Made A Sex Slave Of My Slutty Teacher

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Made A Sex Slave Of My Slutty Teacher

Hey guys, I won’t waste much of your time as I know what are you here for. My name is Abhi and this story is about me and my dream fantasy, Swati, my 12th standard teacher. Each one of you has had a crush on at least one of your teachers in college. Mine was when I was in class 12th.

She was the hottest teacher I ever saw in my 12 years of college, with the biggest melons and assets. She was milk-white and her ass twisted whenever she walked. I had impressed her in the first week of 12th standard. I always dreamt about fucking her all night.

She aroused everyone in her tight suits flaunting her ass. Her boobs weren’t less than 36 D. Those 2 melons always bounced whenever she walked in her pink bra. So, I’ll tell you how I saw her, met her, talked to her, and finally inserted in her.

It all this started on 10th May, when there was a small magic show in our college. There was a rush near the magicians as they declared free magic kits to the first 30 students. I was in the line too where my 7 inch banana first met her melon. She was managing the students and got pushed from the front.

I didn’t want the magic kit. I was just there for Swati. I was just standing in the line when she came. I asked if she should stand in front of me as it would be easier for her to manage others. There was just a little space where one could barely stand. As there were constant pushes her big ass came in my hand.

I can’t tell you that feel. It was overwhelming. She didn’t notice it as she was too busy. It was like a dream come true. I nearly felt both the assets from every angle. I squeezed her butt a little. As there was too rush there, she couldn’t understand who is touching where.

I continued and my dick was too erect and could not resist. I took my banana out of my zip and slapped it on her ass. (I made sure no one is watching me.) I zipped my pants and again felt the big ass and finally went back after slapping it lightly once. I rushed back as she was kaçak iddaa looking back.

It was the best experience of my life until now. But there was much more to go. I wanked nearly 5 times at night. I decided that I want her in bed now. So, I started spying her. After 3 days it was my English paper. One day before the test she called me and asked me if I needed any extra class.

I was good at English so I was her favorite. She asked me to come to her place later that evening. I was too happy as that was all I wanted. When I reached there, only she and her brother were at home. I went to her room and sat down. Her brother was too horny.

I’ve always imagined my teacher sucking her brother’s cock forcefully. When I was studying, she said that she’ll be right back, and went to her brother’s room. Half an hour passed but she didn’t come. I decided to knock the door but when I went there I heard Swati shouting.

The door was a little open for me to look inside what was going on. The next scene I saw just came in my dreams. I never thought that it would happen. She was topless. Her brother was holding her nipples and she was shouting. He quickly unzipped his pant and pulled Swati’s hair and made her suck his cock.

I was shocked and my banana was about to explode. I started masturbating but halfway I realized that I can make this situation productive for myself. I recorded everything they did for the next 20 minutes. It was good stuff to blackmail her.

When I finished cumming, I wanked there itself. Then I went to the room and shouted,” Swati Mam! Where are you?” She was here in the next 1 minute. I could see her red face and I quickly asked her, “What happened Mam?” But she said nothing and smiled to give a fake look.

I left her place. Then I hid in places while going home to wank again and again as I couldn’t resist at all. To my grace, next day she was in her white suit(The tightest one which exposed her nipples and her panty). She was teaching us and I was fantasizing about my cock and casino firmalari her mouth.

As the period ended she came to me and asked why weren’t you paying attention. I said that my banana wanted to give it’s juice to someone. She understood and shouted at me. I told her that I saw her melons yesterday. She was surprised and what she was thinking was absolutely correct.

I told her that I have recorded everything and I’ll put that on the internet. She was tensed and came to her knees asking me not to do so as it would ruin her. My dream was true now. I asked her to stand and raise her hands high up as she used to punish me.

I asked her the color of her thong to which she was ashamed. I slapped her hard and asked to reply. She told me pink. I asked her to move around, she obeyed. The shape of her perfect butt aroused me. I grabbed her ass in my hands and she resisted. I pulled her hair and told her that you are mine now.

I felt her with her clothes on. She could not do anything now. I asked her to give me her panty and her bra. She said that she won’t. I pulled her by her nipple and kissed her. I turned her around and slapped her ass nearly a hundred times. She was nearly in tears and was shouting each time.

She could see my 7 inch dick in my pants. I asked her again to give me her bra. She was scared as it would give a perfect shape of her nipples to everyone. I pulled her and sat on my knees and pulled her pajama down. I asked her to remove her panty herself or I won’t return her lower.

She removed her pink panty and gave to me. I asked her to remove the rest of the suit which she did. Her melons were popping out of her bra. I myself removed her bra and kept both in my bag. She was fully naked now. But I decided not to fuck her right now. I saw her ass and it was completely red.

I kissed her for a few minutes rubbing my hand on her ass and took out a maker out of my bag and wrote ‘MY SLAVE’ on her ass and asked her to wear her clothes. I told her not to wear any bra or panty casino şirketleri tomorrow. And both of us left. We both used to travel on the same bus. Today I sat along with her on the bus as well.

She was completely ashamed in front of me. I asked her to suck my cock to which she resisted and asked me not here. I opened my zip and kept a bag on my left so that no one could see. My 7 inch dick was out to which she was surprised. I pulled her hair and pushed her mouth into my cock.

I hoped that no one saw us because it would be difficult to handle the situation. I asked her to suck it the best way she could do. Whenever she took a break I pinched her nipples from the bottom. It was too soothing. I told her that I was about to cum. She left my cock and came upwards. I was angry as fuck.

I took her boob in my hand and pressed it way too hard to which she started moaning. I told her that you left the precious juice. She said that she has never taken cum into her mouth. I smiled and pulled her back to my banana. In another one minute, I cummed into her and pushed her down until I finished.

She came upwards with cum in her mouth and was signaling to ask if she could spit it. I grabbed her cheeks and made her swallow it. She was completely shocked when I did so but she had no option. The rest of our journey home was completely silent. I gave her rest now.

Later that night, I messaged her. She asked me to delete the video but how could I even delete it. I asked her to come tomorrow in the best dress she had. Another day, another morning. She was teaching normally like before. I messaged her to sit on her chair. She did.

I asked her to meet me at the boy’s washroom. She came and when she entered I made her sit on my laps and took out one pen and wrote 69 on her suit. She was completely scared as the whole day was left. Now I tore all her clothes and pushed my cock into her ass and kept on pressing her big melons.

I made her my slave and did whatever I wanted since that day. She’s pregnant now but I still go to her house to drink some milk. So, guys, this was my story how I blackmailed my class teacher.

Any girl looking to satisfy herself on calls, video calls or sext can email me I’ll show you the best dick you’ll ever see. Bye

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