Quickies Ch. 01

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Quickies: Chapter 1–Sally

I couldn’t believe it when I saw what the bartender was wearing. It was just a black t-shirt but it read, “Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Back.” I suppose it would have just been funny but the bartender had a hot body. Her big firm tits were nestled tightly in the undersized shirt and her ass was molded into tight shorts.

I was on vacation in Florida and wandered into a corner bar for a drink before heading back to my hotel. A long day in the sun on the golf course had dehydrated me and I just wanted to relax with a cold beer. Now here I was almost drooling as I watched the little vixen pour me a drink and move her hot assets behind the bar. She was a fresh-faced natural beauty, with simple good looks.

“Here on vacation?” She asked me as she set the beer in front of me.

“Yeah, just here to play some golf, enjoy the weather, and relax.”

“Good. Where are you from?” She asked.

I tried not to stare at her tits as we talked but it was impossible. “I’m from New York.”

“My name’s Sally.”

“I’m Paul. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you sir.”

Her use of ‘sir’ threw me off a little. She was probably in her early twenties and I am only in my early thirties. Perhaps she had a submissive streak in her I thought. I noticed that she kept the bar neat although the lack of customers probably made it easy to keep things in order.

“Are you a native of Florida?” I asked.

“No sir. I’m from Tennessee but I go to school here. I’m working my way through school. The tips are nice and we have good customers here.” She said as she tugged on her shorts.

“What are you studying?”

“Business. I want to work for a non-profit organization that addresses women’s issues.”

“That’s admirable but it surprises me.”


“Well, not to be too forward, but it’s your t-shirt. Seems like it could be sexist.”

“Oh, this slogan? It’s just for fun. The bar owner had them made up. He thinks it’s funny. Besides, it gives customers a little thrill and it’s true isn’t it? çankaya escort I’m pretty open about most things. I guess you could say that I’m a part of the new generation of feminists. You know, both feminine and educated with a mind for equality.”

“Hmm, that’s interesting. What do you think it’ll take for women to get treated equally?”

“Well, viagra will help.” She gave me a sly look and checked my response. “I’m just kidding. But one of my professors did say that viagra will change the relationship between men and women in favor of women because it gives more importance to women’s pleasure.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Women do deserve more pleasure considering all of the pleasure they bring men.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” She asked coyly.

“Um, well, I’m trying not to be too obvious.”

Sally smiled and turned toward the bottles on display behind the bar. She reached for a bottle and caught me staring when she turned back. With a warm expression on her face, she poured two shots of whiskey and offered me one. “It’s slow tonight.” She said raising her glass. “Cheers!”

We clinked glasses and I shot the whiskey as I eyed Sally’s tits. In a sudden gesture she slammed her glass down and cupped her swelling mounds of femininity, “Ohh! That hits the spot!”

She winked at me and shimmied over to the only two other customers in the bar. They’d been watching the little scene and were smiling. She spoke with them for a few minutes as I sipped my beer and stole glances of her. Eventually, the men got up to leave and Sally came back to talk, leaning against the bar as she asked, “Have you heard about that new drug that warns that you could have a four hour erection?” She laughed and added, “I wouldn’t think that that would be a problem but then I’m not a man.”

“Bet you’ve caused some four hour erections before.”

“Maybe. What do you think? Could I do that to a man?”

“Definitely. Bet you’ve done it before.” I smiled.

“Maybe you’d like to find out.” She walked around the bar toward the ladies’ room. She ankara rus escort then untucked her shirt and dropped her shorts. Her naked ass was tanned and firm. I was shocked but there was no way I wouldn’t take advantage of what was happening.

Sally beckoned me with a finger and disappeared into the bathroom. I jumped up and joined her. She was aggressive and pinned me against a stall door with a tongue sucking kiss. She quickly undid my shorts and stroked my cock as our mouths locked in lust. I lifted her shirt and worked her tits, overwrought by their size and firmness.

I had to feel her tits in my mouth so I broke the kiss and licked and kissed my way to them. I pulled her nipples through my lips over and over as Sally squeezed my cock. She was breathing in short gasps. I bit down lightly on each of her tender nipples.

“Oh shit, that’s hot!” She urged. “I want you to use your tongue on my cunt!”

She grabbed the top of the stall and began to raise her body. I helped lift her up by grabbing her ass and suddenly she was on my shoulders with her beautiful naked pussy in my face. She smelled delicious. Wrapping her legs around my neck, she demanded that I lick and suck her. I had never experienced anything like this. She was athletic and obviously knew what she wanted.

I mouthed her sweet smooth cunt, working hard to keep her elevated above the stall at the same time. I moaned on her clit and ate her furiously. Sally was thrashing against my face, drenching my lips. She leaned back and bucked her hips using her grip on the walls to lean back and push her pussy in my face. My cock was throbbing in the wildness of the moment. I wanted to use Sally’s nasty efforts to shoot my boiling load.

I had a hard time prying Sally’s thighs from my neck but she relented and slid down my body until she was against my prick. I grabbed her ass and together we moved our bodies until her slick lower lips enfolded over my cock. She unlocked her arms and fell onto my extended shaft, holding onto the wall, bouncing hot with her legs ankara yabancı escort around my waist.

We began to vigorously fuck, standing there inside the toilet stall. The sounds of our moaning and grunting echoed through the tiled room. “Oh, this is so hot. You’re a stud Paul.” She licked my lips. “I love the way I taste. Fuck me until I cum!”

I tickled her asshole with my fingers and worked to pump her hard. Her body was shaking and the movement of her huge tits was mesmerizing. I knew I wouldn’t last but I wanted Sally to cum first. Sliding a finger in her ass, I rammed her against the wall and used my arms to make her bouncing more intense. We pounded together in abandon, both wanting release.

“Oh yeah! A little more! Fuck me harder baby!” She screamed.

I concentrated on my breathing and tried to hold back, flexing my cock with clenched asscheeks. Sally’s pussy tightened on me as she began to cum. “Oh shit, I’m cumming on your hot cock.” She clung tightly to me, smothering my face in her tits.

I erupted in a muffled cry. My cum surged through my shaft as I pressed my body against Sally. The tight grip of our sex union felt even better with the slick mess of my cum coating our friction. Hugging, we caught our breath and shared some soft kisses. “That was nice Paul.” Sally whispered. She slowly lowered herself from my softening cock.

“Oh Sally. You’re amazing.” I said as I pulled my shorts on.

Sally cleaned up with a satisfied look on her face and left. I washed my hands and splashed some water on my face before returning to the bar. It was still empty. I approached the sexpot bartender, feeling a little awkward in the aftermath of our wild scene. She looked at me and smiled.

“I enjoyed that sir. You have a really nice cock.”

“You’re a fucking goddess Sally. I want….”

She put a finger to my lips and then replaced it with a sensual slow kiss. Then she pushed me toward the door with a hand on my ass.

“I need to close up now. Just wanted you to enjoy your visit to Florida. Here’s a shirt to remember tonight. Maybe you’ll come visit again sometime?”

I stood there staring at her through the door as she locked it. She lifted her shirt and pressed her beautiful tits against the glass before walking away. I eventually walked off with my souvenir in hand.

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