He’s At it Again…

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He’s At it Again…
Many a word spoken in jest, so the old proverb says, and it rings true as I sit in the office on a Friday lunchtime, speaking to my Dads latest secretary, Janet. He’s only been in his new job a few months, yet her name has already started popping up quite frequently in our conversations. So I thought I’d come and check her out for myself, see if my suspicions are right. We work in the same industry after all, so it was easy enough to drop by for a couple of hours or so.

“Hey! You’re not chatting up my woman are you?” is the first thing my father says as he strides back into his office, to find me sitting in his office chair. He says it with a grin, but it’s at odds with an almost jealous look in his eyes, and I wonder if there’s more than a grain of truth in the supposedly throw away remark. The awkward look on Janet’s face, only adds to my doubts.

My Dad has to keep bobbing in and out of the office, which gives me the opportunity to get the know Janet a little. Her attractions are there for all to see. A brassy blue-eyed blonde, at a guess ten years older than me, say late 40’s early 50’s, her delicate face is set off by a big pair of dark-rimmed glasses. She has a trim, petite figure and disproportionately large tits. Today she’s wearing a blue sweater, and far from conceal them, it seems to just draw more attention to them, the woollen top squeezing and pushing her boobs up, as it struggles to contain their luxuriant size.

Dad’s spoken to me about them ‘on the sly’ (when my Mum’s not around!) many times in the last couple of months. He wonders whether or not they’re fake, so they’ve clearly made an impression on him too!

As Janet and I chat, it doesn’t take long for her to ask one or two questions about my Mum. Nothing too direct or probing, but it feels like I’m not the only one trying to learn something from our conversation. She admits she’s been having a hard time herself at home with her husband, who’s taken early retirement from the Police, and that my Dad’s been ‘very supportive’ throughout. I bet he fucking has! Amongst other things she explains how he’s kindly gone out of his way to drive her home several times when she’s had problems with her car recently, to save her having to use the bus.

As she tells me this, memories come flooding back to when my father used to pick me up from the station every Friday tea-time as I returned home from University. From my second year onwards, we would be joined regularly by his young secretary at the time, Deborah, who used to stay late on a Friday to help Dad ‘tidy up the week’s loose ends’. I’d walk out the station to spot my dad and his young brunette whore chatting away, relegating me to the back seat of the car, as they flirted with each other in the front. They had no idea I knew they were fucking. He has history you see…

My suspicions are further aroused when Janet pops out towards the end of the afternoon, and as she passes my father, I see her hand briefly touch (and squeeze?) his shoulder. Added to the little smiles and looks they flash at each other every now and again, Janet’s over the top of her brown-rimmed glasses, I can’t help but feel something might be going on between them.

Saying that, I have no proof, and to get it, I need a moment alone. As the afternoon nears its end, I get my chance. With my father up in the Accounts Dept., Janet takes the empty coffee cups down the corridor to the kitchen to wash them up. Leaping up, I make straight for the mantle piece opposite his desk and quickly attach the miniature camera spying device to the lid of the big golf trophy he proudly has on display, before clicking the ‘on’ button and returning to my seat.


After a seemingly endless weekend and typically dull Monday, I drive home as fast as I can and flick open my laptop to see what’s transpired in my father’s office today.

Pressing the review button, for the last 8 hours, my heart skipped a beat as I first see Janet again. Today she’s all in black from her tiny little blouse, to the tight black knee length leather skirt and, unbelievably in this day and age, fishnet stockings. Brassy she most certainly is!

I can’t be bothered watching it all, so fast forward until the bits bursa escort bayan where I can see both my Dad and Janet sat at their desks, clearly talking.

I’ve shelled out quite a bit for this kit, but the sound still isn’t great – most of the conversations are legible though. However, as I sit here eating my tea, my cock slowly softens, as my anticipation dwindles and it becomes clear that all they’re talking about, most of the time, is business.

I say most of the time, because my Dad is my Dad, and he’s always been a flirt. Several times I hear him compliment her, on her dress, how she has her hair, you know the sort of thing…As I fast forward further though, towards the end of the day, I notice again a moment where Janet hand’s my Dad a cup of tea and touches his forearm. I also spot my Dad leering several times when she’s leaning over at the filing cabinet – no doubt trying to catch an eyeful of that ample Janet cleavage!

Nevertheless, it’s with huge disappointment, that at 5:20pm Dad follows Janet out of the office and shuts the door behind them. Closing my laptop I head upstairs to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet I unzip my fly and take my cock in my hand. I imagine my father walking up behind Janet, hoiking up her little black skirt and pushing his thick cock roughly inside her, ramming her from behind against the filing cabinet, all the while kissing her neck and caressing her ample boobs as she yields to his desires….I cum heavily in a matter of seconds….

Tuesday is similarly uneventful, though this time my recording ends whilst Janet and Dad are still in the office together, chatting about flirting with one another, as I’m now used to seeing. Janet is flicking and playing with her hair and licking her lips provocatively and laughing, as Dad regales her with some of his usual tales, when he’s looking to impress. But then the recording ends. Fuck! Its 5,30pm, as I;’d set it, but they’re obviously staying later. Damn, and it was just getting interesting too!

I amend the settings for the recording on my laptop, in the hope that tomorrow I catch their full day. It does, but I’m left disappointed again, as Janet leaves the office at 5:25pm, with my dad away from his desk, somewhere else in the building. I begin to feel huge pangs of guilt. Maybe there’s nothing going on here and he’s just an old guy with a crush on his new secretary – he wouldn’t be the first! He is in his sixties after all…

I get home on Thursday evening and its more with boredom than hope that I switch on the lappy to view the day’s events at my father’s office. But this time, as the day draws to a close, Janet, who today has power-dressed in a navy business suit, walks over to my father’s desk before she leaves. My father gets up from his chair and meets her almost directly in front of the cabinet.

“Take care, gorgeous” I hear him whisper, as Janet’s hands come up to my father’s cheeks and she plant’s a little kiss on his lips.

“See you tomorrow, John!” replies Janet, smiling, as she turns and heads out of the door, her high heels clicking, my Dad stands there watching hands on hips as she departs.

Fuck! What was that? I’m left wondering if that was just a very tactile moment between two colleagues, or was it something more intimate? My wank tonight is fast and furious, as I imagine it to be the latter and this time envisage my Dad taking his little blonde secretary missionary style on his desk…

And so it is we reach Friday and I click open the laptop at the end of a long week, with a beer in hand.

Today seems a little different as Janet is dressed in a very provocative tight white blouse, that she looks like she’s been poured into. I note they are both very chatty today, and flirty, and when 4 o’clock comes around Janet appears with two cups of coffee and handing one to my father, sits in the chair opposite my father, his desk between them.

From my camera angle, Janet has her back to me, but she is cupping her mug in both hands as they chatter away about various drunken nights out they’ve had with colleagues in the industry. Eventually the chatter becomes more personal and Dad starts asking Janet about her husband. Janet says it’s not how it used to be, and he doesn’t appreciate her any more.

“The man’s escort bursa a fool!” I hear my dad retort.

“What about you, John? Do you still love, Patricia?”

I listen as Dad describe his marriage to his secretary, explaining how though he does love my mum, they stayed together for the k**s when they were younger.

“We’ve never been compatible in the bedroom, though…”, I hear him say, before adding “And a man has his needs.“

“And so does a woman…” comes Janet’s reply, without hesitation, before slowly getting up from her chair and walking round to my father.

Still sat in his chair, he’s smiling at Janet, his arms open, welcoming, as she slowly lowers herself to sit in his lap.

There’s no talking, but intense eye contact, as Janet, with one hand around my father’s shoulder, brings her other up to gently caress his cheek. Slowly she leans in, and hesitates for a moment, before gently kissing him. She pulls away and they stare intently at each other for a couple of seconds before she moves to kiss him again. This time its more lingering and I notice my dad’s hand come round to rest on the outer part of Janet’s upper thigh.

As passions rise, their mouths open and tongues begin to dance. My father’s left hand is now running up and down Janet’s stockinged right thigh, before slipping under her black skirt. Janet’s hand is now running through my father’s hair, as the kiss becomes more and more intense.

Suddenly, in one deft movement, Janet shifts her weight from side mount, to fully straddle my father. From my camera angle directly behind Janet now, I can just about make out her fumbling at my Dad’s belt buckle. Meantime, my father’s hands have hoisted her skirt above her arse, to rest on her waist and his hands squeeze her surprisingly fleshy, little arse.

I hear Janet giggle a little and whisper something ineligible, before seeing her hand reach around and move her little white cotton panties to one side. I gulp, as this action is quickly followed by her other hand appearing between her legs from underneath, with my father’s erect cock in her grip. Slowly, she slips his girth inch by inch inside her gaping snatch and my father is inside his secretary.

“Fuck!” she groans as she lowers her full weight down on him.

Slowly, gently, Janet starts to rock on top of my father, as they kiss once more, little gentle pecks, as she whispers ineligible sweet nothings to him.

My father’s hands are squeezing Janet’s tidy little rump now, contracting and relaxing, causing her bum cheeks to rise and fall rhythmically, and in doing so revealling the base of my Dad’s length, otherwise concealed n her tight little blonde snatch.

Its tender and loving and beautiful and its clear this is a lot more than just a fuck. I’ve learnt from the relationships Dad’s had with his secretary’s in the past, that its rarely just sex. Spending so much time together, a Secretary often gets to know her boss’s ways and whims better than his wife, and it breeds loyalty, devotion and even love.

As I watch them become one, I worry that that’s what I’m witnessing here. More akin to love-making, than a quick Friday afternoon fuck in the office.

Nevertheless, its still hugely arousing, and I quickly put my worries over what this could mean for my Dad’s marriage to one side, and instead pull out my cock and start to wank.

As I do, Janet is clearly becoming increasingly aroused and her moans are becoming louder and longer as she starts to bounce on top of my father beneath her.

My father’s hands go up to Janet’s hair, and unclip the band that’s keeping it in a bun, causing her blonde locks to tumble down her back.

His hands run through his secretary’s luxurious blonde locks and she responds by really starting to fuck him now. Her arse is bouncing up and down enthusiastically, revealing several inches of my Dad’s cock every time she rises, before quickly swallowing his length back inside her, as her weight lands back down on his thighs. Its mesmerising and hugely arousing and before I know it, I’m close to cumming but manage to hold myself back.

Its not for long though, as I watch my father’s little whore, who is clearly taking the initiative in all of this, push him back in his chair and then fall forwards on to him, smothering his bursa escort face with her ample breasts. I can’t see what my father’s doing from this angle, but as his hands grab her arse cheeks once more, and I can hear sucking noises, I can certainly imagine. If he didn’t know before he’ll know now whether or not they’re fake!

Janet meanwhile is repeatedly whispering, “Fuck me, John! Fuck me!” almost like a mantra.

Her voice is gravelly and sexy, and hearing her demand my father fuck her, to give her his cum, in that northern accent of hers, sets me off. I cum. It’s a heavy load and isn’t quite contained by my tissues, as I feel a drip land on the tiled floor beneath me. How the fuck does he last so long? I can’t help but admire, as I watch him continue to thrust into her, causing her hair to dance and sway from side to side.

“I’m going to cum on you, John. I’m going to cum over your big cock!” I hear Janet gasp, as her gyrations reach a crescendo and she cries out and contorts on top of my father’s cock, as he lies motionless beneath her.

After several seconds, Janet finally stops bucking and goes to kiss my father tenderly once more. I’m not sure if they’re both done or not, but get my answer shortly, as she dismounts my father and squats between his knees.

All I can see is Janet’s head bobbing as her arms rest on my father’s thighs and hear the slurping noises as his blonde secretary works him.

My father’s head is leant back in his chair, eyes closed now as he starts to pant and breathe heavily, whilst occasionally just whispering her name. His hands are now running through his secretary’s hair, while his wife (much like me) looks on at them from the picture frame on the desk…

Eventually, finally, my father cums. It coincides with a loud gasp as he shoots his first load down Janet’s willing throat. She gags and I can’t see I f she’s a swallower or not, but my Dad holds her head in place as he unloads into her face, his hips thrusting several times before he finally relaxes and slumps back in his chair.

Janet rises and takes off her cum splattered glasses, resting them on my father’s desk, before sitting herself on his lap once more, his cock still poking out from his flies, reddened and throbbing. a tribute to his secretary’s fine work.

They sit for what must be several minutes in the chair, cuddling, caressing, kissing, like they’ve been lovers for years, enjoying their mutual post-coital glow, in the otherwise empty office building. Janet is whispering sweet nothings again, stroking my father’s cheek, her other arm round his neck, whilst my father’s hand grips her waist, just underneath her full-cupped right breast, his thumb occasionally straying north to stroke its heavy underside, through her tight white blouse.

Eventually they separate, with a final lingering kiss, Janet enjoying a couple of strokes of my Dad’s still impressively semi-rigid, glistening cock, as he squeezes her bum. Dad cleans himself up with a tissue from a handily placed large box of man-sized on his desk top, as Janet buttons up her tight white blouse. She wriggles her little black skirt back below her waist, before clipping her hair back in a bun.

Both now ready to go home to their spouses…


I wipe myself up and shut down the computer, mind racing. Its quite clear this is a lot more than just an office quickie, and I feel shame at my own gratification and the threat that Janet obviously poses to my Mother. As women, they’re from different spheres and if it was purely down to sex, then my mother wouldn’t stand a chance. I just hope that thirty odd years of marriage counts for something, but I have my doubts…

So should I tell my mother? After a little consideration, I decide its far too late in the day to tell her my dad’s a philanderer and I’ve got the evidence. She’s suspected him for years anyway, maybe even turned a blind eye, so what good would it do for her to find out now?

As I consider my options, I realise what I’ve captured on camera is a bargaining tool. Sure, I could let them carry on with their office affair (and enjoy it voyeuristically from the comfort of my own home!) or I could confront them and tell them they need to quit this now, for the sake of their marriages.

Or, I think to myself, as a devilish thought comes into my head, I could use it for my own gain. After all, she is a very good-looking woman, and I’ve always wanted to fuck one of my father’s mistresses…

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