Stranded in the Cabin

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This is my first attempt at an extended piece. It has been broken up into days for ease of reading. As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Day 0

Ben stared contentedly around his emptying classroom as his students walked out. He worked as a high school business teacher at a school in Denver and as all teachers across the world, he couldn’t wait for the holidays.

It had been a long and difficult term at the high school that he worked at. They had been inspected, two members of his department had been on long term sick and he himself had been struggling with new course content that he had been required to teach and assess. For the past eight weeks, all his time had been invested into his career.

It had been noticed too. With colleagues being off sick, he had taken it upon himself to fulfil their duties, planning and running exams, contacting parents and carers of students, and ensuring that the business course ran smoothly.

About six weeks ago, the head of the department had called Ben into her office and offered to make some of these duties permanent. There would be increased workload with only a marginal pay increase, but it would help him in the long run, so he agreed. He had no idea how much the job would have taken out of him. Luckily one of his colleagues was to return after the Christmas break, which would help to relieve some of the pressure off him.

As he walked back to the staffroom to collect his things, he looked through the bag that he was carrying that had been left on his desk at lunchtime. It was filled with small gifts and cards from the students. It was one of the most rewarding parts of the job when he saw firsthand how much the students appreciated and respected him, in some cases, even better than when they received exam results.

Within a few minutes he had gathered the rest of his things and was walking towards his car when he was stopped by his head of the department.

“Hi Ben, you finally getting out of here?”

“Hi Sarah, yes I am, finally Christmas holidays. You got any plans for it?”

His boss was always friendly to him. When he first joined the school, he thought that she was flirting with him, masquerading as getting to know him, but he soon found out that she was married with two small children. He always assumed she was in her early forties, but she looked good for it, distinguished.

“Nope, just Christmas with the family. What about you?” She asked him

“Nothing really, tomorrow morning I’m heading up to a cabin up state. I want to get some peace and quiet after this last semester.” Ben told her.

“What about your family?” She asked surprised.

“They are visiting relatives in California, they will be back the day after boxing day, we are going to do Christmas then.” He replied

“Well that sounds great. I hope you have a good rest; you deserve it. Merry Christmas.”

Ben drove the ten minutes back to his city apartment, picking up Chinese takeaway along the way. He was thinking about spending the week alone and felt both excited and slightly apprehensive about it. He knew that the cabin was secluded with only a few hiking routes surrounding it. It would be him alone, resting and relaxing.

He had already prepared for the trip by doing his grocery shopping and packing what few supplies he was taking, mainly clothes, his tablet, and a book to read. The cabin was meant to be fully fitted with everything anyone could need. He wasn’t sure what that meant when he read the description, but he assumed he would find out soon enough.

After eating, he showered and got into bed to watch a movie, he knew it was a bad idea after five minutes when he felt himself drifting off. He put the TV on sleep timer and got himself comfy, he didn’t last long till he drifted off.

Day 1

Ben woke up just after 10am. He got himself showered and dressed before sitting down to a quick breakfast of English muffins and eggs. It didn’t take him long to pack the car with his things and get on the road, he just had two last stops to make on his way out of town.

He stopped at the weed shop after he filled up with gas. He was only going to get a half an ounce of Kush, but he ended up buying a half of Darkmaster as well. It was an expensive purchase, but he didn’t care, he deserved the treat after his semester.

It took him just under two hours to get to the cabin in North Colorado. He had beautiful scenery the whole journey filled with mountains and free flowing rivers. The roads were clear as he blasted out his heavy metal playlist filled with Metallica, Iron Maiden, Disturbed and his other favourite bands.

When he arrived, the first thing he did was check his phone to find that it had no reception. He was shocked at first but then realised he wouldn’t need it anyway. There was a small town about ten miles south that he was sure would receive reception if it was an emergency. He had more than enough food for two weeks let alone five days.

He retrieved the key from the hiding spot he was told about by the owner letting himself into his eryaman genç escort new temporary home. As he looked around, he could only use one word to describe it, beautiful. The two storied cabin had high ceilings supported by original beams, it even had that forestry smell that you would expect from it. He looked around the cabin seeing that the description was accurate as it did have everything he could have possibly wanted.

The living room contained a large sofa, a huge wall mounted TV, attached to an Xbox one, and a log fire that he had already decided that he would use very quickly. The kitchen was fully equipped providing a view of the mountains in the distance. There was a small corridor leading from the kitchen which brought him to a small room containing a hot tub and variety of towels, he hadn’t seen that in the description.

The second floor was completely open. It only had one bed but there was a sofa in the corner of the room near the doors out to the balcony. As he walked out onto the balcony to take in the breathtaking view, he saw that the sky had become much darker.

He unpacked the car quickly, bringing everything into the living room. As he locked and checked the car over, he went to get a large stack of wood from the shelter by the front door. He didn’t want to get high and then must go outside again for more wood. He ended up bringing in over a day’s worth to join the already large supply that was by the fire.

He unpacked his things quickly, paying the most attention to his food supplies and arranging them neatly in the correct places in the kitchen. He wasn’t a chef or anything to that standard, but he liked to cook and took pride in his abilities.

On the drive here he had been thinking about what he could cook with the food he brought. He had set his heart on making Spaghetti Bolognese for a late lunch after he arrived. He figured it would be enough to last him for the day and then he could relax.

It only took half hour to make his lunch, but by the time he was done, his stomach was rumbling with hunger. As he finished his meal, he saw the first flakes of snow starting to fall. He cleared up his plate and cooking utensils before setting up the fireplace in the living room. When the fire was throwing out a steady stream of heat, he rolled himself a joint of the Kush to smoke out on the balcony.

“Jesus it’s cold here.” He said to himself lighting his joint. The snow had only started around thirty minutes before, but it was already leaving a clear covering on the surrounding woodland. He wrapped himself up in his coat as he enjoyed his smoke looking at the view around him.

“Maybe I should go hiking tomorrow. I brought my boots with me.” He considered to himself. “I really need to stop talking to myself. Shit this stuff is strong.”

He finished his joint within five minutes but the snow was already deepening in the forest around him.

He went back downstairs to the living room to get himself settled for the afternoon and evening. He looked around in the cupboards and found a wide selection of Xbox games. He chose to play “Silent Hill”, an old horror game he hadn’t played since college. Even though the cabin didn’t receive cellular reception, it still had Internet connection for Netflix as he saw it come up on the Xbox dashboard.

He threw three more logs onto the fire to keep it going and keep the cabin nice and warm for the afternoon. Before settling into his game, he saw the snow still coming down, but much faster and harder. His car was quickly being covered in the white stuff.

He had been playing for a few hours when he thought he saw a small beam of light being directed around outside. He assumed that the creepiness of the game and the weed were starting to get to him leaving him slightly paranoid before he heard a loud banging coming from the front door. The sound startled him, making him drop the controller. He picked it back up, putting it on the sofa as he creeped over to the door.

The banging sounded again but this time it was accompanied with a young women’s voice. “Hello. Hello, is there anyone in there?”

Ben had no idea what to do, the weed making him paranoid, he had seen many horror films that had started like this. Before he could respond her voice came through again.

“Hello, is anyone in there? Please if there is someone in there, please open up, the snow is getting really heavy out here and I have no idea where I am, I’ve been walking round in circles for hours.”

Ben kept the chain on the door as he opened it to see who was on the other side. He saw a young woman in a woollen hat and jacket stood in front of the door, cupping her bare hands trying to keep them warm by blowing into them, she looked as if she was shaking.

“Oh, thank God, thank you so much for opening. I know it’s late, but I’m really lost, I have been trying to find the main trail back home, but I lost it hours ago, do you know how to find it?” She told him.

Ben looked at her in surprise and shock. He had no idea of the area at all, he had only managed to get ankara escort bayan there thanks to his sat nav.

“I’m sorry no, I’m not from around here. How long have you been hiking for? How far have you travelled?” Ben asked her concerned with her ungloved, shaking hands.

“I don’t know. I left this morning, but my phone died, and I don’t even know what time it is.” She told him looking upset.

“It’s OK, it’s OK, why don’t you come in and warm up a bit?” He asked her. He tried to sound as gentle as possible, he didn’t want her getting scared and running away to only get lost in the snow. He closed the door to take off the chain and opened the door wide for her. While playing his game, he hadn’t noticed the snow fall had turned into a full-scale blizzard. He could only just make out his car through the large flakes being thrown down.

“Are you sure, I don’t want to disturb you? If I could maybe use your phone?” She asked him sincerely.

“I haven’t got any reception here. I have Internet connection if you want to email or video call someone. Please, I can’t leave you out there freezing like you are.” He told her.

“Thank you, I appreciate it so much.” She told him, smiling at him as she crossed the threshold to the cabin.

“You’re welcome, I’m Ben.” He introduced himself holding out his hand to her.

“I’m Kiera.” She replied taking his gently.

The second their skin made contact Ben flinched away from the coldness. “You’re freezing, sit here, in front of the fire, get yourself warmed up.”

“Thank you, I’m so lucky you are here. I’ve seen a few cabins, but this was the only one that had a light on. I was starting to get desperate, I thought I would be out there all night.” She said all this trying to keep her teeth from chattering and the tears away from her eyes.

“It’s OK, you’re safe now. Give me your hat and jacket and get yourself warm. There is a blanket on the sofa, wrap yourself in it.”

“Thank you.” She repeated, pulling the hat from her head. As she did so, he saw her blonde hair, previously kept tight back flow freely over her shoulders and across her face. She removed her jacket showing a multi coloured stripped sweater underneath and handed them both to Ben. He hung them up where he had put his jacket when he came in originally.

She sat by the fire, slowly pushing her hands as close to the flames as she dared.

“Are your fingers OK, can you still feel them?” Ben asked concerned. He took the blanket from the sofa and put it over her shoulders, trying not to scare or startle her.

“Yes I can, they are really cold though. Have you got a computer or anything? I need to email Dave, he will be worried about me.” She asked.

“I’ve got an iPad. Does he have zoom or anything like that? Maybe he would want to see you?” He asked.

“Do you mind?” She asked

“Honestly I really don’t. I offered, didn’t I?” He handed her the iPad and unlocked it for her. “Zoom?”

While she made the call, he went to make her some tea, he figured it would help warm her up. He overheard parts of the conversation as the guy she was talking to was happy that she was OK and that he was worried about Ben. He couldn’t blame him really. Who would want his girlfriend in some random man’s cabin?

He thought it would be better if he went to show his face too. He handed her the tea as he introduced himself to Dave. He told him who he was and why he was up there alone.

“I’m sorry I was suspicious. Kiera is my little sister and I worry about her.” He told Ben apologetically.

“Honestly, it’s fine, I would be thinking the same. To tell you the truth she scared me half to death when she banged on the door.” He turned to show Kiera that he was joking. “I promise, as soon as this storm clears, I will get her back to you. We will look at some maps online and find where you are in comparison to me.”

“Thank you. You have saved her life. Kiera, have you got any food on you?” Dave asked her seriously.

“Yeah, I got enough Cliff Bars for a meal tonight.”

“She has got a Spaghetti Bolognese that I made earlier.” Ben told them both firmly.

“I can’t ask you to do that, you have done enough for her.” Dave said.

“You didn’t, I offered and I’m going to heat it now, so you have no choice.” He told Kiera plainly.

He left them to their conversation as he went back into the kitchen. He reheated the leftover sauce and pasta for them both, secretly glad he had made more than he needed. It only took a few minutes until he was taking the meal back to her as she hung up the call.

“Thank you so much for taking me in, my brother is grateful too. I really don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t opened up.” Kiera told him

“It’s fine honestly, and please stop thanking me, how could I leave anyone out there?”

“Well, I’m still grateful.” She leaned over and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek. “For my hero. This is good Bolognese by the way. Are you a chef?” She told him curiously.

“No, I’m a high school teacher in Denver. But thanks, it’s sincan escort an old family recipe.”

They sat in silence for a while as Kiera ate her food. It was Kiera that broke the silence by asking Ben what he taught. Ben told her all about his job, what he did and the stresses of the semester that led him to renting the cabin.

“So, your only renting, I didn’t think I had seen you before. Its a pretty small area this, everybody knows everybody.”

“So, if it’s such a small area how did you get lost?” Ben teased her.

“It’s a lot harder to navigate when it snows, besides this storm wasn’t forecasted. I wasn’t prepared. ” Kiera replied taking the joke well.

After finishing his food Ben went to the window to check the progress of the storm. It hadn’t abated at all and he could no longer see his car. It could have been stolen for all he knew.

“How are you feeling now? Warmer?” Ben asked her

“Much, thank you. How’s the snow?”

“No better at all. I think it might actually be getting worse.” He replied.

“I know this is asking way, way, too much, but would it be possible to stay the night?”

“No, I’m sorry you can’t.” He answered trying not to laugh.

Kiera looked disappointed and upset for a second until her lips broke into a wide smile as she realised he was joking. “That’s not funny. I’m fragile you know?”

“I know, I couldn’t help myself. It’s fine, take the bed upstairs I will stay down here. Just let me get a couple of things first.”

“No. I will stay here; I’m not kicking you out of your bed too.” She looked shocked at the thought.

“You’re not, I’m telling you. Now I will be back in a few minutes just need the bathroom and you can get some rest.”

“Ben, you truly are my hero. I have no idea what I can do to ever repay you.” She told him.

“You don’t have to.” He walked up the stairs and used the toilet before brushing his teeth. He brought out a spare blanket from the cupboard and, as he was about to walk back down, an idea occurred to him. He dug around in his clothes and pulled out his old Metallica t-shirt and left it on the bed for her.

He went back down to see that she was still sitting by the fire looking cold. “I’m all sorted if you want to get some rest. I have left a t-shirt out for you, if you want anything else there are clothes in the dresser, sorry they are all men’s.”

“It’s fine, thank you. I’m going to go up. Thanks again for saving me.” She kissed him again on the cheek and left him to go to bed.

Ben settled himself on the sofa, positioning the cushions more comfortably and covering himself with the blanket. He could hear her moving around above him, getting herself into bed.

“Goodnight Ben.” She called from above.

“Goodnight Kiera.”

Day 2

Ben was surprised how comfortable he had been on the sofa, he hadn’t expected to sleep straight through till early morning. When he woke, he had to think for a while as to why he was on the sofa, until he remembered the events of the night before and Kiera. He got up and went to the window immediately to see if the snow had cleared. All he saw out there was a sheet of white covering everything, he couldn’t even see the trees or his car. He opened the front door to get a better look when he found his worse fear had been realised. It had snowed so heavily that the front porch was completely snowed in with what looked like a wall of marshmallow. He couldn’t believe it. The porch had to be over two metres tall, and the snow had completely walled them in.

When he went back inside, he could hear Kiera shuffling around in bed. After the ordeal of her previous day, he didn’t want to wake her, but he had no choice. When he reached the second floor, Kiera was already sitting upright in bed, clearly only waking a few moments before.

“Good morning.” Kiera said quietly. She looked cute when she woke up, her blonde hair all dishevelled and pointing out at odd angles. She was wearing the t-shirt that he had left out for her, but the bottom half of her was covered by the bed covers.

“Good morning. I don’t know how to say this gently, but we might be a little bit snowed in. By a little, I mean a lot.” He told her in as much of a calming voice as he could manage.

“What do you mean we are snowed in? We can’t be.” She replied still half asleep.

“I mean the porch is covered in snow, I can’t see my car, I can’t see anything but snow. That’s why I came up to look out the window to see how bad it was. I didn’t mean to wake you.” He told her.

“Oh shit. Well look outside, how bad is it?”

He walked to the balcony doors and opened them to see nothing but white outside. He had of course heard about people being snowed in, but he never expected it to happen to him. It had however stopped snowing.

“You might want to come and see this for yourself.” He said to her.

She released herself from the heavy blankets and joined him on the balcony. He could now see that she only had underwear on her lower half. He looked away trying to help her keep her sense of modesty, but he couldn’t help noticing she had a great pair of legs and ass. She joined him at the doors and gave out a little gasp of shock when she saw the scene in front of her. The snow had completely blanketed the ground floor, stopping about 6 inches below the balcony.

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