Mary’s story Part 36

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Mary’s story Part 36
Mary took Sandra back to Linda to get her pierced. “Don’t worry, it will soon be over.” Sandra was totally submissive now. Linda quickly marked her breasts the same way that she had done for Jaqueline. Mary held Sandra’s hand to comfort her. The two crunches from the dermal punches told Mary that her obligation to fulfil Imogen’s instructions was completed.

“Why have you put rings in Sandra’s nipples, when I have tunnels? We are both pierced at the same size.” “You will be wearing steel rings. Both Jaqueline and Sandra are fitted with titanium, which is very much lighter, so their nipples can carry them without stretching the holes too far. If you had your heavy rings in now, there is a chance that the holes would tear through the end of your nipples, splitting them. You need to heal as much as possible before they are fitted, as you will not be able to remove them once they are welded shut. Both of the Vicar’s have much longer nipples than you if you notice, so there is more flesh left round the holes.”

“I noticed that Imogen was wearing tunnels, does that mean that she can take her rings out?” “Yes, she has been pierced for about 20 years now, but she only wears her nipple rings when she is working for the Archbishop. She was my first piercing customer. I did not have the shop then; I was visiting clients at home and had to carry everything with me. The old electrolysis machine was quite heavy, so I left it at Imogen’s’ house and visited every day. Sister Agnes would be there as well. It took quite a long time to totally clear their pubes, taking out one hair at a time. Nowadays we can laser women and it is much quicker. The Archbishop canlı bahis şirketleri paid me very well for doing Imogen and Sister Agnes, and the money set me up in the shop. I do all the ladies for the Ecumenical group now, so I still do quite a bit of work for the Church. The tattoos are a fairly recent addition to the ladies. The Archbishop found out about me being married to Paul, and sends them to him for their tattoos. Of course, it has to be done very discreetly; what if anyone saw a nun going into a tattoo studio?”

“Why didn’t Imogen want Jaqueline to have her nipples and clit tattooed today? After all, Imogen has had hers done.” “Ah, there you are asking too many questions, Mary. I can’t answer that. You will have to ask Imogen. All we do is what we are told to do to them, just like you, in fact.” “What else are you going to do to me?” “You know full well that I cannot tell you that. You will have to wait and see.”

Mary helped Sandra to get dressed. She was right; Sandra’s knickers did not cover her tattoo very much at all. It appeared at the sides. “I shall have to buy some larger knickers. What kind do you wear, Mary?” Mary confessed that at the moment she did not wear knickers at all to help her pussy to heal. She was getting used to going “commando” all the time, so she might not bother buying herself any granny knickers.

They were joined by Jaqueline, who was showing off her new tattoo. “Cover yourself up. People can see you through the window.” said Sandra. “I need to be sealed up first. Where is Linda?”

Linda shouted through the cubicle door. “I’m just dealing with the 8 o’clock appointment. Get Mary to fix you canlı kaçak iddaa up. She knows what to do. There is another pack in the filing cabinet.” Mary went to the filing cabinet and got the GG pack. Putting on some gloves, she opened it and told Jaqueline to get on to the bed. Jaqueline gave a low moan as the rings in her nipples moved sideways. She opened her legs to give Mary space to work on her. Now that she was shaved, Mary could see that Jaqueline’s inner lips were quite long. “Would you mind holding yourself open for me, please? I have never done this before; but I know what to do. I’ll try not to hurt you.” With that, Mary started to insert the catheter. She inflated the cuff and pulled gently on it, just as she had seen Linda do. Satisfied that it would not fall out, she folded Jaqueline’s inner labia and stuck them together. Pinching the outer labia together, she ran a line of glue down one of them and sealed Jaqueline up. “I don’t think that you will need the dressing putting on. Your pussy is not full of sperm like Fay’s, so we are not trying to prevent leakage; just trying to stop anything getting in.”

“Oh, it feels very strange. It’s very sexy though; you ought to try this Sandra. It looks as though it is anal sex now for me as your tattoo instructs?” Mary saw her chance, “How did you come by your first tattoo, Sandra?” “I gave the Headmaster some cheek, and this was my punishment. I really don’t know what to do about it, it is so embarrassing.” “Perhaps Paul can alter it for you, so it does not look so bad. I doubt that anyone will notice it now you have your pussy tattoo. You have to come back to get finished remember, so canlı kaçak bahis you can ask him then.” “This is enough for me; I want to get away from here. I’m going home.” Mary let her out of the shop and closed the door behind her.
As she turned away from the door, Mary suddenly felt a sharp pain between her legs. It made her wince and she almost fell. “I’ll have to sit down, it really hurts.” She pulled her uniform up to have a look. The stiches looked really angry and everything was very swollen.

“Just let me get dressed, and I will help you.” Jaqueline quickly dressed and turned to Mary. “You feel very hot to me. I think you might be developing an infection. We ought to get you home straightaway, I think. I’ll come with you. Is there anyone at home to look after you?” “Well, Sue is living with me at the moment, but she is working for Paul. I have a Japanese houseguest, Mitsumi, who is staying with us, but I am not sure if she will be there. She has gone out, I think.” “Don’t worry; I will stay until she gets home.” Jaqueline phoned for a taxi. They said their goodbyes to Linda, and soon they were on the way to Mary’s house.

Mary’s house was in darkness, but the lights were on next door. Guiltily, Mary realised that she had forgotten all about Hazel, and she wondered if Mitsumi had completed the tattoo. It looked as though the Mayor had not got home yet, as there was no car in the drive. Of course, there was a Council Meeting tonight so he would be late getting home.
Jaqueline was on her phone again. “I’ve just called for someone to come and have a look at you.” she said. Mary panicked. “I can’t let anyone see me like this; you will have to get in touch with Mr Faisal.” “Sorry, it’s too late now. The on call Doctor is on her way. Just sit there and I’ll go and make some tea.”

Mary could hear Jaqueline busying herself in the kitchen. Soon she reappeared carrying a tray. “Drink this; the Doctor will be here soon.”

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