Remembering Pamela

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I remember your lips. Wet and sweet, like the heart of a mango.

I remember your tongue, dipping and circling like a dancer, pouncing like a stalking tiger.

I remember the silken warmth of your alabaster skin and the mewling whimper you made when I kissed the hollow of your throat. I remember tracing your elegant jaw with my tongue, and drawing a giggle from you as I trailed kisses to your collar bone.

I remember your eyes, sparkling like pearls, hungry, full of want and need and surrender.

I remember the floral scent of your perfume and how it lingered in the air after our lovemaking. I remember the autumn smell of your hair and the spiced-apple fragrance of your pussy.

I remember your devilish grin as you held me, your full breasts pressed heavily against my chest, your tongue tracing the supple curve of your lower lip, your husky voice a whisper as you uttered the question I’d been dying to hear:

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

My beloved burns for me, yearns for me, delights in me.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

We both know what I’ll say. We both know what you want. We both know the thing you’re eager to do, the thing that has you squirming like a child who hears the ice cream truck. Your upper lip glistens with a sheen of perspiration and I feel you tremble in my arms.

“I want you to suck my cock,” I say, and your eyelids flutter with joy. Where did I find such a generous lover?

I remember your hands, small, sensitive, trembling as they unfastening my belt and fumbled with my zipper. I remember the cool touch of your fingers on my stomach and the determination on your face as you bit your lower lip and pressed your fingers down, searching me out. I remember the electric shock as your fingers found me, embraced me, freed me from bondage. I remember swelling in your hand as the head of my cock broke into the cool, night air.

I escort sincan remember the way your breath would catch on first seeing my cock. “Ooooo, you’re so big,” you’d whisper as you softly stroked me, gripping my shaft and gazing with a mix of lust and wonder at my purple cockhead, as though the world had never known a thing so beautiful, so marvelous.

I remember watching you drop to your knees before me and slip my jeans off, your cool fingers tracing the muscles of my thighs. I remember feeling trapped, at your mercy, paralyzed by the promise of what would come, my aching will cupped in your small hands.

I remember your fingers caressing my balls, your hot breath blowing across the tip of my sword, and that look in your eyes–wanton, drunk with pleasure, a vixen wielding the greatest of powers, an addict transfixed before the object of her deepest dependency.

I remember willing your lips to engulf me, willing your tongue to torture me, willing your mouth to thrill me. I remember my cock jerking at your touch, throbbing in anticipation of your ministrations.

I remember the way you held my gaze as you dipped your lips closer, ever closer, until you opened and warmed the tip of my aching manhood with this most sensuous of kisses.

Nirvana! Ecstasy! I remember my heart surging as I held my breath and prayed for more.

I remember your lips slipping over the head of my cock. How does one describe an act so serene and yet so shattering? I remember your writhing tongue, that terrible animal, probing, swirling, licking, bathing, tap-dancing, your eyes closed in pleasure as you teased me and pleased me. Your right hand gripping my thick shaft as your left traced lazy designs on my ass, coaxing me closer, sucking me deep, then releasing me and sucking me deeper still.

I remember looking down at your bulging cheeks and watching the amazing magician’s trick ankara escort of my cock disappearing into your sensuous lips and burning mouth. I remember the primal need that overcame me as I sank all the way in, and the moist heat of your lust enveloped me.

I remember the flare of your nostrils as you fought to breathe. I remember the red flush of your face and chest as your own pussy became a fever-swamp of desire, spreading contagious delirium to every nerve and cell of your body.

I remember the slurpy suction of your lips each time I withdrew, and the coolness of the air on my saliva-wet shaft. I remember the smacking pop of your lips as you released me, and the momentary panic I felt as I looked into your laughing eyes and wondered if you’d grown tired of our game.

“Do you want me to suck your cock some more,” you whispered sweetly.

“Only if you can do better than that,” I lied, barely under control.

“You didn’t like it?” you pouted.

“You’re getting better,” I replied. “But I think you could use more practice.”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say,” you answered.

And then, you took me to the hilt in a single stroke!

I remember slipping my fingers into your downy hair, cupping your head in my hands, my hips and body moving with you as you mounted me without shame and fucked my cock with your mouth.

I remember the mind-numbing delight of your swirling tongue as it licked my shaft, my glans, my balls, teasing every bump and ridge and throbbing vein of my manhood, setting every nerve and fiber of my cock aflame with need. I remember the gut-wrenching pleasure as your tongue flickered across my most-sensitive places and you coaxed my passions to the breaking point.

I remember the awesome discovery that you understood me, you knew the root of my desire. I remember the amazement I felt when I realized that my pleasure excited your own. I remember etimesgut escort bayan your moans and muffled cries of joy as my cock filled your mouth and my hips pistoned my arrow against the back of your throat. I remember pressing your head against me, burying your nose in the forest of my pubic hair, feeling you yield, gasping as my cock slipped to the depths of you.

I remember your fingers gripping my ass and pulling me deeper, my balls swinging against your chin, my lungs burning, my cock swelling. I remember the feeling of being caught in the bulls-eye of a target, my orgasm flying towards me like a buzz-bomb, dumb and without a pilot, gliding in and fused for explosion, unstoppable, unavoidable, and devastating in effect.

I remember tears flowing from your eyes as the intensity of the moment built to a fever-pitch. I remember the desire mixed with relief in your moist eyes as I shouted out a warning:

“I’m going to fill your mouth with my cum. Oh, lover, this is so good!”

I remember that final plunge, that final stroke, where my agony turned to ecstasy by the magic of your alchemy. I remember holding your head tightly as my cock pulsed and throbbed and doused the hot embers of your mouth with my steaming seed.

I remember the way you gulped and your mouth foamed and you gasped for air as you swallowed the warm rivers of my cum. I remember the sweet mewling sounds you made as you devoured my milky ambrosia. I remember your smile, and a tiny drop of my love slipping from lip to chin as you licked me clean and milked my shaft for every last drop.

I remember the adoration I felt as I stood over you, drained of every care and worry, tingling from every pore and follicle. I remember your lips circling my flaccid cock with a final embrace.

I remember lifting you, kissing you languidly, carrying you to bed and relishing every sensuous inch of your beautiful body. I remember the way you ached, and the way I satisfied your need.

I remember pleasuring you long into the night, until your cries of joy were mingled with the lonesome wailing of the desert coyotes.

I will remember you, always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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