Going South Ch. 04

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We awoke too early next morning. How did we know? Our heads told us! I woke up first, or thought I’d woken up first, with my usual morning stand, a hand softly stroking it. What a wonderful way to wake up. The hand belonged to Sue, and when I turned to face her, her brilliant blue eyes were staring at me, a broad smile on her lovely face.

“Did you enjoy our little surprise last night, Ritchie? I thought my darling deserved it.”

Tears flowed from my eyes. “What did I ever do to deserve you? That was so unbelievably big-hearted of you, Sue. Sometime, somewhere, my sweetheart, I’ll find a way to repay your incredible generosity, I promise you that. In the meantime, this will be a downpayment.”

I kissed her deeply, then climbed down her little body and took up my position between her widely spread legs. Her cunt gaped, swollen lips spread wide, protruding inner lips wet and waiting for my mouth and tongue The minx had been waiting for this for a while!

I extended my tongue, traced her swollen lips, up one side, down the other, plunged it into her waiting sheath, sucked her soft folds into my mouth, caressed them with my lips, found her clitoris, extending from under its protective hood and licked it, faster and faster, until her orgasm crashed over her and she sprayed my face with her cum.

Her climax was accompanied by a loud scream, the culmination of an ever-increasing, ever-louder series of moans and whimpers. As she sobbed and trembled, I took her in my arms, and held her, comforted her.

On the other side of the bed, Jenny was watching, a fascinated expression on her face. “So when do I get my turn?” she asked, a big grin on her face.

I looked at Sue. She nodded her head. “Jenny.” I panted, “it’s going to have to be self-service this morning, I’m afraid. I’m fucked!”

Jenny also looked at Sue, who gave her assent, then descended to straddle my head, lowering her smoothly shaven, fragrant, wet folds onto my face for me to suck them into my ready mouth, while she inhaled my rigid cock into her mouth and caressed the purple head with her tongue, sucking it deep into her throat.

Both of us were excited after her watching, and my taking part in. my exertions with Sue, and didn’t last long. She filled my face with a spray of her cum, I filled her throat with streams of my seed.

So, all three of us had begun the day in the best possible way, and soon fell asleep until the door opened and in came the maid to clean the room. She was horrified, dashed out and slammed the door, leaving the three of us bouncing round on the bed, laughing our heads off.

Our time in New York was quite wonderful. We did all the touristy things, which Sue knew very well, and at the end of a week had covered all the things that we really wanted to see. Jenny took the week off work and was our constant companion during our sightseeing. While I was initially a bit miffed at this, my dissatisfaction ceased almost immediately as Jenny was a wonderful companion, I was included as a loved part of the group from the get-go, and a whole week of threesomes was beyond my wildest imaginings. fixbet

It was during this week that I discovered that Sue and Jenny must have been lovers at some time. Sue asked me, very shyly, if I minded if they made love, and after the gift she had given me, how could I possibly refuse. Truth be told, the sight of them making love together, 69-ing together, was an immense turn-on. We were always together and lying on the bed next to them, watching them loving, so gentle, so tender so beautiful, hand caressing breasts, faces buried in wetness and softness, as I stroked a cock that was always on the verge of exploding, as I waited for them to finish, so that I could spill my seed inside one of them, was difficult but wonderful

They even gave me a special treat, taking me to a very special lingerie store in Soho. To explain, I love lingerie. No, not to wear, but to look at, and to have my very own, beautiful models was exciting in the extreme. The girls circulated around the store, laughing, giggling, and when they made their selections, they made their way to the changing rooms at the back of the store and vanished inside one of the larger rooms. I sat on a chair, just outside, until the door opened and I was invited in to view. Oh my, what a sight awaited me. Both girls had gone for the sheer look. As I think I mentioned earlier, Jenny was completely shaved and her mound and a prominent camel toe were very visible in her sheer panties. The trimmed black hair of my sweet Sue, my love, was just as visible in the sheer panties that she was wearing. She stripped off her panties, turned, bent down to support herself on the seat at the back of her room, presenting her beautiful, open cunt to me, an offer I couldn’t refuse. My already hard cock was out of my pants in a flash and with one thrust I was deep inside her, thrusting into her for all I was worth, to relieve the ache that had already developed in my balls. It didn’t take long before my cock was pumping streams of my seed into my love, who I could tell was fighting hard not to make any noise. Jenny, meanwhile, had taken her panties off and was fingering her clit, coming to orgasm just after I filled Sue with my cum.

“Well,” gasped Sue, grinning, “I guess we don’t try any more panties on today, or we’ll have to buy them all!”

I tucked my still dripping cock back into my pants and quietly left the changing room and left the store as the girls dressed, made their purchases, and followed me out.

“Ritchie,” said Sue, “this is our last day in New York, so it’s going to be your day. What would you like to do? Anything you like, honey.”

“Anything?” I hammed. “Absolutely anything at all?”

“Absolutely anything at all.” replied Sue with an evil grin. “What can we do to make your last day memorable?”

“I cupped her face and gasped, “You make every day memorable, my darling. I love you so much.”

“What did I tell you, Jenny.” she sobbed. “Isn’t he wonderful?”

“He’s definitely a keeper, Sue, you’re so lucky.” replied Jenny.

“That settles it.” I decided. “Can we go back to the room and fixbet giriş just have a quiet afternoon, just relax and kick back? We can go out later and have a terrific supper, maybe at that Brazilian restaurant again. We’ve been pretty busy this last week, what with one thing and the other, and it’ll be nice to just relax. Will that be alright?”

“It would suit me perfectly!” exclaimed Sue. “The last week has been kinda frantic. How about you, Jenny.”

“I think I’m going to catch up on some things I’ve let slide during the week, but I will meet you for supper. Shall we say six o’clock at the restaurant? I’ll make the reservations.”

We said our goodbyes, hailed a taxi, and within minutes were back in our room, where we undressed immediately. Sue went into the bathroom to clean herself off, and I stretched out on the bed, looking forward to a quiet afternoon.

Sue threw herself into my arms, kissed me deeply, and looked at me very seriously. “Ritchie, it’s so nice to have you to myself again. I should have told you before, and I know that you’ve figured it out already, but Jenny and I used to be lovers. Does it bother you, my darling? Please say no.”

“For a fleeting moment, at first, it did bother me, sweetheart, but only for a moment. When I stopped and thought about it, it’s just something more I’ve learned about you, something more to love about you, and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I love you completely and absolutely.”

Sue pulled me more tightly to her and sobbed, “Where did you come from, Ritchie? You’re the kindest, must understanding man I’ve ever met. I don’t think you’ve got an evil bone in you.”?

“Oh I’ve got an evil bone, sweet Sue, can’t you feel it?” I giggled, and wiggled my hips, so that she could feel my hard cock against her.

“You’re terrible, Ritchie-rich! That isn’t a bone, even though it feels like one, and it certainly isn’t evil. All it knows how to do is give pleasure, and it gives me pleasure all the time, wherever it is in my body, or even if I’m just touching it. Like this.”

She reached down and grasped my cock, just holding it gently, stroking it with soft fingers, squeezing.

“I thought we were going to have a quiet afternoon!” I gasped.

“Oh we are,” whispered Sue an enormous smile on her face, ” we’re both lying here very quietly, barely moving. Isn’t that what you had in mind?”

I knew when I was beaten, so began to stroke one of her delicious breasts, which had not received nearly enough attention during the last week, something I regretted greatly. As I stroked, I watched her puffy areola pucker, pebble, as her beautiful pink nipple thrust forward into my fingertips, so hard, so very hard.

As I looked into her blue, blue eyes, her breathing changed, became shallower, as her passion arose. “What would you like me to do, my darling? What can I do to please you? Whatever it is, it’s yours.”

“Will you do me from the back, my love? Slip it into my tight little hole? We haven’t done that since Swanton, and I did enjoy it so much.”

I kissed her, helped her to turn onto over onto her knees, her head and shoulders on the bed. Her behind was lovely, her white cheeks a picture, her little rosebud peeking out from the crack between them, her weeping cuntlips hanging below her hole, between her thighs, swollen, open, wet, ready.

I pulled her cheeks apart, dived between them, found her puckered, pink hole and dug the tip of my tongue into it. Dropping lower, I filled my mouth with the liquid from her cunt, returned to her rosebud hole and squirted it in, lubricating it for the cock, that was to follow it.

I moved behind her, between her parted legs, placed the the purple tip of my cock against her very wet hole. This was only the second time that anyone had done this to my Sue, so I was very, very careful, leaned forward until the purple head of my cock plopped through the muscle of the pink hole and stopped, waiting for her to acclimatize.

“Alright, darling?” I asked her.

“Alright, Ritchie. So far.” she gasped.

I leaned further forward, my cock vanished, inch by inch, into her, until my hair was rubbing on her cheeks and my dangling balls were rubbing on her cheeks. I began to move, slowly at first, my cock slipping in and out of my lover, in and out, then faster and faster, until her groans changed to whimpers, her whimpers to moans, and finally, her her moans to shrieks, as my balls bounced against her cheeks, my cock pistoned in and out of her hole, and we reached our screaming climaxes, and I released a gush of my seed into her.

I collapsed over her back, we both collapsed, sideways, onto the bed, panting, panting, panting, until we were nearly breathing normally.

“A towel, Ritchie!” Sue gasped. “Quickly!” I pulled my cock from her and fetched a towel to catch our outflow, mine and hers, just in time, as she was already beginning to leak.

She fell into my arms. “Oh Ritchie, that was so good. Your evil bone did wonderful things to me, but, my darling, it always does.”

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, relaxed, simply couldn’t be anything else. We packed, we were leaving in the morning, after all, showered, dressed, and arrived at the restaurant at six. Jenny already had a table, so we joined her, had a magnificent meal, together with not one, but two bottles of wine, so that by the time we finished we were feeling no pain at all. Again, Jenny spent the night with us, but it was a very loving night. We cuddled, hugged, kissed, but there was no sex. We were just too exhausted after the week we’d spent together.

Did I say no sex? Well that isn’t completely true. We had to give Jenny a going away present, so we repeated our activities of our first night, Jenny swallowed my cock in her cunt, Sue sat on my face. This time, we must have lasted about half an hour until both girls had screamed their climaxes and I filled Jenny’s cunt with the relatively small amount of seed that I could generate, this being my third fuck of the day. Young and fit I might have been, miracle worker I was not! But I think it was enough.

The following morning, we all kissed goodbye in showers of tears, checked out, reclaimed our car for a king’s ransom, and headed south, making for Key West, Florida, where I was to learn something about myself that I would never have believed. But that’s for another day.

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