Pirate Sex Ch. 01

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….Waking into the early light of morning, you wonder…Where am I?

The slanting rays of sunlight coming from a small window overhead…casting pools of light on the varnished hardwood floor…

Man, was I *that* drunk last night? I remember the cozy, crowded waterfront dive bar…The group of Scandinavian sailors that just wouldn’t go away…

Wait!! I’m on a boat right now!!

Struggling upright, you peer out the tiny portlight…all that can be seen, is the wide blue horizon…Not a speck of land to be found.

The strong sea air bites into your nostrils, unfamiliar, yet bracing…

Just then, the door to your small cabin opens abruptly, and a tall man you dimly recognize from the previous evening enters, deftly locking the passage door behind him.

He is well tanned from the sea, dark blond with piercing blue eyes you hadn’t noticed before, a strong chin, and a masterful demeanor: “You shall refer to me only as your Captain, which indeed I am”, he began in a soft baritone, “and you, my dear, are now the personal property of myself and my crew, to use however we see fit.”

“Don’t look so shocked, young lady…You are now part of an age-old tradition of the sea, particularly on long voyages like this one”…

He winked with pleasure, letting this new piece of information out of the bag, “Wilder lasses than yourself have been tamed in this way, even here on my ship.”

“We shall start with some simple chores on deck, such that the whole crew may witness your…’abilities?”

With that final, paused word, he scanned me from head to toe, pausing to gaze into my eyes, my mouth, my breasts, then down my legs…with that expression men have, when they are looking right through your clothes…

I suspected there was more in store for me than ‘chores’, but what could I do but follow instructions, and hope for the best?

Without a moment to put myself together, he clamped my whole arm firmly in large hand, and half-marched, half-dragged me into the main cabin, where the whole crew was arrayed to the left and right, in to ragged rows…maybe five or six men on each side, not really sure – Some grinning in anticipation, some smirking, as if this was a familiar ritual, and they knew exactly what was in store for me…

Then up a couple steps into the bright sunlight, onto a sort of dining area… with a long, narrow, varnished table surrounded by a U-shaped couch, upholstered in deep green velvet…

I now remembered the whole yacht was finished in the same soft, deep color scheme, not that that piece of information was going to help me, now….

“Polish this table!” he barked, tossing a damp, felt cloth my way, as the crew assembled on deck, arms crossed, to delight in my troubles…

If I had any thought of jumping overboard to escape, the ring of strong men, shoulder to shoulder, surely would have prevented the attempt!

I started to scrub like a good girl, buy was embarrassed to find erotik film izle that my miniskirt, so suitable for enticing the guys at last night’s dive bar, was now much too short for working in a bent-over position, and I was sure my thin nylon panties weren’t doing much to cover my girl parts…also, straining to reach the far side of the table, my panties would ride up into my ass crack, leaving almost nothing to the imagination, and generating whoops and hollers of appreciation from the assembled crew…

every time I would stop working to pull my panties back down over my bare backside, the Captain would intercept my ass cheek with his huge, flat hand, giving me a smack that stung and I’m sure, left a nice red mark in the shape of his outstretched hand – First one side, then the other…”Even spoils, Port and Starboard” he pronounced, to the guffaws of the crew, which I guess meant each cheek was to receive the same punishment.

“You’re here to clean, Missy, not show off your cute ass!” stated the Captain…”I will have no more of this!”

Yet each time I tried to reach the far side of the table, the same thing would happen…My red ass tingling more and more with each strike, I was feeling a strange mixture of pain and excitement, hoping the Captain wouldn’t see the wetness starting to show through my panties, because despite the pain of the sting on my cheek, my pussy would tingle with anticipation each time she escaped a direct hit!

I finally collapsed in despair on the table, moaning with frustration, only to hear, “What’s this?…Our little cabin girl seems to be getting aroused!?”

In one quick motion, a pair of strong hands grasped my wrists, pulling me up across the table…Two more pairs of hands grabbed each ankle, pulling me the other way, and spreading my legs unmercifully in the process…

“Now, little Miss, we will see just what you’re made of!” the Captain bellowed, tearing my wet panties asunder, exposing my sex to all assembled…He tore a cushion from the nearby couch, and as the crew relaxed their grip for a moment, slid his firm hand under my belly, raising me up in the middle and slipping the cushion under my hips, so that my ass and pussy was even more exposed –

As the crew started to chuckle, familiar with this routine, the Captain said, “We’re going to get to know you very well now, my Dear”, and with that, knelt between my spread-eagled thighs and placed his tongue on the nub of my aroused clitoris…dancing a little from left to right, he worked his way up my slit, ever so slowly, ’till he reached the upper end of my hole – but he didn’t stop there – his evil tongue continued its circular dance, ’till he was rimming my little asshole!

I let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure, as he tongue stabbed my starfish, only to finish with a big smacker of a kiss, pulling away to the applause of the crew…

My mind was a scramble trying to figure out what might come next…but another crewman quickly film izle slipped into the captain’s seat, and proceeded to apply his tongue in much the same fashion – Unlike the freshly shaven chin of the captain, I could feel his stubble softly grazing my thighs and outer lips, as he plumbed my depths hungrily.

I was slow to realize, that it was going to be my fate to be introduced in this way to the entire crew, but my smarter pussy started its slow buildup to orgasm, since it was evident that there were plenty more tongues waiting to taste and explore me, than I had ever imagined having before; Each one had its own rhythm, texture, and speed: Some rough, some ever so teasingly slow….

After the first Four or Five, I could no longer contain myself, and came hard into the mouth of crewman Six, who lapped up my juices with delight; Crewman Eight got another mouthful, as I shuddered hard into the cushion beneath me; and I gave crewman Ten my first squirting Orgasm, as his tongue nestled against my overwrought clit for the umpteenth time –

I don’t remember much of what happened after that, though dimly aware of being carried, by many strong arms, down to my cabin, to toss and turn in Memory’s delirium, till evening.

I was awakened, towards evening, by the smell of lemon grass and Galangal, simmering away in a large iron pot in the galley… evidently the crew on this yacht had gourmet tastes in food as well as women…My pussy tingled as I crept into the main salon, and was greeted by a platter of fresh seafood, poached in the aforementioned broth…The fainter aroma of fresh-baked baguette came to my nostrils as I was served a long, warm bread roll, as well.

Taking a seat beside me, the cook confided, “You must understand the rules of the Sea, and of this Yacht: The Captain deserves the first share of any spoils, and today, you’re It” he grinned, returning to his kettle:

I was left to ponder exactly what that meant, as I finished my repast, but it wouldn’t be long, before I realized – Dessert was on me – or, more accurately, dessert *was* me.

As the spectators again assembled, the Captain appeared, naked to the waist, dressed only in white muslin trousers, which clearly had no lining: I could see the outline and shadow of his member clearly through the thin fabric, growing and swelling before my eyes as he gazed upon my delicate curves.

A few velvet cushions were placed on the floor, and I was guided down to all fours, as several hands removed what little I had been wearing: The Captain announced, “I shall now take you Pirate-style, as there are no Missionaries among us!” to the merriment of the crew –

He knelt behind me, reaching under my belly to caress my stiffening nipples with both of his strong, large hands… and I couldn’t but wonder what other parts of his anatomy, might be in proportion to them.

I could feel his hardness through the soft muslin, making my pussy pout a little, and my sweet aroma start to fill seks filmi izle the room…

I couldn’t help starting to sway back and forth a little, he matched my motions and began guiding them – so I closed my eyes, descending down into the bliss of being fully taken, as His engorged cockhead found my lower lips: He massaged my labia for what seemed like an eternity, until my thirsty pussy literally sucked him inside, begging for his length…

This was a longer, thicker cock than I ever remembered taking, but I was so wet for Him it seemed effortless, as though I could ride Him for Eternity:

Wave after wave of shuddering Orgasm swept over me, my pussy becoming one with His magnificent cock, ’till I started to reach for the Big One – but then noticed, he was drawing His cock away from me – I couldn’t push back far enough, to take His length – and then became aware, of his large slick thumb, tracing lazy circles around the perimeter of my asshole, teasing her into opening just a little bit…how enticingly nasty He was!

As He toyed with my sweet ass, I realized: He was keeping rhythm together with both His cock and thumb, and if I was to get more cock in my needy pussy…I had to take a matching amount of thumb in my little ass! Evil pirate that he was, He made the job easier by aiming a dollop of saliva squarely onto my asshole, working it inside me with His rotating thumb, as I slid squarely back on to His cock, having earned my reward…

As He continued to fuck me with both cock and thumb, for what seemed like forever, my ass warmed to receive Him, and between moans of pleasure I whispered, “Take my anal virginity! I want to feel you deep in my hot ass so badly!”

Deftly, as with one motion, He removed His thumb, and I could feel His hot cockhead French-kissing my anus: Two forefingers now straddled my clit, and he worked them alongside my clithood, with each gentle press of His cock. Another well-aimed dollop of spit landed in my ass crack, and slid slowly down towards my rectum: Men are so Nasty – (but in a really good way)…No woman would do that so naturally, for sure!

My now well-lubed anus opened to take Him, and it was a feeling like no other: Full, full as can be of Man-shaft, yet wanting more…skin gripping skin tightly, in an entirely new way…why hadn’t I been brave enough to try this before?

The answer came immediately: No man before had the Manliness and command of This Man, no man before was worthy of this most intimate treasure: He took me completely, and when I felt I could come no more, His thrusting became more urgent: I squeezed His cock with my ass for all I was worth, and He let out a deep growl like a lion, squirting his hot come into my rear in wave after wave of passion, the delicious friction between us, now lessening with the additional lubrication of His essence….Sliding my knees down the cushion, He lowered Himself on top of me, tucking my hair from my ear and whispering, “You are Divine, my little cabingirl”

I fell asleep where I lay, my well-fucked and spanked ass exposed for all to see, like a victor’s stained battle-flag: I had been fucked like never before, and dreamt untroubled, well-loved dreams the entire night.

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