Fucked Well Known Aunty In Alibagh

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Fucked Well Known Aunty In Alibagh

This happened a few days back ie 26th May 2019 (Sunday). My family and family friends planned a trip to Alibagh. As I mentioned we all are residents of Mumbai. So on 26th at 7 am my family boarded the bus from our pick up point. There were 7 families picked up from different pickup points.

It was the turn of Reema aunty and her family to be picked up. the bus was almost full. Just 3 seats left and one was beside me. The bus reached Reema aunty’s pick up point and then her family boarded.

Let me describe Reema aunty. 43 years old aunty with looks of around 38 and mother of one with fig is 36c 32 38, fair in color. Usually wears salwar kameez and on special occasions sarees. She is very friendly and behaves with us like a college student rather than an aunty, like giving a Hifi n all.

So let me get back to the story They boarded the bus and her husband sat in the first row with another uncle. Her son (8th standard) sat beside his close friend. The only seat left was beside me and she came down and sat beside me. Since the bag rack above the seat was all occupied, she had her bag in her lap.

I had my earphones on. As soon as she became comfortable she hit me on my shoulder and said, “Remove that shit out of your ears and give me company.” I was like ok aunty. We chatted a lot over shittiest topics (nothing related to sex). The things went on and she fell asleep after sometime.

Later I was reading iss stories and was getting horny. I had lost all my senses. I was like let me make a move on her because I always dreamt of her and masturbated. Almost everyone fell asleep on the bus. First I just kept my hands on her right thigh below that bag.

There was no reaction since she was asleep. Then I kept my hand in ataşehir escort that manner for around 15 minutes. Then made my hand move to her pussy region and didn’t move my hand again for 15 minutes. Then I slowly began moving my mid finger slightly massaging her pussy region over her kameez (kameez had salwar below it).

I couldn’t feel the shape of her pussy. So I removed my hands and later tried inserting it below the kameez. I started moving my finger. After a few minutes, the leg that was stuck to each other widened a little. I didn’t move my fingers. I stopped then after 2-3 minutes again started.

After 10 minutes I could find that my finger was getting wet. I knew she was not asleep instead she was enjoying and after nearly 15 minutes both her legs suddenly joined together holding my finger in between. She just lay over the bag in the lap.

Oh yeah! She had an orgasm. I could feel the wetness in my fingers that all of a sudden a dam broke kinda feeling. then I took my hand out. She was still on her bag. After a minute she got up from that bag and gave me a smile. Then I got it she had enjoyed that act.

We reached Alibagh and we changed. (We had just 3 rooms just for changing purpose as we were going to leave back to Mumbai the same evening). Later we went to play on the beach after having some food. Then all went into the sea to bath and play dodgeball.

My 6¨ cock was in full fury and my cock is thick with the veins on it. I wanted to relax. We had formed a circle in the sea to play dodge ball. After playing for a while I said that I need to eat something. I am hungry so will go to the room that we had taken for dress changing as our bags were kept there with snacks in it.

While leaving I winked at aunty. She got what that wink meant. What did she say göztepe escort to others I don’t know. But as soon as I was unlocking the door I found her coming towards the room. I went in and kept the door open. She came in and bolted it. We opened our bags and kept a few snacks packet open.

As you know Alibagh beaches are very sandy. So I went into the bath to clean up a bit. She came in and started looking, I was turned my back so didn’t notice. I removed my pants so that I could get rid of the sand. I was in my undies and a t-shirt. Suddenly I just turned back.

She was at the door and saw my boner. The next moment I opened my undies and my wild horny bull jumped out like an anaconda ready to pounce on its prey. She saw that and was awestruck. The next moment she came to me held my cock as if she was wanting it that badly.

I started kissing her, smooching her with her hands on my cock. That continued for a long time and she was stroking it meanwhile. Then she bent down and took my cock in her thick-lipped mouth. The fascinating thing about my cock is the lips of its pee hole is thick like a women’s lips.

She was giving me a blowjob and suddenly she stopped. She said, “I have never ever taken even my husband’s cock in my mouth. So you are lucky.” Those words were an ultimate turn on for me. I pulled her up and removed the salwar that was stuck to her body due to wetness.

It revealed the shape of her bra cladded boobs and saw her in salwar and bra cladded boobs. Next was the knot of her salwar that I pulled in a go. But it didn’t fall down as it was also wet and had stuck to her body. I pulled it down. She was wearing a black bra and pink panty like what aunties wear.

She wears local brands, no Jockey. That’s actually a turn on. Then removed her bra and wow, ümraniye escort those nipples. They were hard and protruding. Then I sucked them hard and pressed them hard. One hand was in her panty in which I felt sand. I was playing with her clit so roughness of sand added to the stimulation.

She was moaning on top of her voice. So I started the tap and kept the water flowing to cover her voice. After sensational foreplay, I made her stand beside the wall. (She was facing the wall) I inserted my dick in her molten lava flowing pussy.

Oh my, trust me I have fucked many girls/women in past. But never found a pussy this awesome. Though she had a k** her pussy seemed perfect for me, maybe my size is the reason. After fucking her in that position she lay down on the bath floor and asked me to come in missionary.

I just came in that position and started ramming her like there is no tomorrow. After 15 minutes I was about to cum. So was just getting up and going pull my cock out. But my hands slipped and I fell on her and that was a deep stroke. My cum just blasted off in her pussy.

She was holding me tight like hell. I knew she also had her climax. Then I kept stroking her till the last drop of my cum was deposited in her pussy. We were still in that position. My cock had come out flaccid and my cum was oozing out of her pussy.

She cleaned up and said, “Don’t worry about the cum. I wont get pregnant as I am operated. I had the best fuck of my life as my husband never lasted so long in bed. I loved it. Let me know when can we do it again” I said soon with a smile.

We realized it was a very long time that we were in that room. We had to leave as early as possible before anyone realizes the time we were away. She cleaned up and she left Then I followed. That’s all about that encounter.

I have had girls and women of age from 22 to 53. So will be posting about all my encounters one by one soon. This was very recent and very fresh in my mind so posted this first. If you wish to reach me by commenting

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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