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“I told you it smelled like rain.” he said, as they both ran for the nearest cover. Looking at each other, they found themselves laughing. Her hair clung to her top, trailing down the front, covering the wings on her concert shirt. He untucked his shirt, pulling it off and wringing it out, before sliding it back on, leaving the last two buttons undone. She pulled the front of her shirt out, wringing it out as well. He smirked, asking why she didn’t just take it off and get it all, and was answered by her blushing face as she averted her gaze.

He pulled her in closer, rubbing his hands up and down her arms, trying to get rid of her goosebumps. She snuggled into his chest, feeling his warmth through the wetness of his shirt. He kissed the top of her head, taking in her scent, hugging her in tighter to try to warm her. She looked up at him smiling, and he returned it, giving her another long kiss on the forehead. He pulled her back further into the alcove of the building, the supports blocking the wind and the roof giving them shelter from the sheets of water that were falling from the sky.

She stared off at the storm, every now and then looking back to find him still staring at her as he held her. She smiled and turned back to the storm, feeling her cheeks flush. She couldn’t believe how he kept looking at her; it made her feel secure, safe, wanted. She turned her head back to him, and stared back into his eyes, seeing herself in them. His hand came up to her chin, and pulled her face closer to his, their lips finally making contact. Her soft lips contrasted with the slight chap he had let develop on his.

One kiss became two, which soon became three, each one more impassioned than the last. Soon he was devouring her mouth, his tongue darting out and flicking against hers, not quite letting her have it yet, biting her lip as he pulled back. She licked her lips, tasting him on them before leaning up into him, pushing forward, wanting him pressed against her lips again. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down towards her, biting his neck. Her lips parted for his tongue, taking it into her mouth, sucking on it, communicating with her mouth how badly she needed him now.

He grabbed her leg and pulled it around him, letting her wrap her body around him, his hands exploring her body. The water in their clothes made a lewd noise every time they moved against each other, intermixing çankaya escort with their heavy breathing. He pushed her against the building, licking and biting his way down her neck, tangling his hand in her hair and pulling her head back to give himself better access. She bit her lip and moaned, digging her fingers into his back, grinding her hips into him.

He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pushed it up, kissing her slick stomach, rolling the wet material further up her body. She arched her body into his mouth, each touch setting her on fire despite the cold. He rolled her shirt over her breasts, pushing her bra up and exposing her to his wanting mouth. As each of her breasts spilled forth from her C cup, he took it in his hand, letting the flesh flow just past his fingers. He teased the nipples with his tongue, causing her to catch her breath in short gasps. Her fingers splayed in his hair, the edges of his teeth grating against her hard nipples, her elbows resting on his shoulders to help steady herself as she buried her face in his hair.

He stood himself back up, steadying her against the building, kissing her head and holding her face in his hands. She hungered for his touch, and took every opportunity to kiss and lick his hands, sucking his fingers into her mouth. Her hands pulled his shirt up, running her fingers against his chest, spreading to feel every inch. She slid them back down, pulling apart the button of his pants, sliding into his pants, past the waistband of his briefs, until she found what she was longing for. Even as she felt him restrain himself in his lust for her, his body was shameless, making no attempt at hiding how he lusted for her.

At her first touch she felt him spring slightly, and she soon had her hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking it as she continued to suck his fingers into her mouth. He replaced them with his mouth, their tongues dueling for control as he pinched and squeezed her nipples. He pulled her head back and leaned into her ear, whispering how good her hand felt. “What?” she finally asked him. He responded by biting her ear; she already knew the answer, only wanting to hear him say it, but that wouldn’t be today. His hand ran up the inside of her thigh, pressing against the heat radiating out from between her legs. “Let me take it” she gasped out loud, twisting her hips on his hand, wishing she had worn a skirt today instead ankara rus escort of jeans.

He let go of her hair, and she pulled his pants down as she fell to her knees, freeing him just as she brought her face level. Wasting no time, she ran her tongue up the shaft before parting her lips for the head, swirling the tip as she took it into her mouth. She heard his groan as he entered her, and even as hard as he was, she could still feel him stiffen in her hot, wet mouth. She cupped her hand on the base, his pulse beating through his manhood as she slid her lips back and forth.

He leaned forward, bracing himself against the building, one hand finding her head. He didn’t force her, but simply tangled his fingers in her hair, letting her control the pace. She dug her free hand into his ass, squeezing the cheek as she took him to his full length, and then back to the very tip. She could taste his precum, just starting to ooze out, and she greedily swallowed it without stopping. She moved on him faster, looking up at him, locking eyes as she took him halfway over and over, before she went full length again, rubbing her nose against his pubic bone. He had been holding his breath, and suddenly let it out, gasping a little and letting out a groaning fuck to the cool air.

He finally seized on her hair fully and pulled her back up, kissing her deeply again, impatient now. His blood boiled, and she was certain that her pants were no longer wet from rain. He pushed her against the building and ground his hand into her crotch, biting her neck and pinning her hands above her head. “Tell me.” he growled into her ear, his hand already unsnapping her jeans and pulling them down. She bit her lip, making him wait, and he responded by sliding a hand inside her panties and then inside of her. The rough skin of his palm pressed down on her pelvis, his finger soaked before it even passed through her lips. She cried out, and he repeated his demand in her ear, louder.

“Please.” she found herself begging, “Put it in me.” In that instant, she found herself turned around, her hands planted firmly on the wall, a whimper escaping her lips as he slid his length up and down her dripping lips. He was driving her mad, and it only made her want him all the more. She tried to hold off again, but only heard herself pleading with him to quit teasing her. She was almost surprised she didn’t hear it ankara yabancı escort coming from her crotch, she was so wet and hot. “Please,” she said one more time, “Fuck me, make me yours.” No more words made it out of her mouth, as she lost all focus when he pressed the head against her and roughly shoved his full length inside of her. She put everything she had on staying standing, and his hands braced against her hips, holding her in place as he pulled back for another stroke.

They quickly fell into a rhythm, letting the full length take her over and over. She could feel her legs getting soaked with the juices dripping from her pussy. Even over the sound of the rain she could clearly hear the sloppy noise as he slid in and out of her, the thick, wet sound becoming more and more pronounced. His left hand reached around and found her clit, protruding stiffly from her needy pussy, and the whorls of his fingertips played and rubbed against her aching clit. She freed one hand from the building, rudely grabbing her own breast, her nails digging into the naked flesh, raking across her nipple. He released her hips and grabbed her head again, this time pulling it to his, making her suck on his tongue once more.

Their lips joined as they continued to grind against one another, her entire body needing to feel that deep release that she was begging for him to give her. “Can I?” she whispered. He muttered into her ear, too low for her to hear, yet she understood fully what he was telling her. “Can I?” she yelled this time, not wanting to risk being too quiet a second time. She needed this too badly, and she didn’t want to screw it up by making him upset.

He leaned forward, asking her how much she wanted it.

She could feel that verge, and wanted so badly to go over it. “Please, just let me have it.” she managed to get out.

“Then you’d better yell for me.” he grunted back into her ear, and that was what she needed.

She let go of all control, and felt a shattering orgasm tear through her body, shaking her violently as he continued to pound her. A long, low yell, increasing in pitch, escaped her lips, and almost immediately she felt it as he grunted and then groaned, letting go of himself inside of her. His trembling carried through her, feeling it despite her hazy mind, and she could feel herself grow warm as he filled her. He collapsed slightly forward, and they both soon were pressing against each other, their kisses now more passionate, less insistent. They carefully dressed each other, the rain still drizzling, but not as hard as before, and wrapping their arms around one another, continued their walk, completely warm despite the rain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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