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Carley had just broken up with James, and James was feeling a little depressed about it. The two had been going out for some time, and James was pretty sure that Carley was “the one,” when Carley slipped a Dear John letter under his apartment door before running off to Las Vegas with another man. To help out, James’s friends decided a good night of club hopping would make him feel a little better.

It did not do much good, at the first two bars James just sat at the bar, nursing scotch and waters while his friends were out dancing and exchanging phone numbers. At the third bar, James decided to have a little fun and joined his friends on the dance floor.

He hadn’t danced for very long when he spotted someone he would like to meet. She was a gorgeous brunette, wearing a white sleeveless shirt with no bra and a tiny, black skirt; she had long, flowing brown hair, golden tan skin, beautiful 38D breasts, tiny waist, perfectly rounded hips, and long, gorgeous legs incased in a pair of black fishnet stockings. He walked over to her and over the boom of the club, asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes, and the two went to the floor together.

At first the two danced some distance from each other, but as they danced, the two got slowly closer together until they were grinding against each other to the pounding rhythm of the music. James hadn’t danced like this in a long time, and his cock began to grow beneath his pants at the feel and grinding of this other woman against his body.

The two continued to dance, and James was getting more excited as the two began to dance even more erotically. Afraid of cumming there on the dance floor, James excused himself and went to the restroom. When he got there, he splashed cold water on his face to calm himself down and tried to will his hard on away. Nothing worked, as thoughts of that beautiful brunette and her large, firm breasts; her round, tight ass; and her tanned brown skin filled his mind and kept him excited.

James heard the door open and shut behind him, and he looked to see who came in. It was the brunette, standing in the harsh light of the restroom. Without saying a word, she walked up to James and kissed him passionately. James felt her tongue work its way inside his mouth, and he responded by running his tongue up sincan escort and down her own. He felt the woman’s firm, perfect body, slick with sweat from dancing as he was, and the sparse fabric that covered it. His hard on throbbed in his pants, begging to be released.

The two continued to kiss as the woman’s hands found their way to James’s pants, unbuttoning them and undoing the zipper. as James’s hands found their way under the brunette’s shirt, fondling the two large mounds of flesh there and ultimately slipping the thin fabric up over the woman’s breasts, arms, and head as her firm breasts sprung free from their imprisonment, revealing the two large pink buttons of flesh at their tips. James’s own cock sprung free as the woman found it and took it out of his boxer shorts, rock-hard and ready for action. James continued to kiss the woman, down her still sweaty neck, chest, breasts, and finally her nipples, as he found one and locked onto it with his lips, sucking it for all he was worth. The woman moaned lustfully, and began to stroke James’s cock with one hand while her other massaged his balls, while he sucked her tits. James spasmed a little, and pre-cum bubbled out of his large, bulbous head and ran down the shaft and over the woman’s hand. The woman reached up to lick the pre-cum off her hand, savoring every salty drop, then continued to jerk James off as he happily sucked her tits and massaged her breasts.

While the woman continued to jerk James off, he moved his hands down her stomach and up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties either, and her pussy was wet and slippery, telling James that she was every bit as turned on as he was. He began to finger her wet cunt, running his fingers around and over her lips and clit. One finger found her asshole, and he began to probe it as he continued to finger her with two hands now, his mouth still locked on her large, pink nipples.

He spread her lips with one hand, and casually slipped two fingers in her while he continued to probe her asshole and clit, her hot juices running down his arm to his elbow. The woman moaned audibly as she began to stroke James just a little harder, which made James that much more eager to please this unknown woman. He began to slip those two fingers in and out of her pussy, while still fingering ankara escort her clit with two more fingers and probing her tight asshole with another. The woman began to move her hips back and forth to James’s manipulation, telling him that she was about to cum. She began to stroke James hard and fast, her hand becoming a blur as it rapidly moved up and down his hard shaft.

James began to moan as he started to cum, and sucked her nipples as hard as he could while finger fucking her as fast as he could to make sure she came with him. It worked, and the woman moaned louder, telling him to never stop, it felt so good. Her sloppy wet pussy contracted around his fingers, as her hot cum flowed out around the two fingers in her, and her asshole contracted, pushing the finger James had inserted out. Waves of passion flooded her body as James began to cum too, shooting his hot wad on the woman’s bare stomach and over her skirt, which was still on. The two stood there, holding on to each other while their orgasms subsided, moaning in passion together under the throbbing rhythm of the club just outside the restroom door.

Suddenly, before the woman could respond, James picked her up and sat her on one of the sinks in the club. The woman was not yet spent, sweating heavily, panting, but ready for another round as James began to stroke his cock, reawakening the erection he had moments before. The woman wiped the cum off of her stomach, and brought it to her mouth, tasting the salty fluid while James furiously stroked his cock, to get it nice and hard for another go. To help him, the woman brought her skirt up over her hips, wriggling the fabric inch by inch up over her hips so he could have full view of her sloppy, wet, unshaven cunt.

She began to finger herself for James, to help him regain his erection. She slipped one finger inside her asshole, as James did, and inserted three fingers in her pussy and began to move them in and out, each time she moaned ever so softly. It didn’t take long for James to get hard with all this attention, and once again he stood in front of her, his throbbing erection proudly standing in front of her, ready for action.

The woman grabbed his cock with both hands and guided it to her ready cunt, and slipped the head into her. James took this as his cue etimegut escort and began to thrust his hips, sending his hard cock in and out of her tight, wet, warm pussy. She began to moan audibly again, asking James to fuck her hard and deep, and James shoved his cock in and out just a little faster to answer her demands. James again bent over so he could lick and suck the woman’s large, pert tits while his hands traveled down her back and over her ass, where he squeezed and massaged the two tanned mounds there.

The woman reached down to the base of his cock and balls, where she began to toy with her clit and James’s balls at once. James felt her hands rub and squeeze his scrotum, and James began to fuck harder and deeper to make sure he came inside her. The woman moaned louder, and wrapped her legs around James’s midsection, screaming “YES! YES! HARDER! MAKE ME FEEL IT!” while she continued to play with her clit and squeeze James’s balls.

James was fucking as hard and fast as he could now, all while he was sucking the woman’s tits, and rubbing and squeezing her ass. She began to thrash back and forth, screaming that she was cumming again. Once again her hot juices exploded around James, coating his balls and legs with her musky cum. Her vagina contracted around James, almost pushing him out despite his best efforts. The woman screamed louder, pushed beyond her wildest imaginations of ecstasy.

James started his orgasm too, as he thrust himself as deep and hard into the woman as he could. His orgasm came in short, intense spasms of ecstasy as his cock released his hot cum into the woman’s vagina, filling the woman to capacity. His own orgasm was so intense he caught himself screaming with the woman, in primal lust.

The woman slipped down into the sink where she sat, out of breath and slick with cum and sweat. Her large firm breasts glistened with moisture while her stomach, crotch, and inner thighs were all thoroughly coated in both James’s and her cum. Cum seeped out of her pussy, down her ass cheeks, and into the basin, where it left a sticky mess. James too was a mess, his cock dangling between his legs, dripping cum down his pants; and his shirt and pants completely soaked through with sweat.

Tiredly, James began to wash up, trying to clean the cum and sweat off himself as best he could while the woman stood up shakily and staggered to where her shirt was and put it on. When James had washed up, he put his cock back in his pants and turned around to ask the woman her name. She was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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