Camping with My Boyfriend and His Friends

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Camping with My Boyfriend and His Friends
Camping with my Boyfriend and his friends
My boyfriend Ronnie was over my house and asked me if I was interested in going camping with him and 3 of his friends. I have met all of them and didn’t see any problem with going with them. I told him that I would enjoy getting away for a couple days. He said that would be great and that he would pick me up on Friday. I told him I would be ready. After he left, I got my gear all packed up and ready to go.
It was about 2 on Friday afternoon when Ronnie pulled up with his friends. He came inside and got my gear and took it to the car. I hopped in the front and off we went. John, Bill, and Jeff all said hello and we all were excited to get going. It took us about 2 hours to finally get there. It was up a long winding road and very far from where others camp out. We all hopped out and set up our tents. After we got setup, we decided to build a fire and sit around to relax. After a few hours we thought it best to get some sleep for tomorrows hike.
We all said our goodnights and I got into the tent with Ronnie. I laid down on the sleeping bag in my shorts and tank top and Ronnie took his pants and top off and laid down next to me. He put his arm around me and pulled me close and started kissing me. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths and his hands was playing with my pussy. My hands slid in front of us and I felt his cock hardening. I have had his cock so many times but always love to feel it. He pulled back and whispered that he wanted to fuck me. I told him that wasn’t a good idea since his friends were close by in their tents. I asked, “How about a blowjob?” He didn’t hesitate and laid on his back.
As he laid there, I moved next to him. My hands feeling his cock though his underwear. Stroking it and watching the outline of it. He had a very nice cut cock. It was about 8” and about 2 and a half inches around. My hand just fits around it. As I was stroking him, he started to moan. I put my finger on his lips and said shhhhhhh. I pulled down his underwear and slid them off. His cock rock hard. My hand wrapped around the shaft. I gently stroked it and I watched as his precum oozed from the head of his cock. His hand on my back pushing me down towards his cock. I lean forward and my tongue licked his precum. Stroking it as I licked the head. Then his hand went to the top of my head, gently pushing it down.
I opened my mouth and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri let the head slide in. It was so hot and big, but I knew how to talk his cock. Slowly in and out and up and down. I worked on his cock as his hand provided a little pressure on my head. It filled my mouth as I took more of him on every stroke. My tongue gliding the bottom of his cock. His precum was sweet and juicy. Providing the lubrication that I needed to take his cock. I worked it for about 20 minutes. I took it so the head was at my throat. In and out I sucked his cock. I thought we were making noise, so I slowed it down. I thought I heard his friends outside but didn’t know if they were there. I figured it was time to finish this off.
With his guidance from his hand and I opened my mouth wider so I could take his entire cock in my throat. I slowly took a little each time I went down on him. After a few tries I had his entire cock buried in my throat. I worked it in and out. Feeling him tense, I knew he was about to unload his cum in my mouth. Then he arched up and pushed my head down on his cock. I felt the squirt of cum hit the back of my throat. I tightened my mouth around his cock. It was so hot and creamy. Then another and another. I had to swallow because I didn’t want it running out of the corner of my mouth. More and more he unloaded into my mouth. I wanted it all. Finally, after about 10 squirts he laid back down and I continued to milk his cock of it’s cum. After a few minutes and his cock getting limp, I licked his cock clean. He looked at me and smiled. I snuggled up next to him and he put his arm around me. As I laid there, I swore I heard his friends outside. I laid there wondering if the saw or heard anything.
Well morning came and we all got up and dressed. We had a quick breakfast and got packed up and headed out for a day’s hike. We headed up to the top of the gorge where there are some beautiful spots for taking pictures. After taking pictures and enjoying to scenery we figured it was time to be heading back. John, Bill, and Jeff said they were going to take a different trail back to the camp. Ronnie told them to meet at the table. I looked at him and didn’t know what he was talking about. He looked at me and said, “Don’t worry you will love this spot.” The 3 took off and Ronnie and I headed out as well. About an hour later we came to this little clearing, and there in the perabet giriş middle was a little table. It was about 4’ long and had no benches. We walked up to it and I sat down on it.
I asked Ronnie “Where did this come from?” He smiled and said that the others built it. He said that we had some time before the others would be here. He looked into my eyes and asked if I would blow him again but in his favorite position. I said “Here?” Yes. Are you sure we have time? He nodded. So, I took off my pack and put it on the ground. I laid on the table with my head hanging over the side. My ass just ended at the other end of the table. My legs dangled down. As I laid there he walked up, and his crotch was there in front of me. I unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the ground. He stepped out of them. Then I pulled down his underwear which he stepped out of as well. He really must have wanted this because he was hard already.
I put my hands on his ass and guided him close to me. I opened my mouth and he placed his cock in my mouth. Slowly pulling him in closer he began to fuck my mouth. His cock felt so wonderful in my mouth. He fucked me and his hands covered my breasts. Massaging them as he fucked my mouth. As I lay there, I lost touch with reality. There Ronnie was getting a blowjob in his favorite position and mine. I could take him deeper with out gagging. As I was sucking his cock, I felt my shorts being pulled down, but Ronnie wouldn’t let me see what was happening. Then my panties were down and off. Next, I felt someone standing between my legs, A cockhead rubbing against my clit. With Ronnie fucking my mouth and feeling another cock between my legs I was getting wet. After a little rubbing I felt the other cock enter my pussy. It was about the same size as Ronnie’s. I closed my eyes and let them fuck my mouth and pussy. As my hands were at my side, I was surprised to feel to more cocks by each hand. My instincts were to grab both.
Now there I was with a cock in each hand, one in my pussy, and Ronnie in my mouth. I was in heaven. I was stroking the 2 cocks in my hand in unison with whoever cock was in my cunt and Ronnie fucking my mouth. Then without any warning whoever was fucking my pussy unloaded his cum inside me. It didn’t take long for him to unload all he had. Then I felt the person on my right moved between my legs and start fucking my drenched pussy. The person who just unloaded in perabet güvenilir mi my pussy. took the place of the guy who was fucking me now. All the while Ronnie fucking my mouth and massaging my breasts. He was fucking my cunt hard and fast. I try to push back so he could fuck me hard. Then after a few minutes he unloaded his cum into my cunt. I figured I was going to get a third helping when the guy on the left got between my legs. I still had 2 cocks in my hands and one in my pussy and mouth.
The third guy had a very big cock. It must have been about 10 inches and 3-4 inches around. I wanted it too. So, with my cunt all wet with my juices and 2 loads of cum, I felt him put his cockhead on my clit. He went slow and my pussy opened to allow him to enter me. Still stroking the 2 cocks at my side they were getting hard again. His cock was sliding in me slowly. Then once he was in, he started to fuck my pussy hard. Over and over he slammed his cock into me. After a while I heard him moan and he unleashed his hot creamy cum inside my cunt. Thinking that they had all cummed inside me except for Ronnie I thought it was over. Ronnie pulled out and went between my legs. Whoever just fucked my cunt stood over me at the head of the table. His cock limp but still big. Then I felt Ronnie’s cock enter my dripping pussy. A pair of hands on my breasts and his cock on my lips. Still dripping with his hot cum. I opened and took his cock. Letting him fuck my mouth. His cock filled my mouth and I couldn’t make a sound.
There I was with 4 cocks again pleasing me. Stroking them and having them fuck me. I was loving it. After another few minutes, I felt that Ronnie was ready to unload his cum. I heard him scream when he let his cum fill my cunt. Not know what was going to happen next. Ronnie pulled out and the guy on the right went between my legs again. They switched place 4 more time before they stopped. My pussy never had that much cum in it before. It dripped out and onto the table. Then the others stopped, and Ronnie stood before me at the head of the table. His cock hard again. I grabbed it and opened my mouth. He moved in close and he fucked my mouth.
As he did, I pushed and pulled him so I could take his entire cock. After about 10 minutes I felt him tensing and pulled as hard as I could. His cock buried deep in my throat. Then I felt him gush in my throat. His hot creamy cum filling my mouth. It was just too much. It dripped form the corners of my mouth. Feeling his cum and the cum of the other dripping from my cunt was heaven. Then as I was sucking his cum, I looked up and there was two other jerking off on to my face. They’re cum was also hot and creamy. This is one camping trip I will never forget.

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