The SS O’Doyle

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Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Dave Krieg walked up the gangway of his new ship. Dave saluted the colors and then turned to the Officer of the Deck. “Permission to come aboard, Sir” He said.

“Permission granted.” The OOD replied. “Welcome aboard HM2, how can I help you?

“I’m reporting aboard, Sir.” He replied. “HMC Baron said she would meet me at the quarterdeck when I got here.”

“You are a couple minutes early HM2 Krieg, that is a good thing. Welcome aboard the USS O’Doyle, HM2, I am Sue Baron, your new boss.” Sue said with a smile and extended her hand.

Dave turned to his right to see a short woman in her late thirties with blond shoulder length hair who filled out her NWUs in all the right places. He took her soft hand. “Thank you Chief. I hope to do a good job.” Dave turned back to the OOD “Thank you sir, have a good day.”

Dave followed Sue into the superstructure as she led him into the ship. Sue led through two watertight doors and pushed open an office door and waved Dave in. Dave walked in, seeing a medium sized office with an exam table to the immediate left; the far right bulkhead is cabinets and one long shelf on top of more cabinets. To his front was another office door on the far bulkhead with a desk next to it. The bulkhead to the left has another door in it leading to a small room. There is a tall man with sandy brown hair and wearing the Navy Working Uniform with second class petty officer markings on his collar sitting at the desk working on the computer and a woman with her red hair in a bun and wearing a service uniform, her pants tight against her great ass. Dave stepped into the office and Sue followed.

“Chris, Jenna, this is HM2 David Krieg, our new corpsman. David, this is HM2 Chris Daniels the LPO and HM3 Jenna Jansen.” Sue said.

“Call me Dave, please. David is my dad.” Dave said with a smile and reaches for Chris’ outstretched hand for a shake, then turns to shake Jenna’s soft hand. He looked into her sea green eyes and said “Pleased to meet you both, I’m looking forward to working with you all.”

“Take a seat Dave, tell us about you.” Sue said, waving a hand toward a chair. She moved and sat behind the desk taking Chris’ seat. Chris sat on the exam table and Jenna sits in a chair along the forward bulkhead.

“Well, this is my second duty station. I worked as an EMT in the ambulances at the hospital at my last station. I made third class the first time I was eligible and then the same with second class. I chose to come to a destroyer instead of a larger ship because I wanted to be able to do more than work in a large hospital like on a carrier. I am single and I have no kids. I like to read and I play soccer, football, and baseball.” Dave sat back and smiled. “I am looking forward to working here.”

“We are glad to have you aboard Dave.” Sue said. “Chris will take you to admin to get you checked in and get you berthing assigned. Leave your bags here for now and your medical record. Take the rest of your personnel file with you.” She stood up and shook Dave’s hand again. “You two get going so Jenna and I can get back to work, sick call is about to begin.”

Chris opened the door on the left of the office and led out Dave followings. They walk down the passageway heading to the forward end of the ship. They pass a non-watertight door in the right bulkhead and stop as Chris said “That is the doorway to the female berthing. All the enlisted women under the rank of chief live there. Men are berthed on lower decks, spread throughout the ship. The chiefs quarters are just forward of the galley. I am berthed with the operations division at the very forward lowest occupied deck. We will probably get you berthed with either deck division or fire control, so we are spread throughout the ship.”

He started along the passageway again pointing out the mess deck and the galley. They pass sailors getting a nod and a smile from most. They pass ladders leading up and down and doors and passageways leading to the right. One door is open and Dave paused to look in. He saw firefighting equipment and shoring equipment. He also looks at what caught the eye, a girl bent over a SCBA, her tight ass in the air. She stood up and turned as Dave knocked on the door jamb.

“Hi, I’m Dave Krieg” He said and reached out his hand to the short Hispanic girl.

“I’m DC3 Dianne Fernandez, how are you HM2? Just checking in?”She replied as she took his hand.

She is about five feet three inches tall, with long dark hair in a tight bun. Her black eyes set in a slightly round face of light brown skin. Her NWU blouse was hanging on a hook next to the door because it was hot in this room. Her perky breasts pushed against her sweaty t-shirt and her belt pulled tight around a tiny waist above that great ass. Chris said “Hi Dianne, how’s it going?”

“I’m just doing routine maintenance on these SCBAs. What are you two up to?”

“We are getting Dave checked in. We will let you get back to work.” Chris said

“See eryaman escort you later Dianne, great meeting you.” Dave said as they shake hands and head their separate ways.

Chris and Dave headed off again. “That was a hell of a good looking woman.” Dave said.

“I agree.” Chris replied. “However, rumor is she does not go for guys. Nothing solid, just rumors.”

“That’s a damn shame.” Dave said. “What was that room she was working in?”

“Oh, that is a damage control locker. They are spread around the ship so during an emergency there is something handy nearby.” Chris said as they get to a door labeled Ship’s Office. “Here we are at the office. We send our daily reports here, also any personnel paperwork gets routed through here.”

After they get the paperwork turned in and all the check in taken care of, Chris led Dave back aft to medical to get his bags. Chris takes him down two decks and just forward and to the starboard side of medical. “I was right; you are going to be berthed with deck division.” He led him into a huge room that has rows and rows of bunks stacked three high. There was an area to the left with some couches, chairs, and a television. The showers and toilet area are behind the forward bulkhead. Chris said “Find an open rack; get your stuff squared away. Change out of your dress uniform and come back up to the office when you are done.” With that he left Dave to get sorted out.

“Well, Dave this is gonna be fun.” he said as he looked around. He dropped his bags and walked through the room. Dave found an empty rack and put his things away and changed into his NWUs.


“Dave you are going to have quite a few responsibilities here. You will be rotating sick call with the other two. You will also be taking over supply. During general quarters I will have you run the forward aid station. Chris has the aft station and Jenna and I stay here. You will be on duty with your duty section the day after tomorrow. ” Sue said. “We will get you squared away during the next few days.”

“It is now 1600, the end of our work day. Chris has the duty today. You are on liberty until 0800 when we muster on the flight deck. Do not be late. If you are going to be late make sure you get a hold of Chris or me.” Sue said. “But tonight I am going to take you out to dinner and show you around town a bit. It is something I do for all the new sailors under me. I will meet you out at the entrance to the waterfront at 1900.”

“Yes, Chief. Thank you.” Dave replied. “I look forward to it.”

At 1900 Dave was at the gate in casual clothes. He saw Sue in her car and walked over and got in. Sue looked great in a spaghetti strap short red dress. Dave looked down at his khakis and polo shirt and said, “You look great, Chief. I may be a bit under dressed.” She did look good, her sandy blond hair was brushed behind her ear, and her breasts were straining against her dress. The dress was riding high on her muscular tan thigh.

She said, “When we are off the ship and off duty you can call me Sue. And you look fine. We are just going to my house where I have dinner warming.” With that she drove off.

She pointed out landmarks and places of interest as they drove through and off base and through town. They got to her apartment building and as he followed her up the stairs he enjoyed the sway of her ass. He got a peek of tanned inner thigh as she climbed the stairs. “Welcome to my home.” She said as she waved Dave in.

After dinner and a couple bottles of wine they moved to the couch. Dave sat on the couch as Sue turned the CD player on. She sat down next to him, her hand on his thigh as she looked into his green eyes with her light blue eyes. Dave’s arm was on the top of the couch behind her. “So Dave how was dinner?” She asked. Her fingers traced back and forth on his thigh.

“Dinner was delicious, but the company was perfect.” Dave said as he moved his hand to her bare back. Her eyes close at the touch and she leaned closer to him. His hand moves up to her cheek turning her face to his. “Did you enjoy dinner? Or do you even care.” Dave asked as he leaned in to plant a long soft kiss on her full red lips.

Sue threw her arms around Dave’s neck while pushing her tongue into his mouth. He moved one of his hands to the back of her head and the other went to her side. Their tongues wrestled in her mouth. Dave’s hand moved behind her, sliding the zipper of her dress down and then on to the bare skin of her back. He could feel the heat coming off of her body. She broke the kiss and moved her lips to kiss his cheek, his ear lobe, his neck. Dave reached up with both hands and slid the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and down her arms. He pulled the dress down, freeing her large DD cup firm tan breasts. He reached up and grabbed a handful of Sue’s hair and pulled her head back. He leaned in and kissed her neck right below her ear, then to the base of her neck at the shoulder juncture. He pulled her further back and ulus escort trailed his tongue down her chest. Dave’s tongue and lips traced around and up her right breast, around and around all the way to the nipple. He took it between his lips and nibbled lightly, feeling the nipple grow diamond hard. Sue moaned lightly, her hands moved to Dave’s head, and ran her fingers through his short hair. Dave’s hand massaged her left breast, pinched her nipple between his fingers. He worked his way down to her taught belly, kissing all the way to her belly button. As he flicked his tongue around it he slid Sue’s dress down to her hips. She laid back and lifted her butt to slide the dress all the way down her legs and off. Dave sat back and took in her firm tan body, noticing not one tan line. He leaned back in and kissed her belly button again and kept moving further down. He had a handful of her breast and the other hand moved down her body and met his mouth right above her mound. She quivered as his thumb brushed lightly over her clit. Dave moved so his face was right between her thighs. He kissed her right thigh, her left, his tongue brushed lightly over her hot, moist lips. She moaned louder and lifted her hips, pushing her pussy closer to his face. He used the fingers of his left hand to spread her lips slightly to uncover her clit which Dave then kissed and licked. His right thumb rubbing it lightly as his tongue ran over and around it. Sue growled deep in her throat as Dave rubbed her clit a bit harder and a bit faster.

Dave slipped his tongue between her lips, one finger followed, probing into her hot, wet pussy. He slid another into her, moving them in and out in rhythm with his thumb on her clit. His tongue and mouth were all over her pussy, licking, sucking, and nibbling her lips, her clit, down to her butt. A third finger slid into her pussy, filling it. They were pumping in and out of her faster as his thumb was rubbing on her clit. Sue was moaning steadily, her head moving back and forth, eyes closed, both hands squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. Her legs were spread wide, lifting her hips, pushing into Dave’s face.

Dave moved his pinky finger lower and pressed against her tight ass hole, his tongue was on it licking it as he pushed his finger into her. Sue made a soft cry as he slowly started to move all of his fingers in and out, his pinky pushed in further each time. His tongue and mouth was on her clit sucking, nibbling, and licking. Her legs and stomach were quivering. Her moans were becoming louder. Faster, harder he moved his hand and tongue. He could feel her getting wetter. Her legs clamped tight around his head and she let loose an animal-like growl as she came on his hand and face. Dave was licking and sucking as hard as he could, trying to get every drop.

Sue’s legs fell away from his head and she was panting heavily as he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. He kissed his way back up her body, giving each diamond hard nipple a slight nip. He made his way up and gave her a long kiss, his tongue in her mouth. She broke the kiss and pushed him back and stood up. “Follow me Dave, and get those damn clothes off” she said.

“Yes ma’am.” Dave replied as he followed her down the hall, shedding his clothes along the way. He walked into her bedroom where she pushed him back onto the bed. Sue climbed beside him taking his cock in her hand. She pumped it a couple times and then straddled him, showing him that full tan ass as she guided him into her. She held his cock as she slowly lowered all the way onto him, getting the feel of his large cock in her. She sat still, squeezing her internal muscles around him. Sue then leaned forward and slowly started moving up and down on his rock hard manhood. Dave laid back and watched her hungry pussy moving up and down on him. He reached up and smacked her right ass cheek and then her left. Sue gave a little yelp with each slap and sped up her back and forth motion. Dave grabbed her ass and rubs each cheek while giving small smacks and getting a yelp with each. Sue started to ride his cock even harder, speeding up with each pump, taking his large cock all the way in with each downward move. Dave could feel her juices running down out of her; he could hear her moaning grow louder. She sat down hard on him, taking him all the way in. Her muscles grabbed him like a vice deep in her pussy as she came again. As her head reared back to moan, he reached up and put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist. He shifted with her, rolled them around into doggy style. He started to pump her quivering, cumming pussy. Sue cried out in pleasure “Oh GOD YES!!! FUCK ME!!!”

Dave grabbed her waist with his left hand and slapped her ass hard with the right. She cried out again. He reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back as he fucked her deeper and harder. His cock pumped into her soaked pussy, his balls slapping against her clit. Sue was moaning constantly. Dave eryaman escort had sweat breaking out on his forehead and broad, hair-covered chest. He pulled Sue further back and up, her hands came off the bed and he reached and grabbed one of her large, firm, sweat covered breasts. Sue was moaning and yelping and quivering with each deep thrust from Dave as she came once more. He leaned down and kissed her neck and shoulder, then he let go of her hair and breast to let her fall back to the bed. Dave grabbed her waist again and pumped into her hard once, twice and a then a final deep, hard thrust as his cock exploded, filling her pussy with his hot seed. Sue gasped as she felt him filling her. Dave held Sue tight, keeping his cock buried in her. When he was empty he slowly slid his long cock out of her. He sat back on his legs, his cock still hard and soaking wet. She slumped forward gasping. She looked back and saw his glistening member and swung around, taking it in her mouth. He let out a gasp as she took all ten rock-hard inches at once. She took him deep and licked and sucked every inch, cleaning him off. She then took the tip of it in her mouth, sucking on it, squeezing every drop of cum out of him.

Dave lay back on the bed as Sue let him go, licking her lips with a smile. She got up and out of the bed and walked to her closet. She got a set of sweats out of closet, as she pulled them on, she said “Well, get your ass outa bed HM2, and get dressed. It’s time to get you back to the ship. Move!”

Dave looked at her with confusion but jumped out of bed and into the hallway gathering his clothes. He pulled them on and followed Sue out to the car for the drive back to the ship. “I will see you at 0800, don’t be late.” She said as she drove off. Dave watched her drive off with a confused look on his face; he shrugged and headed back to the ship.

As he walked past medical he saw the light was still on and decided to see if Chris was still up. He knocked on the door and heard Chris say “Enter.”

“How’s it going?” Dave asked as he walked in seeing Chris working on the computer filling out forms.

“I’m doing alright.” Chris replied “Chief is a great fuck, huh?” He said as he turned to look at Dave with a grin on his face. “Don’t look so shocked, every new corpsman that works for her gets greeted the same way.”

“Ah, well that explains the abrupt end.” Dave said.

“Exactly, and don’t act any different around her. It’ll never happen again so do not pursue her. Just do your job as if it didn’t happen and all will run smoothly. Go get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow getting you folded into the shipboard routine. Good night, and sleep well.” Chris said with another grin and turned back to the computer.

Dave shook his head with a slight embarrassed grin on his face, shrugged and said “Good night to you. See you in the morning.” He walked out and headed down to the berthing. He undressed and took a quick shower. After setting his alarm he lay back thinking about Sue’s breasts as he fell asleep with a satisfied smile.

Chapter 2

Dave settled into the shipboard routine during the next days. He toured the ship with HM2 Daniels and HM3 Jansen, meeting members of the crew. The next day he met Commander Martin Aarons, the ship’s captain and Lieutenant Commander Frank Schwartz, the executive officer or XO. During his meeting with the XO, LCDR Schwartz described the ship’s overall mission. “We will be heading to the Caribbean and to Central America to join an Anti-drug task force or the ADTF. The ADTF will be intercepting suspected drug runners, assisting the Coast Guard in searching ships for customs violations and assisting the navies of our allies in curbing the drug trade.” LCDR Schwartz said.

He also had a meeting with the Command Master Chief Kathy Boozer. CMC Boozer outlined her expectations for Dave during his two years on the ship. She also discussed her role as the go between for the crew and the Captain and XO and she was in charge of overseeing the training schedule for the ship. As the head enlisted sailor on the ship, it was also her role to be the disciplinarian for minor indiscretions of the crew. Anything more than a minor offense or repeat offenders were sent to the XO for more serious punishment. “In addition to you normal duties I would suggest volunteering for the boarding parties and the At Sea Fire Party. So, HM2, do you have any questions or comments for me?”” CMC Boozer asked.

“I am curious about the At Sea Fire Party.” Dave replied. “What does that entail?”

She replied “The fire party is always on call. If there is a fire or medical emergency while the ship is underway during normal operating procedures, the fire party will be called out to assess and attempt to contain/control it. If that is impossible, DCC O’Shea will suggest to the Officer of the Deck to call General Quarters to get the full damage control capabilities of the ship to correct the issue. With your EMT training and background, I believe you will be a good fit for the job. How does that sound?”

“Master Chief, that sounds exactly like the kind of thing I would like to do. Also, I would like to volunteer for the boarding party training as well.” Dave replied.

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