A Priestly Life Pt. 01

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The South-Western coast of India, where this story takes place, has had a sizable Catholic population for more than 400 years, thanks to the proselytizing success of the Portuguese missionaries. As a result, the culture, customs, languages, architecture, of these coastal Catholic communities display traces of Portuguese influence, to this day. Father Karan Pinto, a newly-ordained 28 year-old Catholic Priest, has just been appointed as the Parish Priest (Vicar) of one such community, Pausagaon, a remote village of about 5000 people.

Karan was born and raised in Bangalore, a city of ten million people, and had spent the first ten years of his adult life at a Jesuit seminary. Life at the seminary was pretty good. There were the daily games of basketball and soccer with the other brothers, the theological, and philosophical debates he enjoyed having with the older priests, and the choir he was part of. But after all these years he felt the need to break the routine, and this opportunity to get to live by himself, in a remote village he hadn’t heard of before, seemed like an adventure he just couldn’t pass on. Within a month he had tied up loose ends, packed his belongings, bid goodbye to his family (Jesuit, and biological), and made arrangements for his move to Pausagaon.

It was a late afternoon in July 2010 when Karan boarded the Goa-Bangalore Express at Bangalore Central Railway Station. He was dressed in lay-person wear, a half-sleeved black shirt paired with black slacks, tailored for his 6-foot tall athletic build. He had gotten into the last train car and was now making his way forwards looking for his reserved sleeper berth, a bunk to sleep in at night. The train car had several compartments, each compartment containing six berths, three bunks on either side, stacked one on top of another. Walking through the corridor he noticed most compartments occupied by families with kids, and hoped he’d be lucky enough to have quiet neighbors.

When Karan finally got to his compartment he found a group of 3 girls, who looked to be in their early twenties, seated on the bottom-most berths. Placing his bags on the upper-most bunk, he greeted the group with a smile, “Hello, I’m Karan. I’m your co-passenger from here till Pausagaon!”

The chatter from the girls died down as the girls warily sized-up the new arrival. Karan could tell at least one of the girls wasn’t too happy to have to share the compartment with a male stranger. He overheard her say “I told you we should’ve just booked the entire compartment to ourselves!” She was modestly dressed in a salwar kameez but was now hurrying to put on her headscarf. Her friend, who was dressed contrastingly in Western clothes, quietened her with a stern look and turned to greet Karan with a warm smile.

“Hi, I’m Sarah, and these are my friends, Asma, and Anitha,” she gestured towards her headscarf-adorned friend beside her, and then the other friend sitting away from her. “We’re on a girls’ trip to Goa, the last one before we graduate from Mount Carmel College next month!” As an afterthought, she asked “You’re headed to Pausagaon? The little village by the sea?”

“Yes, I’m the new Parish Priest there,” Karan replied.

“Oh, a priest! I haven’t met a priest so young before. But yeah, you do look the type,” said Sarah, adding quickly “I meant that in a good way!”

“I do indeed,” thought sincan escort Karan. His hair trimmed short, and combed neatly to the side, a well-groomed beard, hint of a rosary peeking through the top of his button-down shirt, and friendly demeanor were traits mostly shared by his Jesuit brothers. As for Sarah, she looked to be about 5′ 7, with dark brown skin that matched her light-brown eyes, dark curly hair just short of her shoulders, heavy bosom and wide hips that were further accentuated by her tight-fitting jeans and crop top.

Looking for a seat since his upper sleeper berth wasn’t actually meant for sitting, Karan asked to sit beside Anitha on the lower berth, as it was normal for people to share berths to sit on during the day.

The girls were friendly enough to share the snacks they’d brought along, and soon they were engaged in a lively conversation about the things they’d planned for their vacation in Goa. It became clear to them that Karan wasn’t uptight like most priests and that they could talk freely, like they would with their friends. “You’d have fun if you came along, you know,” said Sarah teasingly, “There are all those beautiful churches if the beaches and rave parties aren’t your style.”

“I’d rather put my hard-earned beach body to good use,” responded Karan, who was enjoying the banter.

“I bet!” said Sarah with a wink, drawing laughter from the girls. This seemed to set the tone for the evening. Sarah’s sarcastic, yet flirty, remarks made Karan blush slightly every time, while the girls giggled uncontrollably.

As the train picked up speed after leaving Bangalore city limits, Asma suggested they play a card game that she had brought along. She invited Karan, too. Now that they’d been acquainted she’d gotten friendlier with him. The game was new to Karan so the girls were hand-holding him through the first few rounds. He got the hang of it soon enough, but it was clear he had no hopes of winning against Sarah or Asma.

With each round Sarah was growing more animated, jumping with joy each time she took the lead from Asma. Karan smiled at her youthful exuberance. As the game went on, with Asma and Sarah fighting for the lead, he couldn’t help but notice her neckline plunging lower each time she jumped up from her seat to gloat over serious, and determined, Asma. After a few of these undetected peeks Sarah caught Karan staring down her cleavage, enjoying his flustered reaction at being caught in the act. Karan suddenly reminded of his priestly vows, and expectations, made an excuse to go to bed early.

“Sweet dreams, Father,” Sarah said with a mischievous glint in her eyes, as she continued on her path to victory over Asma.

Settling down into his slightly-cramped bunk above the girls, Karan chided himself for acting like a hormonal teenager. “You are a Jesuit Priest. Behave yourself!”.

The girls were still continuing their game, but were being a little quieter now, since it seemed like the other passengers in the train were getting ready to go to bed. Still trying to get comfortable in his bunk, Karan shuffled around and noticed Sarah had moved to the opposite berth on the lower bunk. He had a much better view of her half-exposed breasts now, and thinking about the innuendos and flirty eye-contact all evening, wondered if she’d planned this as well. This stirred his imagination once again, ankara escort and he tried to distract himself away from the lustful thoughts about Sarah’s breasts, without much success.

As he laid in his bunk staring at the ceiling trying to fall asleep, Karan heard the girls get up from their seats and fiddle with the metal footholds of the ladder meant to climb on to the bunks. Curious, he looked over and saw that they’d managed to secure some privacy from the other passengers by tying a wide picnic-blanket across the opening to the compartment.

The girls oblivious to Karan’s watchful gaze from above, had dimmed the lights and started changing into their sleepwear. Karan, try as he might, was unable to look away. Sarah was taking her tight jeans off with some difficulty. She was bent over, exposing her butt, in cute, white, flowery panties, while she tugged on the tight jeans down her thick thighs. After some wiggling of her thighs and butt, she was finally out of her jeans.

While Sarah went through her bag looking for her shorts, Karan was transfixed by the sight of her shapely panty-covered ass cheeks. He felt himself getting hard again as he spied her swollen pussy peeking out from between her thighs.

After a couple of minutes of searching, Sarah slipped on a pair of purple silk shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks and proceeded to take off her top.

Despite all his attempts at exercising self-control, Karan was now slowly, almost involuntarily, rubbing himself through his pants as Sarah reached behind to unhook her white lacy bra. As her firm, round breasts came into view he let out a low inaudible moan. He could just barely see her naked breasts in the dim light, her dark-brown nipples coming into view as she moved around looking for her top. Rubbing his erection faster through his pants, he imagined his mouth latched on to her nipple, and kneading her other breast with his hand. It was at this exact moment that Sarah looked up to find Karan’s lustful eyes fixed on her. Not wanting to startle the girls, she just smirked, pleased with herself at how horny she must have made Karan for him to rub himself like that. She quickly put on a silk purple pajama top to match her bottoms, and got into the lower bunk, wishing the girls a good night.

Karan mortified at being caught playing with himself decided he had to take care of his erection before he embarrassed himself any further. Waiting for the girls to fall asleep, he slowly descended the ladder down into the corridor. He made his way to the restroom at the end of the train car, silently walking by other compartments filled with sleeping passengers.

As he got to the restroom he heard a hushed voice call out to him. “Hey, slow down!” Turning around he saw Sarah hurrying to catch up. Still hushed, but in a mock-angry voice, “Did you enjoy creeping on us innocent girls, Father Pinto?”

Karan knowing there was no way he could deny it, stammered “I… I didn’t mean to look. But I couldn’t take my eyes off once I did. I feel so embarrassed. I’m so sorry about my behavior, Sarah.”

Sarah who wasn’t actually mad at him, but just enjoyed tormenting the young, obviously virgin, priest, took his hand, saying “I think I know of a way for you to atone for your sins,” and lifting his hand, placed it on her silk-covered breast. And giving him a stern look, added “Now etimegut escort show me what you were thinking of doing to me.”

Karan, not believing what was happening, just stood there with his hand on her breast, wide-eyed. Sarah put her hand on his and gave it a firm squeeze, squeezing her breast over her silk top. Karan, not needing any more encouragement, came in closer as he tightened his grip on her breast. Kissing her luscious lips, and both hands pressing hard on her soft breasts, he marveled at how soft they felt through the silky material of her pajamas. Sarah’s nipples getting harder, were soon poking through her top, inviting Karan to rub them between his fingers.

Aroused by how wildly Karan was touching her, Sarah started rubbing her clit over her shorts as she stood with her back to the wall. Soon her top was being unbuttoned roughly, buttons popping out and falling on to the floor.

Sarah let out a loud moan in anticipation as Karan’s mouth descended on her now-exposed right breast. Karan circled her hard, naked, brown nipple with his tongue, making her squirm as his left hand grabbed on to her ass cheeks.

The act of getting ravished by someone she had just met, in a dark train corridor, was adding to Sarah’s excitement. She felt Karan’s hands go down her ass, feel her taint, press over her mound, and soon felt her shorts being pulled down by his strong determined hands.

Her shorts and panties down by her knees, pussy exposed to the cold wind coming in from an open window, Sarah could feel herself getting wet with arousal. Within seconds Karan was pleasuring her with his inexperienced, but passionate touching. His left hand was now rubbing her clit in slow circles while he held on to her breast with his right. They were kissing passionately, lips opening to welcome the other’s tongue.

Karan’s cock, already rock-hard, was pressing up against Sarah’s bare pussy through his pants. Sarah, unable to wait any longer, deftly unbuttoned and pulled his pants down revealing his erect cock. Rubbing the tip of his dark-brown, uncircumcised cock on her wet pussy lips, she tried to slowly ease him into her.

With his hands gripping Sarah’s ass cheeks, Karan started with slow thrusts that pushed his cock in deeper with every push. After he had fully entered her he was soon thrusting in at the cadence of the moving train wheels.

Holding on to Karan’s shoulders, Sarah climbed up and wrapped her legs around his waist. This allowed Karan to penetrate her with all eight inches of his cock. “Fuck, you’re so big, you’ve filled me up completely!” gasped Sarah, as she felt his cock press slightly on her cervix. Karan picking up the pace, went in and out with long, hard thrusts. They both were now moaning out loud with each thrust, too horny to care about waking up passengers on the other side of the wall. Soon, Karan had picked up the pace as much as he could go.

As he felt Sarah’s pussy clench tight around his cock, he announced in her ear “I’m coming, Sarah!”

“Fill me with your cum, Father,” Sarah moaned, opening her legs wider. Karan started cumming, filling Sarah’s wet pussy with warm cum with each shuddering spurt. As his cock shot jets of warm cum deep inside her, Sarah started cumming, too, her hands on his butt, pulling him deeper into her, wanting every last drop of his cum inside her rapidly-filling pussy.

“I can’t believe I fucked a Padri! I have to admit it’s been a fantasy of mine,” said Sarah, with a chuckle, as they cleaned up in the restroom. They hurried back to their bunks before the girls suspected anything amiss.

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