Curvy white girl kidnapped and sold

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Curvy white girl kidnapped and sold
My head feels fuzzy. I open my eyes and look around me. Nothing looks familiar. I’m on a bed, but I feel cold. There’s only a thin blanket over me. I try to huddle further under the blanket. It’s then I realise I’m naked. I try to get up. What the fuck, there’s a cuff against my wrist. I pull on the cuff, a chain rattles. I pull further, the other end is attached to the bed frame. I look around me. The room is small, with hardly any light. There are small windows, but up too high for me to reach. Even if I could reach them they are barred. The door looks solid, with a small window.

I wrap the blanket around me, and try and stand. I’m a little shaky, so sit down on the edge of the bed again. The tiled floor is cold, a little shiver runs through me. I try to stand again, this time a more successfully. But I still feel shaky. I keep a hand on the bed and take a few slow and hesitant steps down beside the bed. I spot something past the bed, beside the wall. What is that I think, I take a few steps nearer. “Oh no” I mutter, as I realise what it is. There’s a sqaut toilet next to the bed. Where the hell am I, and how did I get here. I slump onto the bed and start to sob. Huddled on the bed, I drift off to sleep.

I wake to a bang. The door slamming shut. I grab the blanket around me. Slowly I look up. Two guys are looking down at me. One smirking, one just staring. I look closer, the one that’s smirking looks kind of familiar. “Show me what you’ve brought me” the other guy says. The smirker steps towards the bed and pulls the blanket off me. I try to cover myself with my hands. “Why so shy baby?” the smirker asks. Then I remember where I’ve seen him. The barman from last night. I remember drinking with my friends, then nothing. He snatches my hands and pulls me up, pushes me forward, grabs my arms behind my back.

“You’ve done well this time. About time we had a curvy one. bahis siteleri And these are definite fun bags” says the serious guy, as he roughly grabs and squeezes my breasts. “Oww” I object. “She has a voice too” he sneers. He pinches and pulls on both nipples. “Ahhhh” I squeal. “Quiet, I didn’t ask your opinion” he snaps at me as he slaps my face. I whimper, trying not to cry. Again he pulls on my nipples, then slaps each breast catching the nipple. I open my mouth to protest, then looking at the hand getting ready to slap again I stop myself. Under this assault my nipples start to harden and grow and become more and more sensitive. “Now that’s what I like to see. This one will be popular. And quite clearly bred before.”

Then as quickly as they entered, they’re gone. I huddle back up on the bed. I try not to think of what’s going to happen to me. But I’m here alone, nothing else to think about. What did he mean she’ll be popular? But more important, been bred before. I feel my stomach, the stretch marks quite visible. I drift off to sleep again.

I’m woken by the door banging again. Instinctively I grab the blanket around me. I look at the door, just in time to see it bang shut again. And there beside the door is a tray, with a mug and plate. I just stare for several minutes. Slowly I get up, clutching the blanket around me. I try to reach the tray, but the chain on my wrists prevents me from getting that far, with the blanket around me. I drop the blanket, and with both hands outstretched I can just reach the tray. Concentrating on what’s on the tray, I don’t notice someone staring at my naked body from the small window in the door.

I take the tray back to the bed. Looking at the food and drink I realise how thirsty I am. I look inside the mug, it looks like water, I sip a little. It tastes like water, I drink half of the mug. I turn my attention to the plate. A selection of sandwiches perabet güvenilir mi and an apple. I tentatively bite into one of the sandwiches, which tastes OK. I finish off the sandwiches, but leave the apple. I place the tray, beside the bed. Pick up the blanket from the floor, wrap it around me; and once again curl up on the bed. After a little while, I realise I need the toilet. Oh No I think, not the squat toilet. I get up and walk to the end of the bed. I toss the blanket on the bed. I place my feet each side of the bowl, lower my ass down, until I’m squatting over the hole; then I pee. I check around, no toilet paper, but there’s a hose. I push the button on the hose, and almost fall over, unbalanced by the yet of water hitting between my legs. I let go of the button, steady myself, then let myself drip dry somewhat. I get up, wrap myself in the blanket, then lie back on the bed. I curl up in a ball and start to sob.

I’m awoken again by the door banging open and closed. Again a tray appears. This time soup, a roll, more fruit, and another mug of water. I eat and drink without reservation now. I feel sleepy, I lie down on the bed.

I wake with a start. There’s voices and music around me. I open my eyes, but can’t focus, can’t really make sense of what is happening. I’m pulled up by my hands, they’re cuffed together and yanked over my head. I’m pulled along, I look down at my feet. I’m naked and in the highest heals ever. I try not to stumble. All I can see around me are bright lights. I hear voices, but I can’t make out what they’re saying. I’m pushed forward up some steps. The music and chatter stops. Now I hear what’s said, but I wish I didn’t. Over I speaker system I hear “This is lot 5, a lusciously mature and curvy European. As you can see she’s been bred before. I have an internet bid of $10,000.”

The pedestal I’m stood on starts to turn around. Between the spot tipobet lights I can see both men and women sat at tables, staring up at me. I see bunny girls, topless with skimpy thongs serving drinks. I glimpse a number being held up. “That’s $11,000 bid in the room, $12,000, $13,000. You’ve got competition from online ladies and gentlemen. $20,000 online bid.” I feel a hand on my back, pushing me forward. My hands are released slightly. Then I feel hands on my ass. My butt cheeks are being pulled apart. “No, No” I try to object, I try to wriggle free. Which earns me a sharp thwack against my ass. “Ahhh!” I’m now wide awake.

“We have an online request to check if those are natural tits, they sure look like it to me.” In response to that the man who pushed me over now roughly squeezes each of my breasts. “I take it that’s a yes, they’re natural” I hear over the speakers. The pedestal continues to turn. “$21,000, $22,000, $23,000, $24,000. Imagine that belly full, and those tits dripping. We don’t usually have rounded matures. This might be your last opportunity to own one.”

“Now that’s more like it, we have a bidding war online. $30,000, $35,000. Looks like you’ll need to dip further in your wallets.” “$50,000” is shouted. I hear gasps. “$60,000 online” is announced. Then the same voice “$75,000”. “Well that’s sorted out the online chatter. Any advance in the room?” There’s a hush, then after what seems like an eternity, but is probably less than a minute. “Come up and claim your prize Sheikh Muhammad, I trust you have a collar ready.”

My hands are released from above my head. Still in cuffs, I’m lead down off the pedestal. At the bottom of the stage stands what I presume is my purchaser, in full Arabian dress. He attaches a collar around my neck, and clips on a leash. He turns and walks back towards his table. I have little choice but to follow as the leash pulls against my neck. I look down, totally ashamed, trying not to catch eyes with anyone in the room. When we get to his table he sits, and a chair is brought for me. There are 2 other naked ladies already sat at the table. Both much younger than me, and both black. What is our fate I wonder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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