Life Gets Complicated

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Life Gets Complicated
Total fantasy about getting Dad’s girlfriend pregnant. Nothing true here, just my twisted mind wrapping around some pictures here on XH. Love it if you would give it a thumbs up if you like it, if you must give it a thumbs down perhaps you’d comment on why you didn’t like it. All comments are appreciated, it is the only payment I receive for my writing.

Tracy was about the tenth girlfriend my dad had since divorcing my mom. I arrived at Dad’s place promptly at 8:00 AM as we had agreed to begin remodeling one of the bedrooms in the house I had grown up in. He had given me a key and told me, “I will be gone on business for almost a month but Tracy may be home, but she sleeps in so just let yourself in. I’d like the job done by the time I get back, throw out everything that belonged to Marcia.”

I opened the door and carried in my toolbox and climbed the stairs to the second floor where we had looked at the room Dad wanted “freshened up,” which was my older sister’s room from our days growing up here. I set the box down and looked around, “Fucking cocksman,” I thought to myself, “said he would clean out the room and nothing has been done.”

My Dad was not the most dependable guy, life had taught me that, and for the most part his thinking was done with his “little head,” life had also taught me that as well. I started pulling down pictures and posters of my sisters that hung exactly where she had left them when she went off to college telling our Mom, “can I leave my stuff until I get my place?”

I was being careful not to rip anything, Marcia, my sister, probably still wanted these things and even though dad said to throw them out I knew I’d save them until she told me to throw them out. I heard a noise and turned to see Tracy and nearly leaped out of my skin. She stood in the doorway wearing nothing but a satin robe and matching sleep panties. The robe hung open down the front and her large tits hung in perfect unison and as hard as I tried looking past them seemed impossible.

She was smiling, her reddish hair hung straight down to her shoulders and she looked like she had just crawled out of bed. “Good morning Larry, I see you are getting started on the project.” Tracy said as she rubbed her bare tummy just above the panties, well perhaps more like shorts as they legs were wide like shorts.

“Oh, yeah, good morning Stacy, er uh, sorry, I mean Tracy,” I stammered. I had so much trouble remembering all the names of his girlfriends that they all blended into one. I think Stacy was one or two behind the latest model. They were all the same, 20 years younger than my dad, who was 45.

“I have been waiting for you to arrive,” Tracy said and stepped towards me. I took a step back thinking she wanted to show me something in the room, but realized what she wanted to show me was something she brought with her. Her body! Tracy shrugged off the robe, leaving her with the sleep shorts and with a hook of her thumbs and a simple push they joined the robe on the floor.

I immediately noticed her sparse bush was nearly black and realized her hair was a dye job, but a good one as I thought she must have had red hair. I had met her 3 months ago at a party dad held, my sister Marcia called these parties, “Dad’s cumming out party,” and she emphasized the cumming part as we both knew dad loved showing off his latest conquests.

Tracy took another step towards me, cupped her tits raising the nipples up, “Do you like them?” she asked not waiting for an answer dropped them and as I watched them bounce and sway her hand went to my crotch. My cock was almost fully hard from the view and her hand brought me to a full erection with the second pass up and down.

I coughed, took a half step back, and she followed. “We are going to do this,” Tracy said, “I know your dad is too cheap to pay you so think of this as a little advance. Her hands went to my belt buckle and I grabbed them pulling them away.

“Look Tracy,” I said, “I think we should take a step back here,” and I moved back another step and felt Marcia’s illegal bahis bed against my legs. Tracy seized the advantage and pushed me back on the bed and quickly pulled my belt loose and before I could move she was unzipping my jeans.

“What’s the matter Larry, you are one of those guys that likes guys are you?” and she pulled down my briefs and my hard cock was in her mouth. I lost all self control, the woman knew exactly how to suck a cock to get maximum results, her tongue seemed loose at both ends and wrapped about my bulbous cock head, circumcised cock was not huge, but my tip was larger than the shaft and she went right for the rip, the most sensitive part.

I humped up into her mouth as she grabbed the base of my cock and pushed it between her teeth and against the soft inner side of her cheek. Then without a blink of an eye she pulled off my spit shined cock and straddled me lowering her pussy onto my cock. She was so aggressive as she impaled herself with my cock and began riding me like I was some wild stallion.

She did everything but raise her hand like a bull rider as she rocked against my erection. I felt her slow her pace and she bent forward hanging her tits in my face and then I felt it, her pussy tightened around my cock and I felt the warm wet discharge as she started her orgasm. Most women I had been with stop completely when the reach this point and let the orgasm build on its own.

She didn’t the moment I felt my groin get wet with more fluid than I ever had a sexual partner let down she rocked me harder than before and my cock tip swelled and I shot a huge load of cum deep inside her as she rocked through my orgasm as well. I groaned with the pleasure of this illicit fuck, almost light headed as I felt her slide off my cock and roll onto her back and grab her pussy closing her legs.

“Umm,” Tracy moaned, “I just love all those little sperm cells soaking in my pussy, swimming around looking for some fertile egg to impregnate.” She turned her head and smiled, “Just k**ding you know?” she said and kissed me on the lips. “Okay Larry, time for you to zip up and get some work done,” she said, “mind if I just lay here for a minute and let all your little guys soak inside of me?”

I clearly heard what Tracy said, but I lay there in stunned disbelief on what just happened. I looked up at the princess decorated paddle fan in my sister’s room. I remembered clearly the day my folks bought it for her birthday. Marcia was so excited yet is was one of those days that turned out frightening for both of us.

My folks did nothing but fight from the time I had a memory of what a fight sounded like and this tumultuous marriage lasted until Marcia and I both had left home, Marcia to college and me to my first job. Neither of us had good memories about life in this house, oh there were bits and pieces that was good, the fan itself started out as so much fun. But before dad finished installing it he was fighting with mom, as always about money and how foolish she was with it.

He finished the fan and the two of them went to their room for another knock down drag out fight as Marcia and I huddled in her room with the door shut and her music up loud. The fights were scary, but what was really disturbing was the make-up sex that always concluded the battle. And it was that way on Marcia’s 13th birthday. Things go very quiet, then there was moaning and groaning and head board banging that could wake the dead.

Then the shriek from mom, “not there Bill, NO BILL, don’t stick it in there!” I looked at Marcia, being 2 years younger I had no idea what was going on. Yes I knew what sex was, a man sticking his penis in a woman, my folks had that talk with me. But the rest was still a mystery. Marcia said, “I think he wants to stick his cock in her butt,” she said pointing right at her ass.

I had no idea how she would know that, but it was so scary and seemed to be imprinted on my mind as I grew up. Dad married mom when she was 17 when he got her pregnant with Marcia and life had taught me that tipobet dad always had a preference for younger women and it had occurred to me over time that perhaps he had intercourse with Marcia. I had no direct knowledge but somethings things she would say and her reluctance to be anywhere near dad now seemed to hold a meaning.

Tracy touched my arm, “Penny for your thoughts,” she said, “that ugly fan needs to go.”

I slid off the bed tucking my cock back in my pants and zipping up, my jeans were wet from her discharge and I turned to face her, “I don’t mean to be rude, but what the fuck just happened,” I said. I was not angry but this was so strange that I wanted to know.

“Well as I said, your dad won’t pay for your work, so I will. I hope this advance will get you started,” she said with a smile and parted her knees and I could see my cum starting to slide out of her pussy. She closed her legs again and rolled over onto her side and said, “I love watching people work, I hope I won’t be a distraction.”

I went back to my work not believing I had just been fucked by my dad’s new girlfriend. I did enjoy it, “she is one hot little fuck,” I thought and knew my dad probably fucked her blind including in her ass. I looked back at the bed, the bedspread was twisted up from our sex and I noticed that Tracy had her eyes closed and realized she had fallen asleep.

“It is odd,” I thought as I looked around Marcia’s old room. We spent so many hours in here trying to stay away from our parents fights. I knew this room as well as mine. My room was right next to our parent’s room so we hid out in here as it was far enough to drown out a lot of the fighting.

Time passed and the fights continued and then when Marcia and I moved out it seemed that our parents were getting along better. Then suddenly when Mom was 36 she called, “Larry I wanted to tell you this in person before you dad got to you but it looks like that won’t happen. We are getting divorced very soon.

Mom told me about the break-up trying to tell me it was about money but I knew better. I had found my dad’s stash of photographs of lots of naked women, all in their early 20’s. I was a senior in high school when I was looking for some tools to try to repair my car and found a small metal box in the garage. I opened it and there was a pile of photographs, all young women. At first I thought it was my dad’s porn stash.

But the final photograph had him mugging with one of the women, they were naked and his cock was glistening with fluids, probably hers, and his cum. Her face was plastered with his cum and she was licking her lips. I was still a virgin but had hooked up with several in my class and had shared oral sex with them and knew all about facials.

Yes, I was aroused over these pictures, but replaced them as I didn’t want my dad to know I’d found them. So I knew dad had been stepping out on mom and I didn’t like it, but there was nothing I could do about it. Dad got the house, buying mom out of her half, and mom moved back to her hometown. I was sad to see her leave town, but knew she needed space from dad and his harem.

“Do you realize how much you look like your dad?” Tracy said in a sleeping voice, “except for those blue eyes you look like a younger version of him.”

I looked at my reflection in Marcia’s bureau mirror having never really thought about it before. I saw Tracy smile and watched as she rolled onto her back, spread her legs, and smear my cum all over her bush. I turned around, my cock pressing against my jeans at this lewd display, “Yes, you look so much like your dad except he has brown eyes, and don’t be offended but his cock is bigger.”

I smirked, “too much information Tracy,” I said and went back to work trying not to look in the mirror as she continued masturbating with my cum and her fluids. Her hands moved lazily from her slick oozing pussy up over her bush matting it down with the combined fluids. Out of the corner of my eye I see her raise her palm to her lips and lick it clean.

“Time for me to get a shower,” tipobet giriş Tracy said as she got up from the bed stretching and thrusting her tits out at me. I turned towards her, it was like I had no self control with a woman that shared my dad’s bed and life. I took a step towards her and cupped one of her tits, she was warm from her slumber and the soft flesh in my hand caused my cock to spring to life even though it had been less than an hour.

Tracy pressed her tit hard against my hand, “When you get that horrible ceiling fan down I will give you another advance, I hate that thing so badly,” she said, cupped my cock and balls and squeezed. “And it feels like you will have plenty of stamina for me, “Like father like son,” she said and left the room.

I knew this was an impossible situation yet the lust I felt for her was beyond reason. I knew better than to get tied up with her but her aggressive nature had me aroused beyond the point of desire, wanting to fuck my dad’s girlfriend again was driving me mad, “now I am thinking like my old man,” I thought, “with the head of my cock.”

I have no way to explain how I went from a son wanting to help his dad out with a little home project to being obsessed by his girlfriend, but even though the princess paddle fan didn’t need to go at this stage of the work I wanted another advance so I went to the truck and got a ladder.

I heard the shower running when I passed the master bedroom while getting the ladder. In my mind I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the bathroom and fucked Tracy in the shower. In reality I all but ran to the truck and back and before the shower stopped I had the fan down. I boxed it up and stood in Marcia’s bedroom door waiting to see if Tracy would appear and when I heard her moving towards her bedroom door I pushed the fan out into the hall.

Tracy with a towel wrapped around her stepped in front of the door and said, “Oh thank you Larry, you are so sweet,” and she dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans. She looked up at me with a big smile, “I told you I would repay you with another advance,” she said and fished my now nearly erect cock out of my pants.

“Ummm, you are all crusty from your first advance, I should have cleaned you up better,” she said as she licked my cock and balls clean before putting her lips around my cock. My knees nearly buckled with the erotic nature of her approach. Her tongue wrapped around the tip of my cock and her head bobbed in and out a couple times.

She pulled off, stood up and dropped her towel. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lips. She smelled of body wash and shampoo. My cock slide between her legs and I could feel her bush still wet from the shower. Our tongues met and danced a hot passionate dance, then I pulled her onto my sister’s bed wanting to be inside of her again.

Tracy rolled off of me before I could penetrate her and moved down to again suck my cock. Her skills at this were the best I had experienced in my life and she went to work on my cock with no hesitation. She made moaning sounds with each pass up and down my throbbing member and it didn’t take but a few minutes for me to bust my nut and fill her mouth with my cum.

I felt her swallow my first spurt and then she pulled off letting the remainder of my cum to plaster her face. She held my cock and directed each spurt and when I finished she rubbed the tip of my cock all over her face. “I love cum,” Tracy said, “but what a waste of all those little baby makers,” she said as she lifted her cum covered face. She sucked my cock clean and said, “wait here,” and ran out of the room.

My cock refused to go soft, that woman had me filled with lust and desire, and even though I knew I couldn’t cum again for hours, the desire burned inside of me. Tracy returned with a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned me up and then patted me dry with the towel she had worn into the room. “There nice and tidy,” she said as she used the same wash cloth to clean the cum off her face.

“You better get back to work,” she said, “I have some errands to run in town.” She finished and kissed the tip of my cock. “Oh you sweet little one eyed man, wait till I get home later today, we will have some more fun.” She said, kissed the tip again and dashed out of the room.

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