The Couple Next Door

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Mr. and Mrs. Westerkampf, I said to the clerk at the front desk. It was after eleven and we had been traveling all day to reach the Caribbean Island where we were going to enjoy a seven-day vacation. The young lady found our registration without difficulty, and just a few minutes later we were in our room unpacking.

“I think I’m going to take a bath,” Kasey announced with her red eyes signaling her exhaustion.

“Do you want some room service?” I asked.

“I’m too tired to eat. Let’s just go to bed,” she replied.

I nodded, then watched her grab her things and disappear into the bathroom. Deciding I could use a drink to relax, I grabbed the bottle of whiskey I had brought, cracked it open, and went outside to get some ice from the machine. When I returned, I poured a double before moving to the patio. The soft breeze was surprisingly cool, but it felt refreshing and I leaned back into the padded chair with a deep sigh. Since we were on the ground floor, the view was minimal, but I was able to see a bit of water and some of the lights of the city across the bay.

I thought about Kasey and how lucky I was to be married to a woman that was a nice combination of beauty, brains, and personality. We had been married for two years, tying the knot when she was twenty-four and I was twenty-five. Having met through mutual friends, our relationship developed over eighteen months, so when we decided we wanted to be married, we felt it was based on sound judgment.

Going inside to get another drink, I ran into Kasey coming out of the bathroom. Dressed for bed, she just nodded when I explained I was sitting outside, and before I had finished, she had moved to the bed, pulled the covers over her body, and closed her eyes.

Back on the patio, I was thinking about the things we were going to do while sipping my drink. The liquor was going down smoothly, but I knew it was better to stop after the second or I would risk a hangover. Just as I started to rise, I noticed some movement through the glass door of the next room, and curious, I dropped back into the chair.

The patio design consisted of a low wall that separated the spaces topped with planter boxes that contained trimmed shrubs rising to about five feet. However, near the bottom of the plants, an unfilled space allowed me to see into the adjoining room via a two-foot-wide opening in the curtain. The light was dim but it provided enough illumination to make out part of the bed and the nightstand. The movement stopped, but now with my interest piqued, I focused on the opening.

Suddenly, I saw the naked torso of what looked like a very attractive woman recline on the bed. I could tell she was well-tanned and had nice firm breasts with quarter-sized nipples. She was talking with someone that remained unseen, but it didn’t take much imagination to guess the direction of things. A broad smile broke out on my face as I thought about what I might get to see, as, in all my years, I had never witnessed others having sex.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long as just seconds later I saw her left leg move and a man’s body appear. He positioned himself on top of her and immediately began to rise and fall as they fucked. Although I had a limited view, I did see the woman respond by first gripping the man’s bicep before moving her hand slowly to his shoulder. I thought about waking Kasey but decided against it due to her exhaustion and the simple fact that I wasn’t sure how she would react.

It wasn’t long before I saw the woman close her legs around the man’s waist which to me meant her passion was growing. She seemed to be truly enjoying the sex, and my painful hard-on indicated I was as well. However, it was what happened next that shifted my thoughts and almost had me falling out of my chair.

With my eyes locked onto the scene as I debated whether to pull out my dick, another body filled the space between the bed and the window. It was a male figure and he leaned over the bed bracing himself with one hand on the headboard while the woman’s hand found the cheek of his naked ass. From his position, I guessed she was sucking on his cock while the first man continued to thrust into her. Now, all kinds of thoughts filled my head. Was there another female in the room waiting patiently for her turn or was it a threesome with the woman the center of attention? Unless any other form came into view, I would have no way of knowing, and that realization made the situation even more exciting.

A few minutes later, a flurry of movement indicated something was taking place. As I watched, the man getting his dick sucked backed away and the other man climbed off the woman. As soon as he was free, the second man turned her onto her knees, lined up behind her, and pushed his hips forward. He began a rapid motion that went on for at least a minute before he slowed and started a more deliberate pace. However, he didn’t last long and when the muscles in his ass tensed and his grip on her waist tightened, ankara bayan escortlar I knew he was close. Suddenly, he lunged forward knocking her partly over, and then thrust hard once more making her fall onto the bed with him following. They stayed that way for a while as he ground his pelvis into her ass before he dismounted and I got a look at his large cock now hanging half-hard between his legs. Soon, everyone disappeared, and a few minutes later the light went off leaving me with my thoughts and an aching dick. So, with a final swig of the few remaining drops in the tumbler, I went inside, stripped, and slipped into the bed snuggling close against my purring wife. My hand snaked under the cropped t-shirt she always wore to bed and I found the mounds I loved so much. I gently fondled them flicking the nipples along the way hoping that there was still some energy left inside her body.

“Kevin, stop, please…I’m too tired,” she whined while swatting my hand and twisting her body away.

It had been a long shot, but I was so horny from the show that I had to try. There had been a time when she would never have turned down lovemaking. Oh well, I thought, I guess that’s what married life does to you. Unfortunately, I was now stuck in bed with no way to relieve myself except by my own hand but a trip to the bathroom didn’t seem appealing, so I stared at the ceiling thinking about the lovers next door until I finally drifted off.

The next day we went to the beach, then the pool, relaxing and soaking up the sun before finally hitting town late in the day so Kasey could do some shopping. She had attracted some attention in her sexy bikini which I found entertaining but not surprising. At 5’7″ tall and 126 pounds, her radiant green eyes and light brown shoulder-length hair highlighted her lovely face and her long, slender legs, tight butt, and 34C breasts topped with little nipples helped form an equally impressive body.

Later, after taking a nap and grabbing a light dinner, we were on the veranda of the hotel bar when I spotted the woman from next door. She came in and sat on a stool with a man that I recognized as one of the two from the previous night and immediately I was struck by how normal they looked. I suppose I expected that a woman that would participate in a threesome would be low class, something of a skank. However, she looked like she could easily fit in the suburbs as a thirtyish, attractive, and respectable neighbor. She appeared to be a pound or two heavier than Kasey with dark hair that she wore short, and she sported an infectious smile. I couldn’t help but watch as she talked both with her escort and those around her.

“Interested?” my wife asked, startling me.

“No, just think I’ve seen her before,” I replied, fighting back a smile.

“Where?” Kasey responded, sounding a bit annoyed.

“She’s in the next room…next to ours,” I told her, unable to hold back an even wider grin.

“Tell me what’s going on,” she demanded, realizing there must be a story of some kind.

Slowly, picking my words carefully, I described what I had witnessed the previous night while paying close attention to Kasey’s reaction. Fortunately, she didn’t take it badly, and her questions showed that she was more curious than offended by the information.

“Well now I know why I got mauled last night,” she said after hearing all the details, correctly linking my attempts to make love to her with my arousal from watching.

“I don’t need anything to get hot for you,” I replied taking her hand in mine.

“Admit it got you excited,” she suddenly demanded.

“Well, I guess it did some. I’ve never seen people do it, and then the first time I do it’s a threesome,” I laughed.

“Hmmm…” she responded.

“I can’t get over how normal she looks,” I said like it was something profound.

“What did you expect?” my wife answered in a way that made me feel a little naive.

“I don’t know. Something different I guess,” I said, avoiding details.

For the next few minutes, we were quiet and watched the woman. She had attracted the attention of two men, in addition to her escort, and all three were engaged in an animated conversation. There were lots of smiles and laughter, although we were too far away to make out the conversation.

“She’s available,” Kasey stated.

“What do you mean?” I responded quickly.

“She’s flirting and letting them know she’s available. Sit outside tonight and you might get another show,” she explained.

For the next hour and a half, we drank cocktails and watched the dynamics speculating on how things were progressing and what type of relationship the woman was in. My worries about Kasey finding offense faded, as she became equally engaged in the conversation and surprisingly never got judgmental. Finally, growing tired, we left the group still chatting and drinking and went to our room. We stripped quickly and were kissing and fondling each other in bed when elvankent seksi escortlar we heard the door to the room next close. Immediately, we both got quiet and we managed to hear the faint sound of voices, but could not make out the words.

“Let’s go look,” Kasey said, starting to slide out of bed.

She grabbed her robe while I pulled on my boxers and quietly, we slipped outside and peered through the shrubs.

“Curtain is closed,” I stated with disappointment.

“Damn,” she responded, then we both began giggling and went inside.

Back in bed, we began kissing and touching again, but I could tell my wife’s attention was on the next room, as was mine.

“You think she brought company back?” I asked, as my fingers lightly pinched her nipples.

“Yes…do you?” she answered instantly.

“Yes,” I agreed.

In truth, I thought her response showed a lot of wishful thinking but I certainly didn’t want to break the mood, especially since she was showing me a part of her I had never seen before. The adjoining room had become quiet and after several minutes we assumed that we had been wrong and that the woman and her guy had gone to sleep. I couldn’t wait anymore, so I climbed between her legs and slid my hard dick into a very wet slit. I moved slowly, pushing in deep while enjoying her velvety feel, and listened to Kasey purr as her hands ran back and forth from my shoulders to my butt.

“Ohhh…mmm…uhhh…” came the sudden, undeniable sound of a female from the next room.

We became still and once again listened intently, and although the sounds were soft, and most of the time indistinguishable, it was enough to tell that our pretty neighbor was getting fucked.

“Wow,” I said, and started moving into my wife again.

“She likes sex,” Kasey said between sighs.

“So do you,” I teased.

“Just with you,” she answered.

“How do you know? You’ve never tried it,” I shot back without thinking and immediately cringed awaiting the ire of her response.

However, it never came. Instead, we continued to make love, and just as the silence was becoming awkward, the woman next door gave several cries of passion. Kasey seemed to become more aroused by her sounds, and her legs wrapped around me pulling me deeper. I felt myself on the final approach to a climax, and through gritted teeth tried to hold on long enough for my wife to reach hers. Fortunately, I made it, and as soon as I felt her start my balls exploded filling her with my semen. Now, with both of us experiencing a strong release, thoughts of our neighbor faded, and soon we drifted away.

We slept in the next morning, and just as we were leaving our room, we heard the next door open and the woman and her man stepped into the corridor. Politely nodding to each other, once again I felt impacted by how her normal appearance didn’t match my judgmental biases. I don’t know why, but I continued to look for some flaw, some defect that explained her tawdry behavior. In truth, I didn’t know if she had more than her husband or boyfriend with her the previous night, but in my mind she did and I thought if I asked my wife, she would agree.

We spent the day much like the previous, catching sun and idly looking around the island. Kasey was dozing on a recliner when my mind drifted back to a time when I was a senior in high school and a group of us, my girlfriend and three other couples, ended up skinny dipping at an isolated spot on the river late on a hot summer night. At the time, it seemed insanely wild and, in many ways, it still did. My girlfriend was the best looking in the group, and I recalled that my attention was drawn more to the other boys looking at her than it was in checking out the other girls. I was now experiencing a similar feeling with Kasey, watching how other men looked at her in her stylish bikini, while realizing that rather than being upset by their looks, I was proud that she attracted attention. I noticed that men would sometimes go out of their way when leaving the beach to walk by our spot and steal looks at her body and, for a while, after turning onto her back, she had unknowingly sported a nice camel toe in her bottoms, but I had stayed silent, as I watched several men steal glances.

After dinner outside the hotel, we were walking back to our room when we noticed a live band playing at the bar. Talking Kasey into a nightcap, we walked to the entrance and looked around for a place to sit. The place was about three-quarters full with a half dozen couples dancing in a small area in front of the band.

“Let’s sit at the bar,” I suggested, as a sudden inspiration hit me.

We settled on two stools and when the drinks arrived, we chatted about our day and the crowd. Secretly, I had decided on the bar hoping we would see our neighbors and maybe learn something about them. However, halfway through our drink, they hadn’t shown, but two guys, that looked to be around our age, came in and one bayan etimesgut escort took the open spot next to Kasey.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I said when I caught the one standing looking at my wife.

“Good thanks,” he replied, a bit embarrassed.

I couldn’t blame him as Kasey was looking very good in a short, white sundress that came to mid-thigh, with the top cut in a way that showed the beginnings of her breasts, and remembering how the woman last night had flirted with several men at almost this same spot, I imagined her doing the same. I knew she wouldn’t initiate the conversation, but I thought she might join in if I got things going. I started asking them about their vacation and what they had done and planned to do, and along the way learned their names were Wes and Robert. In addition, we learned that Wes was divorced and Robert had never married and that they were both in real estate. Once kicked off, as I hoped, the conversation started to flow and my wife joined in.

The men bought us a round, so naturally, we needed to stay and return the favor, and these drinks, coupled with what we had at dinner, were getting us smashed. Leaving to hit the restroom, I came back to see that the two men had moved much closer to Kasey and they were all talking and laughing. It looked very close to the way our neighbor’s exchange had gone, and I stopped behind some plants where I could discreetly watch them interact.

For some reason, watching our neighbor’s threesome had impacted me greatly and I continued to dwell on it. The pure sexuality of witnessing the two men take the woman for their pleasure and then learn afterward that she wasn’t some tramp challenged my perspectives. I realized that part of the problem was likely my age and provincial thinking, but we are what we are. Now, here I was, purposefully setting my wife up in a situation to mimic what I had witnessed the night before.

Without question, the men were flirting with Kasey, although they never crossed the line. They didn’t touch her or become vulgar with their words, at least not while I was there. Their actions didn’t surprise me in the least but Kasey was flirting a bit too, and although her efforts were much less pronounced, it still amazed me.

I returned to the bar just as Robert headed to the restroom, and while Wes turned to speak with the bartender, I spoke with Kasey.

“Which one do you want?” I whispered into her ear, trying to fight off a grin.

Kasey leaned back and looked at me, then replied with her own smile, “Both.”

“What?” I answered, shocked by her boldness as my smile disappeared.

“I think it’s time we get you to bed,” she responded with a roll of her eyes as Wes rejoined us. When he looked at her quizzically, she continued, “We’ve had enough and are going to call it a night. Please give our goodnights to your friend.”

With that, we left, with my wife taking my hand and leading me out the door and towards our room like a child. I wondered how much trouble I was in, so I was relieved when once inside she went into the bathroom then joined me in bed without bringing it up. As she snuggled next to me, she shot me an impish look that I knew meant she was up for play. I wasted no time in getting her naked and then, with no foreplay, I climbed between her legs and eased in.

“Ohhh…” she moaned in pleasure as my length traveled its way inside.

We got into a nice easy rhythm and I listened to her expel soft mews of pleasure. Kasey was not normally much of a talker during our lovemaking, so I relied on her sighs and gasps to guide my actions, and I could tell she was truly enjoying herself.

“I’m sorry for what I said,” I whispered to her, wanting to make sure we cleared the air.

“Just for what you said?’ she replied with a heavy breath.

“What? What do you mean?” I stumbled, suspecting what she was alluding to.

“Don’t try to deny it. You wanted them to chat with us. You even sat us in the same place as that woman,” she answered, completely busting me.

However, at the same time, her right hand went to my butt and pulled on it to get me moving again.

“Was it that obvious?” I laughed.

“Completely. Now, no more talking,” she commanded.

As per her orders, I concentrated my attention on her lovely body and soon she began emitting passionate whimpers. Surprisingly, she climaxed quickly, which was not normal for her, and then, after just a few minutes, her mews started again. Just as I lost control and started to ejaculate, I felt her body stiffen.

“Twice?” I gasped, trying to catch my breath, while I planted soft kisses on her face and neck.

“Uh-huh,” she answered through her labored breathing.

A mixture of happiness for her and pride at my sexual prowess swept through me, and I rolled to her side, then spooned against her. Even in my diminished state, I couldn’t keep my hands still and they alternated between her firm breasts and flat tummy.

“You’re so proud of yourself,” she giggled after a minute.

“I am! I feel like a stud,” I declared, joining in her laughter.

“You are a stud,” she replied, patting me on the hip, and even though there was a hint of sarcasm in her voice, it didn’t weaken my mood.

“What got you so hot?” I asked.

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