Tales of a Hustler— Caught in the Act, PT 2

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Tales of a Hustler— Caught in the Act, PT 2
Tales of a Hustler—Caught in the Act—PT 2

As we all just froze, and stared at Joey in the doorway, finally I managed to open my mouth. “Joey—-how long you been there lil dawg”? Joey flashed a big grin and replied “just long enough to see homie there suckin up jizz off the floor and droppin it in dudes mouth. That’s some sick shit yo”

Sill nervous from our session being seen by someone u******e, I responded with “well, you should not have seen that.” Joey came back with another big grin, “Ya, well maybe the next time you dudes decide to have a Roman orgy, ya’ll close the fuckin front door—what a bunch of dumb fucks” “Oh my moms outside. She just had me check to see if this was the right place. Can we come in “? “Ya Joey—sure man. Dudes, get some shirts on”. “Hell, it’s kewl Matt, I ain’t no snitcher”

Miss Linda came in after Joey waved at her. She said that Jerry down at the grill told her where we were, and explained it was kinda a secret hideout. She just wanted to come by and tell us thanks for rescuing Joey at school today. “Ahh it was no problem, Ms Linda—he appeared to be in pretty much dire straights.” “Yes, and he did confide in me that he had been getting beat up often at school. I just don’t understand why they keep picking on him. It could have something to do with his attitude lately, I suppose”

“Attitude”? “Yes, mopping around, not very talkative anymore. Spends most of his time in his room, and has started getting a little sassy, if you know what I mean”. “Ahh jeez Mom, you got to go and tell dudes that—jeez. You need to just leave me alone” I raised my eyebrows a bit, and kinda grinned at Ms Linda. “I see what ya mean about the attitude”. I motioned to Joey to walk over to me. I grabbed him by his right arm, and raised it to the air. Taking a quick whiff of his armpit, I smiled again. “Been noticing the stink”? I looked back at Ms. Linda. “Well, maybe a bit. I’m not usually physically close to him, but I have noticed his tee shirts smell like he’s been wearing them for a week”. Joey, fully embarrassed now blurted out to his mom “ahh fuck mom, you gonna kaçak iddaa publish me in the school paper”?

Joey’s mom just stared at him, speechless. I intervened “Ok ok I think I know what the problem is here”. Ms Linda turned to look at me, and Joey, still embarrassed folded his arms across his chest and just stared at me as well. A couple of the bois snickered a bit, further irritating Joey. “It’s the change, that’s all”.
“Change”? Asked Ms. Linda, totally oblivious. I just stared at her, “yes mam, you know—the change—14”??? After another long pause, finally Ms Linda lit up—-”Oh my god, o my god, oh Joey, oh honey Im sooo sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Oh honey, please forgive me”. Joey looked at his mom, still confused himself, “what the shit are you guys talking about”. Unable to contain themselves, the twins jumped of the sofa and headed for the kitchen, snickering again. I snapped my fingers at them, and gave an evil grin. “It’s not funny, yo”

“Joey—Im gonna ask you a few things, and you don’t have to answer, aight ? Just think about it. Poppin some attitude lately ? Gettin some hair down below ? Can’t keep ur hands off it ? Stink like a pig??” Joey, fustrated, just snapped back with–”ya man—all that shit”. “Ok lil dude—you need to clean up ur mouth—at least in front of ur mom, aight “? Joey shrugged his shoulders, and muttered a slight “sorry”. “It’s puberty dude, that’s all. Ur going through the change, becoming a man. Every boi does it, and it’s perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with you, and you can’t anything about it—it’s just nature.
Now—to avoid any more embarrassing, if it’s ok with your mom, we will fill you in later—or maybe just one of us” That be OK “?

“I think we can help out with your other problem as well. Lucky for you, your in a room full of jocks. I can put my lil bro, Dustin, and the twins on you, and we will start you on a full out beef up, and badd up program”. “Well, what do you mean Matt”? Ms Linda was instantly curious. “Well, Joey is starting to get some muscle on him naturally—it’s just that age. We can put him on some weights, get him in a pool, and feed him kaçak bahis some really good food. He will bulk up really fast. We will teach him to box, and kickbox as well. We will put some cool clothes on him, and build up his confidence with girls, and stuff. Hell, we even got a pool table out back.”

“Oh my bois, that sounds really great, but I couldn’t pay you boys for what that would be worth” “Well, that’s the best part Ms Linda—we don’t want no money. We do that cause we like to. Dustin, and the twins there are golden glove boxers, so they will love to teach the sport to a little shit like Joey. He will probably be bantam weight”.

“But boys, that fighting, Im not so sure”. “It’s not fighting, Ms. Linda—it’s boxing. There are rules, and there’s even tournaments—just like karate. Now I ain’t sayin that Joey might not spill some b l o o d hear and there—he’s a little shit, and that makes him a target. It doesn’t take much to bust an eye, or lip, but it will toughen up. And we can teach Joey, if he wants, pretty much any sport. I played football, Dustin played baseball, the twins, like I said are boxers, Tommy over there played b-ball in high school, and rumor has it that Hunter can kick a soccer ball pretty damm good too”.
We can have Joey ready to try out for anything he wants come fall. Oh ya—and wrestling too. By the time we are through with you , Joey, you will be the baddest freshman at your school, and nobody is gonna mess with you. And the girls will be hanging on both shoulders”.

Ms. Linda responded that she couldn’t believe that we would do all that for her son. Obviously, with no dad around, or siblings, Joey hadn’t had a lot of male companionship.
I assured her that everything would be great—that half the boys here grew up without a father as well. So it was down to Joey now. “So sport—you want it”?
Joey smiled and responded with a ‘ya’. “I didn’t quite hear ya boi—do you fuckin want it”? Joey then got it, and yelled out “Yes sir—bring it”. I grinned real big and just said “don’t worry bro—ur gonna get it”

“Now there’s one more thing, Ms Linda that you and Joey need to know. I want you güvenilir bahis to know up front, so we aren’t hiding anything. WE all here, are hustlers. That’s why you see some of us hanging out on the street between here and the laundry mat. Just to be clear, that means yes, we sell our asses to dirty old men. Joey will be in a safe environment—nobody here is gonna mess with him, we ain’t none of us really gay—we just make lots of money fulfilling old dudes fantasies. ”. And we are typically pretty rough dudes—we horse around a lot, and make fun of each other—we drink lots of beer, and smoke a lot of dope. But we won’t push none of that shit on Joey, or even let him do it.”

“Oh my—now I’m not so sure” “It’ll be OK mom—they’re just dudes. I trust them. Ain’t nothing I don’t see or hear about at school. I know they’re all older, but I really need some friends. Please mom, please”?

“Ok, we will try it out, and see how it goes. Please don’t disappoint me boys.”

Ms. Linda agreed she would bring Joey back the next day, and we would start right away on the ‘transformation’ Joey looked excited, and I believed he was eager to start. I told them we would start the day with a little shopping, and get Joey some clothes, and a little bit of gear he would need. We would also have to get him a skateboard, so he could go out and terrorize the neighborhood with us. As they departed, I noticed a small tear in Ms Linda’s eye. It was going to be great.

“Aight dawgs—it’s nearly 8:00 on a Friday night. Get ur asses out on that street”
The boys all grabbed their skate boards and headed for the door. “Dustin, you hold back a bit—need to talk to you” As the boy’s emptied out, Dustin looked at me and asked “what’s up bro—I do something wrong”? Rubbing my belly, and taking in the sweat still glistening on his chest and belly, I gave him the ‘evil smirk’
and replied—”Naa, lil bro. Not exactly. But I think you got something up in ur ass that belongs to me” Dustin paused, just looking at me, and then said “ahhh fuck Matthew, that’s nasty” I shot him another grin, as I motioned him over to the rec room—”Ya, but I like it nasty. Now, I think I want my jizz back.”

Dustin just shook hi head back and forth, as he layed down on his back on the weight bench, and pulled his legs back to where his feet were under the weight bar sitting on the uprights. “Eat me, dawg”

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