A Natural Cocksucker

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A Natural Cocksucker
That’s my question!

Is there such a thing as a truly natural cocksucker?

I think that I could make a case as thinking of this married older man as a truly natural cocksucker.

My reasoning to making that statement started to become a reality at a “young age”, of which I won’t speak of, but let’s just say, I was very young in this life when one of my elder brothers had me beginning my cock sucking training.

After getting me pretty drunk while going with him to his graveyard shift job, and since I was needing work to be able earn money above what my crappy job was giving me, he knew that I hadn’t had much experience with 2 important things;

Alcohol & women.

It was probably the 5th or 6th shift on this overnighter job, he and his buddies broke out some brown liquor that I’d not even heard of, much less had tried before. Everyone in the room, (6) other men of mixed races, that were also on our shift, were taking hits off the the bottle, and when it came to me, they were pushing me to drink up, as they all were.

Well shit, I couldn’t be the only one that was not drinking, or so I thought, but there was a much bigger plan in my brothers head that for that night, so I drank as much as they did. But they were affected quite differently, since I wasn’t prepared for the condition that this liquor was going to put me in after about an hour of us taking turns with the bottle.

What was funny to me that I later remembered, was a comment from Bruce, a skinny black man that was the eldest in the group, who said “We like to share lots of things”. What I didn’t realize that in just a short period of time, and a few more drinks, they would all be sharing my body!

After a certain point, things started to move in slow motion, and I was laughing a lot for no reason at all. I noticed that it was about 3 am when I noticed that the guys that were sitting around in the group were starting to take their shoes and shirts off. Then, after I came back from taking a piss, most of them had removed their pants and underwear, and they were sitting around and had a place “just for me” to sit on the couch, right in between illegal bahis two of the guys that were sitting there stroking their semi-hard cocks.

“So what’s up, fellas?”, I sort of said and laughed.

“Do you mind us having our cocks out?”, Bruce said, who had a pretty big black cock.

“Do you like the look of my cock?”, Jeff said, the other guy on the other side of the couch where they had sat me.

“I guess it looks okay”, I said.

“Oh good, so I want you to stroke it for me.”, Jeff said.

At first, I really wasn’t sure as to what he said, so I just laughed.

“Put your hand on my cock and I want you to get it hard for me.”, Jeff said.

“You want me to touch your cock?”, I asked.

“You are going to stroke my cock right now or I’m gonna beat your ass.”, Jeff said.

I looked at him, and I could see that he wasn’t laughing, and he was serious.

“And while you are stroking his cock, you’re going to get me hard too at the same time”, said Bruce sitting next to me.

I looked over to my brother, and he just looked at me like he wasn’t going to do anything to intervene, and these guys very likely would whoop my ass, so I reached over, and before I’d even had a real date with a girl, I reached over, took his warm, semi-hard cock in my hand, and I started stroking Jeff’s cock.

Bruce let me get things going with Jeff, then slapped me on the back of my head.

“Now you know that you like his cock, it’s time to take a real man’s cock in your other hand.”, Bruce said.

So while continuing to stroke Jeff’s cock, I turned my attention over to Bruce’s black cock, which was much longer and thicker.

While I’m getting verbal cues from Jeff and Bruce on what to do to get their cocks hard, the rest of the room starting in making comments too.

One of the other (4) men said something about my mouth being of a nice size, which I didn’t understand what that was all about. At least for long, anyway.

“Do you like my black cock, Tim?”, Bruce asked.

“Well, it’s really big, Bruce.”, I said to him.

“Is your mouth watering, thinking about how it tastes?”, Bruce asked.

“Taste?”, I asked.

“Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re illegal bahis siteleri going to let go of Jeff, then get over here on the floor between my legs and you are going to be my cocksucker, you hear me boy?”, Bruce said.

As I looked at my brother again, he told me that I’d better do what Bruce told me to do. So I released Jeff, slid down on my knees and moved over between his legs.

One of the other guys made a comment about how the entire time that I moved from the couch to the new position on the floor, that I’d never let go of that black cock, and they all laughed loudly.

So there I was, on my knees between this black man’s bare legs, with his large cock now in both hands, stroking it.

“I want you to spit on it!”, Bruce told me.

As I thought about doing that, I noticed that my mouth was indeed watering like I’ve never experienced before, so coming up with a nice amount of spit to drip down the head of his cock, then rubbed it all over and made his black cock so nice and slick.

Looking at his cock, I was looking at how large the head was.

At this point in time, I had no idea what a cocksucker was, but I was about to get an initiation and my first lesson in sucking cock.

So I felt Bruce put his hand on the top of my head and pull me toward the head of his cock.

“Now take it down your throat, bitch!”, he said.

As I felt the head pressing against my lips, he told me to get it wet again, and he continued to push it into my virgin mouth.

I wasn’t resisting, as I knew that these men meant business, and if he wanted me to be his cocksucker, I was going to be his cocksucker there and then, right in front of the others.

So I began and as the booze was still taking affect, I was able to take his cock further and further into my mouth. I noticed that when I looked up at Bruce, his head was back and was moaning, as his big black mouth penetrated my mouth and began to hit the back of my throat.

With his hand firmly on the back of my head, Bruce pushed his black cock deep, and for whatever reason, I didn’t object and let it slide down my throat until my nose hit his belly, taking his canlı bahis siteleri full cock.

“Boy, my wife can’t take my cock that deep!”, he said.

Bruce began fucking my mouth, and would push it all the way down, time after time, and I didn’t object. I really liked how much he was moaning, which was getting really loud. After about 7 or 8 times of taking this black man’s full cock into my throat, he grabbed my hair, pulled his cock out of my mouth, put the head up against my lips, and he gave me a very large, very hot load of sperm across my face and into my mouth.

In the hours to follow, I was a cocksucker for each one of those men that night, including my brother, who gave me (2) loads of his cum.

When my brother dropped me off at my apartment, I was covered in cum from all (6) men, and had consumed much more than what was on my face and shirt.

For my first time giving head, it was actually nice and I enjoyed the fact that I was giving so much pleasure to these men, so when the chance to go back on another graveyard shift with them, I was told that I could come along the next night, and I eagerly agreed. The anticipation was killing me all that day and the next until that night came, thinking that I was going to get the chance to suck their cocks again, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It wasn’t long after that, Jeff called me during the day one time and had me come over to his house and show his wife what a good cocksucker I was. Jeff’s wife had me suck his cock after I was totally naked, which I was a little embarrassed to do, but I did what I was told. What surprised me was Jeff’s wife spanking my ass really hard while I was sucking off her husband, and she put (2) fingers in my ass too, which got my cock hard, for some reason.

Soon I was going to be on call to suck cock for each of those men at anytime that they called, day or night.

I was even approached by the daughter of one of the guys, who cornered me, and told me that she heard that I was a good cocksucker, and she had me join her and her boyfriend, so she could watch me suck her boyfriend’s cock in front of her.

So over the years, I’ve gotten married to several wonderful women, but I’ve never stopping sucking cock, and try to find a cock to suck at least once a month.

This is why I believe that my personal fetish would easily qualify me to be a natural cocksucker.

I would love any comments!!!!


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