Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 03

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Gregor escorted Caroline to his studio office after she emerged from the shower.

“Susie, I’m sure you’ll soon have a big group of fans, once they see your performance. When you return, I want you to have a bare pussy. No fuzz, no landing strip, I want it waxed bare and smooth.” He escorted her to the exit, and said, “Susie, it was a pleasure, see you in two days.”

She looked at her watch, 12:30, and she realized that she was hungry. She drove away from downtown with her having to pretend she was still at her undercover job, trying to get the dirt on Taco Busters. She was 5 miles past the city limits, she knew there were diners along this section of the freeway. The throbs of her stretched, freshly fucked ass hole were fading, being replaced by a dull ache, it was not as bad as when she’d just been used, but she was still squirming her butt around on the seat, trying to get as comfortable as possible.

A billboard loomed up, it said, “Hungry? Just 2 miles ahead, Al’s Roadside Diner, Good Eats, Friendly Service, and Great Prices, stop on in, and let us fill you up!”

Her mind poked at her, Yeah, just like you got a big, Cream Pie filling. She shook off the thought, and carefully checked out the parking lot, seeing no cars that looked familiar, she drove in, parking around the back, away from the street. Now that her mind was no longer engaged in the intricacies of driving, her mind wouldn’t stop, replaying it all. Her body being used, double handjobs, sucking the biggest cock she’d ever had in her mouth and the idea that her anal deflowering was captured on film, ready for horny men of all ages to enjoy watching. After they’d used her like some live fuck doll for their loads of thick, gooey spunk, the final humiliation, having to squat over the camera, having to use the sore muscles of her ass to push a huge load of thick slimy cum out of her ass hole, accompanied by wet, farting sounds. She felt the humiliation flare anew as she knew the camera below filming that was capturing it all, as the cum poured out of her ass.

Shaking her head to clear the wretched vision, she went in. She saw an open booth, and swung into the seat, opened the menu, and did her best to not think about what had happened. She ordered a double bacon cheeseburger, coleslaw and onion rings, and a chocolate milkshake when the waitress came by. Her favorite comfort foods, and right now, she needed the comfort.

She rationalized it, she had to do it, her life, and probably her kid’s lives could have been in terrible danger. As for her husband, she realized she didn’t much care what happened to him. Getting married ten years ago to him had been a big mistake, but before she could see the mistake, and pull the plug, she had become pregnant. Her mind followed that track, she started to feel burning anger, not at what had happened to her, but at her shit of a husband. She started blaming him for her situation, it made no sense, she’d jumped at an undercover reporting gig, he’d had nothing to do with it, but she was not in a mental frame of mind for calm rational thought.

Her food was set in front of her, and she smothered her thoughts in the calm of eating her favorite comfort foods. She forced herself to stop thinking, visualizing her mind as a blank screen, her mind finally obeyed and shut down the merry go round of whirling, jumbled thoughts and emotions.


Back at Taco Busters, the footage was escort bayan being reviewed and edited, Gregor supervising the process. All the good footage was edited together. The fans of Taco Busters wanted all the footage and were willing to pay for it. Gregor didn’t believe in editing out footage to save time or make a cheap buck. He hadn’t become a porn producer multi-millionaire by cutting corners. Consequently, every bit of footage that was usable was woven in. The moment of her anal deflowering, her shrieks and screams as her tight little asshole were devirginized, perfect. The double hand jobs, and her working over Lance’s cock fucking her mouth, while Gregor boned that incredibly tight ass hole. The scenes of two eager cocks blowing their loads all over her tits, and Lance hosing her down, giving her a huge facial, and their specialty, the double camera footage of her displaying the anal cream pie that Gregor had pumped into her, then squeezing the cum off her newly fucked ass hole.

They also had one of their professional porn actresses, Marsha Mountains, come in to dub in a breathy, sultry voiceover at the beginning part, when Gregor had said, “Little Susie is all grown up, and she wants to become Susie Cream Pie, right baby?” and the camera had panned away from Susie’s face. Marsha grinned as she read what Gregor wanted her to say, and purred, “Oh yeah, I’ve been saving my tight little virgin asshole all for you, I want my cousin to bust open my ass, and cream my asshole with a big, juicy cream pie! And your friends, oh yeah, I’m such a horny bitch in heat, more hard cocks for me, come and fuck any hole you want to guys!” The screams, shrieks, and howls of Susie as she got her virgin ass hole pried open and fucked hard, would remain. The fans of their amateur offerings would go wild for this one.

One of his assistants handed him a sheet, and said, “Here’s who she really is.”

While Susie had been in the middle of her first starring role, his assistant had taken her purse, pulled out her driver’s license, an ID card, a couple of pictures, and made a photocopy of them, before returning them into her wallet, and placing the purse back where she had left it.

“Good job Franks, you’ll get a nice bonus for this.”

Gregor perused the information, Caroline Wellston, address 2225 Sugar Maple Lane. The pictures showed her kids, Gregor grinned, they’d be so proud if they knew Mommy was now about to become a big star. The ID card showed he was right on the money, it identified her as an employee of the town newspaper. Just as he’d suspected, another crusader, trying to make a name for herself in the field of investigative journalism.

He said, “Yep, another reporter. She’ll be making a name for herself that she never suspected, once this hits the online feed.”

Franks laughed, and said, “Are you going to send a DVD copy to hubby?”

Gregor replied, “Oh for sure. I’ll make sure that it’s delivered to him, without her knowing about it. Could make for some interesting discussions. Who knows, maybe it’ll jazz up their sex life.”

Gregor made sure that every crusading reporter got a copy of their starring role delivered to their husbands. He figured that hubbies need to see what sex-hungry sluts their perfect little wives can turn into. Three of the crusading reporters came back after their mandatory 3 movies, of their own volition, and the extra movies they made were scorching hot. Almost as sincan bayan escort if they’d been freed from stifling, middle-class conformity, they really showed their talent for fucking and sucking. The cries and howls they made in their follow-up movies were cries of pleasure as they eagerly milked all the hard cocks eager to plunder their willing holes. Gregor smiled with satisfaction, the “offer you can’t refuse” ruse was perfect, and had roped Caroline into two more movies. Maybe we can turn her into a sex-hungry slut, and her husband can thank us for turning his wife into a hot bitch who’d want to get boned every night.

It wasn’t long before “Susie Cream Pie part 1, Susie’s First Anal Cream Pie” was ready, run through to make sure there were no screwups, and by early afternoon, the online feed was up and going full tilt. The lure of “a new fresh amateur” on their home page had stoked up the fan base, network traffic was bursting at the seams, and Caroline’s first starring role as Susie Cream Pie was being downloaded to as many devices as the servers could handle, and with DVD orders ready to be filled, Caroline Wellston was going to make Taco Busters productions a ton of money.


After devouring her lunch, Caroline drove home, and let herself in. The kids were still in school, that was good, and in the bedroom, she drew the curtains, then lay quietly in the darkness, her mind a blank.

Her smartphone chirped, and she clicked it on. A text message appeared, and her eyes were wide as she read it.

“Susie, just thought you’d like to know, your first starring role is on the online feeds right now, and we are downloading like crazy. ‘Susie Cream Pie part 1, Susie’s first Anal Cream Pie’ is gonna be a big hit. If you’d like to see what your fans will see, here’s the link, and if you enter ‘Caroline’ in the promo code box, you’ll get the download for free. Hope you enjoy your copy, your soon-to-be fans are gonna love it!”

She let her smartphone slip from her fingers, it dropped and bounced on the bed, and she flopped down. They knew her real name and were inviting her to see her depravity. Oh fuck, it was horribly real, she was going to be an on-camera Cream Pie slut, how many people who knew her would see that movie? The facade of perfect, middle-class life was being pulled away. How many of her neighbors, who looked like church-going, middle-class families, knew what went on behind closed doors? Husbands, brothers, sons, who know how many, will be downloading that spectacle, maybe right this very minute, and lust to stuff her ass, just like she’d taken on camera.

Although she told herself to NOT do it, her curiosity wouldn’t let her rest, she HAD to see how she looked on camera. She powered up the desktop and clicked on the link for download. Entering her name in the promo code box, she was taken right to the servers, and she watched the download percentage climb. Having a high-speed broadband connection, it didn’t take too long to download, and her fingers hovered over the keyboard. Should I do it, should I watch, should I not, her mind went back and forth until she growled, “Fuck it” and started the video playing.

The plotline had Gregor bragging to his buddies about how his cousin Susie was going to give them all a taste of her sexual charms. They acted like he was full of shit until he led them out of the room and gestured towards her. elvankent escort bayanlar The camera angle changed, moving over her body, letting the viewers get a long, lingering look at her, stripped naked.

Gregor said, “There she is, just like I told you. Little Susie is all grown up, and she wants to become Susie Cream Pie, right baby?”

The camera moved away from her face, and a sexy, sultry voice purred “Oh yeah, I’ve been saving my tight little virgin asshole all for you, I want my cousin to bust open my ass, and cream my asshole with a big, juicy cream pie! And your friends, oh yeah, I’m such a horny bitch in heat, more hard cocks for me, come and fuck any hole you want to guys!”

Caroline groaned, oh fuck, talk about being made out to be a horny little cock-craving slut. She watched as the cameras followed her co-stars joining her, and the camera positioned right below them showed the scene in high definition, as Gregor’s cock did the job, and the moment of her anal deflowering was immortalized for all to see. Her screams and shrieks as her ass hole was violated joined in, and cameras were recording her grabbing the two rock-hard dicks, stroking them, while Lance grabbed her head, and told her to not give him some timid sucking, he wanted a real blowjob. She watched herself being used like a dirty little slut, and she whispered “Slut, cream pie slut, live fuck doll, whore,” without realizing she was doing so. She watched it all, unable to stop watching, her body being splattered with huge, gushing sprays of cum, then Gregor jamming his cock in as deep as possible. She could almost feel it again, watching it as her body was splattered, and her throbbing ass hole was filled to the brim. Her final humiliation, squatting over the camera, pulling her cheeks apart to display her cream pie to the camera, then having to use the sore muscles of her ass to push a huge load of thick slimy cum out of her ass hole with wet, farting sounds. She felt the humiliation flare anew as she watched it, the farting sounds clearly audible, the camera she was squatting over was capturing it all, the view quickly becoming a field of white, while the camera filming from the angle just behind her ass, captured all the gushes of cum being squeezed out of her ass.

My first cream pie, she thought dully, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. My god, I look terrible. I look like I’m really into the role of a cum hungry slut, a cream pie fuck doll. Her thoughts were interrupted by the huge cramping in her bowels, she rushed to the bathroom, and perched herself just in time. A loud, ripping fart filled the space, and smaller expulsions of air farts immediately followed, her ass contracted, and she felt another rush of slimy cum spurt out, splattering into the toilet bowl. She felt the cramp dissipate, sighing with relief as her bowels returned to normal.

Having never had anal sex, she had no idea that this could happen. With all the cum pumped up in her, along with all the air being pistoned in and out, this was another thing she had to be on guard for. Considering the huge rip she had let go, and the smaller farts after, she hoped that would be the last of it…for now.

She realized that her kids would be home soon, she needed to get a hold of herself. She flushed the toilet, and thought of the Valium bottle, with its promise of chemical de-stressing, beckoning. She had used it when she had anxiety attacks a couple of years ago, and boy did she need it now. Opening the medicine cabinet, there it was, it was still half full, she quickly shook out two of the tablets, and chased them down with a swig of water. She tucked the bottle back into the shelf, she had a feeling she would be needing it again, soon.

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