Life with My 2 Girlfriends Pt. 04

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Megan woke up late, she was still tired and groggy. As her mind came to senses, last night’s thoughts filled up her mind and she was amused by all the dreams she had, the one she remembered clearly was when she herself brought Pearl to Romeo’s bed and then started undressing each other while they made out, in front of Romeo, untill he just couldn’t take it anymore, he slowly moved to the side of the bed, bent over them, kissed Megan and then Pearl, and then pulled them both in for a three way kiss, his hands holding their heads in place, as the kiss intensified, both of them put their hands around his neck and clung onto him, he used this opportunity to freely feel their hot bodies. Kneading their boobs and gropping their asses in the process. When she pulled back to breathe, his hand shifted to her shoulder, pushing her down, not forcefully, just lightly as if trying to tell her what he wanted next. She looked up from below and saw Romeo and Pearl were still into the kiss and his hand really showing his affection to her perfect bubble butt. As Romeo had wished and with a hunger in her eyes, she held his cock, that was rapidly heading towards an erection in, her hands and took it into her mouth, kissing it and sucking it, slowly at first, increasing the pressure with every stroke. That’s when even Pearl broke the kiss, saw Megan sucking on that cock, and dived in, to get her own share of it. When Megan looked sideways at her

“I thought the plan was to share him, here you are sucking it like a hungry bitch, that’s how you were taught sharing?” said Pearl.

Romeo’s dick popped out of her mouth and Pearl leaned in taking it in her mouth, once he was satisfied with it, he pushed them both on the bed, mounted Megan and started fucking her missionary, while he fingered Pearl and alternatively bursa escort sucked on both their boobs. For Megan it felt hours thanks to her shattering series of orgasms, but was only 20 minutes or so, he moved swiftly maneuvering them into a new position, Pearl was on the edge of the bed on her back with her legs hanging, her ass was partly resting on the bed and pelvis high up in the air, Romeo got between her legs and pushed his way inside her Pussy, fucking her with deep and fast stokes, but he didn’t leave the still recovering form of Megan as he had pulled her to him and was rubbing her clitoris, giving her another chain of orgasms, she was in such orgasmic pleasure, she didn’t even know existed. Pearl wasn’t in a better shape either, earlier he had got her real close with his fingers, but then he stopped suddenly, she wanted to complain, but couldn’t when she saw him switching positions, she knew it was her turn and when he first plunged into her, she moaned, so loud Megan was literally pulled out of her dream.

She was fingering her cunt and was close to cuming. Her fingers kept diving in and out of the cock hungry cunt, she again had a shattering orgasm, courtesy herself.

She just couldn’t believe what the hell was happening to her, in just one night, she had changed so much. She scolded herself and pointed out the changes her perverted mind had on her in just one night

1. She had never masturbated and now it had already been 4 times, 3 times before she could sleep and once right after she woke up, this count excluded the countless times she wet herself in the dreams she had last night.

2. Being Bi-curious and bi-sexual, are two fucking different things, until last night she was the first, but by this morning she was sure she had become the later.

3. bursa escort bayan Anal, it wasn’t as if she never wanted to try it, but until last night it was something she wanted to do only for Romeo later at least not before marriage, she just wasn’t prepared for it or so she thought, and now she was not only excited with the idea, she played with her own anus last night, the only thing that didn’t change was it was still only for Romeo she’d do anal.

4. Lastly, Pearl and sharing Romeo with her, she was Romeo’s ex, and Megan had always thought she just couldn’t share, she was too possessive about him and the idea of sharing her man disgusted her, but now all four of her masturbations and dreams last night, were all about it. She just couldn’t think of anything else. As if her pleasures would never be complete without her.

With a dilemma and conflict, she rose to her feet went in for a shower and cleaned her pussy, making sure she didn’t touch it in a wrong place, or in anyway that would lead her to the actions of last night.

When she was done, she got going for the day with a resolve of not letting her perverted mind corrupt her.

She desperately indulged herself into work, for the next few days, but just couldn’t get over the new dirty ideas that had been slowly polluting her, everytime when she wasn’t doing anything productive, her mind would wander to those forbidden thoughts.

It had been weeks now and she had been unwillingly masturbating to those thoughts, the same ones that once disgusted her, finally her will gave up and crumpled, her perversion winning over her sanity.

Megan knew Romeo wouldn’t want to talk about it, ever since the last time she had contacted Pearl, and the way Pearl reacted, Romeo had just avoided talking escort bursa about it. Megan knew he was hurt and so was she. But she could understand Pearl, now better than ever, she was hurt and it had been two years, obviously if your guy leaves you abruptly for another girl, specially after two timing you both, and suddenly after two years, that same girl texts, anyone would’ve reacted in a similar manner.

But Megan was sure, she was going to win her over and bring her back into Romeo’s life and hers as well.

Determined to do what ever it takes, she started thinking on how to do it. That’s when her devilish mind started forming a plan.

It was a simple one, though she had to be really careful and her luck had to be with her to pull of the plan.

She texted Pearl again, nothing about Romeo though, just random girls text, which turned into a chain of texts exchanged to and fro between them, Megan’s plan was working, Pearl was opening up and she could feel that Pearl was becoming comfortable around her, her mind drooling over the thought of being comfortable around each other in many more ways, but she pulled her thoughts back thinking it will all happen one day, and that right now she needs to focus.

It was almost a month and their texts had converted into long phone calls, Megan realised Pearl had really started trusting her and that’s what her plan was. She knew Pearl though was older to her by 5 years, was very naive and easily influenced. It was time to find the right spot and to take it up a notch. You know, they say ‘strike the iron when it’s hot’.

She got her chance relatively soon. When one evening, Pearl sounded really upset, after much efforts from Megan, she finally revealed about an argument that led to a big fight between Pearl and her new guy, this was the opportunity Megan had been waiting for, she kept talking and consoling Pearl, but booked her flight for the same night, she was going to see Pearl first thing in the morning. They hung up, when Pearl sounded much better.

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