Picnic Pt. 02

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Hazel, an old friend of Sarah’s, was staying with us for a few days. We’d been for a picnic which had ended very well…

We didn’t talk about what had happened until much later. We’d gone home, Sarah had made dinner, and after we’d eaten we slouched in armchairs in the living room, clutching glasses of wine. I had a tight feeling in my stomach, of anticipation, and fear lest it should turn out that we really weren’t going to mention it again. Hazel looked slightly tense, a bit how I imagined I looked. Sarah was more confident, but then she’d been knocking back the wine faster than us.

“Shall we see what’s on the telly?” she asked, ironically.

“No, Monopoly, I say,” I suggested.

“I think we should tell stories,” offered Hazel. Sarah and I looked at her, but she looked at her glass, casually. “True stories. About things we’ve…got up to.” She looked up at us in turn, seeking our views. I could only nod – my mouth had dried completely. Sarah was more obviously enthusiastic.

“Mmmm, yes. I can think of one or two.” She looked at me and winked theatrically, and I grinned back. “Who’s going to start?”

“Me,” said Hazel, assertively. I wouldn’t have dared argue, even if I’d wanted to. Sarah and I settled into our seats and looked at her again. I admired, not for the first time that evening, the form of her breasts beneath her patterned blouse. She was wearing no bra, and her right breast was firmly held by the fabric, so that its shape was clear, and her nipple projected slightly. She had her legs drawn up beneath her, showing a certain amount of thigh, but disappointingly decent.

“The summer after I finished university I went to stay with my aunt and uncle in Devon. They’ve got this place in the middle of nowhere, old cottage, nice garden, you know… I used to like going to stay, I could go for walks with them, or on my own, or read all day uninterrupted…or the sea was fairly near, and we could go to the beach. They’ve got a couple of kids, Dave and Sarah. Sarah was on holiday herself, she was about my age, and Dave was at home, he must have been 19. He’s a really nice bloke, I’ve always liked him: even though there’s three or four years between us, we always got on well. I hung around with him some of the time, took him to the pub, that sort of thing. It was like a brother-sister thing, we could be quite intimate without it being embarrassing, you know?

“Well, most days my aunt and uncle had left for work before I emerged, or Dave. I would get up and make a cup of tea and some toast, and take it back to bed to read. Dave would escort eryaman be around too. One morning I hadn’t heard him and I thought he must still be in bed. I went down to make my tea and stuff, but I was only wearing knickers, and a little camisole top I’d slipped on for decency’s sake. But it wasn’t very decent, it was white and lacy, and pretty well see-through. It had thin straps over my shoulders, went straight across above my boobs, and finished just below them.

“I was pouring the water into my cup when I heard Dave coming down. I was surprised, and I put the kettle down. I had to make a quick decision – hide, grab a tea-towel, cover myself with my hands, walk back upstairs past him… But actually, I gave myself a little thrill by deciding to do nothing, just carry on. When he came into the kitchen his jaw dropped to see me like that, and it made me smile. I said good morning, and he mumbled something, and kept glancing at me but pretending not to. I decided to be brazen, and faced him squarely, and asked if I could make him a cup. He said yes, so I set about it, moving about the kitchen and seeing him staring at me out of the corner of his eye. While we waited for the kettle to boil again I stood with my back to the fridge, with one knee lifted up and my foot resting on the fridge, and my hands behind my back. Some of the time I looked at him, but mostly I looked away, so that he could look at me. I was really enjoying it, really.

When his tea was ready I couldn’t resist asking him up to my room to drink it with me. We spent a good half hour with him looking at me. After that I said it was time I got up, and I’d go in the bathroom, and he went back to his room. When I’d finished my shower and stuff, I was still half turned on by letting him see me earlier, so I decided to walk back to my room topless, with only my knickers on. If he saw, fine, if he didn’t, pity. As I shut the bathroom door behind me he came out of his room holding his towel, on his way to the bathroom himself, and he stopped in his tracks, and his jaw dropped again. It was like deja-vu, it was so funny.

“I smiled at him, and walked slowly past, turning towards him as I went, and he just watched. When I got to my door, I didn’t want it to end, so I asked if he’d like me to come into the bathroom with him to chat. He couldn’t speak! I took that as a yes, and I went in and watched him brush his teeth, glancing at me all the time. When he’d finished he looked sort of lost, and I realised he was going to have a shower, but he didn’t know if he should get undressed. “Aren’t you going ankara escort to get undressed then?” I thought that might help. “I don’t mind seeing you naked.” He undid his jeans, slowly, still shy. “Really, I’d like to see you, come on. I don’t mind you looking at my boobs – look as much as you like, think of it as a sort of present.”

“When he pulled his knickers down, his penis was half erect, and he tried to hide it, but I wouldn’t let him. “Show me!” I said. And he did, and I realised that he was quite hunky standing there naked in front of me. “Would you like me to take off my knickers?” He said yes, and I stood up, and slid them down. I let him look at me for a while, and I looked at him, and watched his prick get bigger until it was fully erect and twitching away. Then I told him to get on with his shower, and I watched him. He was actually quite exhibitionist about soaping his groin, smiling at me as I bit my lip.

“After he’d finished and dried himself, I was bursting, and I needed to let him off the hook too. “Would you like to masturbate?” I asked. He said he would, so I sat on the lid of the loo, and spread my legs wide apart to show him my cunt properly, and got him to kneel in front of me. I let him just look at me for a while – I held my breasts up, and pinched my nipples hard, and spread the lips of my cunt apart with my fingers. I was feeling deeply horny myself, and I had a crafty rub while I did it.

“Then I sat on the floor in front of him, with my legs hooked over his thighs, so his prick was right over my cunt and lent back on my hands and told him to wank. He started, and it was beautiful to watch. My eyes were nearly coming out on stalks! I started urging him on, you know, “Go on, wank it, wank your cock for me. Oh God, that’s good, it looks so big and hard, I’m dying to see you spunk. I want to see your spunk on me, on my cunt and my thighs,” that sort of thing.

“And of course, in the end I couldn’t help joining in, I was so turned on. I started wanking myself, two fingers sliding up and down my cunt, pushing the lips to either side. I was very wet, and my fingers soon got really wet, and I slid them inside and wanked like that for a while, going right in and right out again, and it was so good I was gasping and moaning, and calling God, much louder than he was – really making a spectacle of myself.

“He came first, a big spurt which flew up and hit my chest and neck – that surprised me! And then more spurts, only he’d pointed his prick down at my cunt now, and they went right on to it, all warm and lovely, elvakent escort all over my cunt and my fingers and hand. I stopped wanking for a moment, and took hold of his hand to push his cock on to my cunt. He didn’t need telling twice, and he used the end of his prick to rub the spunk all over my cunt, up and down, and over my clitoris, as he stopped coming – but he was still wanking and panting. I pushed towards him a bit too, so that he went inside me a little bit, and I think he actually came again – just a little one!

“And then I came, and it was gorgeous, I was rubbing his spunk into me, I could feel it between my fingers, and smearing over my cunt, and inside me, mixing with all my juices, and I got this great warmth all over me, and then a huge crashing wave of orgasm which paralysed me for a moment, and left me with my head spinning, but still wanking myself off, and then another wave, and I was almost shouting out – lucky there were no neighbours, I was very loud. And it went on for ages, warm and tingly all over and absolute searing pleasure in every nerve of my body. I had my fingers deep inside my cunt now, I was trying to reach deeper and deeper, I felt like I’d got half my hand in, and I was wanking my fingers round and round, and fucking them in and out now and then. And Dave was watching me all the time, which was what made it so very good, and still rubbing his prick on my cunt gently. And gradually it left me, and I started seeing the rest of the room again, and I sat there, leaning back on one arm, with my fingers still deep inside my cunt, very wet, and my cunt feeling warm and comfortable and tingly, and Dave’s cock resting on me. And I looked up at him and gave him a big smile, and he gave me a big smile and said thank you, and stared at my tits. And I said it was my pleasure, and I meant it, and we sat there for at least ten minutes, grinning like idiots.”

Hazel stopped talking, and released from my spell, I became aware of my breathing, and of Sarah, sitting on the floor in front of me and staring open-mouthed at Hazel, still not released from hers. Her right hand was gripped tightly between her thighs and pushed up under her short skirt. She wasn’t masturbating, exactly, but the back of her thumb seemed to be pressed against her cunt, as far as I could tell. She was wearing a dark but very shear blouse, and I could see her breasts heaving beneath her bra as she breathed.

“You tart!” exclaimed Sarah, eventually. “Your cousin! I can’t believe it. What a slapper!” Hazel just grinned, and shifted position slightly. She really did look lovely, and my prick was throbbing against the inside of my shorts, desperate to get at her. Before I could suggest anything physical, Hazel got in first, wanting to carry on the truth game.

“Your turn!” She was looking at Sarah. So did I.

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