Covered in Cum

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Covered in Cum
My partner Julie is sales manager for a charity organisation. She is constantly looking for ways to raise money for the charity and to beat her monthly sales target. Julie arranged a meeting with the manager of the local rugby club to see if she could leave posters and collection bags for bric-a-brac, clothing or unwanted items in the social club. Michael happily agreed. Each month end Julie would go along to the social club and collect any donations that had been handed in by the social club customers and struck up quite a friendship with Michael.

Last month sales had been poor in the charity outlets and collections had started to dwindle. Julie shared her concerns with Michael over a drink at the club. It was during this discussion that Michael hesitantly suggested a way to boost her monthly sales. He went on to explain that the guys at the club had another great interest that they shared and would get together once a month to indulge in their ‘hobby’.

Julie was intrigued and wondered how this might benefit her. Michael went on to explain that they had a particular fetish for Bukkake and that they would pay a willing participant for the privilege of their indulgence.

Julie was bemused and had no idea what Michael was talking about. ‘I’m almost embarrassed to say’ said Michael ‘but it crude terms we like to masturbate over naked women!’.

‘You are joking?’ Julie responded in shock and embarrassment.

‘No! We all club together and hire a willing girl who likes the adoration of men masturbating over them. It may sound disgusting to you, but the girls love being wanked over by 15 fit rugby players and the guys get their kicks. (No pun intended). There is a no touching rule, there is nothing untoward, just body worship and a load of cum. The guys pay £20 each and the girl earns £300 for an hour of her time’.

‘That is disgusting’ Julie responded in shock and horror. ‘What kind of a girl do you think I am?’ Julie got up from the table and promptly left for home.

The following day Michael called Julie to offer his apologies. He thought that they had got to know each other well and didn’t think that she would be offended by his suggestion. He asked for her to forgive him his suggestion and that no harm was meant by it.

‘It’s quite alright’ she replied ‘I over reacted. I’m quite a broadminded lady and was quite turned on by the idea once I’d had time to get over the shock. I don’t want to be unfaithful to Mark and don’t want to put myself bursa escort into an uncompromising position or allow myself to be groped’.

Michael reconfirmed that they had a strict no touching rule and that her safety and protection would be his sole responsibility. ‘It’s just a bit of fun’ he said. ‘The guys don’t want to be unfaithful to their partners either. This way it’s just seen as no more than them masturbating, it’s just over a girl. Why don’t you come and meet the guys next Friday? Come and have a drink with us all, have a chat and get to know everybody. If you come to terms with the idea you can stay and have some fun, if not walk away and no harm is done.

Julie knew the £300 would come in handy and after all she could indulge in her own fantasy at the same time. She agreed to the meet.

Julie, dressed in her short black dress and black stilettoes was quite a sight when she strolled into the Social club after closing. The guys were all sitting at the bar and Michael offered her a drink before introducing the rest of the team. The guys varied in age from about 18 up to 35 and varied also in physique from slim young men up to quite bulky heavy weights. Julie was in her 40thyear but looked much longer with her small size 8 frame and fit physique. Her heart was beating very fast and the butterflies in her stomach were bouncing around. She was intrigued by the madness of it all.

‘OK!’ Julie Stammered. ‘What do I have to do?’

Michael explained that each of the guys would draw a straw. There were three groups of five. One to five would go in order and cum on the tits, six to ten on the pussy and eleven to fifteen on the ass. There was nothing more complicated than that.

Julie was shown to a changing room where she could undress and where there was a table laid out with cushions for her to lay on. The guys would go and get naked and then enter the room when she gave the signal that she was ready.

Julie went into the room and stripped off. She lay expectantly on the table with her heart beating like a drum. ‘I’m ready!’ she cried.

The group of fifteen naked rugby players entered seeing Julie’s beautiful tanned and naked body for the first time. She was very slender with small 34B breasts embellished with incredibly long and erect large dark nipples. Her pussy was beautifully shaved and smooth and due to the excitement more than a little wet.

It didn’t take long for the guys to develop their erections and one to five moved forward to begin bursa escort bayan the act. Julie looked at each of the guys with their cocks in their hands, stroking away. No.1 was a young 18 year old and very fit looking she thought. She was glad it was him first. He stood to her left and vigorously wanked his cock. Julie caressed her nipples which were hard with excitement. She moved her hand as No.1 announced that he was about to cum. Julie’s eyes were fixed on the young mans cock as he spurted line after line over her left breast. She smiled to herself at how good it looked and now that the process had started she was eager for more. No.2 was already stood to her right and his bulky frame did not distract from his huge cock. A second wave of cum shot across Julie’s chest and caught her by surprise as it hit her chin. Both tits were now lined in thick white come which started to run down her sides and onto the cushions below her.

Three and Four now took position either side of her and unloaded their cum in turn over her pert tits. The rest of the group looked on with pleasure, some barely able to contain themselves. No. 5 pulled as his cock furiously and aimed directly at Julie’s erect right nipple which was poking up from a river of cum. His load shot out in thick spurts and he shook his cock as if to drain every last drop. With the first five now expelled Julie looked down on her cum covered tits and caressed the sticky mess as the next five moved forward to cum on her pussy.

Michael asked Julie to move forward and sit on the table so that he could stand between her legs. Michael was the only one that had not had to draw straws for his positioning. He decided from the outset that he wanted to be first up to squirt his load on that beautiful shaved pussy. That was his prize and it didn’t disappoint. He had fantasied about this moment since he first met Julie and now here he was standing between her parted legs looking straight at her gaping wet pussy.

Michael asked Julie if she would just part her lips for him. Putting her hands between her legs she pulled her pussy apart. She knew it was soaking wet from excitement and knew that she was now totally exposed. ‘Beautiful, just beautiful’ Michael muttered as he vigorously tugged at his swollen cock. Julie’s eyes were fixed on his erect cock and she felt herself jump as the first jet hit her straight on her exposed clitoris. Four or five streams of hot cum shot into her gaping hole until Michaels balls were escort bursa empty. He tapped his cock on Julie’s clit as if to shake every drop from his being. Julie gasped as her clitoris was now aching badly. She did not complain as this might have been deemed a violation of the no touching rule, but this was the horniest of the ejaculations she had received thus far. Michael thanked Julie with a broad smile on his face and stepped aside for no.7 to take his place. Julie thought it fair to keep her pussy stretched wide and enjoyed the sensation as one after the other shot their load over her shaven mound, onto her clit, her pussy lips and into her hole. By the time no.10 had finished her pussy was totally covered in thick cum and it was running between her legs into the crevice of her ass.

Julie was now asked to turn over and squat on all fours with her ass in the air. As she did so the cum was hanging from her pussy in great globules and dripping onto the cushions beneath her. The remaining five had had to wait patiently for their turn and their balls were ready to explode. Julie pulled her ass cheeks apart so that they could get a full view of her tight puckered hole. She put her hand between her buttocks and could feel the spunk which had dripped from her pussy. Without thinking she inserted a finger into her wet anus to give the boys a little show. As she removed it No.11 moved forward a shot his expansive load straight at the target. It felt good as it hit the sensitive hole which twitched and tightened as the cum landed. The remaining four took it in turn to step forward and unload their cum over Julies buttocks and asshole. The cum now running in the opposite direction between her legs and into her already soaking wet pussy.

The guys all congratulated themselves on a great show and thanked Julie for allowing them to indulge in their fantasy. Michael helped Julie up from the table and glance first at her glazed tits and erect nipples before allowing his eyes to stare at the area he had drenched in his cum along with the deposits of his team mates. He showed Julie the shower room and told her that a glass of wine awaited her return once she had dressed.

The group would sit and chat of their adventure and debated as to whether this would be a regular event. Julie had enjoyed the experience. She loved the idea that she had been exposed to so many men at the same time. They had all worshipped her body and showed their appreciation by unloading their cum on her. She was turned on by the experience and felt as horny as hell. It was time to go home and have great sex with Mark. Perhaps she would tell him the story as a fantasy, he would never believe that it had really happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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