Red Boxed Gifts

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It had been a long and exhausting day and I was so relieved to be home and able to shut the door to the demands of the world, my job, my circumstances.

So, I got out of the car, unlocked the front door and stepped inside to the freedom of my sanctuary, my home. I proceeded with my usual habit of leaving all the supplies of work(Blackberry, briefcase, files) right there on the front entrance bench.

Then, off came the coat, the shoes, the stockings and the skirt. All left on the steps, to be carried up to my bedroom when I was finished in my favorite room in the house.

In my bare feet, I walked through the hall and opened the door to the Library. My hands were busy undoing the buttons of my silk blouse when I took my first intoxicating deep breath of the smell of all my books. I love this smell. I love these books and it has been my routine for years to realign myself after work by undressing in the library as soon as I enter the house.

Today, however, my usual routine is interrupted by him. There he is, my lover, my special friend, my erotic twin, seated in my favorite old leather arm chair in front of the lit fire blazing in the fireplace.

Fully clothed and obviously pleased with himself, as evidenced by his mischievous smile, he simply watches me as I adjust myself to the reality of his presence.

“When did you get here?” I say with obvious surprise and pleasure.

“I’ve been waiting here for 2 hours or so.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming, I would have come home earlier?”

“Because, silly, I wanted to surprise you.” He says with an ever increasing smile on his face and a look of excitement growing in his blue-green eyes.

“Aren’t you going to finish undressing, I mean, don’t let me interrupt your usual routine?”

“I am so very happy you’re here. I missed you.”

I say as I continue to unbutton my blouse while walking towards him.

I reach him in the chair and unceremoniously slip into his lap and awaiting arms. We kiss with the usual passion we never withhold from one another. Deeply and with an increasing urgency, we kiss, our lips part, our tongues intertwine and we loose ourselves in this familiar dance.

After several minutes, our lips part.

“You have just turned my day completely around.” I say as he kisses my right ear, my arousal obvious as I watch his fingers move along the seam of my exposed bra.

“What a nice surprise you are.”

“Oh ya, I almost forgot. I brought you a present.”

With that he reaches for a red gift-wrapped box on the floor beside him and presents it to me with a flourish.

“Open it.”

On the top of the box is a beautiful bow with a small card. I take the card and read it;

‘Know, first, who you are: and then adorn yourself accordingly.’ Epictetus.

“What ever have you got in here?” I ask with a smile. Anticipation and excitement rise within me. I open the box and there on a bed of bright red velvet is a pair of silver handcuffs.

“Oh, you delicious man, what games have you planned for us this weekend?”

Our eyes lock and I see that the passion and arousal blazing in his eyes mirrors the inferno blazing within me.

“Let’s finish getting you undressed. . .”


Standing over you, watching you position yourself in the middle of the bed, I am overwhelmed by my good fortune. What a delicious man you are. As you settle yourself, I begin to smile; anticipating what I am going to do to you.

Slowly, I straddle your waist, making sure not to touch your fully erect cock. I stretch out on top of you as I slide my naked tits and my dripping pussy up your body until I can secure your handcuffed wrists to the headboard of the bed.

While I am reaching over your face, you take my nipple into your mouth and, with force, you suck and nibble on it. I pull my nipple out of your mouth and slide down your body until my mouth is nibbling your ear.

“Baby, I’m going to lick and nibble you. Would you like that?”

“Yes” you say, as you turn your head in search of my mouth.

I leave a trail of licks and nibbles all over your neck and cheeks until I reach your mouth. With the very tip of my tongue, I trace the outline of the outside of your lips. Slowly, sensuously, I use my tongue to trace the inside of your lips. They part, of course, and you attempt to lick me back, put I pull my face back, sincan escort just out of your reach.

You strain against your restraint in an effort to kiss me full on my lips.

“Come on, Lover” you say, “kiss me properly.” I smile because I know how much you love my full lips. I slowly graze my lips over yours. Your beard tickles me and causes me to giggle just before I plunge my tongue into your open mouth and lock my lips to yours in a deep, penetrating kiss of passion that makes my pussy throb and your hips undulate in search of contact for your cock.

“Ggghurrra, hhhhaaa….” Is that me or you. Deep groans and moans are expressed by both of us as we enjoy this wonderfully intimate kiss.

As we kiss, my legs are straddling you and I am rubbing my dripping, wet pussy all over your chest. When my clit make contact with your erect left nipple, we both gasp at the pleasure this sensation causes us.

“Do you feel that, Baby?” I ask while panting and rubbing my clit against your nipple.

“Come on, Lover, fuck my chest.” You say as you sense that my mounting arousal matches your own.

“Baby,” I breathe, “Can I rub on your nipple until I cum? Would you like to see me cum that way, Baby? Can I ride you, Baby? Ride you like this . . .?”

“Lover, ride me.” you say, watching me raise myself in a sitting position on your chest. “I want to watch you cum on me, my Lover, my Friend. Come on, show me how much you love to cum.”

This you say while fighting against the restraints and enjoying the mounting pleasure you see in my eyes. I reach my hand to my pussy and completely spread open my lips thereby enabling my juicy cunt to have unobstructed access to your chest and very sensitive nipple.

As I begin to buck and grind my pussy and clit against you, I firmly cup my bouncing breasts in both hands. Our moans and gyrations become more intense with each flick of my nipples.

With my head thrown back and my fingers frantically twisting, pulling and tweaking my nipples, I begin to buck on your chest wildly.

“Oh, Baby, I’m gonna cum, oh ya, fuck, yes, yes, yes… here it is, Baaaabbbbbyyyyy!!!” I scream as I explode and spasm on your chest.

“Let me loose, release my hands, Lover. I need you to take these cuffs off now.” you say with insistence and force.

I collapse on top of you, my pussy vibrating and pulsing as I reach for the key and release the cuffs from your wrists.

Once released, you flip me over onto my back, lift my legs onto your shoulders and thrusts your engorged cock deeply into my awaiting pussy.

You fuck me hard and deep and fast; pounding into me so hard and deep that shudders of pleasure erupt within me with each thrust.

“Oh Lover, I’m gonna cum . . .” you say as I feel your penis jump and spasm inside me. As your cum explodes out of you, it fills me with an expression of your ecstasy.

Spent and well satisfied, we remain intertwined, arms and legs wrapped around each other, as we drift off into sleep. . .

By the end of the weekend, we have enjoyed each other in various positions of pleasurable restraint; both of us completely excited about the possibility of future surprise red box gifts.


I park the car in my driveway after yet another long and exhausting week at work and sit staring at the front door of my home.

It won’t be like last week. He’s not waiting on the other side of the door with handcuffs and an erection. I can only imagine how boring this weekend will be without him.

I gather all the necessary things from the car then reluctantly open the door to the house. “Howdy neighbour. Can you believe all this snow?”

When I turn around from my front door, I see Abby, my neighbour, walking up my driveway.

“Hi Abby. I see you’re still walking and smiling in spite of all this dreadful snow. Did you want to come in for some tea or something?”

“I’d love to. James called earlier to say that he will be on the road two more days so it’s just me this weekend. I was hoping to find something to do to help kill some time.”

I can’t help but watch her as she struts the rest of the way to my front door. She is all sex, this Abby. Every single inch of her and my body, though initially tired, is now acutely aware of her nearness.

We both enter the house and take off our coats and boats and head to the kitchen.

“Make ankara escort yourself comfortable, Abby. I’ll just put the kettle on for us.”

As I turn plug in the electric kettle, I can feel Abby’s eyes on me. I can feel her undressing me and I can hear the pace of her breathing increase. Her desire is palpable and it is exciting me.

“How long has James been on the road this time, Abby?”

“Two weeks and three days. I can hardly stand it. I mean, what am I supposed to do when he’s gone so long? I was all prepared for him to come home today and then he tells me two more days. I’m about ready to loose my mind.”

“Don’t worry Abby, you’re always welcome here, just stop by when you see I’m home.”

“Thanks. I really appreciate this.”

As I am rustling in the fridge for food, Abby continues to check me out. It’s flattering but it has never gone beyond staring.

“Can I ask you a personal question, what do you do to, you know, deal with being alone here all the time? I mean, well, you know what I mean.”

“Well, Abby, I just handle my own business. You know, I make love to myself.”

“Really, that works?”

“Wait a minute, you mean to tell me you don’t masturbate?” I ask her, shocked by the possibility.

“Well, I’m not sure how to do it really. Does it satisfy you?”

“Not like another person could but it certainly takes the edge off.”

“Well, it must have been a while since you did it because I can tell by your nipples that you are in need of something, or do they always show through you sweaters like that?”

I look down and, sure enough, there they are, standing straight up at attention. I put my palms over them and squeeze slightly.

“Abby, I’m sorry, they always seem to make an entrance for me. My nipples just do this. They are highly sensitive so they remain slightly erect all the time.”

“You mean they are only slightly erect, they get bigger than that? Just how big do they get?” She asks as she begins to walk towards me, with her eyes fixed on my breasts.

Once in front of me, Abby says;

“Let me see them” and proceeds to lift my sweater over my head then she removes my bra. I simply stand frozen and slightly dumbfounded with my naked tits and elongated nipples exposed, wondering how the hell everything turned around like this.

Abby, whose eyes have not left my breasts, begins to circle both my nipples with her index fingers.

The sensation, damn the entire situation, is so electrifying. I am immediately fully aroused. My breathing becomes heavier, my heart beats a faster and my pussy starts to throb. All the while, Abby circles my growing nipples and watches in fascination, like I’m a science project.

Suddenly, I take a step back and attempt to regain some composure.

“We need to stop this, Abby.”

“Why, don’t you like the way I touch your nipples? They really are big. Do you like them being sucked and things?” she asks as she begins to reach for them again.

“Listen, they are attached to me. You can’t just go around stimulating someone’s nipples like that, Abby.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“Of course it does. Wouldn’t it turn you on if I did that to you?”

“Let’s see.” She say as she raises her sweatshirt to reveal two beautifully free and unfettered breasts. They are different from mine in every respect. Where my generous “D” cup breasts are capped with very large dark brown nipples, Abby’s “C” cup breast are capped with big pink nipples.

As I am staring, Abby begins to stroke her nipples lightly.

“Here, you do it.” She says and she takes my hands and places them on her breasts, “Play with my nipples.”

I pause for a moment, but only a moment. I look Abby in the eyes and decide right then and there that I am going to fuck this woman.

I slowly begin to circle Abby’s nipples with the palm of my hands. I can feel them growing larger; hear her breathing become a little shallow and I can smell the fragrance of her arousal.

As I watch the desire begin to build in her eyes, I slowly move my thumb and index fingers around Abby’s nipples and I roll them, ever so gently until she begins to pant and a deep blush colours her cheeks. Just as her eyes begin to close, I grip both nipples with such force that Abby gasps and her eyes flutter open.

Abby struggles and tries to pull her nipples from my grip, while screaming words of protest but I pull her, by her nipples, etimegut escort closer to me. I release her left nipple and draw her against my body with my right arm. In her ear, with her right nipple still gripped forcefully in my left hand, I say;

“I am done playing games, little girl. I need to fuck and you clearly need to be fucked so let’s go.”

With that, I grab a handful of her chestnut brown curls, pull her head back and kiss her full on the mouth. She is still shocked and surprised but her body response wonderfully to my kiss. Slowly I release some of the pressure on her right nipple as she begins to lean right in and grind her pussy against me.

Abby’s left hand encircles my waist and grabs a handfull of my ass, while her right hand takes a hold of my left nipple.

There we stand; me with a handful of hair and Abby’s right nipple in my grip; she with a handful of my ass and my left nipple firmly in her grasp. With our lips locked, our tongues intertwined and our pussy’s dripping, we grind against one another until we have reached a fevered pitch of desire.

At some point I realize that Abby is duplicating everything I do to her nipple. When I pinch, she pinches my nipple. When I roll her nipple between my fingers and thumb, Abby begins to roll mine. We are simply writhing, panting and desperately in need of release.

We begin to walk out of the kitchen and move upstairs to my bedroom. Once there, we proceed to take off the remainder of our clothes.

We briefly take in the sight of each other fully naked. With her pale complexion, green eyes and chestnut brown hair, Abby is the same height as me but everything else is slightly smaller. With my milk chocolate complexion, black hair, dark brown eyes, full lips, big breasts, wide hips and black woman’s ass, I stand in complete contrast to Abby.

As I stare at this beautiful vixen before me, I begin to smile at how different this weekend is turning out to be.

I reach for Abby and feel her naked body press against mine. We kiss as we are positioning ourselves on the bed. I take Abby’s arms at the wrists and raise her hands above her head.

Slowly, I begin to lick and suck Abby’s ears and her neck as my free hand begins to slide over her breasts, down her stomach and straight to her dripping, throbbing pussy.

As soon as my fingers reach into her wetness, Abby begins to moan and buck like she has been electrocuted. When I just barely touch the head of her clit, slightly circling the tips of my fingers over it, Abby begins to shudder with her first orgasm.

I watch Abby’s eyes flutter, her face contort and her head roll back as the wave of the orgasm takes her. All the while, I never stop circling her clit.

As her orgasm begins to subside, I slide down Abby’s body until I can suck her clit into my mouth. I wrap my lips around her clit and use my tongue to flick it while I gently suck. At the same time, I insert two fingers into her pussy. I fuck, suck and flick Abby to her second orgasm. Abby is pulling on her nipples, rolling her head back and forth, bucking wildly and screaming;

“Fuck me, oh yeah that’s it, fuck me …”

I can feel the walls of her pussy contract on my fingers, see the colour of her nipples change to a deep red, hear the moaning and screaming and smell and taste the release or her juices. It is amazing and it makes me desperate for an orgasm myself.

With that, I begin to slide back up Abby’s body. I stop to rub my left nipple on her pulsating cunt and the sensation is so euphoric it makes me crazy.

When Abby slides down and takes my nipple dripping with her own pussy juices into her mouth, I burst into a mind-blowing orgasm.

Abby sucks and nibbles my nipples while massaging my clit. All I can do is moan, scream and cum …

Throughout the course of the weekend, Abby stays with me and we experiment on one another’s bodies. We use our hands, our mouths and many toys to bring each other to a place of complete satisfaction.

Before James comes home from his business trip, I walk Abby to the door and let her out with a fond and familiar kiss.

“You’re welcome over anytime. Don’t forget.”

“I won’t forget.” Abby says as she leans in and kisses me back.

I watch her as she walks back home. That saucy minx sure can strut …

As I shut the door and walk into the library for the first time this weekend, I am shocked.

“He was here.” Is all I can think as I look at the bright red gift box on the floor before the fireplace. Beside the large bow on the top of the box is a card that reads;

“We’ll open this together, when next I come …”

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