Rendezvous at a Storm

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The castle was an old ruin on a cliff top in Northumberland with breathtaking views along the coastline. The walls either side were mostly intact but the strong seas winds had eroded the other two ancient walls which stood facing the sea. The meeting had been arranged via text and and he lay out a blanket on the grass in the middle of the ruin he hoped she would not be held up by everyday life.

He brought food and wine, more as to show the effort made rather than any hope they would dine. Thick black clouds gathered like eager spectators and he feared any more delays would end on this meeting being a washout.

His fears were unfounded, she arrived moments later and he eagerly watched her approach. Her beautiful blonde hair danced in the breeze. Her hips swayed in her long summery skirt which immediately set his mind forward to a point when he could grab those hips and pull them towards him.

She beamed the most beautiful smile and kneeled down on the blanket. She had not come to dine either. She leaned over and kissed him very gently, lingering her open mouth over his and gently sliding her tongue to caress his lips. She felt the shiver in his breath which let her know he was feeling everything she did. As they separated they stared into each other eyes. They were both glassy and full of desire.

The heavens opened and thick slabs of rain started to punctuate the summer sunshine and rumbles of thunder rolled in from sincan escort the winding coastline.

They didn’t make a sound but they were both in complete agreement that this weather was not going to get in the way of their rendezvous.

He climbed to his knees and pulled those hips up against his then ran his big hands up the back of her white summer shirt while he kissed her firmly, squeezing her body close. She loved him to kiss her hard, it made her dizzy and tingle with excitement. She grabbed his t-shirt and lifted it over his head exposing his bare chest to the rain. He gave a slight shiver as the heat of his passion was washed by warm summer rain. She ran her hands down his chest and stomach and ran them across the front of his jeans. She could feel his rock hard cock through the tight denim and could not wait to set it free.

They continued kissing while she frantically undid his buttoned fly ,then ran her hand around the inside and round the back to his tight buttocks.

He began to lose control, clawing at her shirt and almost tearing it off to expose her bare breasts to the rain. He ran his hand up her back and neck and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back while he surveyed her conquered beauty. He kissed her exposed neck while grabbing her breast, gently squeezing her nipple between his thumb and forefinger which sent shivers of pleasure right through her body. She began to fight back pushing ankara escort him into a sitting position and pulling off his jeans exposing his big hard cock. She felt the urge to eat it, but her pussy throbbed and she straddled him, lifting up her skirt .

He climbed back to his knees running his hands up each thigh and round the back of her bare buttocks. He felt another tingle of excitement that she had prepared to be fucked in advance by removing all her underwear.

The rain got heavier, as if matching their need for each other and the horizon lit up with flashes of lightning which were followed by bellowing crashes of thunder.

Their wet faces slid past each other as they kissed and he pulled her near he felt the end of his cock touch the outside of her warm pussy. She shuddered as his tip caressed her clit and immediately reached down and grabbed his throbbing piece and put it towards her wet pussy. She dipped the tip enough to get it wet from her juices and then pulled it out and back onto her clit, gently rubbing from side to side.

He let out a moan of pleasure and gave her a look that said I want to be inside you right fucking now. She felt her pussy begin to tighten as she neared climax and she waited, and waited drawing quicker, shorter breaths as she rubbed him faster and faster.

Just when she felt her self begin to cum she sat on his full length, throwing her head back and feeling the rain hit her face etimegut escort and her body convulsed. He pulled her in as hard as he could. He knew how she liked to be fucked deep and hard while she was coming. He loved to watch her orgasm more than he enjoyed having one himself. She let out a primal scream and over the backdrop of a concerto of thunder, she told him to fuck her hard. He thrust deeper and deeper pounding her pussy and holding it in deep as she came again and again.

Again he lost control and roughly picked her off and turned her over onto her front pulling those hips he had fantasised about up so she was on her knees. The rain felt really cold now on her hot back and water ran down her exposed arsehole. He plunged into her pussy, gently at first then gradually harder and harder. She started to climax again as he sped faster and faster into her. Her body shook so much she could do nothing to push back for him even if he didn’t have tight hold of her hips. Her back arched as they both came. She felt the warm squirt of his full load spraying into her deepest parts which pushed her over the edge one last time.

He lay down on top of her for a minute, she felt his cock throbbing and winding down as he kissed her ear. They both let out a little giggle at their naked wet plight. They lay breathless as the storm began to lift and the familiar sound of reality came in the form of her text message ringtone.

She reached over to her bag and grabbed her phone. He thought she looked so hot with her wet hair dripping onto her naked breasts. She looked up from the message. “It’s from your mother” She said smiling, “Can we pick the kids up in an hour”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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