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I drove up Dixie’s friend Deanna’s driveway and saw Dixie’s car there and another car I didn’t recognize. Although I was somewhat irritated that Dixie and I weren’t going to be alone, I thought, “Oh well, maybe Deanna had bought a new car and would be leaving soon”

I cautiously opened Deanna’s back door and said, “Hello” I recognized Dixie’s voice coming from Deanna’s downstairs bedroom when she said, “Down here” I closed the door behind me and made my way downstairs. When I turned the corner and entered Deanna’s bedroom, there was Dixie on the other side of the bed with her back to me locked into a passionate kiss with a tall black guy that seemed vaguely familiar to me. Unsure of what to do, I just stood there and watched and waited for what seemed like several minutes, but it was more likely a few seconds.

Dixie had her left arm wrapped around the black guy’s neck pulling him down to her level to kiss him and her right hand was out of sight but I could tell she was massaging his cock through his pants. He had both of his hands on her butt and was squeezing them as they kissed.

Finally, they broke off their kissing and Dixie turned around facing me as she unsnapped her jeans, unzipped them, slid them and her panties down to her ankles, stepped out with her left foot, and kicked them to the wall with her right foot. She looked me in the eye and said, “You always get so hot and horny when I tell you about me fucking black guys, so I thought you’d like to join us” She could tell by my expression that I was more than displeased and she just shrugged her shoulders as she started to pull her sweater over her head.

Now Dixie is a natural blond so her pussy hairs are light like the hair on her head and it’s easy to see the outline of her pussy through her cunt hair and it normally is just a slit with tiny labia peeking through. Now though, I could see that she was quite aroused and her pussy lips were swelled and her labia were swollen, and wet. I suddenly became aware that my cock was swelled up in my jeans and I felt a small wet spot from pre-cum on my pants.

Once Dixie had her sweater removed, she reached around behind her back to remove her bra. “This is Chas, he goes to DMACC too,” she said as she nodded toward him. (His real name is Charles, but he likes to be called Chas, (pronounced Chaz)) Chas and I looked each other in the eye and nodded at each other in an upward fashion as alpha males do. (A downward nod of the head would be a sign of submission and it is generally known among guys) Chas Looked to be about 6’ 1” as I am 6’ myself and he looked to be a bit taller than me. He had a slender, muscular, and athletic build and kind of a caramel complexion. Not one you’d associate with a black guy, but he had other black features, his lips were bigger and his hair was dark and kinky but trimmed short and he sported a five-day growth of beard that was also trimmed short and neat.

Dixie was totally naked now, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri (aside from her socks) I always k**ded her by telling her, “Will I ever get to see you naked” She would always smirk and say, “A girls’ got to have some modesty” then laugh. Chas on the other hand, was methodically removing his clothes and carefully folding them and placing them in a neat pile on the bed stand.

My attention shifted back to Dixie as she hoisted her right leg up on the bed. (I have to say, this one one of the largest, and tallest beds I’d ever seen. “Must be what they call a California King” I thought to myself) It was such a stretch for Dixie to get her right leg up on the bed that while doing so her swollen cunt lips pulled apart and she started dripping pussy juices onto the bedding. She reminded me of a dripping faucet I chuckled to myself. Once she got up on the bed, she spread her legs wide kind of in a doggy style position only lower and put her hands under her chin. She made eye contact with me and said, “This is Chas favorite position” as she turned her head towards him and nodded in his direction. Dixie is a “I don’t give a fuck” kind of person and for her to splay herself openly on the bed to be used as a fuck toy is totally out of character for her. Later on, I wondered if it was actually Dixie using Chas as a fuck toy.

My attention briefly turned toward Chas just as he was removing his briefs and as he slid them down it freed his partial erection. He had a long cock, not long like the black guys you see in porn vids, but longer than most guys. I diverted my attention back to Dixie before he saw me looking at his cock because guys don’t look at other guys cocks unless they’re gay, and I’m not gay.

Dixie looked at me and said, “Well, are you going to join us?” I was kind of taken aback and I said, “No, I think I’ll sit this one out” “Suit yourself” she said and motioned for me to take a place on the bed ahead of her. I was already hot and horny yet somewhat pissed that she’d pull this stunt on me, but that’s her style, do whatever she wants on the spur of a moment. I did, however, get my clothes off and sat with my back on the headboard with my legs spread apart and Dixie positioned herself between them.

For some strange reason, this whole situation aroused me way beyond what I ever could have imagined. I knew that she was just my fuck buddy and I have no say over her what she does, or who she sleeps with, but here was the three of us, naked, and what was going to happen next, I had no idea. I put my hand on my cock and I had to look at it in amazement because I was hard almost to the point of aching. My cock was swelled and its’ veins were bulging and my cock head was swollen, with a drop of pre-cum appearing at the end. I was snapped back to the moment when Dixie said, “Pretty hot, huh? Sure you don’t want to join in?” I just motioned no by shaking my head back and forth makrobet güvenilir mi a couple of times.

Chas was done with his ritual of undressing and folding his clothes and was now positioned himself behind Dixie and placed his hands on her lower legs and slowly moved them up her legs, past her knees and thighs and finally to her butt as he walked himself forward between her legs. Dixie arched her back and said to me, “Now the fun begins” Other than them kissing when I walked in, there was no foreplay. She always enjoyed the long foreplay sessions with me. This was like raw a****l sex about to begin. It made me tremble to be here watching.

Chas took his cock in his hand and laid it up on Dixie’s ass crack and slowly slid it backwards and flipped it a couple of times. It was out of site, but I knew he was sliding it on her wet pussy lips to moisten his cock head so it would slide in easily. He did this a couple of more times and each time he laid it on her ass crack, it was wetter than before. In typical Dixie impatience she said, “Would you hurry up and fuck me already?”

With that, Chas looked up at me and smirked while he slowly pushed his cock into her eager, slippery pussy. I wish I’d have had the balls enough to get up, go around and watch his black cock slowly enter her white pussy but then I’d have missed the expression on Dixie’s face as his black cock was entering her. Her eyes closed and she pursed her lips in a way the reminded me of someone pronouncing the letter “O” and I was tempted to slide my cock into her mouth as she formed the “O” pattern but I didn’t.

Chas began a slow rocking rhythm of forward thrusting and withdrawing and Dixie lay her head sideways on the bed, grabbed a fistful of covers in each hand and started making deep growling and grunting noises like some tortured a****l. This startled me at first until I realized that she was in ecstasy. Chas was like the starter motor on a car and once started, the engine takes over. Dixie was the engine and oh boy was she revved.

Chas stopped thrusting as Dixie was now rocking back and forth on his cock. I could hear the slurping sounds of sex when a hard cock and a wet pussy combine. “Oh, God I love your black cock” she began repeating over and over between her deep growling and grunting noises. She took in a deep gasp of air and became totally motionless. “Jesus Christ” I thought to myself, “She’s dead, or had a stroke or something. This is going to be hard to explain to the authorities” Just then she let out a big exhale of air and opened her eyes and looked me and giggled. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost” she said. “Christ, I thought you were dead or something” I said. “Oh fuck no. I just had a mind blowing orgasm on that black cock” she said and she closed her eyes once again and repeated the whole scenario several more times. The next time around I knew she was cumming and just as she slid forward I blew my load tipobet explosively. I never had an explosive orgasm like that before and my cum was in her hair, and on her face. A big blob landed at the corner of her mouth and without opening her eyes, she licked it off with her tongue with the finesse of someone licking ice cream off their face.

I heard Chas begin to moan and my attention went to his face and he looked like he was in total agony, but I knew he was about to unload in Dixies’ pussy. She knew it too because she pressed back hard on his cock as he said, “Oh shit, oh fuck” several times and I knew her cunt was filling up with his black seed.

Dixies’ and Chas bodies both relaxed a bit and he slid his cock out of her pussy and it made a sucking sound as it did. “This was so fucking erotic” I thought to myself. Too bad it’s over. (It wasn’t) Chas took his wet cock and flopped it up on Dixie’s’ ass crack and as he slid it backwards, he milked it of his last stream of cum and it reminded me of a pastry chef placing a ribbon of icing on a cake only it was white cum from his black cock instead.

He slid his cock up and over her ass crack a few more times and it began to stiffen once more. “Damn” I thought, “I guess the legend of black stamina are true” Once again those two fucked like a****ls in heat and finally when they were through she looked me in the eye and said, “See why I’m hooked on black cock? A word of warning, don’t ever let your wife near black cock. That old expression “once you go black, you never go black is true”

All this time I’d forgotten that I was cheating on my wife with Dixie. My dick went limp immediately. I needed to get out of there and I knew right then and there this was going to have to end. My guilt was too much to bear. Dixie flipped over on the bed and spread her legs and Chas cum was dripping out and she said to me. “How about sloppy seconds?” I felt repulsed and almost sick to my stomach. I just shook my head no and said, “I really need to go” She just shrugged her shoulders in indifference.

I had always felt shame when being with Dixie and could never achieve a full erection because of the guilt of cheating on my wife. For some strange reason, Dixie reminded me of my sister and it fun to be with her, but she expected sex in return because I looked just like her dead husband. That kinda creeped me out.

Chas in the meantime was looking around for something to wipe his cock on and reached down and grabbed Dixie’s underwear and wiped off his cock, milked the last of his cum from his cock and tossed them aside and got dressed and said to her, “See ya at DMACC” as casually as someone who had just been to Starbucks for cup of coffee.

I got dressed and told Dixie I’d see her later as she was looking at her cum soaked panties wondering whether or not to put them on, frame them as a trophy, or paste them in a scrapbook. “Whatever,” she said to me without even looking my way. I made my way out and got in my car and left but I was overwhelmed with guilt at the same time I remembered her warning not to let my wife near black clock. I was both repulsed at the thought and eroticised too wondering if my wife would become addicted to black cocks too if I let her fuck them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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