Mistis’ Adventures Part 37

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 37
Cathy had followed William and Billy in her Jeep to the farm. She wanted to leave it there while they went home for their other things and pick up Billy;s new truck. That way it would be out of the way, and they could use it to get around after they had emptied the truck. Billy’s shoulder was as good as new, but they would go see the doctor and have him look at it to make sure it was okay. Billy wanted to get started fixing it the way he wanted it.

She went into the house and took off her coat, hanging it on a tree inside the front door. She sat down on the sofa and removed her boots and slipped on a pair of house shoes she had bought a couple of days ago, and got up to check that the house was in order. She was humming to herself, as she did when she was in an especially happy mood. She was still feeling the effects left from last night. Jerry had fucked her twice and Billy had fucked her 3 times. She had tried her best to keep it all inside of her. She was in a hurry, now that they had decided on it, to get pregnant. She had learned in one of her nursing classes that if the sperm were held inside long enough, it had a better chance of fertilizing the egg. She was going to hold every drop as long as she was able. She had only partly been joking when she told Billy they would need 10 k**s to fill the bedrooms. She would settle, gladly, for 6 or 7. Billy’s parents had had just the 4, and her parents had had only her and her sister. Her Mom had been hurt in a fall during her third pregnancy, and the doctor had told her that she couldn’t have any more c***dren. Her parents had been devastated. They had wanted many more.

She went into the kitchen and looked around, then made her way to the cellar. There were possibly hundreds of jars of canned fruits and vegetables, and a fairly large walk-in freezer. She stepped inside and spied a bundle marked “Leg of Lamb” on a shelf. There were many bundles of pork, beef, and chicken on shelves, or hanging from hooks. She took the lamb out and laid it on a table, and began looking among the jars. She spotted a half-gallon jar of English Peas, and set them next to the meat, then took a jar of sliced carrots and put it with the other two items. There were several bins against the wall, and there she found new potatoes, onions, an garlic. She took several onions, a few cloves of garlic, and a sack of the new potatoes, and took them all up to the kitchen, having to make 3 trips to get it all up there.

She found a large pot under the cupboard, and ran some water into it. She put the lamb in to let it thaw, and washed the onions and potatoes. She crushed one clove of garlic, and set the other two to the side. She went up the stairs and checked each room to see if she needed to do anything in them. One of the guys had made sure the heat was on the day before, so the house was nice and warm. She had not only approved of Mama Campbell’s way of working in the nude, she was going to be the same way. She sat on the end of the bed and stripped off her trousers and panties, then stood and removed her top. She had worn a zippered hoodie, but, in her usual fashion, no bra. She laid her clothes neatly on the bed and pulling on her slippers, again, went down the stairs.

She went into the kitchen and made sure the oven was set correctly and checked the meat. She took it and wrapping it in a towel, placed it in the microwave. This would thaw it much quicker. 15 minutes later and it was to her satisfaction. She put it back into the pan, along with the potatoes, the sliced up onions, and the carrots. she added her seasonings, and slid it into the oven to cook. It would take several hours to cook, but she had the time. This would be taken home for their dinner. It was only 8:30 in the morning. She went into the living room, and decided to see if there was anything good on the tube. The Morris’s had left them a 60 inch flat screen, hooked to a satellite dish, that bursa escort bayan was paid for another full year in advance. She wondered what this had cost William, but, was much too polite to ask. If he wanted them to know, he would tell them. Then she started fantasizing about what it would be like when William finally made love to her. Sharon, Misti, and Mary had all sworn that he was a fantastic lover, and she would, most likely, have a great time with him. They, in turn, had questioned her about how Billy was in bed. She had told them that the night he took her virginity, he had made her cum four or five times, and caused her to spend most of her time thinking about what it felt like with him inside of her. She shuddered just thinking about it.

Just then, the door opened, and billy and then William came through the front door. Both smiled at the sight they beheld. “Look here, Will!” Billy exclaimed. “Looks like she has been reading our minds.” William was far too busy taking in her form. She was as beautiful as any of the other ladies. Chen would have been crazy about her, too. He couldn’t help but think about his late wife. He would be in love with her, forever.

Billy sat next to Cathy, leaning over to kiss her. “Are you ready for some more fun, Sweetheart? You haven’t had William, yet.” William could only smile at his words. “Not yet, Hon. But soon, I hope. I haven’t had him or Michael, yet. I’m looking forward to having, or being had, by both of them. When they are ready, they’ll let me know. They both know that I’ll never tell them ‘NO.’ I’m available when they want me.” William recognized her statement as an invitation. She looked over at Billy. “You had me 3 times last night, so you better save your strength. Robbi is at home, and she will want to catch up on her sack time with you and me, both. She’ll want you as much as she can get you. That girl is as lusty as any of us.”

Both of them looked up at William. Billy told her, “You two go ahead. I’ll keep an eye on whatever you have in the stove.” She leaned over to kiss Billy, then asked William, “You ready for a roll in the hay with me. I’m already wet from thinking about it. I was just sitting here imagining what it would feel like, having you inside me.”

William reached out and, taking her hand, helped her up, and started up the stairs. William suggested, “Let’s take a shower first. I must smell like a horse stall after being down there this morning.” Cathy helped him remove his clothes, and, when he was naked, she turned on the shower, asking, “Do you like it hot or just warm?” He told her that he wanted it a little on the warmer side, and she made the adjustment. There were towels already out, so they climbed in. They took turns washing and rinsing each other, and drying each other off. She took her clothes from the bed, and laid them on a chair, taking their place. William hadn’t much more than touched her since they had been here, and now set to feeling of her slender body. It was amazing how soft her skin was. It was like stroking a piece of velvet. Just much warmer. Her skin was flawless,except for the tiny scar on her lower right abdomen. He recognized an appendix scar when he saw it. He must have been very careful not to have left something more noticeable. William leaned over and, taking her in his arms, kissed her. She put her arms around his neck to return the kiss. His hand was stroking her side and the curve of her butt while they were kissing. The separated, and he began exploring her curves fully. He caressed her face and her neck, down to her perky little breasts. He rubbed her nipples, then bent to take each of them in his lips to suckle them gently. While his lips were paying homage to her nipples, his hand went down her flat tummy and stroked it. He raised to kiss her face, and his hand wandered down to her mons. He stroked it, and felt with his finger, finding her clitoris, to tease it to attention.

He kissed escort bursa her from her jaw, down her neck, and giving each of her nipples one more kiss. Then he moved downward, kissing her tummy, and licking inside her navel, and following the path his hand had already traveled. He kissed her love mound, licking the sparse hair, and saying “Hello” to her clitty with the tip of his tongue. Cathy’s breath was coming in short rapid gasps, but the touch of his tongue on her clitoris made her inhale sharply. She reached down to push his head tighter against her groin, and lifted herself to press tightly to his lips. He obliged her by sticking his tongue into her wet, hot little pussy, licking it inside. She responded by pulling him even tighter, and hissing out loud. They were so enthralled in their quest for pleasure they didn’t see Billy standing at the door, watching them. He loved watching his fiance’ being given such pleasure. He loved hearing her moans and squeals of pleasure when she got laid. She had long since made him happy by letting partners ejaculate inside of her. He loved, also, when she showed him her cream pies leaking out of her open vagina.

Not long after they had started dating, she had told him that she loved him, and would do anything in her power to make him happy. They had gone to a party, and she was going to stay that week-end with Barbara in her apartment. She was going to summer school at college. They had drank a few beers, and she had tried a shot of bourbon. The alcohol was just enough to make her brave and foolish. One of Billy’s friends had been teasing her a little bit, and dared her to take off her clothes. She did, and before long, he had felt her up. Before, only Billy had made her feel like this. She had looked over at Billy, and told him. Billy told her, “He’s the one that got you turned on, so he’s got to take care of you.” She asked if he was sure he wouldn’t mind. He had seen others having sex, and been watched while he was having sex, so many times that it was nothing to him. “Go ahead and give him some pussy if you want to. I’ll just sit here and watch. I want to see what you look like getting screwed.”

She had laid back in the grass, and opened her legs. She had felt of herself, and she was already wet. The boy had pulled his pants off and was kneeling between her legs. He rubbed her pussy, and bent over and kissed it a few times, but didn’t eat her. He got on top of her and sucked her nipples a little bit, and began pushing into her. At least he’s taking his time for this, she thought. He pushed all the way inside of her and began to fuck her. It was over before she knew it. He has in and out faster, by far than Billy had ever been. He humped her a few times and shot his cum inside her and stood up. He was finished. All she had to show for it was a pussy full of cum. She was still just as horney as before. The boy walked over, got in his car, and left. He didn’t even say “Thank You.” Her and Billy were alone now. She went down and washed her pussy, and douched with the solution she had in her purse.

Billy had watched her clean herself. “I’ve seen him do other girls the same way.” he said. ” None of them ever lets him touch them the second time. They all laugh at him.” Cathy put her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Please, Sweetheart. Fuck me the right way. I won’t fuck anybody, ever again, that you don’t tell me to. They made love three times before he took her to Barbara’s apartment.

Billy went back down stairs leaving them unaware that he had been there. He checked the food and went in the living room. He would wait a few minutes before he went back upstairs.

He watched the TV for a little, catching a weather forecast. Sunny and mild for the next week, they said. That was good. They could get everything done to finish their move.

William was licking her gently, and she was humping up to his face in response. She had raised her legs, spreading bursa escort them wide, and was holding her lips apart for his searching tongue. She now fully understood why Sharon had fallen so deeply in love with this wonderful man. He was a gentleman, a great lover, he was kind and considerate. He was everything women dream of. He even had a keen sense of humor. She could see them together for a long time to come. She jumped as she had, yet, another body-shaking orgasm. She felt him moving and he was kissing her, again. “You’re so beautiful it hurts.” he told her. She opened her eyes and looked at him. “Thank You. And you are a fantastic lover. Please. Please fuck me , now. Push your dick inside me and fill me with your seed. I’ll try not to waste it. I want you inside me so much. Make me happy. You can have me anytime you want, anywhere you want, all you want. If you don’t ask me, I’ll ask you. Now, please fuck me.”

William kissed her one more time, this time on her eyelids. He felt his penis rubbing her wet hole and began to gently push his way inside her. Her thighs spread even wider, and she reached down to open herself for him. He slid in and stopped pausing, before he pushed again. He was aware she would need time to adjust to his joint going inside of her. He paused two more times before he was completely inside her. Completely in, he paused until he felt her taking matters into her own “hands.” He began to go in and out of her, setting a comfortable pace. She was responding with fervor. She bucked up to meet his thrusts, and swiveled her hips from side to side as he withdrew. It felt as if she was sucking him gently through every move. He heard her whispering, at first very softly, but getting louder with every stroke. “Give it to me. Fill me with your sperm. Fill me all the way, I’m almost there. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!!! POUND MY CUNT!!! BANG ME LIKE A CHEAP DRUM!!! SHOVE IT IN HARDER!!! BLOW ME FULL OF YOUR CUM!!! I WANT IT ALL!!! FUUUCK MEEEEE!!! As she said her last words she locked her ankles around him and pulled with her legs and arms. She nearly suffocated him with a long, hot kiss. Her tongue was almost down his throat. She ground her groin into him, lest she lose a single drop. Her breath was as hot as he could imagine. They lay locked together for a long while, neither of them able to stir. Finally William felt gentle hands rolling him to the side. He opened his eyes to see Billy grinning at him. “You made her next whole week, Bro. She’s gonna’ walk funny for a while.” He handed a glass to William. “Drink this. You’ll be needin’ it.” It was a shot of whisky. There were two more glasses in the nightstand. One was water, the other was another shot of whisky. “Drink the water, and give Cathy the whisky. She’ll need it. You wasted her. She’ll be attacking you for more, down the road. When you get around to getting dressed, come on downstairs. Her food is nearly done.” William gave him a puzzled look. Billy laughed, again. “You two been at it for nearly 2 hours. I’ve been up here to look in on you 4 times. We may have to carry her out to the truck to get her home. She’ll probably sleep all the way to Texas.”

Billy went back down the stairs. Both of them had their clothes up here so they could get dressed. He was thinking about his coming reunion with Robbi. He was glad that William had worn her out. Robbi was more than a handful all by herself. He would probably end up fucking her 3 or 4 times when he got home. She was the most beautiful one of his sisters. He considered all the girls his sisters, just as he considered all the boys his brothers. He, like the others, had two Moms and two Dads. He loved them all with all his heart. Cathy was quick to discover how tight the family was, and had fitted in quickly. She had given her heart and her snatch to Dad on her first chance, and had, to hear her tell it, thoroughly enjoyed sex with him. She had even watched while he and Mom had had sex. She had accepted the advances of all the men in the family, and with Betty. That had been fun to watch. She always had time for everyone. He loved her with all his heart, and wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

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