow? Fast? Maybe he would want to leave it on?

What position would he want? An image popped into her head of her sitting on the dining room table with his mouth over her.

Oh dear, she wasn’t even wearing panties and now she was wet. Where was he?

Thinking of him, she wandered around the house; through the kitchen, she looked longingly at the dining room table, then through their marbled entryway to the library.

She would wait for him here. Looking over at his desk, she wondered if that would work just as well as the dining room table. The minutes ticked by on the clock and she impatiently paced, then stood tapping her foot, then sat on pendik escort the edge of his desk, swinging her feet back and forth.

Oh, to heck with him. If he wasn’t home yet, she could just manage without him.

He quietly shut the garage door behind him and stepped into the kitchen. The house seemed quiet but he knew she was around somewhere. Hopefully he could make it to the library and pour out a glass of cognac before she nagged him about something.

Quietly treading across the marbled floor of the front entryway, he noticed his library door was already ajar. Peering in, there she was, sitting on the edge of his desk, scantily clad and looking sexily frustrated about something. She tossed her arms up, rolled her eyes at heaven-knew-what and then smiled triumphantly at herself.

Intrigued, he waited a moment before entering. He couldn’t tell what kind of mood she was in, yet.

His breath caught in his throat as she slid a spaghetti strap down her shoulder and one breast popped out of her bra. Slowly, her fingers massaged the weight in her hand and she played with her nipple. Licking her fingers, she rubbed over the pert tip and moaned.

He stood stock still, torn between rushing in to help or watching and waiting to see what else she would do.

Silently, he eased the library door open a little farther as she closed her eyes and moved her hand from her breast to her leg. Slowly, dragging her fingers up the inside of her thigh, she moved her other hand to play with her breast while her fingers toyed with her clit. She moaned and threw her head back, her hair falling off her shoulders, freeing her neck. His gaze followed down her arched throat and over the smooth skin of her collarbone, then down over the soft mounds of her breasts. He licked his lips as she worked on her exposed clit. He could tell from here she was wet and ready.

She obviously could tell as well as her hand dropped and she cried out in pleasure as she pushed tuzla escort her middle finger inside. Her voice, seductively low, carried over to him, “Oh, I’m so ready for him!”

Her spare hand moved up and she grabbed a handful of her hair in her fist. Biting into her upper arm as she moved her finger faster, he could tell her skin was flushed a warm color of pleasure. He stood at perfect attention to her every movement.

She sounded flustered as she stopped her ministrations and cried out, “I need more!”

Getting up from the desk she walked over to the bookshelf and plucked a candle out of the holder. Walking back to the desk, he watched her as she bent over and shoved things to the other end. As she pushed things out of the way, the skirt of her maid outfit rode up over her ass cheeks, giving him full view of her rounded cheeks and down to her wet pussy.

That was it. He couldn’t be an innocent bystander any longer. Pushing the door open all the way he walked in, saying, “You bad, bad maid. Look at the mess you’re making! Someone is going to be held accountable for this.”

She whirled around and exclaimed, “You’re home!”

Unbuttoning his pants so she could see his erection, he lifted her up onto the desk. She was squirming under his hands, saying, “Now. I need to you right now!”

He wanted to laugh at how excited she was but all he could think of was getting inside the tight pussy she had been showing off a moment ago. Pulling her to the edge of the desk, he thrust inside, pushing against her excitement. Inside, she was hot and wet and he easily slid back and forth while watching her.

Her back was arched, pushing her breasts up into the air as they jiggled from his thrusting. She was crying out but trying to stifle the sounds by biting her hand. Her brows were scrunched together and her hair clung about her. He moved harder against her as he thought about the rats nest it would be when they were done. Good sex was the best kartal escort hair stylist.

He wrapped his hands around her thighs and moved them over his shoulders. Looking down he groaned in pleasure at the sight of his own dick moving in and out of her. The combined effects of waiting while he watched her and now the visual stimulation of his current movements excited him more than he expected they would.

Pulling out for a moment, he helped pull her off the desk. Instead, he bent her over the desk as she had been when she was clearing it off. Slipping back inside, he pulled her hips against his while she spread her legs in a ‘V.’ She clutched at the sides of the desk to steady herself.

He leaned over to tell her, “Open the top drawer by your hand and grab the bottle of lube.”

She nodded and, still mostly moaning from his thrusting, fished for the bottle of lubricant.

Popping the top open, she handed it back to him. Pausing, he pulled out of her and leaned over to ask, “Are you ready?”

She nodded.

Spreading her cheeks, he ground his teeth together as he slowly eased into her ass. It was such a tight fit it almost hurt but she was so soft inside. Her muscles contracted around him as he moved back and forth.

He brought his hand around to tease her clit. The new sensation of him gliding through her ass and the added attention caused her to collapse onto the desk and cry out at the warming feeling growing inside of her. It was only a moment later that the sensation spread and took over her body as a hot pool of excitement coursed through her.

Sprawled over his desk, satisfied in the aftermath of her orgasm, she responded to his thrusting with a renewed vigor, saying, “Please, please, I want you to cum.”

He groaned as he pulled out and nestled between her smooth ass cheeks, finishing over the top of her cheeks and spraying onto the skirt of her outfit.

He watched as some of his cum slid down her cheek and leg, dripping onto her white stockings. Teasing her, he asked, “Dirty girl, what do maids do when they’re the ones that need cleaning?”

She laughed and responded, “Bring someone else into the shower with them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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