Day Long Lesson Plan

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Alaina Dawson

The sound of her key in the lock was all it took for my heart to leap and my nerves to electrify like quicksilver through every part of my body. I was sitting on the couch waiting for her with the front door in my direct line of sight. The door opened and the jangle of her purse and keys swung through as she sided in a little breathless looking at me like I was the favourite food she’d been famished for.

She was dressed like the teacher she was – loved her job, loved the kids but also loved her private life – demurely suggested by her ‘hot librarian’ look that I always downplayed my appreciation for, but secretly – I thanked the Gods for every morning I get to watch her dress that body…

…but she knows my secret. We know all of eachother’s secrets…

With a hungry smile, she turned her back to me, her fingers splayed open on the wood of the door to close it. As it clicked shut I could see the squirm in her hips as she let out a ragged exhale…

“…I’m soaked.” She said breathlessly to the door, dropping her purse to the ground.

She turned back around to face me, ass on the door and without breaking my gaze, gently kicked her heels off and toed them aside… her dark nipples visibly hard and straining through the tight fabric of her button down white blouse she wore. She’d taken her bra tuzla escort off in the car like I asked her to.

Pulling the tails of her shirt from the waist of her tight black skirt she slowly walked to me, making me harder with every sexy step. She knows every nerve in my body and what it takes to fire them – every time.

“…do you want to see…?” She breathed, standing over me at the couch already slowly lowering the zipper at her waist opening her skirt to a bare hip. No panties. Another request in the car – I’d been calling her with them throughout the day.

With the zipper only part way down, she placed a hand on the back of the couch just past my head and leaned into me, breathing a little quicker now.

“…Please…” She whispered in my ear, deftly opening buttons down the front of her blouse while I watched. “…I need to see you stroke that cock….”

“…Oh, I want to see first…” I teased.

She groaned – a little impatiently – in my ear and playfully nipped at my earlobe on her way back up. Her blouse was open now, her incredibly supple skin exposed from her throat to her waist as she opened enough of her side zipper to bring the skirt lower and lower down her flat belly. She smiled thoughtfully at me as she watched my eyes watch the beginning of her trimmed pubic hair pendik escort come into view. She loved this part too, and she loves knowing what she does to me…. I was so hard for her.

Finally, she let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. Naked from the waist down wearing only an open, thin white blouse. The lust building in her eyes as she brought her arched foot up to the couch seat, opening her hips to me while her hands smoothed past tails of her shirt and down over her hips until reaching the soaking folds of her pussy. In slow circles her fingers squelched over her swollen, wet lips as she let out a deep, gutteral moan at the first contact with her sex. Her head falling back in slow-motion, eyes closed feeling that first slippery and soothing touch over her aching clit.

“Oh my God… I’m gonna cum so quick. Please…” And as her head came back up in her little plea, I opened the front of my jeans and gently pulled the length of my engorged cock into full view for her. She lit up.

“Yessss….” She hissed, staring longingly at my hand caressing up and down the hard length. “…Stroke that cock for me!”

She’d brought her other hand up to her nipple now, just gently squeezing and rolling the sensitive tip as her back arched and her moaning growing louder. She was starting to shake.

“Oh, aydınlı escort fuuuuckk…” She panted. “Go fast, baby… pump that dick… I’m soooo close…. I need you to cum with me… ” Her hips were giving tiny thrusts into her circling fingers, over and over that clit. I was almost there myself… we waited for this all day…

She started to buckle forward a little, eyes glued to my rock-hard cock and she was quivering constantly now, squeezing harder on that nipple and working over her dripping pussy faster. Just before her trembling legs looked like they were going to give out completely, she fell back into the couch next to me without missing a stroke, legs open, one foot on the floor. Her eyes still on my cock in my fist, she leaned forward expectantly as her brow furrowed in helpless abandon” furiously fingering herself. I know where she is.

“….that’s it….oh, fuck… that’s it….” She urged. “Jack that gorgeous dick ’til you cum… I need to watch you cum for me, baby….that’s it…. Let it all go.”

From the moment she watched my hips buck and the first rope of cum lurch from my cock, she moaned long and hard and started rippling in full body convulsions – wave after wave. She lay back, her eyes fluttering still watching me pump more and more cum from my cock as wave after wave contorted her, squeezing her orgasm out of her every quivering muscle, hips thrusting, mouth in a silent “o … wave after wave… until it ebbed… slowed and finally released her body in exhaustion.

God, I love watching her cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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