The Rider

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He rode just beneath the crest of the hill, so he could look over but not be seen easily. It was a habit he had picked up from his outlaw days spent on the run. He stopped before crossing the trail that led down to the lake, there were fresh tracks he recognized. He wondered what Kate could be doing in these hills all alone. He tied his horse and walked through the woods. Just before reaching a small clearing he heard a soft moan, stopping in his tracks he carefully looked around, seeing nothing he moved on.

At a gap in the trees he saw Kate in the small meadow, she was slowly rubbing her right breast under her shirt. Suddenly she stopped, damn he thought she has heard me. But bayan escort ankara she moved to where her horse was tied and removed a blanket from behind the saddle, and something from the saddlebag. She walked back to the clearing and spread out the blanket.

Then to his surprise and delight removed her shirt, spreading oil from the saddle bag on her large 40DD breasts, he could hear her moans even from where he was hidden in the forest. Then she sat down and removed her boots and jeans. Stopping to oil on her legs, after a few moments she removed her panties to reveal he beautiful dark haired pussy, she poured oil on it And began caressing demetevler escort her clit with one hand And her tits with the other.

Moving her left hand down to her cunt she slowly inserted two fingers then three while still rubbing her clit with the right. He could hear her moaning mmmm oohhhh. He thought she would cum soon, but then she stopped and inserted the large dildo she had gotten from the saddle bag. She shoved it all the way in her hot wet cunt, and started pumping it in and out as she moaned aaaahhh yyyeess!!!!!

By this time the rider had a raging hard on which he was stroking as fast as he could. Kate ankara evi olan escort removed the dildo to lick her juices from it. She turned over and got on her hands and knees to do this.

Bill thought now’s my chance, carefully he walked up behind Kate and shoved his cock all the way into her burning pussy. Kate said it’s about time and humped back to his thrust, as she began rubbing her clit. Bill reached up and grabbed her large tits.

Harder she said harder Bill started thrusting for all he was worth. Now stick it in my ass Kate begged, Pulling out Bill put the tip of his cock in. Now shove it all in Kate pleaded, with that he shoved all 9 inches in her, aaagghh!!! She screamed, yes fffuuucckk mmmeeeee!!!!

Her ass was so tight Bill couldn’t hold back I’m cumming he said And pumped so much cum in her ass, it started running down the back of her legs. Then he pulled out and Kate still hadn’t reached her orgasm. He said it’s getting late we had better head for home. So they got dressed and hit the trail.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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