Daddy and Baby Girl

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Daddy and Baby Girl
My mom had become a “cold fish” I believe the term is. She didn’t give daddy sex anymore and he had tried to find it outside of home. When he contracted a STD though, he quit having outside flings. Unfortunately, his anger would flare more and I knew it was from his frustrations. I felt sorry for daddy and since I was eighteen, I decided that maybe I could help.

I knew that daddy had a vasectomy after I was born because the doctor told him that if mom got pregnant again, it would kill her. He has a very strong sex drive and I knew of his stash of sex magazines he used to jerk off with. Even I knew it wasn’t the same as having a sex with a woman.

Lately, I’ve noticed daddy looking at my body more and more. Sometimes he enters my bedroom without knocking while I’m dressing and then acts like it’s the most normal thing in the world. One day he just walked into the bathroom while I was stripping for my shower even though had I told him that I was going to take a shower.

Mom decided to go home to visit her parents, but daddy couldn’t take time off from work and I was in school. It meant a week without mom and my opportunity to talk with daddy. The day after mom left, daddy came home in a grumpy mood.

“What’s wrong daddy?” I asked.

Daddy gave a huge sigh, “Nothing baby girl.” It was always his response.

“Daddy, can we talk for a little bit?” I asked.

“After dinner baby girl, daddy needs to take a shower,” he said.

“Ok daddy. I’ll have it fixed soon,” and I went into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner. I could hear the shower running for a long time before the water finally shut off.

Soon we sat down and ate dinner. Daddy had a few drinks with his meal and seemed to be in a better mood.

“So what did you want to talk about baby girl?” he asked.

“Well daddy, I want to talk about sex,” I stated as calmly as I could.

“Don’t you think you casino siteleri should talk with mom about that?” he asked.

“No daddy. She’s not like us,” I said.

“Like us baby girl? What do you mean by that?” he asked.

“Well daddy, I’m hyper all the time thinking about sex and wanting it, but I don’t do it because I don’t want to get pregnant. Now my grades are starting to slip in school because I can’t concentrate; my mind keeps visualizing sexual fantasies. I just can’t get focused!” I tell him.

I knew I had him now because, if anything, daddy was a stickler for education. He wanted me to go to college and not get a low paying job like mom and him.

He looks at me intently. “How long has this been going on baby girl?”

“For three months now daddy and if I don’t do something soon, then I’m not going to get that scholarship,” I look at him with sad eyes.

He reacts to my sadness in the way I had expected, “Oh baby girl, come here and sit on daddy’s lap.”

I come over and sit across daddy’s legs and look him in the eye and he wraps his warm strong arms around me. “What can daddy do baby girl?”

I heave heavy and go into my prepared line, “Daddy, I know you’ve had a vasectomy and can’t get me pregnant. Do you think you can satisfy my craving for sex so that I can focus in school?” and I look pleadingly into his eyes.

I can see that dad is torn between lust and the taboo of i****t. He’s quiet for a long time, but I can feel his hard cock against my thigh. His hand comes up and caresses the side of my face and I lean my head into it. He draws my head to his and our lips meet for our first kiss. His lips are soft and warm then his tongue enters my mouth. I can feel my pussy getting wet and throbbing with desire.

I moan into his mouth and wrapped my arms around his head. His hand drops down to my breast and he pushes against me feeling that I’m not wearing canlı casino a bra. My nipples are already hard and erect.

“Oh baby girl,” daddy says, “I can feel your excitement.” He continues to kiss me and his hand crosses over to my other breast to feel my hard nipple there also. When he pinches it, I can’t help to moan even louder into his mouth. Daddy pulls my top off over my head and gently rubs the flat of his palm over my nipples.

Daddy picks me up then and carries me to his bed and lays me down. “Take off your clothes baby girl,” and I quickly do what he says.

I watch as daddy removes his clothes releasing his hard cock. It’s long and wide and daddy smiles as he watches me look at him. His hand caresses the length of his shaft and a drop of pre-cum surfaces at the tip.

Daddy crawls into bed beside me and bends over to kiss me deeply yet again while his hand roams to length of my body stopping right on top of my mound. He draws his mouth away from my lips and sucks one of my breasts into his mouth and then harder on my nipple causing my back to arch and another moan escapes my mouth. I feel the pleasure shoot all the way into my pussy; I’m getting wetter and the throbbing in it is making it ache.

“Oh daddy, my pussy is throbbing and aching,” I tell him.

“Oh my baby girl is really worked up. Maybe daddy should make it feel better right away and then go slower the next time,” he says as he opens my thighs and rolls in between my legs.

I feel him rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy lips and pressing it hard against my clit. I rise my hips up off the bed and moan yet again. Daddy pushes the head of his cock into my virgin opening and I gasp at how it stretches me. Photos

Daddy rubs my clit with his finger. “It’s okay baby girl. Daddy will go slowly and take care of your craving.”

I feel more of his hard cock kaçak casino enter into me. I’m not worried because I lost my hymen years ago when I masturbated. I feel so full and yet more of his hard cock in pushed into my opening. My body reacts on its own by spreading my legs as wide as I can.

“Okay baby girl, daddy is almost inside you now. Just a few more inches to go,” and he lies partially on my body while his fingers, mouth and teeth work on my nipples.

My body is exploding for all the sensations coursing through it. I’m breathing faster and faster not being able to fill my lungs with enough air. Daddy gives one final hard push and I can feel his heavy balls gently rubbing against my ass.

“All in now baby girl. Now daddy can make you feel better,” he says and he pulls out a bit and then back in again. My legs curl around his back trying the capture him and never let him leave.

I feel a force building within my body; my heart is beating faster and faster and I hear it pounding in my ears. I cannot hear my own mouth crying out in lust fulfilled.

Daddy hears though and starts to pump his hard cock in and out of me faster and faster; harder and harder. I clutch to his shoulders as hard as my legs are clutching to his back. Finally my orgasm explodes within me and I see bright lights behind the closed lids of my eyes and my breath is ragged.

Daddy kisses me again and groans loudly in my mouth and then I feel his hot semen flood my tight canal. He stills on top of me, the side of his face pressed against mine with his hot breath landing on my ear. The weight of his body feels wonderful as does his cock still buried within me.

Daddy rolls over on the bed taking me with him; clutching me tightly to his chest with his strong arms wrapped around my back.

“Oh daddy,” I sigh when my thoughts and breath return, “That was amazing, it was so good that I can’t even tell you how good it was.”

Daddy smiles, “Yes baby girl, it was good for daddy too.”

“I love you daddy, thank you,” I say as I drift off to sleep on top of daddy feeling love and contentment.

“Daddy loves his baby girl too,” he whispers.

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