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If I close my eyes.. I see it… where we are.. surrounded by by the outside and the trees.. The sun shines brightly in a sea blue sky and it smells like rain. that warm muggy slightly tangy scent the air gets before one of those downpours that cleans everything off. the tension in the air is high, you know it’s going to be a big thunderstorm.

you stand in front of me, smiling, and I reach out and take your hand in mind. “Come here,” I whisper and pull you into my arms.

My hands reach for your face as I feel your arms wrap around me tightly. “Mmmmm ” I say.

You kiss me then.. that hot deep passionate-make-your-toes-tingle kind of kiss; the kind that make your knees weak.

My hand runs through your hair and I lay my head on your shoulder. You push on my shoulders, moving me backwards to the ground

I wrap my arms tighter around you as you start to kiss me again.. and I tug on your shirt, pulling it up, over your head. You lift your arms and throw it aside. Rolling you onto your back, I snuggle down onto your now bare chest. You reach down and pull my top off, lifting it over my head and sending it to join yours.

Lying skin to skin, we breathe for a moment, listening to each other and noises outside. I slide up and kiss you again, feeling you turn me over.

I lay down and the sun shines brightly in my eyes. You block it as you lean over me, smiling. “Hi” you whisper.

“Hi back” I whisper. I pull your face to mine and kiss you again. I feel your hands on my hips, tugging on my jeans. They slide down easily, over my legs and into a pile on the blanket. Naked now, I lay back and smile at you as you kneel and look at me. You undo your belt and push your pants down over your hips. I just lean back and watch as you start to strip for me in the sunlight. Rising up on your knees, you push them down further. Sitting back down, sliding them over your legs, you kick them off. Naked like me, you crawl over and straddle me.

I slide my hands down your chest, furry and warm, and rest them kızılay escort on your thighs. You smile and put your hands on my breasts. As your fingers start to play with my nipples, I reach my hand between your legs and grab ahold of your cock. I can feel you start to grow in my hands as I stroke you slowly..

You slide backwards and off me, lying down next to me instead. I roll onto my side and watch you, my eyes half closed.

My hand slides back down as you roll onto your back and I grab you again, stroking you as you close your eyes and pull me into a kiss. You’re hard now, my hand teasing you slowly, massaging up and down. I kiss your chest.. then your stomach, feeling your hair tickle my face. Your hand moves to play with my hair as I start to slowly lick you, sliding your cock in my mouth.

My lips wrap around you slowly as I feel your hands in my hair. You throb as I slide my tongue over the top. I feel you jump and slide my hand up to stroke your chest. I suck harder, feeling you grip my hair and arch your back, thrusting you into my mouth further. I move a little faster, licking all over you, teasing, softly nibbling.

You moan again, and I pull up, sliding up your body. My breasts rest against your cock, still wet from my mouth. I push them together and slide your cock between them, stroking it. Your hands guide me as I slip you back and forth..

You twist and wiggle, close to being there and then I stop, watching you breathe heavy. As I look up at you, the skies open and the rain starts to fall down. I feel my skin start to drip water and I watch it slide all over your body.

As the rain falls down and wets our bodies I slide on top of you. Your eyes close as I rub my breasts against your chest. I feel you throbbing against my leg and I’m wet from something besides just the rain.

The droplets fall all over me like little kisses and your hands caress my body. I straddle you, grinding a little, teasing a lot, rubbing back and forth so that your cock slides against my clit. I ankara etlik escort moan softly, leaning forward so that it’s right in your ear. Your eyes open and we stare at each other, the droplets all over your face, dripping from mine. I kiss you again, that deep aching kiss, the kind that melt your bones and slide you inside me. As you fill me up, I lean backwards, putting my hands on your knees. You reach up to guide me, your hands on my breasts, pinching the nipples.

I bounce up and down slowly.. squeezing your cock tight inside my pussy. You thrust harder and harder and I moan, moving faster.

I lean forward, my body trembling as you slide up and back, down and forth. I kiss you again; you wrap your hands around my face and touch me, my hips moving with yours.

The rains come harder, pounding our bodies as we pound back and forth together. I feel it coming, my orgasm, and I hope you do too. Suddenly, you roll me over and grab my hands, holding them above me. Your eyes meet mine and I stare at you, biting my lips, and arching my hips. “Harder, ” I beg, moaning louder.

“No,” you whisper. You push harder, letting go and spreading my legs wider, then wrapping them around your hips. Your mouth goes to my nipple and I dig my nails in your back. You bite softly and suddenly I arch and moan. You send me over the edge, nibbling and sucking on breasts, my nails biting into your skin, your cock thrusting deeper into me.

“Ahhhh, ” I moan “Ohhh ” and pant heavy, clutching you to me, the rain pouring over me, mixing with the sweat and the smell of sex is heavy in the air.

You throb inside me, still hard, still suckling at my breast. I look at you, the rain running through your hair, over your body and shiver, little tremors going through me.

You pull me up, so I’m sitting on your knees. Your lips find my ear and nibble softly. “Fuck me.. ” you whisper.

Mmmmm, gladly, I think.

As the rain pours down, I grab you tightly, wrapping my arms around your shoulders. demetevler escortlar I start to slide up and down, our rain-slicked bodies making the gliding easier. You bite my neck and growl as I tease your cock, slowing down and speeding up.

I lean backwards, sliding almost all the way off of you, your cock between us, hard, sliding out of me. You grab for me but I pull away and turn over, on my hands and knees. You spank me softly for being so naughty, but then guide yourself into me.

I get up on my knees and elbows and arch my back, pushing my hips into yours, feeling you bump deep inside me. Your cock throbs as I grip you tightly. You grab my hips and pump. I feel the rain drip between me, under me, around me as you slide in and out faster and faster.

I can tell you’re close, I feel your legs tighten. I lean down, my head resting on my clothes and push against you as hard as I can. Your hands grip me tight enough to leave marks, but I don’t care. You lean over, hips moving faster and faster and bite my back, my neck, growling and pulling lightly on my hair. I follow you back, both of us kneeling upright, you pounding me, holding on to my breasts, pinching my nipples as you lick my neck and ears. One hand slides down the front of my body. You rub your fingers between my legs, searching for my clit. When you find it, I spread my legs around yours and you tease me harder and faster.

“Cum with me.. ” you say.

I reach up and wrap my arms around behind my head around your neck and moan louder. You whisper dirty things in my ear that I can’t hear but still arouse me more and more. “fuck me, please baby, please, God.. please” I moan.

You lick my ear and ask, “Are you ready for me? “

Of course I am.

I feel you tighten, your orgasm right there as I start to cum. You hold onto my waist, I grip your arms and scream softly as you moan and bite down on me. I feel you, inside me, cumming hard, each burst hot and milky coating me. Finally we slow down, our breathing hard and fast, our limbs trembling. You kiss my neck softly and I open my eyes. The sun shines down on our bodies, our blanket, our clothing, drying off what was once wet.

You lay down, pulling me with you, and I slide my head onto your chest to rest.

“Thank you. ” I whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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