Being Neighborly Pt. 02

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The story of two neighbors and their friendship. There are scenes of one-on-one romantic sex (MF), group sex and bisexual sex (MM and FF). If this is not your thing, move on. Otherwise, enjoy, comment and vote.

I sat down at my computer with a hot cuppa joe and an onion bagel (with a shmear). I was checking out the latest headlines and the latest on the covid virus. It wasn’t good. In addition, the President said something stupid about drinking disinfectant and UV rays. I was laughing when I heard the door knock. The door opened and Samantha rushed in.

“Am I disturbing you? I just had to tell you that I put up the pictures. Could you take a look at my profile to see if it’s okay?”

“One, yes, you did disturb me. Please wait until I open the door. Maybe I was in the bathroom or something and -“

“- at least I know you weren’t jerking off.” What a smartass.

“- and I’ll check it out.” I called up the site and logged in under her name. I read over the site and checked out the galleries. Yes, indeed, they looked good. She was going to get some traffic. “You know, you can fill out these surveys. They help improve your searches.” Then I noticed that she had four messages. “Look, you already have responses!”

“Let me see. Let me see.” The first one was from a horny husband who wanted to play. “Delete it. No cheating husbands.” The second was from an older obese couple. “No. Not what I am looking for. Delete it.”

“You know you should thank them for contacting you but tell them that they aren’t your type, or something like that, or you could not respond. Whatever.”

“Nah, delete it. What’s the next one?” The next one fit her bill. They were a couple in their late forties, both bi and both good looking. Their opened galleries showed great bodies. The hitch was that they played with couples. “They are damn near perfect. I’m going to have to draft you to meet with them. What does the last one say?”

“You got two more since we logged on.”

“Wow. Read the next one. The next one was from a woman. She was very skinny and not appealing to Sam. “Save it. Next!” The next one was from another couple, one with whom I had once hooked up.

“I know them. I had a terrible time with them. They’re into bondage and discipline. Not my thing. And he’s very aggressive.”

“Not mine either. Next!” The next one was from a couple. They, too, looked good. The problem was that their gallery showed him with a tiny cock. “Hmmm. I don’t think so. I’ve already had that with Harold. No, I need him to be at least as big as you. Next!” The next message was from a couple and they looked fabulous. Their message was very complementary and they loved Sam’s pictures. She was bi, he wasn’t. They were both quite buff. “That’s a keeper. Any more?” The last message was from a young gay couple. Their galleries were not open but their message said they would open theirs if she opened hers. And would she like to join them for playtime. They described what they would like to do with her and were very explicit. “Hmmm. Hold that one, too.”

I surfed away from the site. “You have your homework cut out for you. Goodbye, Sam.” I was kicking her out.

“You won’t say that tomorrow when I want to suck your cock.”

“You’re right, I won’t…tomorrow. Right now, go home and pet da cat. You are exhausting me.”

“I’m leaving. It’s a good thing that you are a great lay or I might be pissed. But I’m not. See ya.” She was gone and maybe for the night. I was beat.

The next day started like all the others during the lockdown. In fact, what day was this? This self-quarantine may have been necessary but it was for the birds. I wanted to hit the beach again, to soak in the rays and dip into the warm water. It didn’t look like that was going to be the case because the virus was surging in the state, due to the incompetence of the governor as well as the President, and also, all the beaches were closed. I was inside and safe where I had to be and that’s just the way it was. In my apartment complex, we had lost four residents and six more were in the hospital in intensive care. I didn’t want to end up like them.

With a cup of coffee at my side, I sat down at my computer to do some client work. It took about two hours and as I was finishing up, there was a knock on the door. It was Samantha and she was especially low key this morning.

“Where’s that little bubbly personality. What’s wrong?”

She sighed. “Do you have an extra cup for me?”

“Sure, but what’s up?”

“I just learned that an old friend is in the hospital and it looks bad. This whole business saddens me. It saddens me a lot and, so far, there is nothing anybody can do. I feel so helpless, you know?”

“We are helpless. We have to wait for the doctors to come up with a cure. There’s nothing else to do. And we have to make sure that we don’t ingest any disinfectents.” I laughed, she smiled.

“What a maroon!”

“True that. Don’t pay attention to anything he says, and watch what he does. And be wary. He’s fucking our country up. Don’t get me started! And, hey, I have an idea. Ankara bayan escort Why don’t we get in the car and drive to the beach. We’ll look at the water and smoke a joint. Come on, let’s get out of here. Breathe some fresh air.”

Her mood lifted as we drove to the ocean. Of course, it helped that she babbled constantly and I tuned out. As we pulled in and parked, we saw a pod of dolphins playing in the water. There was no other cars around. A cop pulled next to us and I explained that we were staying in the car, just breathing the air. He said we could stay for a little while and drove off.

“You know, when this is all over, we will have the cleanest air, the cleanest water and the cleanest environment in a few hundred years. Maybe this virus is a blessing in disguise. I wonder how fast we’ll fuck it up.”

“And speaking of fucking it up, I received nine more responses to my profile in the night.”

“Oh, yeah? Any of them good?”

“One. One was very interesting; everything else was horny guys and dick pix. With the interesting one… usually, the husband writes me but this time it was the wife, and, in many ways, she reminded me of me. They moved down here a year ago. She said that they were married twenty years and in the doldrums. They decided to spice up their marriage with partners. They are both bi-curious and have never done anything like this. I like that they are as inexperienced as I. It would be cool for newbies to explore together…with a guide, that is.”

“What did they look like?”

“They looked very good. Good looking, in shape and impressive genitals. They want to meet a couple, though. I’ll show you the profile and maybe you’ll join in. I would feel a lot better if you were there in case anything went south, you know what I mean? At least, for my first time. What do you say?”


I opened the sunroof and let the sun bake down on us. She opened her blouse to the sun and put the seat back, luxuriating. I lit the joint and we passed it back and forth.

“You know, you have great tits. They’re happy tits, I can see them smiling at me.”

“Why, thank you and my girls thank you, too.” She shook them.

The sun and the beach were just what we needed. After a little more than an hour, we headed back. When we returned, she showed me her messages. I examined the couple and approved. They lived right near the beach, about a mile away. I was impressed by their nude body shots. He had an impressive cut cock, slightly bigger than mine, was in good shape and handsome. She was built and not too buff, and pretty to the max. She was a brunette with great tits. I was impressed.

“Don’t they look good?”

“Yes, write them back and I will join you.”

“I knew that when you saw them, you wouldn’t be able to resist.”

She wrote them back and received an immediate response.

“She says that they are not into pain. They are not into humiliation. They are not into scat. What’s that?”

“Scat is sexual play with shit. I’m not into that either and I’ve never met anyone that was. But, they are some people…”

“Ugh, that’s disgusting! Me neither. Everything else is okay.” She wrote them back that we weren’t into that stuff either and they quickly responded.

“They want to know if we want to come over for a while. They’ve also been inside for weeks.”

“Sure, why not. It’s an interesting something to do. But we will social distance and wear masks.” She wrote back and they told us to come over in a couple of hours.

“Okay, we’ll go over for a meet-and-greet. If we click, we set up a date. How does that sound?”

“What if we click right away and they want to play. What then?” She thought about that for a while. I was surprised because she wasn’t thinking out loud, which seemed odd. “Hmmm,” she said, “Let’s just go with the flow.”

“I’m not kidding when I say that was a very enlightened response. Be in the moment. Let the moment surround and engulf you.”

“Good advice. All right then, I have to prepare myself. I’ll see you in a while.” She ran out. She never seems to walk out. I have to find a way to slow her down.

I showered, manscaped, dressed and prepared for our meet. As I went to Sam’s door, she popped out. “I was just coming to get you, you handsome thing.”

“Me? Girl, you look drop dead hot. Classy with a snark. Your cleavage could pass as a candy dish.”

“You just say the nicest things. Here, feel this.” She put my hand into her shorts where I found a smooth vulva.

“Ok, feel this!” I took her hand and placed it my shorts.

“Ooooh, no stubble. As smooth as a baby’s ass.”

The drive over was short. In that time, Sam showed me her matching underwear – sheer and thonged. She also said that she had become excited about the event and if we clicked, she love to throw down. She’d caught the spirit. Horny little bi-atch.

We pulled up to the house. It was across the street from the bay and it was a whole lot nicer than the apartments where we lived. The door opened as we walked up and, pictures don’t Escort bayan Ankara lie, our hostess was hot. “I’m Vicky. Hi, Samantha and Ray, right? This is my husband, Donald.”

“Don.” He put out his hand.

“Ray.” His hands were soft. He was not a construction man. And did I detect a slight accent?

“Call me Sam. I’m excited to meet you.”

“As are we. Come in. Let’s relax out back.” I passed him two bottles of wine, a pinot noir and a chardonnay that I pulled from my collection. He took the wine and entered the large open kitchen while Vicky led us to the large screened deck with a beautiful pool as the centerpiece. We sat in comfortable chairs around the patio table. Don came out with a tray of hors d’ouevres and asked what everyone was drinking. I said, “I’ll have a beer”. He asked if Beck’s was good. Ha. That happens to be my preferred beer.

“You know, I don’t think you need to wear a mask. We’ve been indoors for weeks, too.” We took off our masks. That was much better.

“You moved down here a year ago. Is that right?”

“Yes, we moved from East Hampton, New York.

“Really? I moved here from East Hampton about five or so years ago! That is amazing. I had a place on Oyster Lane.”

“I know where that is. I did real estate for many years,” said Vicky. “We lived off Baiting Hollow, in the eastern part of the town.”

I thought that strange misstatement since Baiting Hollow was in the western part of the town near Sagaponack. “Sure, “I said, “South of the highway, not far from Jericho Lane, near the Maidstone Country Club and the windmill. Know it well.” Maidstone and the windmill were nowhere near Baiting Hollow and nowhere near each other. They quickly changed the subject.

We talked about how it was impossible to live there anymore and how the place changed. Vicky asked what my address was. I told her.

“My company handled the last sale of that house…three years ago…three point five, if I recall that right. It’s probably double now.”

I was gobsmacked, especially since I bought the house in the mid-seventies for fifty-five thousand. In addition, it was on the water. Why my ex had sold it for only one point one, I will never know.

“With sales like that, why did you move down here?”

I noticed that they both had slight accents, almost imperceptible. I could not place it. Don said, “We began to hate the hedge funders and how much they had changed the village and, well, we both wanted to paint full time.” He pointed to unfinished canvases against a wall. “So we retired and moved down here to the tropics. It’s a lot slower down here. Also, we have artist friends in Sarasota.” Don spoke in a flat monotone. He seemed to have a bland personality. Vicky was the one with the secret sauce.

“But, I must say, we really miss the culture of East Hampton and New York. This place is boring.”

“I miss that, too. I miss it a lot. But after a while, the sun will bake your brain and , voila, you’re a Floridian!”

That broke the more serious nature of the past that was hanging in the air. Don asked me, “You’ve done this before, right?”

“Yes. Quite a few times. Since my divorce, I find that I like sex with multiple partners and I like, on occasions, bisexuality, but only with couples. I like joyful, uninhibited people.”

Samantha had been quiet for some time but jumped in now. I was happy to see her let her guard down and just be honest. “I have had wild scenarios play in my head. I fantasize and masturbate to different thoughts all the time. What about you?”

“When I lived in the college dorm, I had an experience with another girl on the floor. I always wanted to experience that again. We’ve tried role-playing and other games but it wasn’t the real thing.”

“I became interested in a bisexual experience after we began to watch porn. The sight of two men orally pleasing each other gets me very hard. Right, Vick? We decided to play it out. And you two seem like the right ones with which to play.” He reached across the table to the hors d’ouevres and pulled out a thick joint. “I apologize for not having any nose candy.”

“A joint is fine. We don’t do blow. In fact, I rolled a few joints and they’re here in my pocket” We lit up.

It was about seven and we’d been doing a lot of laughing when Vicky suggested, “I’m hot and humid! How about we go for a dip in the pool? It’s completely private so we don’t need bathing suits. I’ll go get some towels.”

“That’s a good idea, Vick. You folks good with that? I’ll turn on the hot tub.”

I looked at Sam and she gave an approving nod. I lit up the joint and passed it to her. Vicky returned with towels. I said, “If you’ll excuse me, I ain’t waiting.” I stood up, pulled my polo off and dropped my shorts. I turned around and dove into the pool. It didn’t take long for the others to join me and soon there were four nudes splashing each other. Several times, different body parts slid across me.

“Your pictures were very accurate, I must say.” Vicky had a pair of pneumatic beauties and Don was Bayan escort Ankara about the same size and heft as I am, with, perhaps, a little more girth. I swam over to Sam and held her from behind, cupping her breasts. She pushed back against me and my cock nestled in her ass crack. Vicky swam over.

“Let me see those.” She took Sam’s breasts into her hands and softly caressed them, rubbing her palms over her nipples. “These feel so nice and soft.” Sam reached over and took Vicky’s breasts.

“Oh my God, these are big. Wow.”

“38, big D.” She pressed herself against Sam and their breasts skimmed against each other. Don swam up next to us and put his hand on Vicky’s back. I placed my hand on his cock. He smiled. The girls were kissing, in a little more than friendly way. Don reached down for my dick and had to burrow into Sam’s crack for it. She could feel Don tugging for my dick.

“Let’s not get too crazy out here,” Sam interrupted. “I want to watch. And I am so turned on.”

“Oooh, kinky!” Vicky chirped. With my other hand, I took two breasts and pressed them together, nipple to nipple. “That feels nice.”

“I agree. Nice is the operative word.”

“Yeah, but I really want to taste you, Sam. Let’s get out of here and hit the bedroom. We can come back here later.”

“Okay. I want to do that to you, too. Why don’t you boys give us a few minutes by ourselves? Then join us.” They got out of the pool and made a big show of drying each other off. They ran giggling into the bedroom.

“So, Don, it’s just us and our cocks. What would you like to do?”

“Let’s get out. What I’d like to do is look at your cock and then put it in my mouth.”

“I’d like that, too.”

We stepped out of the pool and dried off. Don waved to a large chaise. I laid back on it. He got on top of me and we were penis to penis, rubbing against each other. I took one of his nipples between my lips and nursed him to his accompanying moans. After a few minutes, he slid down and did a thorough inspection of my package, playing with my balls and squeezing my shaft. He squeezed out a drop of pre-cum and licked it off the head. Then he took it into his mouth.

“Ow. No teeth, Don.”

“Sorry,” he said. “I’ll be more careful. I’ve watched porn.”

He tried again but this time, he was too forceful.

“Wait. I have an idea. Do what I do. Copy me. If you’re going to cum, cum in my mouth. I like the taste.”

Don looked down as I swiveled around, his nice cock waving above my head. He was shaved clean, too, so no ball hair in my mouth. I reached up and caressed his sac with its nice, large, oval balls. I reached up to his ass and pulled him into my mouth where I sucked gently on the spongy head. I licked around the pronounced flange of the corona where it formed a “vee”. I felt him twitch. I did this for a few minutes when he responded, taking my dick and doing what I did until he became comfortable with it. We formed a slow, sensual sixty-nine, sucking, stroking and groaning. We were temporarily distracted by the squeals coming from the bedroom. It also seemed that Don had learned too quickly, was this really his first cock? Somehow, I didn’t think so.

“Let’s go join them and continue this. I want Vicky to see me make you cum.” We got up and walked into the bedroom in time to see them stretched across the bed on their sides in a sixty-nine. Both were feasting on each other and close to orgasm. Sam was nose deep into Vicky and rubbing Vicky’s clit vigorously. Vicky was trashing until she exploded in a wild cum, her juices streaming down Sam’s face. Sam was right behind her. Vicky sucked on her clit as Sam rose up to meet her. She suddenly broke out in a sweat, bucked against Vicky’s lips and groaned and long, satisfying groan. Both collapsed. Next to the bed, both Don and I applauded.

“Wow. That was good,” said Sam. “Different and good. Very good.”

“Yeah, I’m glad we did that. That was very cool. I liked that a lot. So soft…”

Don said, “Move over, ladies, and watch us.” They moved as we lay down, Don on the bottom this time. I stretched out across him and I took his hard dick. Soon, we were sucking each other with a mission. His

technique had suddenly gotten better, as though he remembered how to do it. There’s was something off about this couple. But we were sucking on each other’s cock and enjoying it so I went with the flow, hoping to get it from his meaty cock. Our hard staffs slid up and back as we bobbed our heads up and down. I loved the feeling of this virile piece of meat poking my cheek, sliding around my tongue and poking my throat. His was a great cock. Don moaned, “I can’t take much more. I’m going to cum.” I pulled his cock back so that only the head was in my mouth and I stroked his staff. I could feel it pulse before he started to shoot. I pulled it back so the girls could see him fill my mouth and then I pushed him back in so I could take all of his seed. His cum was thick and salty.

While his cock settled down, he never took mine out and continued on sucking the head. His tongue tickled the vein and that set me off. “Watch out, Don, here it comes.” Three, four, five blasts filled his cheeks and drooled down his chin. He swallowed like a pro and continued until it was too sensitive. I pulled out, leaving a pool of cum on his lips. I knew for certain then that this was not his first rodeo. He’d sucked cocks before.

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