Off Campus, the Sequel, Pt. 01

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Off Campus, the Sequel, Pt. 1


This is a follow-on to the previous adventure with Steve and Cyan and their polyamory partners Phil and Jen. Last time out together these swingers found new friends to play with, which in turn is blossoming into something a lot bigger now that Ally invited her besties over for a taste of the swinger “lifestyle”.

Smashing “Swinger Rule

” to bits, Ally is falling deeply in love with Steve, to nobody’s surprise.


The four of us decide we were due for another date at The Abercrombie, that old downtown hotel where we had so much mind-blowing sexy fun with a couple of local folks we picked up at the bar.

Phil dropped me off at the curb to see if the coast was clear. I gingerly poke my head around the door of the hotel bar to see if our bartender friend is holding down the fort. My face is only halfway past the opening and I hear, “Steven! How the fuck are you! All you guys in town? I hope!” Ally exclaims, totally disrupting the serenity of her dimly-lit and cozy cocktail lounge. Patrons’ heads are swiveling off their necks as they strain to see who she’s so excited about, but can’t make out a thing as the setting sun streams in the door. I’m just a silhouette to them.

“Hi, Ally,” as I step all the way into the barroom. “Nice to see you, too,” I chuckle. “What’s new?”

“Oh, I have stories,” Ally tempts. “Where is everybody?”

“Phil’s parking the car, the girls went up to our rooms to freshen. Stories?”

“Stuff I can’t talk about here… you know…” as she grins real big.

“Anybody we know?”

“Tex, for one. His name is Darren.”

“Say no more. We more or less expected it after you met Little Phil.”

Two of the guys sitting at the bar reflexively raise their heads from their drinks and stare daggers at Ally and then at me. They clearly understood the context of “Little Phil”. They must be regulars, deep in their hearts hoping beyond hope that someday they’ll have the opportunity to date the adorable bartender. So what’s so special about “Phil”, huh? And this guy?

“More later,” Ally cautions, having sensed the reactions.

“What time you off?”

“Lucky for you this is my off night. I turn the bar over to Jessica at 6:00.”

“Have we met Jessica?”

“Dunno. But she’s heard all about you guys, and wants to meet, if you know…”

“Okay. Understood. I take it we can get together when she’s off?”

“Discuss over dinner, ‘k?”

“Deal. Meet you down here at six.”

“See ya’!” punctuated by another of her big, all-knowing grins.

Apparently Ally was just as energized by our previous time together as we were. So she’s screwing Tex… uh, Darren. Not a surprise. She so fell in love with Phil’s uncut cock that the four of us were nattering the entire way home from last time, taking bets on whether she was going to put the two-and-two together from Cyan and Jen’s comments about “Tex” with her newly-discovered pleasures of Phil’s uncircumcised penis. She obviously had.

But Jessica? That’s a surprise. Thinking back on our breakfast last time here, wasn’t Jessica the wispy little blonde that served us? Self-effacing, demure and slightly mousey, she was cute but certainly not someone we were entertaining as a prospective playtime friend. I guess we’ll find out tonight if it’s the same girl I’m recalling.

I head up to the room to fill everybody in and to freshen myself up.

“Dinner with Ally at six,” I declare.

“Any idea where?” Jen poses.

“Nope. Can’t be here. She has a bunch to talk about that can’t be overheard by anybody she knows from work.”

“So that answers our question about ‘Tex’, doesn’t it?” Cyan smirks.

“Yes. Why yes it does,” I grin back at her. “His name is Darren.”

“HA!!! He was toast after she’d had Phil! I knew it!” Cyan chortles.

Phil proposes, “I guess Ally will know where to go for dinner. Will it be just the five of us?”

“I think so, not much time for her to rally the troops if she has other ideas,” I conjecture.

“Okay, let’s pull ourselves together,” I advise. “We need to be down there in about 25 minutes.”

“Sexy clothes?” Jen asks.

“No, just cute will do this time. Don’t need to impress anybody,” I confirm.

“Or seduce?” Cyan quips. She can be sooooo bad sometimes.

We gather ourselves and head downstairs. Ally is waiting in the lobby in that same sheath dress she was wearing on our previous date. No complaints here, it flatters her taut figure. Very easy on the eyes!

“You sure you should be seen with us by hotel staff?” Phil asks.

“Oh, there’s a story there, too. They all know,” Ally frowns. “I knew you guys were coming today, ’cause I got a whole ration of shit from the rez desk when you booked your rooms.”

“Are you in trouble?” Jen is concerned.

“Yeah, but it’ll be okay. They don’t know everything.”

“Spill!” Cyan is curious.

We duck outside and make a beeline for Phil and Jen’s car.

“It’s ankarada yeni escortlar pretty simple, actually,” Ally explains. “I didn’t know they had installed cameras in the elevators. It was new. Security saw us.”

“Oh, shit!” I exclaim.

“No big deal, really. The recording equipment wasn’t working yet. Technically I got blessed out for the nudity, although my boss couldn’t contain his giggles when he was lecturing me. ‘Don’t let it happen again,’ was his stern advice. The clear inference was ‘Be careful, have your fun, just don’t get caught.'”

“But where does ‘reservations’ come in with all this?” Phil muses.

“Everybody knows everybody’s business here. The graveyard security guy couldn’t keep his fuckin’ mouth shut.”

“Not good,” I interject.

“No shit. He’s been putting moves on me ever since thinking that he’s going to get some. Ewww. Just ewww.”

“That can get really dicey. Be careful,” I advise in maybe too much of a fatherly tone. This is somebody I’ve slept with, and hope to do so again.

“I’m not too worried. I have a lot of friends here looking out for me. And there’s Darren.”

“Yes there is, you little tramp! You stole him from us!” Jen laughs.

“Yeah!” Cyan jumps in. “We teach you all about uncut cocks and what is our reward? You rustle one out of our stable!”

Everybody laughs, real hard.

“He’s a nice guy,” Ally pouts. “You two were pretty rough on him with your ‘we’ve had better’ shit and all that.”

“We didn’t say that. But we had to push back on all his cocky crap,” Jen defends herself. “Has he tried to fuck your head into the headboard yet?”

“Well, no,” Ally admits. “I think you girls may have broken that particular stallion trait. But he’s still a really good fuck. Oh, I love that big uncut cock!”

“We gonna see him tonight?” Cyan asks.

“No. I called and told him you guys were here, and he’s in Denver. He sends his regrets. Oh, Jen?”


“He apologizes. He’d like another chance.”

“Okay. Forgiven. He was a really nice screw when he wasn’t so rough. Next time.”

“Where’s dinner?” Phil asks as we pile into the car. “Ally?” he inquires. “We don’t really know your town.”

“You guys okay with barbecue?” is her retort.

“Yep!” is the chorus.

“Turn left up here at Centennial, then about a half mile, ‘Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em’.”

“Now that’s corny,” I chuckle.

“Oh, you’re one to talk!” Ally guffaws.

“Who’s this Jessica person you told me about?” I query. “You inferred she’s interested in our… uh… more interesting late evening activities.”

“Yes!” Ally confirms. “The way she put it to me, ‘Oh gawd I really need somebody to fuck my brains out, somebody who knows what they’re doin’. These local guys aren’t cuttin’ it.'”

“Uh… do you think she knows what she’s in for?” Cyan poses.

Ally responds, “I can’t tell. She’s a little thing. Cute, but tiny. You guys would call ‘er ‘a spinner’.”

Phil and I laugh out loud. “We said no such thing… did we?” I protest.

“Not directly. I’m quoting the girls quoting you, Steve!”

“Damn! Caught!” I laugh. “You know what it means, don’t you?”

Ally gets on me hard, “I figured it out, dumbass. A girl small enough to sit on your cock and can be spun around in the fuck.”

“Guilty as charged!” I’m still laughing. “It doesn’t work that way, tho’!”

“Hey, isn’t Jessica the cute little thing that served us breakfast the morning after our little party?” Jen interjects.

“One and the same,” Ally confirms.

“Never thought of ‘er that way. Well that’s sort of neat, really. Happy to be of assistance,” I leer.

“Oh, you’re so kind, sir!” Ally sticks her tongue out at me.

“Seriously, you think she can handle the four… five of us in the room? We’re not exactly ‘beginner’ material,” Phil comments.

“She’s had her share of guys, so you can forget any fantasies about breaking her cherry, if that’s what you mean.”

“Not at all, Ally,” I continue. “We’re more worried about sexual and emotional overload for somebody whose experience might be confined to vanilla one-on-one sex, and from what you’re seeming to say, mediocre sex at that.”

“I think she should be okay, Steven. She did share that she experimented with girl-on-girl at college, and a couple of MFM threesomes,” Ally tells us in an uncharacteristic moment of concerned seriousness.

“Okay, then what’s the plan?” Jen asks.

Phil pulls the car into a parking spot and our chatter is momentarily interrupted by our jockeying for who’s going to be more polite than whom in opening the door to the restaurant.

“Hi, Ally!” an unexpectedly enthused voice greets us from the hostess stand.

“Hi, Hannah!” Ally shoots back. “Five!”

“Oh! Are these your special out-of-town friends?”

The four of us glance around at each other with worried expressions, justifiably wondering how much this stranger knows about us.

“Yes. This is Cyan, Jen, Steve and Phil. Guys, this is Hannah. She’s my roommate.”

“No wonder bayan escort elvankent you brought us here. Shame on you!” I scold. With a smile.

“Ally loves you guys. She really does,” Hannah flatters us. “She was walking on air for a week after your get-together. And introducing her… sort of… to Darren? Genius!”

We’re all turning beet red.

“So you know… everything? Seriously?” as Jen buries her face in her hands. Cyan is desperately looking for a corner to hide in.

“Yes. You’re all okay with me. Really. I’ve never seen her so happy. And to meet you in person? I’m honored!”

“Gosh, Hannah, it’s a pleasure. And thanks,” Phil having enough composure left to appreciate the appreciation. I’m somewhat dumbfounded, actually — deer in headlights would be an apt description.

“Let me show you guys to a table where you can chat with a little bit of privacy. Thad will be your server tonight. He’s a hunk, so you girls get a treat.”

“Not so bad yourself, Hannah,” I grin as I recover from the shock. “Thanks!”

“Thanks, Hannah,” Ally confirms. Addressing Jen and Cyan, “Thad works out at my gym, and she’s right, he’s major eye candy. We’ve had some NSA time together. If you approve… uh… well… we’ll talk about it in a couple of minutes.”

Looking straight at Ally, I mock-scowl, “Okay, girl, what exactly do you have in mind? Something’s afoot!”

I get a little pout as she examines the floor and shuffles her feet.

“I thought…”

“You thought what?” still sort of scolding.

“That we’d get some of my friends and have us a little party. Your kind of party. Is that okay?”

I pause, keeping my brow furrowed.

Big grin now, “Hell yes, that’s okay! Girls? Phil?”

Cyan interjects, “These kids are going to wear your butt out in seconds, sweetheart!”

“Yes, but I’ll die with a smile on my face, that’s for sure.”

I ask Ally, “Does the hotel have a ‘Presidential Suite’ or something like that for small gatherings?”

“Yes, they do. Top floor. I already told reservations you might be calling to move your stuff up there.”

“YOU are so, so bad!” I laugh. “Oh, gawd, you are one of us, without a doubt! I’m going to make this call the moment we’re seated. Hannah?”

“Walk right this way, sir!” our lovely hostess beckons. She catches my ear as we’re walking and whispers, “(By the way, I’m going to be there, too. From everything Ally’s told me, I want to — no, I must — fuck your sorry ass. Phil’s too.)”

“(Challenge accepted!)” as I chuckle.

We take our seats, and Phil and I leer at Hannah’s slender but shapely rear as she returns to her station. Ally later told us that Hannah is a bit of a gym rat, so has the really tight figure of somebody who works out. It is impressive. Yum.

“Hey, Phil,” as I lean over not quite out of earshot of Cyan and Jen, informing quietly, “Hannah wants to fuck us tonight. You okay with that?”

“Yep,” he confirms matter-of-factly.

The girls roll their eyes at us and look like they’re going to start in with some sort of snide retort, probably that there’s no way in hell we can handle her. That is, until Thad shows up to take our drink orders — young, blond, sleek, soft features, toned and muscular but not over the top. Pinup material.

I look at the girls, “You can stop drooling now, save it for later. I suspect Thad’s on the guest list, too.”

“Uh huh,” Ally doing her shit-eating grin thing again. “Oh, he has a nice surprise for Cyan and Jen.”

I call the hotel and the voice on the other end confirms, “We were expecting this change of plans, Mr. Albertson. Already handled. Exchange your keys at the desk when you get back.”

Now that’s service.

“You have some pull, Ally!” I exclaim. “What is the deal?”

She leans over and whispers, (“‘The Abercrombie’, Steve? Daddy owns the hotel.”) Ally’s full name is Allison Abercrombie.

I nearly fall out of my chair laughing, “Oh, shit, so obvious. I really should have figured that out when we met.”

“What’s wrong, dear?” Cyan asks, all concerned. “What is so funny?”

I’m also getting alarmed and puzzled expressions from Phil and Jen.

“Ally’s last name is no coincidence. Her father owns the hotel. Explains a lot!”

“Does he know what we’re up to? Does he know what you’re up to?!?” Cyan looks hard at Ally.

“Sure does,” Ally responds. “Maybe not everything, but what he does know is that I am the happiest he has ever seen me, and approves that I am hanging around with the nicest people, folks who care about me, and are fun and funny and treat me great. He’s willing to overlook the sex stuff ’cause everything else is so good.”

“Shucks,” is all Phil has to say.

“Seriously. It didn’t used to be. I was sucked into a pretty rough crowd out of high school. It wasn’t until I starting hanging around a more mature bunch that things settled down. And then there’s you guys. I know it’s only been a couple of months since we met, but the positive and fun vibe is always there. You escort bayan etimesgut guys are contagious.”


“Drinks?” Thad interrupts.

He’s standing between Cyan and Jen at the moment.

“May we?” Cyan requests, with a wink.

Thad sighs, “Considering… just not too obvious, ladies. More later.”

Both ladies discreetly caress his toned buttocks and thighs. Cyan goes for the front to assess “the situation”.

“No,” chastises Thad as he pulls back from her hand. “Not yet. You won’t be disappointed, tho’.”

“Thank you for the appetizer, Thad,” Jen purrs.

Ally giggles.

“I’ll take a sweet tea,” as I attempt to get this show on the road. We’re going to need a disco nap after dinner if we’re planning on the level of performance expected after midnight.

“Same here,” Cyan requests.

Thad takes everyone’s drink orders, turns them around quickly and returns to assist with our food requests.

While we’re waiting, Jen returns the conversation to where we started as we walked in, “So, what’s the plan?” Of course this is with another big, silly and toothy grin in the acknowledgement that any plans we had a half-hour ago are suddenly super-sized.

“Do I need to call catering?” I ask Ally, sort of knowing the answer already.

“Handled,” was the expected confirmation. “Basic munchies, with fruit plates especially for Cyan and Jen. The other girls will like that, too.”

“We’re not doing a bar, tho’,” Cyan kind of asks, hoping for the preferred response.

“No. I know how you guys are about drinking when playtime gets serious. Besides, drunks are no fun to screw, and they usually get everyone in trouble anyway.”

“Wow!” Phil acknowledges. “You learn quickly!”

“Anything we need to do?” Jen offers.

“Just be your usual oversexed selves,” Ally smiles. “That’s all we want. We want you.”

“[…gulp!…]” from both Phil and me.

“Whatsa matta, gentlemen? Performance anxiety kicking in already?” Cyan smirks.

Jen and Ally chortle.

“It’s okay. I know you’ll be ‘up’ to the task. Just pace yourselves,” Cyan advises.

“Alright alright,” I defend myself. “What’s the headcount?”

Ally informs, “The five of us, Jessica, Hannah and Thad. Eight.”

“Did any of them invite others by chance?”

I’m concerned it could get out of hand quickly, and that’s not even considering party crashers.

“No,” Ally assures. “They were explicitly told that this was on the QT. Absolutely nobody else. Security and the front desk have the guest list.”

“It’s a bit girl heavy,” I observe. “Is that okay? I’m sure that Thad will far exceed our stamina and will definitely be fun to watch with our wives and the rest of you. We’ll try our best to keep up. I just don’t want anybody going away feeling they had less than a great time.”

“Oh you’re such a guy,” Ally chides. “But a really nice guy, so thanks. Don’t dismiss out of hand that the girls might do girl things. You already have a hint about Jessica. And I’ve seen Cyan and Jen get down and dirty… they can teach us stuff, for sure.”

“I’d like to watch that!” interrupts Thad as he sets down the first plate, this one for Cyan, the target of his leering grin.

“Ha!” Ally scolds. “You wish!”

Thad continues to serve our dinner and conversation relaxes as we settle into the meal. I have to say, it’s quite enjoyable, quite tasty. Not many BBQ joints serve smoked turkey, and fewer do a good job with it. Very moist and tender!

“What time does this party start?” Cyan asks.

“About 11:00,” Ally conjectures. “I figure the five of us will head straight to the suite after dinner, get naked and nap for a couple of hours. Maybe us girls will play a little bit of musical cocks, but nothing too serious until Thad and Hannah get there. Their shift ends at 10:00, they’ll go home to clean up and meet us after.”

“And Jessica is tied-up at the bar ’til after 1:00, right?” I note.

“Yes,” Ally confirms. “However, any tying-up will be done upstairs.”

“Oooo! Waddaya have in mind, girl?” Jen laughs. “That’s grown-up stuff!”

Phil grins, lowers his gaze to the table and just shakes his head as the laughter dies down.

“Okay guys,” in my best “adult” voice. “Very funny. I don’t want Jessica left out of the loop, Ally. Instead, how about we get dressed and meet Hannah and Thad in the bar around eleven-ish, get the meet-and-greet going down there to include Jessica, and 12:30 or so head upstairs. That way she shouldn’t miss too much.”

Ally confirms, “That will be okay, I guess, but given all the sexual tension it might be hard to hold to that schedule. We don’t need an orgy scene in the bar, that will get me in trouble for sure. Dad may own the hotel, but that doesn’t prevent me from being fired.”

“Okay, we’ll play it by ear. But greet at the bar, at least. Maybe have one or two drinks to take the edge off.”

“Good enough,” Ally confirms.

Given the relatively serious turn of the discussion at dinner, we’re somewhat subdued as we gather ourselves up and leave the restaurant. I hang back to have a little side discussion with Thad on what would be an appropriate tip without insulting him in either direction. I tend to tip too much, and it can be taken the wrong way, especially when we know the server outside of their work.

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