Pretty Girl Pt. 01

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A siren ripped through the tiny bedroom like a freight train and the topless little redhead sprung up in bed like a frightened child, eyes darting around the room. Her hand slammed down on her alarm. 7 am.

“Bullshit” She muttered at the sound of the rain against the window… Her favorite sound. If she didn’t have to get out of bed for work it would be a pleasant way to wake up. In her tiny trailer, only what she needed. The drops of water on the tin roof she began to stretch and mentally prepare for her day.

Coffee was already made. She added cream, hit the door closed with her hip.

She glanced in the mirror, pinched her cheeks, ran fingers through her long thick orange hair. Gave her refection a grin and was out the door and on her way after one last look at the address she had jotted on the back of a video store flyer.

A tiny little Irish vixen. Five foot three, one hundred and eleven pounds. She was sitting alone now on a hard plastic chair in a dusty waiting room. She had expected a residential setting but her GPS had taken her to an office building. Only four other vehicles in the parking lot. Most of the windows displaying FOR LEASE signs, she didn’t see a single other person on her way to the right room.

She chewed her fingers and looked around, taking a couple deep breaths before a door opened and a heavy set middle-aged man walked in with a clip board and a grin.

“Morning darling, did you bring your papers.” She quickly pulled her contract and consent forms from her bag. Her agreement. Her safe word. Her reward for a job completed. “Signed? Witnessed?” She nodded.

“Last time I was here-“

“Ya, we have time set for one hour, will begin when you hear action, got that? Safe word, Red. Will stop immediately and get you to a comfortable position as soon as we can, camera will continue to roll for the duration of you are in the room, Red called or not. You call Red, you agree to nothing in the form of financial compensation and will agree to at least one re shoot with same original set up and agreement erotik film izle at the late date.”


“No blood drawn ok?” He grinned slyly. “I’ve looked over your terms here. You can do this, you got this. I’ve seen worse”


“Come on in sweetie.” He threw her a hospital robe.

She got up off her chair, shaking a bit and followed him back through the door he had come in. It shut with a solid click behind her, and she startled a bit. She was now in a room that looked like a doctors’ office. Compete with examining table and stirrups.

She had been in the business for two years, but this would be her first hardcore video. She had done a few softer ones, but mostly took individual clients.

Her supporting actor stepped up from beside the camera and light men. He was tall and dark, with tattoos. Not her idea of a doctor, but she felt her pussy get wet.

“What was your name again, freckles?”

“My friends call me Nat.”

“Every thing off and get the robe on.”

Her curvy little body made a hospital robe sexy. Her perfect peach of an ass exposed at the back.


He came at her so fast. Twice her size, sheer mass, he grabbed at her breasts as if doing an abusive physical, she knew they had been filming since she entered the room, but was still caught off guard, she glanced quickly at clipboard dude, and he pointed to his watch. Times begun.

“How have you been feeling lately, Nat.”

“I’ve been too sick to work doctor, I think I have a cold.”

“Better safe than sorry, I’m glad you’ve come in. Get on the table.” Before she could climb up he firmly grabbed her by the hips, lifted and then set her down on the exam table. “I need you to put your head back and say ahh.”

Nat felt her heart pounding, she smiled and licked her lips. No script. She only knew she was allowed to scream, say no, and cry. But if she said the word Red, before that timer buzzed, she was walking out of here used but with no cash. He was in scrubs, she put her head back, still film izle wondering what his cock looked like, she closed her eyes and felt his hand grab her hair and pull her head further back. She let out a startled moan. “Say Ahh… you fucking whore. You come in here, waste my time for a fucking cold we are going to make you all better.” her heart pounded harder.

“Ahhh…” as soon as she had made the noise his fingers were in her mouth and down her throat. His other hand still firmly around her hair and pulling back. Her eyes shot open and her first reaction was to pull away from his meaty hand in her mouth, his fingers probing her throat. She could not pull away, his other hand holding her head in place.

“Say Ahhh.” She gagged on his fingers but tried to comply “Hmmm I do think we have some swelling here.” He began to thrust two of his finger in and out of her throat… she tried to relax her body into it… her hands on her thighs white knuckled against her pale skin. He thrusted his fingers in and out, in and out. Of her throat she gagged slightly, but had pretty good control now that she knew what was happening. Guys loved her barely there gag reflex. But after about twenty-five seconds she realized… he was trying to gag her. he wanted her to choke, he wasn’t testing her reflex he was trying to find her limit. He tightened his grip on her hair and began fully fucking her throat with two of his fingers, digging around in a circular motion and pushing deep as he could, and then thrusting again, until tears were streaming down her face, and she felt her body start to stiffen. No more slight gags, she choked on his fingers and her body started to struggle against his hold.

He pulled his hand back and out of her mouth, but still had a grip of her hair. She relaxed. Held up by his handful at the back of her head, and tried to catch her breath. His face was inches from hers and he smiled. “You do seem like you might have a fever, you are warm… Get on your stomach.” She immediately flipped onto her stomach on the table, heart still pounding, he seks filmi izle roughly grabbed her hands and ankles and strapped them to the side of the table. “You’ve been an unruly patient in the past. and this procedure may be uncomfortable, its best to strap you down.”

“Anything doctor, I just want to feel healthy again.” She lifted her ass up slightly feeling her pussy start to throb with excitement again. She rested her cheek on the table and bit her lip in anticipation of what was coming, no idea. He pulled on gloves and slapped her ass hard causing her to jump and squeal and pull at her straps.

“Lets check your temp.” He dug his fingers into a cold clear bucket of lubrication on his side table and pushed two of them against her tight little asshole. She moaned. He didn’t give her one second to get used to the feeling he immediately pushed roughly inside her his fingers sinking to the first set of knuckles and then quickly the next… she let out a loud grunt, and he began pushing his hand hard into her as if to get those two fingers even deeper… she thought must be impossible they could go any deeper, and as she as think that he suddenly began thrusting them hard in and out of her. She felt pain, a burning sensation for sure. But her excitement had her moaning half from hurt and half with pleasure… he pushed a third finger with a thrust and again she let out a sharp squeal “Three!” He said firmly. Thrusting in and out… She shook her head best she could being face down, and struggled against her straps. “Four.” She squeezed her eyes shut and started to cry…

“No, no…”

“… I’m going to make you all better.”

She bit her lip and opened her eyes wide. He pushed his four thick fingers in and out of her and then in and out of her. Her ass had some abuse in the past but never this rough, this fast with so little preparation. He used his other hand to spread more lube around his fingers without removing them from her little hairless hole. She tried to focus on a broken tile on the floor as she felt him pushing his thumb against the outside of her hole… pushing, forcing, trying to inch inside with each thrust… The lights moved closer, she squinted… a camera was now a foot from her face, and an animistic sound escaped her lips as he said “Five.”

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